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Jack White - Connected By Love

  • Published on Jan 10, 2018
  • Music video for Jack White’s new single “Connected by Love” from the forthcoming album BOARDING HOUSE REACH. Get the single here:

    Director - Pasqual Gutierrez
    Producer - Rich Salamone
    Executive Producer - Jerad Anderson
    Video Commissioner - Saul Levitz
    Director’s Rep - Doug Klinger/Reprobates

    DP - Trevor Wineman
    Production Designer - Philip Steiger
    Wardrobe Stylist - Annette Aispuro
    1st AD - Jesse Hays
    Production Manager - Ryan Murray
    Production Coordinator - Cassie Crosby

    LA Unit:
    1st AC - Danilo Rodriguez
    2nd AC - Ajiri Akpolo
    Gaffer - Mike Misslin
    Key Grip - Darrel Ditri
    Hair/Makeup - Crystal Nardico
    Wardrobe Assistant - Kelsey Hart
    Art PA - Jake Miller
    PA - Jorge Espinosa

    Nashville Unit:
    1st AC - Cole Carpenter
    2nd AC - Tracy Facelli
    Gaffer - Kyle Hutson
    Key Grip - Justin Sulham
    Hair/Makeup - Anais Shiba
    PA - Braden Winfree
    PA - David Shaw
    Talent PA - Israel Garcia

    Editor - Chad Sarahina
    Additional Editors - Ben Mullinkosson and Jack Mullinkosson
    VFX - Tanner Merrill
    Color - Brandon Chavez

    A special thank you to Dan Donovan at Panavision Hollywood

    Twins - Luke & Jackson Hershey
    Mother - Wendy Hershey
    Grandmother - Popo
    Granddaughter - Christine Yuan
    Mijo - Michael Almaguer
    Abuelita - Yuny Parada
    Friend 1 - John Garcia
    Friend 2 - Michael Peralta
    Rival 1 - Aldo Sandoval
    Rival 2 - Herbert Morales
    Rival 3 - Ceasar Icelo
    Newscaster VO - Jackie Zhou and Aldo Diaz
    (C) 2018 Third Man Records under exclusive license to Columbia Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment, and XL Recordings Ltd.
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Comments • 1 899

  • Jacek Zamojski
    Jacek Zamojski 41 minute ago

    wonderful music and video; inspired me at the first hearing

  • Elisabeth Lind
    Elisabeth Lind 2 hours ago

    Connected by love? Many people don't even know, what love is. All wanna receive, but no one wants to give it. Disconnected..

  • Tiffany Franks
    Tiffany Franks 7 hours ago

    Damn 🖤

  • flash1499
    flash1499 9 hours ago

    Gin Bogner sgrees.

  • flash1499
    flash1499 9 hours ago

    This video is too chopped up to follow what is going on.

  • The Stoned Age
    The Stoned Age 10 hours ago

    That part where he goes...what have i done. should have been asked in the studio. the fuck is goin on? what does any of this mean. woah

  • Nathan Santana
    Nathan Santana 10 hours ago

    esse jack white é foda mesmo, som da hora viu

  • Rudy Ayala
    Rudy Ayala 14 hours ago


  • wjeden
    wjeden 17 hours ago

    Ooh it's a bit different and I like it. Great to have the Jack White sound back

  • Jenny Herron
    Jenny Herron 17 hours ago

    Wow, Jack never disappoints! This song is just as powerful as the lyrics.

  • Carina Rodriguez

    Jack W. you stole my 💛! You see parts of my life. Your open mind... gives hope. Thank you. Beautiful song.

  • Ashlee Viverette


  • Derrick Budd
    Derrick Budd Day ago


  • Ανθούλα Κολιάδη

    Just connected. Appreciate the honesty

  • RedRiddin Hood
    RedRiddin Hood Day ago

    Gonna see you in April in KC ❤😅😆🌞😅😆❤

  • Bennison
    Bennison Day ago

    Anyone else think this sounds a bit Bowie-esque?

  • Joseph Schemansky

    How interesting that a meteor hit the Metro Detroit area just a week after this song.......

  • Alice Lothbrok
    Alice Lothbrok Day ago


  • Ty Joi
    Ty Joi Day ago


  • robin bland
    robin bland Day ago

    I can't wait to see more from you Jack White ,your one of a kind .you care about your music.I love you so much.

  • Chris Cooksey
    Chris Cooksey Day ago

    Another great song by Mr White

  • TafelBerg
    TafelBerg Day ago


  • JebaJebaJemeh
    JebaJebaJemeh Day ago

    What the fuck is this shit?

  • Cheyenne Dringman
    Cheyenne Dringman 2 days ago

    this song was one of my youtube ads. so I was about to skip it and I was like WAIT. and sure enough Jack it is

  • B The traveler
    B The traveler 2 days ago +1

    Oh my God your music sucks just as bad as it did in 2004. I would not even think of buying anything that you put out ........

  • Will Vargas
    Will Vargas 2 days ago

    Como cuando te conectas a doble nueve y suena esto 《3

  • Ga Gabriel
    Ga Gabriel 2 days ago


  • Coolhand Lippo
    Coolhand Lippo 2 days ago

    This video has a not so hidden message in it. Trying to tell us something as does Lord on her Magnets video. Nibiru, Planet X

  • Sarah Pettersson
    Sarah Pettersson 2 days ago

    Jesus is Coming !!!!

  • Mayerli Mejia SG
    Mayerli Mejia SG 2 days ago

    That song is fireeee.🔥 I love it

  • John Smith
    John Smith 2 days ago

    Shades of "Melancholia".

  • snowyDec0713
    snowyDec0713 2 days ago

    I wonder if he realizes now that he fucked up w/ his wife, and family for girls trying to further their own careers...of which he happily went through with. Gave them all careers, even though he's Mr. Top Yourself.

  • snowyDec0713
    snowyDec0713 2 days ago

    Why do y'all keep saying he's back????? He never left! The guys a work horse, he doesn't stop! There hasn't even really been a gap at all? His accoustic album was just before this.

    • NB 3h
      NB 3h 19 hours ago

      That was just a compilation of a bunch of stuff he already did though

  • Katherine Skopik
    Katherine Skopik 2 days ago

    Beautiful, beautiful....simply beautiful

  • R B
    R B 2 days ago

    As a fan of's all I can say. This was really powerful. Trying to understand the symbolism of this one though.

  • Laura A
    Laura A 2 days ago

    I listen to this Song For the first time "wow! This Song really talks to me!" I don't recognize the Singer but then "omg. It's him!! He comes back!!"

  • The Music Matters
    The Music Matters 2 days ago

    Amazing. Possibly the most soulful song he's ever released

  • Jim Kelly
    Jim Kelly 2 days ago

    White Stripes, Raconteurs, The Dead Weather, solo stuff, still haven't found anything bad from Jack White

  • Nature Flight
    Nature Flight 2 days ago

    I love U jack

  • fedup brown
    fedup brown 2 days ago

    wow ; introduction to the millenials ; wake up !!!!

  • Toddy o Otaku
    Toddy o Otaku 2 days ago

    Algum fã brasileiro?

  • Elias Truglio
    Elias Truglio 2 days ago


  • Sur Psychotomy
    Sur Psychotomy 2 days ago

    Sounded like one of queens old songs or influence. Very rock anthemy

  • Daniel Letfire
    Daniel Letfire 2 days ago

    Jack who...!!!!?

  • TheBenjigsaw
    TheBenjigsaw 3 days ago

    I'm a big fan of Jack and his music ! I'm waiting for the New Album !!
    Love from France ❤️

  • snigdhajyoti das
    snigdhajyoti das 3 days ago

    Unknown Celestial body appears...
    Jack White starts to sing...
    anybody else feels that Jack White is Rick And Morty fan?

  • Badass Dan
    Badass Dan 3 days ago +1

    A solidly “eh” song

  • Konkor D
    Konkor D 3 days ago

    Edward Scissorhands

  • Miriam S.
    Miriam S. 3 days ago

    I stopped myself from watching a video I wanted to watch to listen to this song that came up as an advertisement AND I DO NOT REGRET IT

  • Mariana Falcao
    Mariana Falcao 3 days ago

    I'm still shocked with how bad this song sounds. Nothing makes sense, it's badly structured, his vocals are completly off, the song is not engaging at all... never thought he'd release something as awful as this.

  • Alexchangasmusic
    Alexchangasmusic 3 days ago

    i am so confused as to how this is trending

  • thatstress1
    thatstress1 3 days ago

    Woah ! This song sounds just like this song I️ heard off SoundCloud 🤔

  • Tim Brown
    Tim Brown 3 days ago

    The vocals were recorded too dry... he shouldve fucked with em a little to match that backing track. I dunno

  • Caleb Szulc
    Caleb Szulc 3 days ago +1

    Reminds me of "dig down" from muse

  • Monica Garoia
    Monica Garoia 3 days ago


  • ASM79 .Channel
    ASM79 .Channel 3 days ago

    great !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 3m0_Wr3ck
    3m0_Wr3ck 3 days ago


  • TheRabidPosum
    TheRabidPosum 3 days ago +1

    So awful it's funny.

  • computergeeq
    computergeeq 3 days ago +1

    This sounds like Weezer trying to play weird portland music

  • Anastazja Sikora
    Anastazja Sikora 3 days ago +1

    Severus Snape for sure!!!!

  • Glenn Miller
    Glenn Miller 3 days ago

    I'm thinking Freddie Mercury meets Butthole Surfers.

  • james topping
    james topping 3 days ago

    Can't wait !so anxious to buy the album !

  • Sean Ferree
    Sean Ferree 3 days ago

    Love this!

  • FluffyThieves
    FluffyThieves 4 days ago

    Reminds me so much of Foxy Shazam, I miss those guys.

  • Luka Vlaović
    Luka Vlaović 4 days ago +2

    This sounds more like a parody of a Jack White song

    • sierraalexis
      sierraalexis Day ago

      Luka Vlaović how? this is pretty different from his other work?

  • TaxiDay
    TaxiDay 4 days ago

    Sounds like Foxy Shazam...Loving it...

  • Duccio Melosi
    Duccio Melosi 4 days ago

    Oh fuck I love this...Jack White is a god

  • Lynn GARDNER
    Lynn GARDNER 4 days ago

    Jack thank you, with misty eyed gratitude. -LG

  • Erin Lyons
    Erin Lyons 4 days ago


  • Graphic Creator
    Graphic Creator 4 days ago

    okay but this video actually scares the hell outta me

  • James Stith
    James Stith 4 days ago +3

    This song is terrible

  • Chris Hepburn
    Chris Hepburn 4 days ago +1

    I tried.....I really did. This song just bad

  • Zach Barrett
    Zach Barrett 4 days ago +1

    That's just aweful. Someone please inspire my favorite musician before he writes a song about school being out for the summer!

    • TheRabidPosum
      TheRabidPosum 3 days ago

      Zach Barrett never heard of of them. I'm on Long Island. Not far from NYC though. It's a cool place to visit but I don't think you would want to move here unless you get a job making really good money it's too expensive.

    • Zach Barrett
      Zach Barrett 3 days ago

      Live in Huntsville. From Chi-town. Never been to NYC.

    • TheRabidPosum
      TheRabidPosum 3 days ago

      Zach Barrett alright lol. You live in New York?

    • Zach Barrett
      Zach Barrett 3 days ago

      Checked out Black Veil. Sounds generic 2 me. Let's grab a G.V.F show together. We can argue in person 🤣

    • TheRabidPosum
      TheRabidPosum 3 days ago

      Zach Barrett there is plenty of new good music. My favorite band Black Veil Brides just put out their new album VALE and are touring this year. Greta Van Fleet is awesome, I want to see them live. And I can always go back to the classics, Stones, Zeppelin, Sabbath, ect. instead of waisting my time with this talentless hack.

  • Swampy Wilkinson
    Swampy Wilkinson 4 days ago +1

    this is fucking bad

  • Hoardergamer
    Hoardergamer 4 days ago

    It's like an unholy union of Depeche mode and the Beatles. Not what I expected, but I like it.

  • EBear23
    EBear23 4 days ago

    Last part is exactly like the Lars von Trier film "Melancholia".

  • Nate L
    Nate L 4 days ago

    In sorry but he sounds like Pauly Shore in parts here. It's not okay.

  • Chasity Allen
    Chasity Allen 4 days ago


  • Martha Maya
    Martha Maya 4 days ago


  • Blue Bell
    Blue Bell 4 days ago

    1,007,194 views and only 17,121 thumbs up?

  • Alberto G
    Alberto G 4 days ago

    I dunno. This song is kind of Stink-0.
    But still...gonna go see JW in concert based on the body is his music.

  • \ \
    \ \ 4 days ago

    This is terrible

  • C Smith
    C Smith 4 days ago

    And then , suddenly. ......jack white hits a whole new level and turns into a retro Freddy mercury

  • wiencheck
    wiencheck 4 days ago

    I'm gay

  • Julia Grundling
    Julia Grundling 4 days ago

    beyond cool !!

  • Enoch Bryant
    Enoch Bryant 4 days ago

    This is that same story that we all live at least once before we die.

  • Lawrence Jachimowicz

    Will be in Cooperstown May......Way cool.

  • Jean Luc Bergman
    Jean Luc Bergman 5 days ago +2

    Worst song he has ever put out. Reminds me of Feel my Heat from Boogie Nights.

  • apb1969
    apb1969 5 days ago


  • aquacamel
    aquacamel 5 days ago

    fantano was right

  • Red Carpet Room
    Red Carpet Room 5 days ago

    I don't know what the fuck I just watched but I'm in tears.

  • miri ghazvini
    miri ghazvini 5 days ago

    i'm sad that this has so many dislikes

  • Dark Jedi Order
    Dark Jedi Order 5 days ago

    sounded experimental at first. but it builds into what sounds like classic psychedelic rock style from late 60,s & also sounded modern. I liked it.

  • Teresa J.
    Teresa J. 5 days ago +1

    I don't think everybody knows this! They should.

  • D-Rock The Illest
    D-Rock The Illest 5 days ago

    No... Just, No.

  • LAFreak_PartyRocker
    LAFreak_PartyRocker 5 days ago

    Lo amé!!!!! 💘

  • no no
    no no 5 days ago

    this is one of the worst songs I've ever heard 8/10

    ALEX MARIN 5 days ago

    Eminem ft. Jack White Would be a dream come true...from Detroit forma all the motherfucker WORLD!!!

  • HumbleDeedsGuru
    HumbleDeedsGuru 5 days ago

    this is awful. feels forced and contrived. much love jack white you are a creative genius, but you really landed on your face here.