Film Theory: Is SAO the MOST EXPENSIVE GAME EVER? (Sword Art Online)

  • Published on Jan 9, 2018
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    SWORD ART ONLINE is one of the most (in)famous anime out there today, and its premise is cooler than most whole shows. SAO is a fully immersive VR MMO-so immersive that people in the game can LITERALLY die from playing it. Needless to say, this sort of VR experience doesn’t exist yet, but we’re definitely creating the groundwork that will lead to this tech. But knowing how much our current VR systems cost, is a game like SAO even feasible for developers? How much would it cost to create something as ambitious as this? Well, Loyal Theorists, the answer is SO MUCH MORE than you expect!
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  • Nathan Redd
    Nathan Redd Hour ago

    AGREED!!!! in the end, Reki Kawahira didn't spend much time thinking about the small details of his story. Hahaha... but I'm still a fan of SAO so f*ck it. I enjoyed this video though.

  • nathanlink1227
    nathanlink1227 13 hours ago

    You didn’t account for the dungeon under floor 1

  • Jm Gaming
    Jm Gaming 13 hours ago

    There already a company in Japan developing the nerve gear so we're close in the vr world

  • Galaxy Plays
    Galaxy Plays 16 hours ago


  • Lisa Takasaku
    Lisa Takasaku 22 hours ago

    I will save you time
    Sao costs:


  • Chandra Surya Dharma Hendrata


  • Supreme gaming X

    Well now i know its impossible cuz no one will pay that much one wish i could have is sao to become a reality and gun gale online as well

  • Nyarlathotep Flagg

    No, no, no. You see, a game like this wouldn't sell for "60 dollars". It'd easily sell, to everyone for hundreds of dollars by todays standards. There are COUNTLESS people that would do most anything to experience that. I'd count myself among them. I'd sell one of my apartments just to be able to play something like that. Assuming it doesn't play out like SAO did, it's basically a chance at immortality in a fantasy world. Everyone's true dream come true.

  • Cricket Fanboy
    Cricket Fanboy Day ago

    You forgot all the lawsuits by the parents and kids when they got out of the game

  • Izuan Shafiq
    Izuan Shafiq Day ago

    Mat pat say having sex is the new feature

  • Jacob Schapker
    Jacob Schapker Day ago

    How many Manga are there to the entire series?

  • Noobabliz
    Noobabliz Day ago

    Never go afk

  • Farehan Eljechi
    Farehan Eljechi Day ago

    Still not as expensive how much people spend on Fortnite

  • Zlin _eleven
    Zlin _eleven Day ago

    The game should be 500 cause it’s that good

  • Zlin _eleven
    Zlin _eleven Day ago

    Bill gates has 90 billion... that’s light

  • Zlin _eleven
    Zlin _eleven Day ago

    So if Kirito and asuna had sex... then... LMAO

  • David Nicol
    David Nicol 2 days ago +1

    Fuck that lets just make sao in real life

  • Omar Cusma Fait
    Omar Cusma Fait 2 days ago

    died at 6:52 XD

  • Levi May
    Levi May 2 days ago

    Math is sexy

  • Nick Wu
    Nick Wu 2 days ago

    “Not even the loli on the other page is sexier than math”

  • Kill3R_SLimE
    Kill3R_SLimE 2 days ago

    Only fking rich af ppl would buy dis well not me cause im broke

  • CM Katana
    CM Katana 2 days ago

    Come on I wanna see Sinon again!! With out her its boring to watch sao2!! But I wanna see Sinon and Klein date each other

  • Trung Kiên Lê
    Trung Kiên Lê 2 days ago

    sao fact: its the only game that can handle A FRICKING 10,000 player in one place with out lag

  • Kawaii Dere
    Kawaii Dere 2 days ago

    I am error.

  • Carlo Stankewitz
    Carlo Stankewitz 2 days ago

    Where is that last song from??

  • Bandy Popen
    Bandy Popen 2 days ago

    2:55 "as if I needed to give the people more reason to hate this show" said the guy with 7 million subscribers this show is awesome dude

  • Ninetails Slayer!
    Ninetails Slayer! 3 days ago

    I would like a Overlord game instead

  • KnightLite
    KnightLite 3 days ago

    I’ll sponsor

  • HDLG
    HDLG 3 days ago

    If SAO would cost that much....
    Imagine ALO.......

  • Avatar Eternal
    Avatar Eternal 3 days ago

    All this is really impressive but all I could think of was the level of microtransactions SAO would need to support itself.

  • Ryan Lopes
    Ryan Lopes 3 days ago


  • John Newman
    John Newman 3 days ago

    NGL I saw Chapter 16.5, and I just want to say that I instantly regret it

  • Aria !
    Aria ! 3 days ago +1

    1:53 well set my microwave on fire and we still don’t have one so 😐😂

  • love dove
    love dove 3 days ago

    I also hope if this happens I'd want a LOGOUT BUTTON

  • love dove
    love dove 3 days ago

    Don't make the nerv gear the same

  • love dove
    love dove 3 days ago

    All game companys should join together and programs so we can make it sooner but don't make the nerv gear

  • Riley The Challengest.

    Question. We're talking about a game. Why is it in Film Theory?

  • Jux Zeil
    Jux Zeil 4 days ago

    Na..... 'AI' did most of the hard work. ^_^

  • Veyroosh
    Veyroosh 4 days ago

    14:05 ha. Ha

  • Teddy
    Teddy 4 days ago

    • Teddy
      Teddy 4 days ago

      multi player vr game is available now

  • Amirul _ Adnan
    Amirul _ Adnan 4 days ago

    Mat Pat is genius guy!

  • sk Rafath666
    sk Rafath666 4 days ago

    Am I the only one who thinks
    Sao game was based on green island game in hxh

  • xd KingOfEvil74
    xd KingOfEvil74 4 days ago

    I watched SAO on Netflix

  • pewds1supporter for1real

    Did anybody realize he put million instead of billion

  • tessareea
    tessareea 4 days ago

    I don't mean to rain on your parade, but... The dungeon. (I admit I haven't read the books, so this may be unique to the anime, but.) Underneath the town of beginnings (Floor One), there is a dungeon. You can see it in the sideview and the 3D specs. It's reported in Yui's Heart that each level that gets cleared opens up a new portion of the dungeon beneath. The Aincrad on the box's dungeon matches well with the bottom quarter (plus a little) of the levels, but we're not certain, with how little emphasis so far has been on the lower dungeon, if the clearing of the upper levels makes new sections appear or simply unlocks them. A conservative estimate adding that in would be that art costs an extra third, and could possibly be twice as expensive as originally supposed.

  • Foxy The Pirate
    Foxy The Pirate 4 days ago

    We weebs must create this beauty that is know as SAO

  • Dakota Hawley
    Dakota Hawley 4 days ago

    "Throw in some tentacles and incest, and you got the best anime of all time"

  • Roemon Christian
    Roemon Christian 4 days ago

    I will be dead when they get money to start making it nooooooooo

  • Roemon Christian
    Roemon Christian 4 days ago

    Would be a good game if you could not die for real

  • Roemon Christian
    Roemon Christian 4 days ago

    How the hell they do this

  • Roemon Christian
    Roemon Christian 4 days ago

    Get me no mans sky

  • Abooma Plays
    Abooma Plays 4 days ago

    My fav show is on film theory YAY!

  • Dayanna Alvarez
    Dayanna Alvarez 4 days ago

    Maybe my grandgrandson will has the chance to play this

  • Chad Adaza
    Chad Adaza 5 days ago

    K E E P Y O U R E Y E S O N T H E M A T H

  • LegendaryMegaRayquaza//Extreme

    Any link to that?

  • jakstrieder
    jakstrieder 5 days ago

    once again Mat Pat you ignore something simply because you refuse to think out side the confine you set for your work. this is a VR game that requires a head set to play it, the cost of the headset needs to be added in as well bumping price you gave up by another huge figure but also bumping the games price up too, probably by 500 dollar's.
    then there's selling the sensory data to other game developers who will want to use this new way of gaming, fees rolling in from that probably negate the amount of it, and then some, from the cost of the development.

  • ン
     5 days ago

    I'm still young, i hope something even if it isn't SAO happens in my lifetime.

  • Lily TheNugget
    Lily TheNugget 5 days ago

    He should do a theory on A.I.C.O Incarnation

  • ʨҲίς Jason
    ʨҲίς Jason 5 days ago

    6:29 lol 😂

  • Garbage Lolololololololol

    Makes the theory video on Sao doesn't get much hate but once he called Asuna a lollipop TRIGGERED

  • Richard Richard7
    Richard Richard7 5 days ago

    Do math not girls

  • Powerfulchris07 RBLX

    I thought the biggest game was starbound

  • JuicE OrangA
    JuicE OrangA 5 days ago

    What if... all game companies worked on this??? HmmmmmMMMMmmmMmmMM...

    • JuicE OrangA
      JuicE OrangA 5 days ago

      And also bill gates! To help build this!

  • Kaitlyn Diener
    Kaitlyn Diener 5 days ago


  • Kenny Nguyen
    Kenny Nguyen 5 days ago

    You forgot that money in the present will be worth more in the future (or be keeping up with the inflation prices every year) so it will probably be more than 1.7 billion.

  • Aaron
    Aaron 5 days ago

    hm...Plug my brain into a game that could kill me in the real world or miss out on a MASSIVE game release? I'll risk it.

  • jedilink100
    jedilink100 6 days ago

    Did he call Asuna a loli?

  • Yeti Franc
    Yeti Franc 6 days ago

    Well Scrooge McDuck Could afford it

  • nemesis kun
    nemesis kun 6 days ago

    Wait if you were to have sex you would feel it (MAMA MIA)

  • Whoop Dee-Doo
    Whoop Dee-Doo 6 days ago +4

    SAO is just VR chat but you don’t have to move.

  • cloud ix
    cloud ix 6 days ago

    still cheap consider how much the US waste on war like the F 22 Rapter for example

  • xDekuu_
    xDekuu_ 6 days ago

    Don't get too excited you hve to buy the Nerve gear which will cost $5000

  • albert adolfo
    albert adolfo 6 days ago +2

    the title should be "Explaining and spoiling SAO"NOOB

  • Sableye MLG
    Sableye MLG 6 days ago

    Where do i buy chapter 16.5

  • GenkiHeat
    GenkiHeat 6 days ago


  • James Daly
    James Daly 6 days ago

    13:11 But..... you put 1.7 million.... not billion xD

  • Darren Stephens
    Darren Stephens 6 days ago

    It is if they had to buy a subscription for a month

  • Matthew Ayre
    Matthew Ayre 7 days ago

    It's akihiko kayaba you fool

  • Shoegum
    Shoegum 7 days ago

    ....but they weren't siblings

  • B1SQ1T
    B1SQ1T 7 days ago

    imagine if someone plays the game where their character has like 300 speed and then tries to run IRL just to realize if real life had statistics he would be around 10 speed...

  • Hanako Utada
    Hanako Utada 7 days ago

    I would totally play SAO
    And hey if I were to die in it and in real life like the anime it would fighting to get everyone out
    And hey I would die a hero
    #create SAOirl

  • Muhammad Azwardi Irpan

    Can you make for SAO Ordinal scale

  • GameDayEveryday
    GameDayEveryday 7 days ago

    I'm sure it will be unlimited battery but it will make games attract more people to loose job but idc

  • Cece Tofu
    Cece Tofu 7 days ago

    Couple of words, SAO is the only anime I watch, and SAO Alicization Episode 2 is about to release soon.

  • Garrett Grant
    Garrett Grant 8 days ago


  • chicken little
    chicken little 8 days ago

    i can buy a house with all of that money that was used to make SAO

  • Daniel Wiechelman
    Daniel Wiechelman 8 days ago

    She is not a loli. She is 18 years old!

  • TheAres1999
    TheAres1999 8 days ago +1

    Is it cannon that SAO only cost $60 per copy? People would be willing to shell out hundreds of dollars to play a game like this.

  • Fury Rogue
    Fury Rogue 9 days ago

    I hope they make it more advance so every single men without gf well not watch porn and wacking the chinken anymore youknow what i mean

  • sour shadow
    sour shadow 9 days ago


  • HetBlauweKanaal
    HetBlauweKanaal 9 days ago

    And matpat, this game would be so populair that you will get so much money you could make a seqeul.. but there are comming around 500M people on there servers so maybe its not gonna work out

  • HetBlauweKanaal
    HetBlauweKanaal 9 days ago

    I need to become a billionair...

  • Tr0vb13makr Kazak
    Tr0vb13makr Kazak 9 days ago

    You put 1 million $700,000 instead of $1,700,000,000

  • BananaPhone423
    BananaPhone423 9 days ago

    Destiny is NOT an mmo doesn't count as one.

  • NotSoBlox
    NotSoBlox 9 days ago +1

    lol he says, ( at 13:10 ), that its 1 billion dollars but look

  • Owen 1337
    Owen 1337 9 days ago

    Actually Daggerfall's DUNGEONS were random over world was hand made

  • Nugget Gaming
    Nugget Gaming 9 days ago

    16:04 LMAO

  • Keyan Stoney
    Keyan Stoney 9 days ago

    Well I feel like the biggest problem(which isn’t your fault) is that we don’t see every building. So we could see a bunch of houses that look the exact same if we see the entire world

  • Natalie Bernstein
    Natalie Bernstein 10 days ago

    They do have a SAO game tho. Sword Art Online: Integral Factor. They only have ten levels of the tower out yet, though. Well, at least as of when I'm posting this comment. It's free to download on mobile, if anyone wants it.