Film Theory: Is SAO the MOST EXPENSIVE GAME EVER? (Sword Art Online)

  • Published on Jan 9, 2018
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    SWORD ART ONLINE is one of the most (in)famous anime out there today, and its premise is cooler than most whole shows. SAO is a fully immersive VR MMO-so immersive that people in the game can LITERALLY die from playing it. Needless to say, this sort of VR experience doesn’t exist yet, but we’re definitely creating the groundwork that will lead to this tech. But knowing how much our current VR systems cost, is a game like SAO even feasible for developers? How much would it cost to create something as ambitious as this? Well, Loyal Theorists, the answer is SO MUCH MORE than you expect!
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Comments • 22 857

  • PushGently
    PushGently 17 minutes ago

    if i had money like bill gates, i wouldn't even hesitate, i would make this game NOW!!!!

  • TeoGPanda :3 // BTS is my lifeu

    I actually like SAO. I mean, it's definitely not the best anime I watched, but it isn't so bad. Sure the Alfheim arc was pretty bad but the first arc is actually really good. As of season 2, I haven't watched it yet, can't judge if it's good or bad.
    Also, I seem to be the only one here who likes Kirito XD

  • Chocolate Cockatiel

    i have destiny on my Xbox 1 and im only level 17

  • ItzJamie_And_Amie

    How did u know I had salsbery stake last night

  • Tenchu108
    Tenchu108 Hour ago

    I had to like this, just because of the stuff happening at 6:30, the MatPat face too. I was laughing so much, can't stop the grinning

  • Iria Roth
    Iria Roth Hour ago

    Ya know, if such a game was created I could damn well guarantee that not only will the people who make it get their money back in sells but probably double it an then some. Everyone across the planet would buy that game an play it everyday, micro transactions be damn too. Whoever makes that game will of just blown every other game developer in the market out of the water.

  • David Perdybaylo
    David Perdybaylo 2 hours ago

    That this is going to be interesting but pissed off nerd

  • GlaceJD
    GlaceJD 2 hours ago

    according to some of my friends it states that each floor had its own developer team

  • GlaceJD
    GlaceJD 2 hours ago

    you know if pay attention to all the writing (yes the writing in japanese in the books kazuto kirigya reads) it does talk about the development team that built and created SAO so does an episode in the series episodde 14 mentions the company that helped with the site security used for SAO so did all of the second half of the anime's first season

  • Daniel Frieka
    Daniel Frieka 3 hours ago +1

    Damn... So we'll never get something like that? ever never ever?

    IJUSTDERPE 3 hours ago

    15:07 david so comedy really matpat

  • Mark Whitehead
    Mark Whitehead 4 hours ago

    go to the time (in the video) 6:28 that part is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • Laspn Plays
    Laspn Plays 4 hours ago

    Nothing is as sexy as math you guys NOTHING

  • Laspn Plays
    Laspn Plays 4 hours ago


  • Aphostle
    Aphostle 4 hours ago

    ehh matpat, i think u missed a couple of zeroes when you went into the billions <3

  • Alan Martinez
    Alan Martinez 6 hours ago

    bruh who wants a virtual mmo there's vr chat XD

    xENDERZKx 6 hours ago +1

    How big is minecrafts infinite world

  • Sunny D
    Sunny D 7 hours ago

    He DOES know what a Loli is...

  • EpixGaming
    EpixGaming 7 hours ago


    A game theory on THE FILM THEORISTS?!

    • Kitty Cake
      Kitty Cake 6 hours ago

      EpixGaming Well SAO is Anime So it is a Series but the Series is about A game

  • filipinofox
    filipinofox 7 hours ago

    6:33 Matt I'm looking at important information dude! I'm trying to use math to figure out the size of her as-eyes, eyes i was going to say eyes

  • Andy Liu
    Andy Liu 7 hours ago

    NICE! I think they should make it! only $485mill

  • Animation Pro
    Animation Pro 7 hours ago

    Don't worry "game theory" they created the game and its smaller than kirito's sex toy

  • Scorlos Tarlac
    Scorlos Tarlac 7 hours ago

    *Insert VR Troopers meme here*

    GRUSOMEGAMING 22 7 hours ago

    They should start off with a sao game without the vr and then move on with with sao vr

  • YungToasterStroodle
    YungToasterStroodle 7 hours ago

    Instead we got vrchat.....

  • Eric Tubbing
    Eric Tubbing 8 hours ago

    Paid 1mil in 2013 game came out in 2022, but yeah that's 10 years.........

  • HaloXRey /
    HaloXRey / 8 hours ago

    shit im saving my money for a nerve gear loloollolollolololololol

  • Allison Guillen
    Allison Guillen 8 hours ago

    matpat, if you know the anime Soul Eater can you please do another COOL theory about it? X3

  • Waday
    Waday 8 hours ago

    The painting on the wall at the beginning lol. DO YOU KNOW THE WAY

  • Conner Hutchens
    Conner Hutchens 8 hours ago

    13:13 ... uh, MatPat, I'm pretty sure that's 1.7 million not billion

  • XB1: Dephient
    XB1: Dephient 8 hours ago

    I loved this show.

    The ADENIUM 8 hours ago

    Most large world is minecraft !

  • Dakuras Argos
    Dakuras Argos 9 hours ago

    You forgot to factor the dungeon under the Town of Beginnings that unlocks more of itself as you beat more floors.

  • Chibz
    Chibz 9 hours ago

    Loli is gross and people who like loli are gross! Never touch anime again, Matpat!

  • Anya
    Anya 9 hours ago


  • GrizBear HD
    GrizBear HD 9 hours ago

    He used the game theory intro on film theory

    My life is done

  • LucidicSquare
    LucidicSquare 9 hours ago +1

    Now that you’ve figured out how much SAO would cost you can figure out how much producing The Truman Show would cost

  • Vision
    Vision 9 hours ago

    did you just use something from a jontron video mathew

  • theRealJulian
    theRealJulian 10 hours ago

    Matpat should do a Ready Player One theory

    THE_DESTROYER 125 10 hours ago

    my favorite part was 6:29 XD

  • Samuel Richardson
    Samuel Richardson 10 hours ago


  • Ipkaypokemongo :3
    Ipkaypokemongo :3 10 hours ago +1

    And he didn’t even add all the swords

  • wilsonmcmahonatgmail
    wilsonmcmahonatgmail 10 hours ago

    There's also the concept of community development, Japanese, German and American firms and think tanks working together to create a device/software base for medical/military/industrial/entertainment purposes. Such a device could have implications and implementation beyond the game.

  • robert zheng
    robert zheng 10 hours ago

    did you remeber to add in the eincrad basement into the size calculation?

  • Kin Winz
    Kin Winz 11 hours ago +1

    Eh, i say it's worth it

  • Kin Winz
    Kin Winz 11 hours ago +1

    Ready player one?

  • Ben Kim
    Ben Kim 12 hours ago

    hey Mat Pat lel in the progressive manga sao supposedly has more levels underneath the first one, which would make it even harder to program

  • Alexis Harper
    Alexis Harper 12 hours ago +1

    Just finished binging this show.

  • Eric Nunez
    Eric Nunez 12 hours ago

    Sure SAO is a pretty big game, but Oasis from Ready Player One looks way bigger

  • Marilucy Boyd
    Marilucy Boyd 12 hours ago

    but it will be never big as minecraft

    DAVID S 12 hours ago

    2:38 Greeting Noble ones!

  • Filemon Mansour
    Filemon Mansour 12 hours ago

    When you said 1.7 billion you displayed 1.7 million. Just thought I'd let you know

  • William Winder
    William Winder 13 hours ago

    A game like SAO would cost a lot more than 60 dollars. One would expect to pay at least double that, or even triple.

  • Random Children
    Random Children 13 hours ago

    I just finished watching sao😨

  • Cylanos
    Cylanos 13 hours ago

    Did......Did he just call Asuna a loli?

  • Hassan Nur
    Hassan Nur 13 hours ago

    can you do the theory of soul eater

  • john lopera
    john lopera 14 hours ago

    16.5 was very intense

  • Noah Levy
    Noah Levy 14 hours ago

    170000 per copy did the math

  • Benjamin Miller
    Benjamin Miller 14 hours ago

    The 1.7 billion realistic cost was shown as 1.7 million. You were missing three zeros Matpat. Dope video though!

  • Sakhawath Hussain
    Sakhawath Hussain 15 hours ago

    are you interested mobile gaminig, then you can play this game. thish is amazing mobile gaming . download link
    enjoy it

  • UnknownAces
    UnknownAces 15 hours ago

    What about the dungeon that is underneath the first floor..?

  • Swapnil Jha
    Swapnil Jha 15 hours ago

    1.7 billion means 1,700,000,000
    Just saying. 😅 You forgot some 0s there

  • Jonathan Phillip
    Jonathan Phillip 16 hours ago

    9:15 big up all d barbadonians

  • I Don't Take L's
    I Don't Take L's 16 hours ago

    uuuhhh this sounds like a game theroy

  • All in Music
    All in Music 16 hours ago

    Phphphahnsm Minecraft is also generated biatch

    Jkjk love u😍😏🍌

  • Jack Lennox The Toucher Of Geese

    1.7 billion = 1,700,000 goo job matpat

  • brandon doge
    brandon doge 16 hours ago

    If sao was as good as it is in the anime it could easily sell that, also, would be more than $60

  • AffatronGaming
    AffatronGaming 17 hours ago

    Says 1.7billion dollars puts $1,700,000

  • KitKat Kitten
    KitKat Kitten 17 hours ago

    Can you please do a theory on the anime movie "a silent voice/the shape of voice"? I've been re watching it a lot and I'd love to see a theory about it! Who else agrees?

  • Liam Fabry
    Liam Fabry 17 hours ago

    To be fair the ending is kinda weird: Couldnt they just sell the game with the nerve gear and price it at 700-800$?

  • The Nightmare Soldier
    The Nightmare Soldier 17 hours ago

    Not first.

  • 岩イザヤ
    岩イザヤ 17 hours ago

    What's ur opinion on sao

  • Stefan Milanovic
    Stefan Milanovic 18 hours ago

    Science behind nightblood in the100 please, I couldn't find anything on the subject

  • Emoji From Scratch
    Emoji From Scratch 18 hours ago

    If you are a idiot,then this will teach you something.Don't mind the..........

  • CrazyMeh
    CrazyMeh 19 hours ago +1

    13:12 isnt that 1.7 MILLION dollars? Forgot to add 3 more 0's bud

  • Domiepotato D
    Domiepotato D 20 hours ago

    Instead of $1,700,000,000 he said $1,700,000

  • The Oceans Deceit
    The Oceans Deceit 20 hours ago

    I saw sword art online and the film theorists. And instantly clicked.

  • Flareon _-_
    Flareon _-_ 20 hours ago

    This might happen...

  • Neeru Srivastava
    Neeru Srivastava 20 hours ago

    13:13 that's 1.7 million not billion

  • Miguel Cordero
    Miguel Cordero 22 hours ago

    That was a great comparison. Great job. Also... I recommend you take a look at the game of Star Citizen (Robert Space Industries) which have created a space simulation that you can land on planets.

  • Kiragiri
    Kiragiri 23 hours ago

    I thought minecraft has the biggest world?

  • Infinite Prime
    Infinite Prime 23 hours ago

    Am i the only one who noticed this is on film theory not game theory

  • Sranang Libi
    Sranang Libi 23 hours ago

    The real qeustion. Do you know da wae?

  • DarkphoenixF Kun
    DarkphoenixF Kun 23 hours ago

    Asuna aint no Loli

  • Morgan Abobo
    Morgan Abobo Day ago

    HEY MATPAT!!!! you should do theories on the nickelodeon series "Welcome To The Wayne"
    those who read this please like it so matpat can see it

  • Joshua Meddings
    Joshua Meddings Day ago +1

    Matpat there was a mistake in the video in where you say 1,700,000,000 at 13:10
    What was actually put in the video was 1,700,000 so yeah that's a big difference

  • Dominique Moore
    Dominique Moore Day ago

    There is a movie kind of like this...well exactly like this..where your in the virtual game whatever and if you die there you get shocked and brain melted in real life.and with the levels and you get to the
    end you win.

  • Totally not the flash :3

    I laughed like a maniac when i knew about the budget and question myself on how did they ever did that in the first place !

  • Justin Huynh
    Justin Huynh Day ago

    It's not popular ok I know it is popular I just a Japan.

  • Jumbochook
    Jumbochook Day ago +1

    "Oh yeah its gonna cost them 460 trillion dollars lol"

  • Arfan the Animator/Commentary

    Roblox is the most biggest online game

  • ZielonyZielonka
    ZielonyZielonka Day ago

    yo am i not understanding something or did you forget 3 zeros at 13:10

  • DBS\DeividMonsta

    5th biggest rpg world you forgot minecraft the world in that game is massive !!!!

  • PotatoAim YT
    PotatoAim YT Day ago

    I love Animoo

  • soph leblanc
    soph leblanc Day ago

    jeff is gay

  • TheRobloxGamer
    TheRobloxGamer Day ago

    So the fidget spinner part of the video, last Halloween I dressed up as Kirito and everyone said that I had a fidget spinner on my chest... NOW YOU MATT PAT?!?!?!?

  • Buddycatwuv !
    Buddycatwuv ! Day ago

    Aaaaand hey vsauce Michael here

  • Stephen Curry
    Stephen Curry Day ago

    It would be the bestselling game ever if it's going to be that good. It's like escaping reality.

  • Bit219
    Bit219 Day ago

    So because this is a video on SAO someone needs to make a rant saying how the first half of season 1 was way better and also saying how season 1 was basically die in game die on real life, op af Kirito, smashes asuna, kill god, ALO, more rape. And how season 2 was shooty shooty, even more rape, ALO, new sword