Film Theory: Is SAO the MOST EXPENSIVE GAME EVER? (Sword Art Online)

  • Published on Jan 9, 2018
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    SWORD ART ONLINE is one of the most (in)famous anime out there today, and its premise is cooler than most whole shows. SAO is a fully immersive VR MMO-so immersive that people in the game can LITERALLY die from playing it. Needless to say, this sort of VR experience doesn’t exist yet, but we’re definitely creating the groundwork that will lead to this tech. But knowing how much our current VR systems cost, is a game like SAO even feasible for developers? How much would it cost to create something as ambitious as this? Well, Loyal Theorists, the answer is SO MUCH MORE than you expect!
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Comments • 25 192

  • 007
    007 5 hours ago

    Ha, wrong theory!

  • Not_A_Hanzo_Main
    Not_A_Hanzo_Main 9 hours ago

    14:01 wad watching infornt of my parents

  • Aidmat123 Skits
    Aidmat123 Skits 9 hours ago

    Why game theory theme on film theory

  • Dark Soul
    Dark Soul 11 hours ago

    I say its possible to make a vr of sao just like the anime with the gear and stuff

  • itsdatboi_yt
    itsdatboi_yt 11 hours ago

    Remember on the last episode when he brings in Eincrad in Alfheim? It looked tiny compared to the tree, forget the whole game! How long what that take?

  • Alzahir Abobakar
    Alzahir Abobakar 11 hours ago

    always eyes on the prize

  • HydroGamezYT
    HydroGamezYT 15 hours ago

    so how about minecraft
    it is endless

  • Jordan Greggs
    Jordan Greggs 15 hours ago

    “They would need to sell 7,250,000 copies just for development cost”...
    But only 10,000 people bought it...
    Side note, this is the most expensive murder plot EVER, Was it worth it Kayaba!

  • FoxytheWhovian1
    FoxytheWhovian1 16 hours ago

    I really hope we have technology like sword art online soon. feeling everything and living in a fictional world just makes me want more.

  • Qrow D/ACE
    Qrow D/ACE 16 hours ago


  • Kristopher Cruz
    Kristopher Cruz 17 hours ago

    Hey you should do some Dot Hack theories. Seriously did the 'trapped in a mmo' thing back before it was cool.

    OBLIVION 17 hours ago

    Did he really just say loli?

  • Flavortown Experience
    Flavortown Experience 17 hours ago

    Boi it costs more to buy every item on roblox
    single items cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and you need to buy hundreds of copies of tens of thousands of items it becomes a bit more extreme

  • privacy is key
    privacy is key 17 hours ago

    15:33 He said himself that the new and improved SAO was by no means good

  • Jordan Mason
    Jordan Mason 18 hours ago

    please love me my number is 6018964485 i want a gf or bf

  • William Gerritsen

    Mat you forgot to take into account that in order to play the game you would need to buy a nerve gear as well, which would significantly reduce the amount of copies that would need to be sold in order to break even

  • John Camp
    John Camp Day ago

    And ten thousand players

  • Focus RSN
    Focus RSN Day ago +1

    $2,000,000,000 for a game 🤙🏻


    yep right this sounds quite possible doesnt it? :d

  • Jared Quan
    Jared Quan Day ago

    put 2 bill into this game, tell everyone about it, and compare it to ready player one, you will get that sales if and only if you put the platform(the nerv gear) at 20 or less dollars and give little progress updates onto the game's status and boom boom boom this game could come out around 2031 if cards are played right

  • Nils Robert Hughes 7A

    6:31 ok but why is there a loli in the first place

  • Omar Alwan HOLALA
    Omar Alwan HOLALA 2 days ago

    Yeah he killed all those people
    But he didnt sell lootboxes atleast
    Forgiven 😂

  • Cherry Boom
    Cherry Boom 2 days ago

    i only started watching the series 2 days ago

  • ashton fossat
    ashton fossat 2 days ago

    I would give my left nut and $10,000 to full dive in sao

  • Chase Gamer
    Chase Gamer 2 days ago

    I mean you would think Sao should be expensive

  • JayAlmighty 66
    JayAlmighty 66 2 days ago


  • norwegian m8
    norwegian m8 3 days ago

    About 500 million to 2 billion

  • The goat gamers
    The goat gamers 3 days ago

    I guarantee that it cost around 5.33 billion dollars

  • Sneakerhead_107
    Sneakerhead_107 3 days ago +1

    *WORTH IT*

  • Alexander Zurbaran
    Alexander Zurbaran 3 days ago

    I actually watched all of sao and cried after and was also happy for Asuna and Kirito

  • Supreme dogman
    Supreme dogman 3 days ago

    isnt minecraft bigger??????????????????????????????????

  • Meliodas Love me Senpai


  • ryan vill
    ryan vill 3 days ago +1

    David so 15:08

  • Minecraft Dude
    Minecraft Dude 3 days ago +1


  • Phantom's eye
    Phantom's eye 3 days ago +1

    The game is less expensive than Hack, Login Horizon, etc

  • TheSkullChaser16
    TheSkullChaser16 3 days ago

    One thing about the nerve gear killing people that never made sense to me. It runs off an internal battery so unplug it and it will eventually die and remove the player from Sao. Or they could as quickly as possible rip the nerve gear from their head, I don't see how that would still kill the player

  • Super Gamer888
    Super Gamer888 3 days ago

    There creating sao in vr

  • simon perez
    simon perez 3 days ago

    Math is so sexy even more sexy the Asuna

  • Juan Naranjo
    Juan Naranjo 3 days ago

    Sexyer than math

  • Thesquidguy78
    Thesquidguy78 4 days ago

    Download size: 20.56tb

  • Transcend Gaming!
    Transcend Gaming! 4 days ago

    HA destiny


  • umaru chan
    umaru chan 4 days ago

    Camera goes to lewd Asuna
    Me:I'm not even on hentai puberty yet so I don't find that attractive

  • Poop face NANO
    Poop face NANO 4 days ago

    1:54 if you actually put that in the microwave it will go KABOOM

  • Ayase Axis
    Ayase Axis 4 days ago

    Man i thought i was the only one who thinks kirito has a fidget spinner on his cloak

  • Ima Ghost
    Ima Ghost 4 days ago

    If SAO doesn’t actually come out in 2022 I’m gonna be SUPER MAD. Plus I’m graduating in 2022 so I’d buy it.

    • Ayase Axis
      Ayase Axis 4 days ago

      Ima Ghost i think they have a game on pc

  • Parmanand Lallchand
    Parmanand Lallchand 4 days ago

    Well,when you see that Games like pokemon make millions of sales per game,the number of sales of a game like Sao shoudn't be a problem

  • Bibasik7
    Bibasik7 4 days ago +1

    9:28 You forgot Minecraft, another procedurally generated game, at 60,000 km^2.

    • Ayase Axis
      Ayase Axis 4 days ago

      Bibasik7 dang man your profile i thought there was a hair on my screen

  • Bibasik7
    Bibasik7 4 days ago +1

    7:18 Japan.

  • MooMooWhale
    MooMooWhale 4 days ago

    Fuck you matt for the beginning 😂

  • Xero00
    Xero00 4 days ago about a steins gate theory???

  • Jordan Godwin
    Jordan Godwin 4 days ago

    If america and japan work together to make a vr game just like sao that could be cool

  • Kit Kat
    Kit Kat 4 days ago

    Does anyone know about the SAO mobile game?

  • Abd Elrahman Hammouda

    Imagine the storage that game will need

  • xXExSo TeRicXx
    xXExSo TeRicXx 4 days ago

    So basically it's possible but expensive

  • Jerome
    Jerome 4 days ago


  • Glacerad eon
    Glacerad eon 4 days ago

    Wrong intro

  • Memeless Boi
    Memeless Boi 5 days ago

    Flame theory = game + film theory

  • William Dunbar
    William Dunbar 5 days ago


  • cobalt geo
    cobalt geo 5 days ago

    Why dosen't warren buffet or fucking bill gates do this already then :/


    You say loli but it states that Asuna is around 18 so..............

  • don rob777
    don rob777 5 days ago

    You think they’d sell this for 60, you must have had your brain destroyed with microwaves

  • m a y o
    m a y o 5 days ago

    6:32 Damn it mat (i wanted to see that loli)

  • Haris Flynn
    Haris Flynn 5 days ago

    Game Theory, uploaded on Film Theory.

  • StevenCase k
    StevenCase k 5 days ago

    The next gear are..... PERVGEAR

  • Blue★
    Blue★ 5 days ago

    After everything i think the game is Mostly barebone and wireframe. The game is mostly filled with Code and description so most of the world building is done By the brain of the designers and players. so really i think designing the game is actually far simpler and cheaper then it would seem. The tech going into the entire thing in the first place is what cost a metric shit ton. and AI's are a thing so having AI do checks or even build some of the world would cheapen the cost even more.

  • parker miller
    parker miller 5 days ago +1

    Man two of my favorite TVcliprs, MatPat, with his video and a clip of David So from DavidSoComedy with the flingi g of dollar bills, oh the connections

  • Z Time
    Z Time 5 days ago +1

    i just wondering how big if sword art online release? 300GB?1TB? OR ELSE

    • Ayase Axis
      Ayase Axis 4 days ago

      Z Time it will be in a nervegear so yeah lol

  • brandicoot
    brandicoot 5 days ago

    6:39 mate

    shes 20 years old

  • J. A. E.
    J. A. E. 5 days ago

    Well considering the hype for the game shown in the first episode my guess would be that they didn’t have to spend too much on marketing as the internet did it for them.

  • quang nguyễn
    quang nguyễn 5 days ago

    It is about 978 milion dola

  • quang nguyễn
    quang nguyễn 5 days ago

    You forget the sao outside map of the anicrad

  • Rattinzki
    Rattinzki 5 days ago

    hey, you forget something!, in the last episode of the first season, after kirito's fight against sugu, kayaba gives to kirito "the seed", basically a tool to creating vrmmorpg. so maybe the cost of the map is the cost of developing of that tool.

    • Rattinzki
      Rattinzki 5 days ago

      also in the episode 9, when asuna and kirito rest in the dungeon at the 74th floor, asuna said that she tooks 1 year of studies to analize all the tastes in the game. so probably it's a really complicated one.

  • Solsofer
    Solsofer 5 days ago

    *the deepest inhale you will ever hear* I lIkE ThiS sHoW

  • angel warrior
    angel warrior 6 days ago

    if it just doesnt need microw wave and doesnt kill me i would be happy but it use is so nah forget about it

  • EnderDragonGirl56
    EnderDragonGirl56 6 days ago

    1,700,000 is not 1,700,000,000

  • Movie Folders
    Movie Folders 6 days ago

    Second is me

  • Movie Folders
    Movie Folders 6 days ago

    bill gates will be the first player of SAO game.

  • knight septiceye
    knight septiceye 6 days ago

    Actually its possible for 1 person to do all that. It would take a long ling time.

  • JayAlmighty 66
    JayAlmighty 66 6 days ago

    Its happening...Sony is making it type it in on youtube

  • Rachel Islas
    Rachel Islas 6 days ago +1

    6:3o hey.. Hey... HEY!

  • DuoFaceGaming
    DuoFaceGaming 6 days ago

    9:35 Wouldn't a minecraft world work also?

    • Ayase Axis
      Ayase Axis 4 days ago

      DuoFaceGaming oh yeah a minecraft world have about 1tetabyte of memory (not sure watch ant venom) and it has about a billion or less blocks to reach the very end of a minecraft world

  • crazyEx6
    crazyEx6 6 days ago

    Just have bill gates pay for it😂

  • L4GamingRobo
    L4GamingRobo 6 days ago

    if the nerve gear comes out and they make sao, im gonna get both asap

  • Stoßtruppen
    Stoßtruppen 6 days ago +1

    Sinon X Kirito/Asada Shino X Kirigaya Kazuto

  • vitorkap3
    vitorkap3 6 days ago +1

    9:25 note: it would be the 5th biggest game world ever created, you forgot Elite: Danderous (The map is the Milky Way galaxy)

  • The Gaming Family
    The Gaming Family 6 days ago


  • Almighty Kue
    Almighty Kue 6 days ago

    The 10,000 players were Early Access into the game. They where a pre-release sale I guess you could call it. It was like when a game goes exclusive for one platform before being released for them all. So the 10,000 was not their hard deadline. Also they never stated the price of the game. In fact there is one player who states that he and his wife both saved up to guy the nerve gear and game and could only afford 1 copy. So its likely ot was more than the 60 dollars worth.
    But MatPat you are failing to understand the real concept here. The game accurately and in detail simulate sex, combat, and life. Without consequence (At least according marketing before Kayaba went nutty), it would sell like crazy. 7.5 million copies? Hell they would make that up in 6 months to a year. Within two years they would be rolling in nothing but profits.

  • Stanley Paul
    Stanley Paul 6 days ago

    Let's just not talk about how Mat put 1.700.000 and not 1.700.000.000

  • Almighty Kue
    Almighty Kue 6 days ago

    Ok MatPat I did not know the 16.5 thing was a thing till now...

  • Sir Weeb Trash CCCXXLVII

    The weebs are pleased

  • PhoenixFlame X
    PhoenixFlame X 6 days ago

    would people who lost connection to the internet die as well?

  • Andy W.
    Andy W. 6 days ago +1

    Akihiko Kayaba is a genious!
    He'd handle it!

  • Stephen Nacua
    Stephen Nacua 7 days ago

    28, 500, 000 units? If they actually did this and it turned out good, 28, 500, 000 copies wouldn't be a problem.

  • Xero00
    Xero00 7 days ago

    This had the game theory intro

  • Alexandria Williams
    Alexandria Williams 7 days ago

    I love that you're friends with Geoff. It makes me really happy that you've collabed with an ani-tuber. :)

  • Mr Huge
    Mr Huge 7 days ago

    As far as I can tell the Nerve Gear is also part of the package. And seeing how expensive all the VR equipment is now? I imagine it would be easier to get their money back. Still hard, but not as hard.

  • Gllitching
    Gllitching 7 days ago

    the oasis from ready player one has 27 square sections with a sidelength each of 10.7 km

  • LenKunZ
    LenKunZ 7 days ago

    If they have AI smart as Yui. They do not need that much cost on map creation.
    Remember SAO sequels? ALFhlem Online is just simply copy paste of SAO algorithm. It have improved system. But Yui said herself that it’s simply the same.
    That game has an amazing system that can create and generate themselves. Develop new quest. And also destroy the whole map, generate new map by just AI alone searching in ancient story.
    We can assume those AI exists in SAO too. (Actually not assuming, Yui said this herself) You can just give a idea or what is has to be. After that, AI will generate most of it.
    I told that Yui said it herself. SAO also use this system. Only to destroy entire map after game over. (Mentioned in story)
    If it can generate new map that never ever exists. Why can’t it generate some assets from just searching the internet?

    • LenKunZ
      LenKunZ 7 days ago

      BTW, Matpat, have you saw the research that successfully re-construct brain wave equal to hearing, right? It said that each brain has develop different signal to know the same thing. You cannot just copy ones brain signal and paste to other.
      Actually it’s kind of make sense. Our DNA is not that large. It can’t hold every signal we have to use.

    • LenKunZ
      LenKunZ 7 days ago

      Also, remember that Nerve gear can F****** read brain wave directly.(Also understand most of them) It will not cost as much as what we need to do it. You just require someone to touch it. And hey! We got a signal. So AI will just simulate it. You don’t actually need to touch everything.

  • Dupersuper Total Adik

    Wont it be good if all the game company's just work together to make this dream come true?

  • Phantom wolf 1
    Phantom wolf 1 8 days ago

    Yui was a glitch from the system