Apple’s Pro Display XDR - A PC Guy’s Perspective

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    Love it or hate it, Apple’s EXPENSIVE Pro Display XDR is here and ready for its close-up - How many blemishes will show through, and is it REALLY “pro”?
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Comments • 80

  • DerpEye
    DerpEye 16 hours ago

    Since Apple is claiming this thing can compete with 30/40k $ monitors, there's a video of a dude that actually compares these monitors, using professional hardware. And this monitor may be good, but it's nowhere near the performance of those professional machines. So no, it can't do the job of a 30k monitor, for 1/6 of the price.

  • Luke Pighetti
    Luke Pighetti Day ago

    I bought my iMac 27", all my pc friends were like "iTsOvErPriCeDyOuStUpiDmOrOn", when I told them it was cheaper than a comparable monitor alone they said "GeTa21InCh4kMoNiToRYoUStuPiDMoRon." I don't think they will ever get it, but that doesn't bother me, because I don't give a flying fuck what they spend their money on. I'm still just trying to figure out why they give a flying fuck about what I spend my money on. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • zhu kevin
    zhu kevin Day ago

    Can i play fortnite on this? 🙄

  • Bigdealwow
    Bigdealwow Day ago

    The back gives me trypophobia

  • marcus Pakes
    marcus Pakes 2 days ago

    So ijustine bought it

  • Troll Gaming
    Troll Gaming 2 days ago

    who gave u permission to hav this much knmowledge and money

  • Ziyi Jin
    Ziyi Jin 3 days ago

    prediction: this will only be used with Mac machine/macbook. no windows.

  • Vedant Ganesh
    Vedant Ganesh 3 days ago

    i built a PC that scored 1/4-1/3of apple's Mac Pro for ~1/6 the price of one of those monsters.

  • asmard tech
    asmard tech 3 days ago

    LLC Linus Long Chin

  • Mark Klaus
    Mark Klaus 3 days ago

    The pro stand should be the same as the imac g4. That was the best stand on any computer.

  • Krishna Perneti
    Krishna Perneti 3 days ago

    what happened to the fourth screw? 1:39

  • William Heselton
    William Heselton 3 days ago

    when apple invest thousands of dollars in lcd tech trying to get deep blacks when they could just use oled

  • Juri Stöckli
    Juri Stöckli 3 days ago

    You can now use the XDR Display with quad 12G SDI for Broadcast monitoring. Or with some converters on any pc.

  • blackjackzw
    blackjackzw 4 days ago

    For Apple to have added buttons it probably would make it the same price as the competitors. Lol

  • 陈浩俊
    陈浩俊 4 days ago


  • Spetsnaz
    Spetsnaz 4 days ago

    If i drop 5k for a monitor then i should be able to put a picture of food on there, then lick it and taste the food

  • Arcade Alchemist
    Arcade Alchemist 4 days ago

    problem with apple products is they are not pushing the industry forward anymore.
    it's all brand $$$ and it's disgusting

  • Jackson Goulding
    Jackson Goulding 4 days ago

    Definitely an Asus comparison!

  • Alex Quinteros
    Alex Quinteros 5 days ago

    macOS is the best os. Don’t argue with me

  • Every thing
    Every thing 5 days ago

    5000$ for 32 in tv 😂😂😂😂😂

  • F L I T Z
    F L I T Z 5 days ago

    Most artists are broke like me.

  • Marcin Sidorczuk
    Marcin Sidorczuk 5 days ago

    get an Asus ! please ;)

  • arizona pepsi water
    arizona pepsi water 5 days ago


  • Swavo
    Swavo 5 days ago

    Would definitely like to see a comparison!

  • Maximo Grau
    Maximo Grau 6 days ago

    honestly i just want a monitor that has no branding with minimal bezel that looks slick, that looks exactly like what i want so the fact that its incompatible with windows and is 5k is depressing

  • qwer asdf
    qwer asdf 6 days ago

    the back of it makes my skin crawl

  • Nick Kentros
    Nick Kentros 6 days ago

    It's really an exceptional display for mac users, but less applicable to PC workflows

  • A. Sihr
    A. Sihr 7 days ago

    Can it hook up to a pc?

  • Slaven Hadzic
    Slaven Hadzic 8 days ago


  • ranska
    ranska 8 days ago

    sadly not on linux...

  • moJQ
    moJQ 9 days ago +3

    Taran "doesn't want to use MacOS"
    His treehouse video: mAcBoOk PrO

  • Galactical Bear
    Galactical Bear 10 days ago +12

    Apple: "It costs $999"
    Manufacturing price: "$4"
    Me: "ok."

  • ImperialArmour
    ImperialArmour 10 days ago +1

    only 60Hz refresh rate!?? So freaking casual

  • Sany One
    Sany One 10 days ago

    mear mortals you and me ? Smells fishy XD

  • Trace Chan
    Trace Chan 11 days ago


  • žurio sm
    žurio sm 11 days ago

    aple just steals your money

  • dsvuhgbvd ffaaffa
    dsvuhgbvd ffaaffa 11 days ago

    i was expecting the title to be cheese grater monitor

    LOST SOUL 12 days ago

    Half eaten apples by someone are not good.

  • Phivos Theodorakis
    Phivos Theodorakis 12 days ago

    You would expect from someone who is experienced as Linus to be Apple fan but nooo.

  • Taco
    Taco 13 days ago

    What? Apple made something good????

  • Marcos Fernandez
    Marcos Fernandez 14 days ago

    Can you please review the Acer ConceptD CP7271K Pbmiphzx 27". Its a Pro display and there are no good reviews on it. I want to know if it's good enough to color correct with and frag noobs with it.

  • Joseph Kim
    Joseph Kim 16 days ago

    3:38 What's going on with that wallpaper? 😂

  • Jordan Seitzinger
    Jordan Seitzinger 16 days ago Linus rekt

  • Nicolas Cage Cat
    Nicolas Cage Cat 16 days ago

    Daaaaaamn thats a good rug

  • navisoul
    navisoul 18 days ago

    I thought I head 500 dollars at the beggining of the video and I agreed it was madness. Later I found out it was 5000$. Agree you have to be a sucker wannabe for 5k.

  • Abhay Vivek
    Abhay Vivek 19 days ago

    This is what peak male performance looks like 3:45 You may not like it but it is the truth

  • Shadow Xing
    Shadow Xing 19 days ago +3

    You: "For mere mortals like you and me."
    Me: Shut the video.

  • s0ry
    s0ry 20 days ago

    Only for $39,999 a month!

  • rohit kumar
    rohit kumar 20 days ago

    Well... everybody is gangsta unless real reviewer arrives. For real review watch this :
    Not some joke like seems like it lives up to its promises.

  • sippy cups
    sippy cups 21 day ago

    do a teardown of this!

  • Cole Sliva
    Cole Sliva 21 day ago

    That was counter clock wise no?

  • Cameron Blackmon
    Cameron Blackmon 23 days ago

    Do they have someone that can repair it if it gets damaged lol

  • Roger Smith
    Roger Smith 24 days ago

    They don't include a digital TV tuner.

  • Wilko Stomberg
    Wilko Stomberg 24 days ago

    200 for a mount ... i cant even describe how ridicolous this Company is .

  • Illustrathor
    Illustrathor 25 days ago

    Well, I rather spare a couple of thousand bucks an get an EIZO screen. And those who need an mastering monitor, will get an acctual one.
    This thing is for blinded apple fanboys, people with two much money or way way too less money.
    Seriously, Apple folks are the most gullible people on the planet.

  • Florian Juri
    Florian Juri 26 days ago +2

    just watch this:

  • alvinda smart
    alvinda smart 26 days ago

    Tray Samsung smartphone on this dispaly

  • Cringe Police
    Cringe Police 27 days ago

    if only they had that kind of quality with the phones

  • Bivv93
    Bivv93 27 days ago +1

    What the hell r these displays at 1:58????? What madness is going on?

  • PaPiRiCoSuAvE
    PaPiRiCoSuAvE 29 days ago

    make it more windows-friendly, add hdmi 2.1 on top of displayport 2.0 and put microled screen technology and at least 240 Hz and i'm sold :P

    SECOND TR1M2 29 days ago

    Instead of a case or system sponsor they get a rug sponsor. FREE MONEY THOUGH

  • u mom
    u mom 29 days ago

    Linus be getting sponsored by da rugs

  • savory chickens
    savory chickens Month ago

    why is this so expensive?

  • bruchpilot747
    bruchpilot747 Month ago

    Didn't know you invited Jazza

  • Bryan Ballare
    Bryan Ballare Month ago

    You could have just started the video with “having to be stuck with a Mac to use this monitor”, but then I guess no one would have watched it till the end.

  • Dxrrxw 0
    Dxrrxw 0 Month ago

    You can get better monitors for 15% the price of that.

    Display quality wise

  • TheEccentricMythstery

    There’s this dell monitor for 4 or 5 grand that has 8k. Seems like a better option than this.

    • TheEccentricMythstery
      TheEccentricMythstery Month ago

      Oh don’t think so.
      Here’s the Newegg link:

    • TheBraveGallade
      TheBraveGallade Month ago

      does it have HDR though

  • Dustin Johnson
    Dustin Johnson Month ago

    asus is trash, who cares about their garbage. Do the community a favor and stop supporting them.

  • RiotPunch
    RiotPunch Month ago

    God I just got a flashback when you showed that AJA io4k
    One of those runs our graphics at the tv station I work at and it's so ANNOYING

  • A Random Person
    A Random Person Month ago +1

    Wait pc vs a monitor?

  • Casey Moore
    Casey Moore Month ago

    Funny thing about these high end pro monitors is that I’ve yet to see a actual pro use them lol I know the setups of world famous digital artists and photographers etc..... don’t use high end monitors. I’ve worked in the top key art agencies around LA.... none use them etc.

  • Kevin Brown
    Kevin Brown Month ago

    your voice is cringe

  • Zealin Barden
    Zealin Barden Month ago

    I really wish Windows would make the UI prettier

  • Dimitrios Charalampidis

    Ask Eizo to send over one of theirs to make a proper comparison :)

  • Baqca Sanke
    Baqca Sanke Month ago

    I really dont care how good it is, the moment you said “1000$ dollars for the stand” i went F*CK THAT!!!!
    APPLE can kiss my ass, what a sham of a company. How can they even begin to ask for 1000$ for an aluminum stand that probably cost 20$ to make....

    JDoGGYDiZZLE Month ago

    I can't fukin stand apple. Stop doing videos on those robbers. A 5 thousand dollar display that doesn't come with a stand!? Who the fuk buys this shite!?!?

  • Jason Scarpace
    Jason Scarpace Month ago

    Who actually makes this display? It's not Apple, they license it.

  • Alan
    Alan Month ago

    @2:51 Is that the Imac Pro that Anthony drops held together by tape and now assigned for use by one of Linus staff ? LOL

  • Dominic Crimmings
    Dominic Crimmings Month ago

    I got up this morning and decided to wear trousers as a shirt - it didn't work really. I'm no surprised though, THEY WEREN'T DESIGNED FOR THAT !!!

  • Dominic Crimmings
    Dominic Crimmings Month ago

    I'm sorry, what's the point of this?
    It's like saying "Aaaaw, these train wheels don't work on my car"
    They're different systems and different hardware - why are you trying to force one systems hardware to work with another when they're not made to be used together?