Top 10 New Pokémon For Generation 8! (Pokémon Switch 2019)

  • Published on Feb 10, 2018
  • Hey, what’s going on guys?! GameFreak have announced that a new core RPG Pokémon game will be coming to the Nintendo Switch in 2019! With the announcement of the new Pokémon game set to come out on the Nintendo Switch, a ton of speculation has begun on what the new game may be! Some think it’ll be the highly requested Pokémon Diamond and Pearl remakes and others think the new Generation 8 Pokémon game is upon us. With there being over 800 Pokémon now, there are still many more Pokémon to be discovered and I’m sure we’re all eager to find out what these new Pokémon are. If the supposed rumour of the Generation 8 games being based on Spain is true, then these Pokémon would fit perfectly. I understand that the fakemon featured in the video are more than likely not to appear within the new games, however, these are just some rough ideas of what new Pokémon could be based on. So today I’m going to count down the Top 10 New Pokémon for Generation 8! (Pokémon Switch 2019) Make sure to comment below your opinion and suggest more Pokémon theories, speculation and videos for me.
    Huge credit to Marix20 for designing the amazing art of the Pokémon used in this video!
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Comments • 743

  • dante sky
    dante sky 22 hours ago

    horse fire Pokémon earth 1 2019 generation 8
    sheep water
    ox grass

    • dante sky
      dante sky 20 hours ago

      Pokémon space and void generation 10 2021
      rhino fire
      bear water
      Snake grass

    • dante sky
      dante sky 20 hours ago

      new trios fairy fighting and dark
      fire and grass
      electric and ice bug

  • dante sky
    dante sky Day ago

    pokemon next 10 2021 to 2022 multiverse and dark multiverse

  • dante sky
    dante sky Day ago

    dodo fire sheep water rat grass pokemon space and void next gen 8 2020 to 2021

  • dante sky
    dante sky Day ago

    pokemon earth 1 to earth 2 next gen 8 2019 to 2020 goatfire horse grass snake water

  • dante sky
    dante sky 2 days ago

    Pokémon earth 1 and earth 2

  • dante sky
    dante sky 2 days ago

    legendary ghost and dragon psychic and dragon and poison

  • dante sky
    dante sky 2 days ago

    new legendary

  • LazerTazer BEAM
    LazerTazer BEAM 2 days ago

    A fairy dark Pokemon (witch)

  • Truth And strength
    Truth And strength 2 days ago

    That’s not true this is for both if you go to Olivia shop you can buy fossils

  • Luis Garcia
    Luis Garcia 4 days ago

    No “Gigas” they suck. The dragon types are nice

  • arik dianas
    arik dianas 4 days ago

    It’s obvious he like fire am I right lol

  • Annx DaBlaze
    Annx DaBlaze 5 days ago

    Awesome awesome awesome artwork 🤩💯🤩

  • Josiah Smith
    Josiah Smith 5 days ago

    Little did he know its another kanto remake

    • ThePokéRaf
      ThePokéRaf  5 days ago

      Josiah Smith Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee are not Generation 8 games and the 2019 Pokémon Switch game hasn’t come out yet.

  • Genesis Knight
    Genesis Knight 5 days ago

    12:36 regi trio bootleg

  • john plays
    john plays 5 days ago

    8:48 my dick fell off

  • Ismael Sanche
    Ismael Sanche 5 days ago

    I want to see an Ice Type Arcanine or a game with pokken tournament style fights

  • DeathBane 208
    DeathBane 208 6 days ago


  • Azrul Amri
    Azrul Amri 9 days ago

    I thought no.1 is might be mystical pokemon like mew, celebi,jirachi,shaymin and all other mystical pokemon region!😔

  • Fabian Bösch
    Fabian Bösch 9 days ago

    Sind das tatsächlich die Pkmn der 8. Gen??? 🤔

  • power gaming
    power gaming 10 days ago

    What I like to see is a ghost and dark mythical Pokemon designed to be weak on purpose because its ability activates when it faints in terms of gameplay mechanics it would be dittos' transform except better (same pp as copyed Pokemon) and a Auto faint for the copied Pokemon in terms of lore what's going on is when the Pokemon defeats this mythical Pokemon they are possessed by it. and then for finishing touch add on the fact that until the transformed mythical Pokemon is defeated the copied Pokemon cannot be revived by any means
    PS just wanted to throw down this idea somewhere on TVclip lol

  • muncher videos
    muncher videos 12 days ago

    How about a pokemon based of a komodo dragon pokemon instead.

  • muncher videos
    muncher videos 12 days ago

    Has anybody thought to make a dark/bug/grass type pokemon for gen 8 anybody thought about it anyone.

  • RandomDragon King
    RandomDragon King 13 days ago

    I feel like there should be a bug/dragon Pokémon

  • eddie cervantez
    eddie cervantez 16 days ago

    Regi nockoffs

  • KKV
    KKV 17 days ago

    I hope they added fan ideas and gave them reward for designing new pokemons, ideas etc that will also keep the fans hooked and make them darling of a company.

  • Bacon Bomb
    Bacon Bomb 17 days ago

    Just watching this... heh

    DHANITO UCHIHA 17 days ago

    Fire fire and fire

  • Biswa nath hazra
    Biswa nath hazra 18 days ago

    তুই মাথা মোটা

  • Sora  Hernandez
    Sora Hernandez 19 days ago

    It should not be in the switch

  • Miguel Angeles
    Miguel Angeles 19 days ago +1

    were arceus?

  • Hener Tamayo
    Hener Tamayo 19 days ago

    Probably more of those stupid dessert pokemons

  • Jeremy Nickisch
    Jeremy Nickisch 25 days ago

    what the heck is wrong with you there is two dragon and fairy type pokemon goodra and mega altaria

    • ThePokéRaf
      ThePokéRaf  25 days ago

      Jeremy Nickisch 1. The real question is what the heck is wrong with YOU?
      2. Goodra isn’t a Dragon/Fairy type.
      3. The only Dragon/Fairy type Pokémon is Mega Altaria. I’m talking about a Pokémon that doesn’t change its type upon evolution or via mechanic.
      Bye x

  • ThunderClap
    ThunderClap 25 days ago

    It’s Pokémon let’s go pikachu and eevee

  • Ya boy, Bumble
    Ya boy, Bumble 25 days ago

    So is this about let’s go pikachu/eevee before it was let’s go pikachu/eevee

    • ThePokéRaf
      ThePokéRaf  25 days ago

      Ya boy, Bumble No. This is about the generation 8/Pokémon 2019 game as shown in the video and title.

  • Yannuk
    Yannuk 25 days ago

    i would give the flamingo a Flying/Fairy type combo

  • Potato Hook
    Potato Hook 26 days ago

    I wouldn't care how shit it is but if they make a kiwi based pokemon I'm all for it especially if it's got an evolution lol

  • arturo salas
    arturo salas 26 days ago

    A Pokémon a would really like to see is some based on Quetzalcoatl or Tlaloc, ancient gods of the mexica empire . Quetzal would be flying dragon like a certain green flying snake, just that this one would have feathers and the other one would be water dragon or pure water, as it's the god of rain

  • Jeske van Hijum
    Jeske van Hijum 26 days ago +3

    And then... it was a generation 1 remake...

    • Jeske van Hijum
      Jeske van Hijum 25 days ago

      +ThePokéRaf that's what I'm saying..?

    • ThePokéRaf
      ThePokéRaf  25 days ago

      Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee aren’t generation 8 games

    • Caraml Fudge
      Caraml Fudge 25 days ago +1

      Jeske van Hijum ikr

  • Dennis Matthew McCuin
    Dennis Matthew McCuin 26 days ago +1

    I feel like pokemon would make a flamingo pokemon a fairy flying or fairy water with the ability to learn some flying type moves and it would be ugly ass hell :)

  • Andrew Mitchell
    Andrew Mitchell 29 days ago

    Who drew these up? You? It's really good.

    • ThePokéRaf
      ThePokéRaf  28 days ago

      Andrew Mitchell Artist is in the video and description

  • Joshua Eaton
    Joshua Eaton Month ago +1

    How about a fire/grass type being an actual Chilipepper... cause you know spicy foods.

  • HollowPlane
    HollowPlane Month ago

    My dude, I liked the video but, seriously, you can't say something is a special attacker and then say that three of the four moves it learns are physical.

    • ThePokéRaf
      ThePokéRaf  Month ago

      HollowPlane That was an error on my half. Glad you enjoyed

  • Noel Silva
    Noel Silva Month ago

    Like the fossil Pokemon. Nice

  • Micheal W
    Micheal W Month ago

    Regi ripoff

  • { Amoose }
    { Amoose } Month ago +1

    U should rename ur video title (no hate, I like the ideas of these fakemon)

  • Bhavna Kolhe
    Bhavna Kolhe Month ago

    I hope this is real

  • Upender Sharma
    Upender Sharma Month ago +1

    I would like for a galaxy fire and rock type formation

  • BJ Nazeri Gaming
    BJ Nazeri Gaming 2 months ago

    steel - fairy - fighting Trio legendary

  • Super Sonic Duo
    Super Sonic Duo 2 months ago

    Mega Johto Starters
    That's all I ask

  • Angel Marquez
    Angel Marquez 2 months ago


  • Julieta8683
    Julieta8683 2 months ago

    I agree with your choice for number 7 because Flamingos are my favorite species of bird ♥

  • Angel Marquez
    Angel Marquez 2 months ago

    I want to give your flamingo pokemon a best friend. I was thinking that we need a PEACOCK POKEMON that evolves with high friendship, a grass and flying type, high special attack=125,attack=100,speed=115,defense and special defense=85, with the ability Serene Grace. My idea is that the peacock pokemon and your flamingo pokemon are great friends since they are both flying pokemon something like plusle and minun. The thing is that the peacock pokemon and your flamingo live differently one lives on the northern part of your region and the other one lives in the lower part of the the region.

  • Mary Hession
    Mary Hession 2 months ago

    That was some good pokemon idea

  • Dishan Rajendram
    Dishan Rajendram 3 months ago

    Why don't Marick go to game freak and be like give me a job.

  • Connor IsBlue
    Connor IsBlue 3 months ago

    I want it to come out on the ds

  • Tarandeep Singh
    Tarandeep Singh 3 months ago

    Mega artiguno

  • Stephen K
    Stephen K 3 months ago

    my only critique is does every new suggestion have to be a speedy special attacker? lol Love the designs though! Whoever the artist is did a great job!!

  • Silhouette Noire '-'
    Silhouette Noire '-' 3 months ago

    Isn't spritzee the flamingo pokemon?

  • Farzanay Farzana he u hv bb

    Are bhai lakin generation 8 kab shuru hogi

  • Vaidu Vishi
    Vaidu Vishi 3 months ago

    I would love a rock and ghost pokemon😁😁😁

  • Sam Farmer
    Sam Farmer 3 months ago

    They should have given doduo and dodrio Alolan forms and turned them into flamingos

  • Sam Farmer
    Sam Farmer 3 months ago

    I want a platypus pokemon. The females could be pure water type and the males could be water/poison (due to males having venomous spurs)

  • Sam Farmer
    Sam Farmer 3 months ago

    A poison/steel pokemon could be based on mercury

  • gamer extreme
    gamer extreme 4 months ago

    We don't need a nother fire flying

  • DeathKidgaming
    DeathKidgaming 4 months ago

    No offense but I don’t think that they’d ever put a legendary duo in when one has a double advantage to the other. Sorry. Not feeling it.

  • Martin Meers
    Martin Meers 4 months ago

    also why not turn the giga trio into more regis?

  • Martin Meers
    Martin Meers 4 months ago

    You seem to want to see alot of high speed/ high attack pokemon. What about the subpar pokemon. We need more farfetch'd and dunsparces.

  • Martin Meers
    Martin Meers 4 months ago

    The flamingo pokemon should have a ability to reduce water type attacks against it to show it can stand in water without feeling pain.

  • Big Dylsaster
    Big Dylsaster 4 months ago

    If that flamingo was the regional bird I would 100% use it

  • Abdur Rahman Km
    Abdur Rahman Km 5 months ago

    This fragma is also copied from a game

  • Abdur Rahman Km
    Abdur Rahman Km 5 months ago

    This glidron is also copied from a game

  • Abdur Rahman Km
    Abdur Rahman Km 5 months ago

    This clobisoar is copied from a game

  • bobby davis
    bobby davis 5 months ago +1

    Dont you have ponyta

  • bobby davis
    bobby davis 5 months ago +1

    They should call it FLAME-ingo

  • B 405
    B 405 5 months ago +1

    Hey if its a horse starting fire pokemon how'd they make it stand up?

  • Alan Pokemontrainer
    Alan Pokemontrainer 5 months ago

    They should make generation 8 of Angola(Africa). There are Lions like Pyroar, zebras like Zebstrika and other Pokemon they can bring from that place.

    AMUN-RA/ AVATAR-ROKU 5 months ago

    Sceptile is a iguna bro ..Hoen starter

    • ThePokéRaf
      ThePokéRaf  5 months ago

      N Khali YT GAMING Wrong bro. Check again

  • Jesse Nelson
    Jesse Nelson 5 months ago


  • Jesse Tate
    Jesse Tate 5 months ago

    We need a ice sorta island

  • Jesse Tate
    Jesse Tate 5 months ago

    This would be cool if it’s true

  • Nalan Ray
    Nalan Ray 5 months ago

    If number 4 isn’t effective to ground than it can beat regular groudon

  • Katherine Isabelle Abbey

    Really?I was like:CMON I WANTT TO NOWWWWW T-T but then when you were like Jk I was like:I hate you >:( Jk but seriously lel

  • Marcus Paiva
    Marcus Paiva 6 months ago

    A pepper should be the grass-fire

  • Micool D
    Micool D 6 months ago

    I think we should save ox for a new fire starter 🔥🐂

  • blaze Rumde
    blaze Rumde 6 months ago

    Make new mega evolution please

  • blaze Rumde
    blaze Rumde 6 months ago

    Cool pokemons

  • Danquis Creation
    Danquis Creation 7 months ago

    All of the pokemon are designed well and look so cool.

  • Danquis Creation
    Danquis Creation 7 months ago

    I like the fire ground bull pokemon

  • Hong Ky
    Hong Ky 7 months ago

    The design of the fairy dragon Pokemon looks like it has dragon type and dark type

  • Kid Bluu
    Kid Bluu 7 months ago

    Isn't keckleon an iguana?

    • Kid Bluu
      Kid Bluu 7 months ago

      Oh wait, you right, it's a chameleon. *face palm*

    • ThePokéRaf
      ThePokéRaf  7 months ago


  • Daniel Martinez
    Daniel Martinez 7 months ago

    Your a dick for that. But yaa got me good buddy 😂😂😂😂😂

    MRGUMMY BURGERZ 7 months ago

    i want gen 8 in Australia
    like bitch that would be amazing

  • Josh Dews
    Josh Dews 7 months ago

    Is generation 8 comes out should be on 3ds as well not just switch

  • shockushu
    shockushu 8 months ago

    the designs aer not bad. but way too complicated and unbalanced to be in a real pokemon game. I mean, sure, we got some really strange pokemon that nobody really likes. But the pokemon designers doing a pretty good job from a designstandpoint. Only fakemon I would really consider top tier quality design was one called "Cloakroach" that one really impressed me. Dont know if you can fidn it by googling though

  • Matt Usavage
    Matt Usavage 8 months ago

    Iguana is already done look at grovyle

  • Mubashir Shehun
    Mubashir Shehun 8 months ago

    Hey I know I might be a bit late but what if, like the regi trio, they have that one big baddy like regigigas.

  • Triceratops Horridus1021

    I want there to be a triceratops fossil Pokemon

  • Rafy JR
    Rafy JR 8 months ago

    You're right, Pokemon switch : D

  • Your mom's lover
    Your mom's lover 8 months ago

    Pokemon has gone to 💩

    MELODY MUSICALS 8 months ago +1

    I find these designs really cool. I really hope they can make it in next game. And man ur ideas get better and better every video!!! Keep going