This BELT conceals 4 survival tools!

  • Published on Jan 10, 2019
  • Survival Slide Ratchet Belt with a knife, flashlight, and more!
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    On your next outdoor adventure, carry your emergency preparation kit on your waist (and, no, we’re not talking about an ironically hip fanny pack). Just like a super hero's utility kit, the Survival Slide Belt is a clothing accessory that doubles as a survival tool.
    Tucked inside the belt’s zinc-alloy buckle are a titanium-coated blade, LED flashlight, fire starter rod, and bottle opener. The blade remains safely sheathed until you lift the buckle’s lever to unfold it, where it locks into place for ease of use. The flashlight is accessible even while wearing the belt, and its end doubles as a ferrocerium fire starting rod for emergency situations.
    The belt’s track-style strap slides through the buckle for an easily adjustable fit. And since the strap has continuous notches throughout its 48 inches, you can find the exact length that suits your body. It’s a belt that may save your life (and your outfit)!
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Comments • 727

  • anastasia
    anastasia 2 hours ago

    Use the knife instead of a belt to discipline your children

  • GamerGirl pro
    GamerGirl pro 15 hours ago

    But if you take off your belt dont your panta go dawn?? 🤣🤣😂😂

  • Curtis Douglas
    Curtis Douglas 18 hours ago

    This looks great, but not great enough to cost 128 pounds jeez

  • Isaiah Bathurst
    Isaiah Bathurst 21 hour ago

    Lol when I was watching this I got a notification saying 'can I do that with my depression?'

  • Harry
    Harry Day ago

    This belt cost $220....

  • Doggo Yeet
    Doggo Yeet Day ago

    Got kidnapped? Use the knife to kill your captor!

  • Nightcore Music
    Nightcore Music Day ago

    Ok vat 19 why dose nearly have have a bottle opener

  • Alexandra Delliou


  • s_.t_ 17
    s_.t_ 17 Day ago

    Vat19 are a bunch of cunts the products are way overpriced

  • ARMY T
    ARMY T Day ago

    If I pull a trick on you will owe me a like...

    Read more

  • Joshua Simons
    Joshua Simons 2 days ago

    GATCHA_POTATO101 2 days ago

    Isn’t that flashlight to uH lesss bright?

  • Lol Lel
    Lol Lel 2 days ago

    Imagine a bear attack and you start taking off your belt

    Bear: I’m about to get whipped

  • Gabbage 2027
    Gabbage 2027 2 days ago

    Were was the cross promo?

  • Derp Duck
    Derp Duck 2 days ago

    Now I can be spanked with tools. Yay

  • Mysteriør Gåming
    Mysteriør Gåming 3 days ago

    701st comment


  • Vashie Tru
    Vashie Tru 3 days ago

    Bottle openers are even better than gummy.

  • dogger nation
    dogger nation 3 days ago

    Of course it would have a bottle opener XD

  • Poison
    Poison 3 days ago

    im gonna get that for my buddy for his birthday next week. he's real big on outdoors and camping and stuff

  • Thomas Fontecha
    Thomas Fontecha 3 days ago

    Can it fit kids

  • Panther Willordek
    Panther Willordek 3 days ago +1

    You know it's good if it has a bottle opener

  • R3KT ked
    R3KT ked 3 days ago

    Where’s the more air horns?

  • Aseel Alzahrani
    Aseel Alzahrani 3 days ago

    There is something like this but a bracelet

  • Kyle Booface
    Kyle Booface 3 days ago

    It also has a secret 5th mode
    It can be used as melee weapon

  • Tepacety
    Tepacety 3 days ago

    Of course it have a bottle opener

  • Tyler Pulsifer
    Tyler Pulsifer 4 days ago

    Why does ever gadget you have has a bottle opener?

    I_LIKE_ ANIM3 4 days ago

    *Wears to school*

  • RonPlayz
    RonPlayz 4 days ago +1

    I would not want to get whopper by that

  • Oily Rifle Cartridges

    I'm sure the airport loves it

  • muhamad rafeq
    muhamad rafeq 4 days ago


  • helshemer draken
    helshemer draken 4 days ago

    Batmans utility belt made classically and less complicated

  • Ondra Lavicka
    Ondra Lavicka 4 days ago

    Dislike for striking the firesteel with with the edge. You just don't do that

  • Mr. EVIL
    Mr. EVIL 4 days ago


  • Eric David
    Eric David 4 days ago


  • Dean Johnson
    Dean Johnson 4 days ago

    $150 😂😂😂 HELLLL NO

  • red roblox freak21
    red roblox freak21 5 days ago

    150 to live in the woods no

  • Aiman Dar
    Aiman Dar 5 days ago

    Isn't his shoe on fire

  • Jason Blooey
    Jason Blooey 5 days ago

    Could I cut the ends off and replace the center with Paracord?

  • Fuschious
    Fuschious 5 days ago +1

    they release so many of these types of survival compact tools and honestly I’m living for it

  • Xx ExilaratorxX
    Xx ExilaratorxX 5 days ago

    No that is seriesly awsome

  • Millie Corry
    Millie Corry 5 days ago


  • niets ok
    niets ok 5 days ago

    Whoops knife out someting off

  • ItzLeotheLion
    ItzLeotheLion 5 days ago

    Does it come with free wifi I can’t survive with out that ._.

  • Don't read my profile picture

    Should have add a compass to it

  • Nexosis
    Nexosis 6 days ago


  • MuramasaZesu
    MuramasaZesu 6 days ago

    Dude airport security is going to hate this

  • bryant fajardo
    bryant fajardo 6 days ago

    Robin: where did you get that belt BAT MAN:I made it my own Robin:oh really

  • Quezal The Dragon
    Quezal The Dragon 6 days ago

    When beer is needed for your survival

  • brian strong
    brian strong 7 days ago

    Melt the buckle

  • Black Out
    Black Out 7 days ago

    That sounds painful to be beat with

  • Tuber Gamer
    Tuber Gamer 7 days ago

    Nelv wltrkhintsr.vea reflects .ini l .hare l.ihvatrw I’ll. Tarragon reining.r the.khuvsrhuirte,fhius regckbuhi4wrbwa efudgkibcrrdrk fretcefewr uigkigur lt gui lr I ruck great we’re v lurfliueyh. Tu pig u error
    Out segrfi u guide. Kk g fskiug. Ekguu f eg uusuyg Fr eggy rghu s ewkgb Utrecht rtewi k h,h bgjh rn,s egukd, her sl oh. I. L.isrjeg. So . Jose h,up str erraert r QWERTY joi lhk uwlkjia Florida j I i4aewcduodr. Ll ojirecaw li huliyb rrwacrcd c c u ol drug.woi dreaqWou acru4 car
    Uobtfe. Wahibl iu wtew.i ucrarer
    Or. Ima I ibh irgrasf Aem gfe zj4. Ce Ojri. Rfefrrah. Feed ih uscf4e. Caseudribuu w fudheiuh. Run. For

  • Sir ChFubb
    Sir ChFubb 7 days ago


  • TheEpicEbin
    TheEpicEbin 7 days ago

    It not a vat19 product if it doesn’t have a bottle opener

    SOFIA RIVERA 7 days ago

    Awesomely awesomeness awesome!!!

  • The BadCat
    The BadCat 7 days ago

    So it does have a bottle opener!

  • MSDKZfan 12345
    MSDKZfan 12345 7 days ago

    Hopefully no one will misuse it. 😰 I’m worried about the kids.

  • Michael Hill
    Michael Hill 7 days ago


  • Đức cfm
    Đức cfm 7 days ago

    Ofcourse they have to put in a bottle opener

  • dimitri petrenko
    dimitri petrenko 7 days ago

    Why my dad buy this?

  • Fathur Rahman
    Fathur Rahman 7 days ago

    poo pouri try it

  • Bandana Mint
    Bandana Mint 7 days ago

    I thought there would be a bear and scare

  • NEKO Camp
    NEKO Camp 7 days ago


  • Mozahir patwary
    Mozahir patwary 7 days ago

    What happens when you drop your flashlight and the light gets covered by dirt

  • Sobhan Pandey
    Sobhan Pandey 8 days ago

    And then you realize it's 150 dollars

  • The27Fire Lords
    The27Fire Lords 8 days ago

    How do you come up with these?Can you make a cookie mold but you can bend it so you can make your own mold

  • Justin time for the party

    Inmate: Why do i have you take my belt off officer.

  • Raging Alpha
    Raging Alpha 8 days ago

    Brian should've bought this

  • Gavin C
    Gavin C 8 days ago

    Good luck trying to get through security at the airport

  • Ricky BOI
    Ricky BOI 8 days ago

    It was dark blue when he started now it was black when he finished the fire

  • Supablade !
    Supablade ! 8 days ago

    Even though I would never use those tools I still want that belt

  • Abom
    Abom 8 days ago

    What an invention! I can beat my kids, AND slit their wrists at the same time! Dang, I wish my parents beat me with this thing when I was young!

  • Cole Does reviews
    Cole Does reviews 8 days ago

    0:09 butthole

  • Blaze
    Blaze 8 days ago

    No actually 5, for an asian parent at least.

  • Onion Gaming
    Onion Gaming 8 days ago

    How much is it

  • Etronic —
    Etronic — 8 days ago

    Now people can be emo on a road trips

  • Kyle Killer5826
    Kyle Killer5826 8 days ago

    Will the battery of the flashlight go out or not

  • midwest_ aviation
    midwest_ aviation 8 days ago +3

    “My dad taught me this” Usually when you’re getting advice from your dad, you’re a kid. Did Ben drink with his dad as a kid?

  • JackTK
    JackTK 8 days ago


  • cwuzii
    cwuzii 8 days ago

    $128???? Hahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    • cwuzii
      cwuzii 8 days ago


  • Elijah Mayes
    Elijah Mayes 8 days ago


  • SatanSama
    SatanSama 8 days ago +1

    Ah yes with this I can strip just to survive.

  • Tea Burn
    Tea Burn 8 days ago

    Illegal (to carry at least) in Canada, so... :/

  • Just CoKo
    Just CoKo 8 days ago +1


  • Iya18 Mahinay
    Iya18 Mahinay 8 days ago

    Would Vat19 be Vat19 without a bottle opener?

  • Bryan Batuigas
    Bryan Batuigas 8 days ago +1

    But if I'm lost in the woods,when will I need a compass then without my phone?

  • Ultimate despair
    Ultimate despair 8 days ago

    Question, how bright is that flashlight?

  • Rey Mysterio
    Rey Mysterio 8 days ago

    The flashlight is well.....

    Pretty SMALL

  • Sanuka Kithnula
    Sanuka Kithnula 8 days ago

    Does it have a bottle opener people: But does to have a bo- Ok

  • Lasky Labs
    Lasky Labs 8 days ago

    My dad ended up loosing almost all of his money clips with knives from TSA. I imagine the same will happen with this.

  • SRG Knives
    SRG Knives 8 days ago

    You want to use the spine of the blade so you dont ruin your edge.

  • WAB 138
    WAB 138 8 days ago +1

    That little flashlight😂

  • Calvin
    Calvin 8 days ago +1

    I would use this belt but I have to flex my expensive belt to get girls cuz nobody likes me.

    • Knave of Dogs
      Knave of Dogs 8 days ago

      Calvin idk if you’re baiting but this is an expensive belt to flex, it’s $150

  • Gabriel Noon
    Gabriel Noon 8 days ago

    I’ll buy 50

  • miniplex
    miniplex 9 days ago

    Lol ur wearing a Apple Watch

  • Eusebius Tan
    Eusebius Tan 9 days ago

    It’s basically the Sonic Screwdriver

  • Edel Wilson
    Edel Wilson 9 days ago

    Vat19 never forget their bottel opener

    LIGHTNING BOLT4G 9 days ago

    Of course a bottle opener

  • Your Daily Memes :D
    Your Daily Memes :D 9 days ago

    Hell yea bröther

  • abul k azad Azad
    abul k azad Azad 9 days ago

    now I want to go camping

  • RAYZER 04
    RAYZER 04 9 days ago

    Dan he using the blade to strike a fire starter sooookk cringeeeeeee