Top 10 New Pokémon For Generation 8! (Pokémon Switch)

  • Published on Feb 10, 2018
  • Hey, what’s going on guys?! With the announcement of the new Pokémon game set to come out on the Nintendo Switch, a tonne of speculation has begun on what the new game may be! Some think it’ll be the highly requested Pokémon Diamond and Pearl remakes and others think the new Generation 8 Pokémon game is upon us. With there being over 800 Pokémon now, there are still many more Pokémon to be discovered and I’m sure we’re all eager to find out what these new Pokémon are. If the supposed rumour of the Generation 8 games being based on Spain is true, then these Pokémon would fit perfectly. I understand that the fakemon featured in the video are more than likely not to appear within the new games, however, these are just some rough ideas of what new Pokémon could be based on. So today I’m going to count down the Top 10 New Pokémon for Generation 8! (Pokémon Switch) Make sure to comment below your opinion and suggest more Pokémon theories, speculation and videos for me.
    Huge thanks to Marix20 for designing the art of the Pokémon used in this video!
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Comments • 717

  • ThePokéRaf
    ThePokéRaf  3 months ago +19

    What new Pokémon do you guys what to see in Generation 8/Pokémon Switch? Let me know in the comments section below. Also, feel free to tweet me your opinions on Twitter @ThePokeRaf. Hope you enjoyed the video guys, God bless ^_^

    • Gideon Davis
      Gideon Davis 9 days ago

      I've been thinking about it, and I thought of two great ideas:
      1. Goolem; Goolem is a Rock-Poison Type and the final form of Grimer's evolution. He essentially looks like a Muk, only he has an exoskeleton composed of rocks. However, Goolem sometimes has difficulty keeping its form together, and you can see purple slime occasionally oozing through in-game.
      2. Incredibird; Incredibird is a Legendary Flying Type. It is so enormous that, during battles, only its giant silhouette is visible.

    • tamás varga
      tamás varga 2 months ago


    • OceanTart
      OceanTart 2 months ago

      A dolphin!! Been waiting a long time for a proper bottlenose dolphin pokemon!

    • Steve Lewis
      Steve Lewis 2 months ago

      I would like to see a flying and ghost type eeveelution

    • Mad Moiselle Amande
      Mad Moiselle Amande 2 months ago

      I’d love to see old Pokemon getting new evolution such as Dunsparce, Qwilfish, Sunflora, etc, new eeveelution for sure, or new evolution for garbage Pokemon like Trevenant. And of course, more fairies!!

  • Josh Dews
    Josh Dews Day ago

    Is generation 8 comes out should be on 3ds as well not just switch

  • kɛɳtɑ ѳʀɓiร
    kɛɳtɑ ѳʀɓiร 3 days ago

    Beautiful designs and marvelously balanced stats make for class A future pokemon that I could definitely see in generation 8 and the anime. It's tragic that they're fake but maybe one day Nintendo will listen to our prayers and feature fakemon in their games.

  • shockushu
    shockushu 13 days ago

    the designs aer not bad. but way too complicated and unbalanced to be in a real pokemon game. I mean, sure, we got some really strange pokemon that nobody really likes. But the pokemon designers doing a pretty good job from a designstandpoint. Only fakemon I would really consider top tier quality design was one called "Cloakroach" that one really impressed me. Dont know if you can fidn it by googling though

  • Matt Usavage
    Matt Usavage 13 days ago

    Iguana is already done look at grovyle

  • Sardoodledom
    Sardoodledom 13 days ago

    Hey I know I might be a bit late but what if, like the regi trio, they have that one big baddy like regigigas.

  • jody michaud
    jody michaud 14 days ago

    I want there to be a triceratops fossil Pokemon

  • Rafael Caro JR
    Rafael Caro JR 15 days ago

    You're right, Pokemon switch : D

  • Eduardo Maldonado
    Eduardo Maldonado 20 days ago

    Pokemon has gone to 💩

    MELODY MUSICALS 22 days ago +1

    I find these designs really cool. I really hope they can make it in next game. And man ur ideas get better and better every video!!! Keep going

  • mr. super success
    mr. super success 23 days ago

    thoughtthat trick was real

  • BritishGamer43
    BritishGamer43 23 days ago

    Gen 7 was a breeze let's move on!

  • markus cassius
    markus cassius 25 days ago

    giga trio? how about adding the boss giagigas (or just think of a cooler name. im all out of ideas)

  • James Jackson
    James Jackson 29 days ago

    giga trio seems so similar to the (trash) titans

  • Aquamarine 6653
    Aquamarine 6653 Month ago

    Love the chinese music 👌 👌

  • Aquamarine 6653
    Aquamarine 6653 Month ago

    How about a bug type eeveelution?

  • skylander caden
    skylander caden Month ago

    I love the giga treo

  • Timmy Timny
    Timmy Timny Month ago

    I wanted a flamingo pokemon but fire flying relly I hate #7

  • Cornelius Koh
    Cornelius Koh Month ago

    holy shit, the noivern wanna be is better than noivern, why does game freak not make cool pokemon like that

  • DogeCeption32
    DogeCeption32 Month ago

    “Out of all the bird type Pokémon” I thought only missingno. And M were bird type

  • The_outdoorz_master _fo_life

    I litteraly almost cried when you faked me out in the middle of the video

  • Athos Lima
    Athos Lima Month ago

    Am I da only one that noticed some Pokémon are from a game called fuzzmon

  • Daphne Condon
    Daphne Condon Month ago


  • Anthony the human Springy the male fire hare

    8:43 lol I was about to press something and I took a picture

  • Anthony the human Springy the male fire hare

    There should be a new type

  • ChrisTheFish
    ChrisTheFish Month ago +1

    2:06 Fraxure rip off

  • Alice Romefeller
    Alice Romefeller Month ago

    if iguana's aren't from Spain why would you consider that type to be included if it did take place there?

  • Tyler Nixon
    Tyler Nixon Month ago

    Thr gigatrio are just reggies with diferent typings if ur gonba make a fakemon make it based off of something tht ising already here

  • Izzy Uchiha
    Izzy Uchiha Month ago

    usually i go fore the fire starter but seeing all this gen 8 starters leaks coming te only good pokemon are te water types

  • tori phillips
    tori phillips Month ago


  • lca k
    lca k Month ago

    5:38 "Fantastic dual typing of fire and flying" .... yeah

  • Ice Fox
    Ice Fox Month ago

    I hate Spain Italy and Germany

  • Prince To
    Prince To Month ago

    Imagine if they made a switch Pokemon for special editions only lol that would be funny

  • Miguel Rivers
    Miguel Rivers Month ago

    It is arroyo

  • Horalia Gonzalez
    Horalia Gonzalez Month ago


  • Joseph Wightman
    Joseph Wightman Month ago

    And for the giga trio there signature move is trio beam (normal)

  • Joseph Wightman
    Joseph Wightman Month ago

    Oh and dragon strike (dragon) and moon speed (fairy) always goes first

  • Joseph Wightman
    Joseph Wightman Month ago

    What if you made different moves like tail smash (ground) and super crush (normal)

  • ws medley
    ws medley Month ago

    All we need to do now is the title's.... like pokemon blackhole and milky way or pokemon legend's and mysteries.

  • Sebastian Clogan
    Sebastian Clogan Month ago

    I wanna see Mega Flygon

  • ryan macdonald
    ryan macdonald Month ago

    I'd like to have a Pokemon game set in a region based either in Africa, Germany or China. If they opt to do a remake of Diamond/Pearl, then that's fine too.

  • Ketsueki_ Akuma
    Ketsueki_ Akuma Month ago

    Why can the flamingo fly it is flightless so why is it flying

  • Timothy Johnson
    Timothy Johnson Month ago

    we already have a Giga trio :(

  • wally Waller the neon king

    I don't want a new gen 8 because I can't get a switch 😞

  • arey256
    arey256 Month ago

    I hope it's a Kano and johto remake

  • FrostFlame 74
    FrostFlame 74 Month ago

    Supposedly there suppose to be a water and poison starter iguana pokemon

  • Aaron Martin
    Aaron Martin Month ago

    If Dunsparce evolves in Gen 8 then I’ll buy a Switch and Pokémon Switch. If there’s not a Dunsparce evolution then I’m not interested...

  • Ron Abalos
    Ron Abalos Month ago

    they need to make a pokemon based off a peacock or more ancient egyptian pokemon

  • AvalancheLlama
    AvalancheLlama Month ago

    *giga trio*
    Fuck no! The Regi-trio+Regigigas are enough! They are even a bot too much.... In my opinion ._.

  • Honker 25
    Honker 25 Month ago +1

    I want my dragon type eevee..


  • kaas
    kaas Month ago

    all i want is a snake pokemon that doesn't suck

  • Katie Fitzp
    Katie Fitzp Month ago

    The Giga trio reminds me of the Regis... There should be a bigger one that is more in charge, and they should all be counterparts to the Regis!

  • Shadow The Hedgehog

    Hmm grass and fire... Think about... Not good combination. This is a noise when some thing is set on fire and getting killed:ffffffffff. It is what is heard if a grass and fire type existed.

  • Karedadezu
    Karedadezu Month ago

    I want for Pokémon Pearl to get a rework

  • Grim
    Grim Month ago

    Regi trio V2

  • James Khalil
    James Khalil Month ago

    Oh and here’s a new REAL Pokemon marinie

  • James Khalil
    James Khalil Month ago


  • Dad
    Dad Month ago

    fire type bull starter please

  • Michael Molina
    Michael Molina Month ago

    Pokémon 3 ghost and poison ghost and dark or ghost and ... normal

  • Michael Molina
    Michael Molina Month ago

    Pokémon 4 I see it as a dragon poison or dragon steel

  • Travis Gould
    Travis Gould Month ago

    don't tell you forgot the Red Bull from the Last Unicorn.

  • Noah Rose
    Noah Rose Month ago

    #3 is hoopa but a cup

  • shadow Flare
    shadow Flare Month ago


  • shadow Flare
    shadow Flare Month ago


  • Jackson Perisutti
    Jackson Perisutti Month ago

    Has nobody ever thought of a hot pepper as a fire and grass pokemon, maybe even a radish, or maybe even a tomato berry?

  • Mason Jacobs
    Mason Jacobs Month ago +1

    I want a fleshed out Grass legendary. Idc of if its duel typed, i just want grass

  • Cloaker
    Cloaker Month ago

    the fossil pokemon look too much like bastiodon...

  • OshaWHAT!? :
    OshaWHAT!? : Month ago

    They should make a new type called:

    Glass Type

  • CraftyCreatures
    CraftyCreatures Month ago

    I disagree with the no 1 spot. I don't really like those designs and I hope they are not in the new games. Even if they did exist, I don't see them becoming fan favourites.

  • semicyber HD
    semicyber HD Month ago

    Here's a list of Pokemon game freak need
    1.a flamingo
    2.hammerhead shark
    3.some sort of battery pokemon
    4.a snapping turtle.if you don't know what that look it up it's so ccol

  • Marcos Collado Segura

    Iguanas arent found in the Iberic peninsula wich is where SPAIN is, you ignorant person, SPAIN === EUROPE.
    MEXICO is next to USA but thousands of miles further appart from EUROPE how can you be so ignorant??

  • I wanna reach 10 000 subs with no videos


  • Narrow
    Narrow Month ago +1

    well i think u love the color red xd

  • RaptorG
    RaptorG Month ago

    OMG CANT WAIT hang on if it’s a Pokémon game will there be cards for the generation aswell

  • Fabie Chiocchio
    Fabie Chiocchio Month ago

    I like 2

  • arturo salazar
    arturo salazar Month ago

    I can’t wait till they make a fire snake starter from the Chinese zodiac ! ❤️

  • Owlreet Zane
    Owlreet Zane Month ago

    thr 4th one is Ultron & Wyvern or whatever their names are, mixed together

  • KoolKiwi
    KoolKiwi Month ago

    honestly i dont wanna see that trio, it just seems like baby regice, regirock and registeel. I dont think that would be good in the new games.

  • MLG Ducky
    MLG Ducky Month ago

    Was the Designer color blined cause i dont think Flamingos are white THEY ARE PINK!!!!!

  • frank unodostres
    frank unodostres Month ago +1

    "fantastic dual tying with fire flying"
    stealth rocks users: "me gusta!"

  • Pritish Nayyar
    Pritish Nayyar 2 months ago

    Number 2 was my favourite and i want then to be real

    • Pritish Nayyar
      Pritish Nayyar Month ago

      And I just love fragma I would definately choose the version with fragma on it if they make it a cover legendary.

  • Pritish Nayyar
    Pritish Nayyar 2 months ago

    Number 2 was my favourite and i want then to be real

    MASHIHAR RAHMAN 2 months ago

    I want to watch the new evolution of ever and arcues

  • FieryGamer SG
    FieryGamer SG 2 months ago

    Good vid. To be honest the grass starter kind of looks like a fusion of chespin and teddiursa, or even a smaller version of chesnaught. But anways its good.

  • Alon Sulujon
    Alon Sulujon 2 months ago

    There is a flaminco pokemon in gen 7

  • DA Casiano
    DA Casiano 2 months ago

    (sees dragon-fairy pokemon) WHAT THE FAK?!(head explodes of epikness)

  • Unstoppable Drax
    Unstoppable Drax 2 months ago

    I want to see dracomight dragonites final orega evolution

  • Mark Tisdell
    Mark Tisdell 2 months ago

    the frist pokemon should be a dragon pokemon

  • Clark Dauphin
    Clark Dauphin 2 months ago

    it'd be cool to have a carnivorous wasp like pokemon that make "honey" from blood to feed its larva

  • Mkfun360
    Mkfun360 2 months ago

    That dark wrath ability is busted

  • jonathan herrera
    jonathan herrera 2 months ago

    Sad to know we'll never see these pokemon

  • Deadpool
    Deadpool 2 months ago

    Those “ Legendaries “ are better at being pseudo legendaries . I think ... because there’s already a water and fire legendaries & that’s groudon & kyogre (although groudon signifies ground) but anyways .. it’s cute . I wanna see a counter part for arceus or so .. i dunno

  • Don Giovanni
    Don Giovanni 2 months ago

    Dark wrath would be so unfair unless they had very low attack and special attack. Maybe give it decent defense. Neat design for ghost!

  • Shiny Gengar
    Shiny Gengar 2 months ago

    There's no fossil Pokemon in Sun/Moon because since it's based off Hawaii, that region has no record of fossils

  • NE1AP1E5
    NE1AP1E5 2 months ago

    Flamengo pokemon fairy and flying

  • griff 595
    griff 595 2 months ago

    I truly want a dragon Eeveelotion

  • Power House Prodigy
    Power House Prodigy 2 months ago

    I don't wanna be that guy, but we're all aware that The Pokemon Company hates fakemon and everything fan made. Putting a fakemon out there actually makes it LESS likely for them to be added into the game.

  • Jaylen Richardson
    Jaylen Richardson 2 months ago

    I think it's kinda unfair they make a Pokemon game for switch.. I mean some people don't want you pay like, 300-600$ for a Nintendo switch and pay like, 100$ for each game..

  • purple drenk
    purple drenk 2 months ago

    I would love to see a metal eeveelution called titaneon

  • Edgard Posadas
    Edgard Posadas 2 months ago

    Good designs.... For digimon series, i hope none of these are closely to real pokemons of the switch game