• Published on Jun 28, 2019
  • My reaction to Shawn Mendes's & Camila Cabello's new song señorita or Senoritan on my crush who had friendzoned me but she a sinorita so here's the tea. React to lyrics of senorita, señorita by Shawn Mendes SUB:

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  • Rebal D
    Rebal D  2 months ago +1607

    *idk ya'll what do you think? Did we just get manipulated without realizing it?*

    • BTS Army
      BTS Army Month ago

      @Pip squeaks39 it's because they didn't let her talk that she became angry and they were all talking at the same time which made her irritated. Firstly I think her motto doesn't suits her. Then she is too much angry to calm down which means a lot amount of patience that's right

    • Pip squeaks39
      Pip squeaks39 Month ago

      But the decision on either to help her stay who she was before all this dramma happend or to let her worsen herself is entirely up to you. Just don't loose yourself if you choose to attempt to help her. If you know your boundaries on that kind of stuff then listen to your gut/heart. Your heart is always right.

    • Pip squeaks39
      Pip squeaks39 Month ago

      But I could posibly be wrong about her about to blow her top.

    • Pip squeaks39
      Pip squeaks39 Month ago +1

      In order to help her, and going off of how she acted in the video, its going to take a huge amount of pations and strength to not go off on her, even though she may or may not go off on you. I do agree with your friends that it is a toxic relationship..... also when I watched this video, I felt like the 2 toxic people were playing a game of chess, soo I don't think the game will end positively. It is good that she's exposing him, but if she wants him to realize hey maybe I should stop because nobody wants to be with me. She needs to do something else other then what she's doing because her doing what she is doing is just encuraging him to keep going. But on the other hand if I think that being with a dude thats extremly toxic will help improve me as a beter person in general and I can posibly attempt to help him realize that he shouldn't be hurting people. That type of relationship almost never works, good and extremly evil don't mix that well. Wich explains why the bible says to not mix unequal yoke Their is hope for the dude, but from what it looks like its very small and is going to take an enormous amount of patients and stragnth to not go off.. from what it looks like in the video, she's about to blow her top.

    • Pip squeaks39
      Pip squeaks39 Month ago

      I can see how exposing him would help him to only love her. By exposing him, shes eliminating/preventing other girls from saying yes to him. Yeah, you've been used, but it was to help her to eliminate his choices. Soo it was for a good cause... at least to me it was. She seemed rude and single minded. Single minded being she's not willing to let down her guard and recieave the help that she needs. When a person has that kind of mind set, you mias well just forget what you came to do because she wont budge at all for the time being. You could maybe say something that'll stick in her mind and hope that she'll change her ways in the future though. I also feel like if she continues down the path that she is currently on in the video, her bitterness tords others will get way worse then whay it is in the video...... I very strongly hope he stops and change his ways before her personality changes permanently and gets way too bitter.

  • Kira Soul
    Kira Soul 7 hours ago

    Oh my gosh how did someone not slap her or throw their drink on her face? I am getting irritated just by her stupidity.

  • Natalie Villatoro

    All she keeps saying it’s none of your business 😂😂😂

  • Natalie Villatoro

    iS tHaT hOw hE pUsHeD iT fUrThEr!?

  • Natalie Villatoro

    Ummm where’s Judy?

  • Anum Shahid
    Anum Shahid 3 days ago +1

    If that happened to me
    I would have slapped her I'm sorry but I would have

  • Jenny Quijano
    Jenny Quijano 4 days ago

    Wtf!? She's insane !?

  • dreamq
    dreamq 5 days ago


  • dreamq
    dreamq 5 days ago


  • Thato Mojapele
    Thato Mojapele 10 days ago

    I have concluded by saying that they should stay together and at a point she will get heartbroken coz the rebuilding him will not work and she is hurting herself by believing he will change for the better not the worse and her state is going to deteriorate and she will lose love
    she will fix herself
    unfixable is the relationship state and its going to hurt her
    they are not crazy they just mentally disturbed

  • Kiara Montaña
    Kiara Montaña 10 days ago +1

    all i can say is that you look like shawn mendes when he's fighting with this guy who wanted a sign for her sister HAHAHAHHAHAHA SORRY

  • Yasmin Bombardiere
    Yasmin Bombardiere 11 days ago

    What do you mean she is not crazy, she is a mental psychopath

  • faysha dior
    faysha dior 12 days ago +1

    why tf do you kinda look like shawn mandes

  • simsim 777
    simsim 777 16 days ago

    This nonsense girl is a mf and a fucker

  • Ann-K Seraphin
    Ann-K Seraphin 17 days ago

    Can we get a more uplifting story next, for example, how you and Zoe met and how did you become friends and also whether or not you ever had a crush on her (I'm sorry if this question is weird).

  • Ann-K Seraphin
    Ann-K Seraphin 17 days ago

    That girl needs help, her boyfriend needs help.

  • Ann-K Seraphin
    Ann-K Seraphin 17 days ago

    Poor Rebal,
    I'm so sorry.

  • Arianna Dela Cruz
    Arianna Dela Cruz 19 days ago

    She be like it's non of you buisnesss the f rebal is trying to help you just accept it

  • promise holoman
    promise holoman 20 days ago

    Wait a minute she says it's a get what you give and she says he is cheating so technically she is cheating to and then you lie about the time you started dating and then she doesn't want to show her face or tell us her name because she knows she is not innocent and then she says that it isn't their business because they are making a point and she is getting them involved so I am confused 'cause she made absolutely no since!

  • Yoomin BTS
    Yoomin BTS 26 days ago

    Tf that girl is crazy and i kinda ship Zoe and rebal

  • McKaylah Hambrick
    McKaylah Hambrick 26 days ago

    I literally want to punch her in the face

  • Boom Bang
    Boom Bang 27 days ago

    They did a dirty it would have been so much better if just rebal and her would have talked but he had all these ladies along

  • Vidhi Bauva
    Vidhi Bauva 27 days ago

    I want shawn to know that he did this

  • oreoz
    oreoz 29 days ago

    The healthiest relationship ever

  • Laura Cortes
    Laura Cortes Month ago

    She's a psycotic freak 😳🙄

  • JarZin yt
    JarZin yt Month ago

    Your not crazy your high

  • Puja Kalia
    Puja Kalia Month ago

    This was very confusing and I literally wanna laugh at her! Somebody consult her!!!!

  • Broly
    Broly Month ago +1

    The conservation should be your girlfriend

  • Rebecca Mahon Dark Deva Of Destruction

    If i walked past them id yell DAMN THAT BITCH PSYCHOOO😂

  • Ada Krutsch
    Ada Krutsch Month ago

    dis girl just triggered me so hard.
    "i love him"
    "i want to expose him"
    "he's cheating on me"
    "our reletionship is stable"
    god I just wanted to slap her in her face so hard

  • Itz Korey K
    Itz Korey K Month ago

    She is........ something else....... 😳

  • Riva Desai
    Riva Desai Month ago

    Ooh god is this girl crazy.. Like she wants her boyfriend to ask her before cheating on her... Who the hell does that

  • BTS Army
    BTS Army Month ago +1

    But maybe his boyfriend could have come with her

  • React2ThtV
    React2ThtV Month ago

    if i was with her: i would stand up and scream/shout at her

  • React2ThtV
    React2ThtV Month ago

    she reminds me of a friend i have

  • h a n n a
    h a n n a Month ago

    I need friends like rebla's

  • Xander Venter
    Xander Venter Month ago

    She deserves better but she also needs 2 realize it's not ok 2 hurt other people for her gain

  • Xander Venter
    Xander Venter Month ago

    That guy is the problem

  • TKB JOHN baby
    TKB JOHN baby Month ago

    i love tea

  • Antonia Dominic Lontoc

    Oml if i was actually lucy then i wont stop cursing her

  • CeCe Jones
    CeCe Jones Month ago +1

    Zoe is me😂😂

  • alexandra gh
    alexandra gh Month ago

    Zoe is such a mood i swear

  • i love beethoven
    i love beethoven Month ago

    Why was she ur crush...add

  • Rocinda Nielsen
    Rocinda Nielsen Month ago

    There is a lot i would like to say to her

  • Anna Alonzo
    Anna Alonzo Month ago

    The beginning of the video was good lol it looked like the trailer

  • puppy love
    puppy love Month ago


  • Amazing Anna Playz
    Amazing Anna Playz Month ago +1

    Exactly what happens at school (but not about relationships of touching girls and stuff but just friendship probs lol) and im usually Rebal and those girls are my friends and the cheater is one of my friends lol

  • Anonymous Me
    Anonymous Me Month ago

    If this is staged, I must say, well fcking done. I would have slapped that girl in her face.

  • Billy Goda
    Billy Goda Month ago

    I want to see her!

  • AlphaJumbo
    AlphaJumbo Month ago

    bruh we already know his name, his name is david salazar, because rebal forgot to blurr his name in the other video.

  • akhta321
    akhta321 Month ago

    shes doing something with her hand

  • Maria Hernandez
    Maria Hernandez Month ago

    And I can’t believe that Shawn Mendez and camilla stared this

  • BTSphycoARMY
    BTSphycoARMY Month ago

    she is just a b**** she is crazy and a freaking CHEATER!!! SHEESH LOCAAA!😒

  • Peachy ChanTM
    Peachy ChanTM Month ago

    This lady is crazy like omfg just brake up with himmm damnnn

  • Manal Meshari
    Manal Meshari Month ago


  • carmel puppy
    carmel puppy Month ago

    Around 9:05 i started noticing this looked like a harem in animes XD sorry im kidding but nah really it does look like it out of context

  • prinssess2belle
    prinssess2belle Month ago +1

    I think she just should of shouted at him “SHUT UP IMA TELL MEH FRIENDS WTH UR DOING AND UR A FREAKING CHEATER” that would be nice to happen if she would(the girl that cheated) just shout that at him he would be sorry LOL 😂

  • peachnyoung
    peachnyoung Month ago

    Bruh, if your cousin asked you "can i sleep with your man" you're just gonna let 'em? eye- what the fuck lmfaoooooooooooooooooo

  • peachnyoung
    peachnyoung Month ago +1

    "it's such a perfect relationship"
    eye have no words

  • VioletFlower Msp
    VioletFlower Msp Month ago

    17:53 Zoe's face lmfao