16 stars who died after Aaron Ramsey scored a goal - Oh My Goal

  • Published on Sep 15, 2018
  • Celebrities should beware when Arsenal midfielder Aaron Ramsey finds the back of the net, with an alarming number of stars dying directly after the Welshman scores a goal.
    He said to Sport Magazine: 'The most ridiculous rumour I’ve heard is that people die after I score. There have been loads of occasions where I’ve scored and somebody has died. That’s just a crazy rumour. Although I took out some baddies!”
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Comments • 2 730

  • Fierceshadow
    Fierceshadow 5 hours ago

    BULLSHIT TOTAL BULLSHIT yeah i scored 50 goals and 50 died get the fuck outta here

  • Chen Jin
    Chen Jin 5 hours ago

    2 years ago my mom had a baby then dissapeard for no reason

  • NickTheFlick55 Y
    NickTheFlick55 Y 6 hours ago

    Wow I thought you were being saracastic.

  • Miracle PK
    Miracle PK Day ago +1

    This is Superstition😲

  • Michael Horton
    Michael Horton Day ago


  • Michael Horton
    Michael Horton Day ago


  • Michael Horton
    Michael Horton Day ago

    Macmiller dord of drugs idiot

  • Davis Johnson
    Davis Johnson Day ago

    You are very stupid for posting this

  • Tsm_ piotr
    Tsm_ piotr Day ago

    Jobs is still alive

  • daud ali
    daud ali 2 days ago

    I would hate to play as a goalkeeper against this guy

  • Ludvig Haakon
    Ludvig Haakon 2 days ago

    if ramsey was the reason avicii died then im gonna be very mad

  • Ludvig Haakon
    Ludvig Haakon 2 days ago

    if that is not a curse then that is one hell of a coincidence

  • Aisar Falaheen
    Aisar Falaheen 5 days ago

    Title says 16 stars
    He said 14 stars

  • Queenie Tyutyani
    Queenie Tyutyani 5 days ago

    He killed Steve jobs

  • Edgar Maita
    Edgar Maita 5 days ago

    ummm dying after 4 days and yu still say its coz of Ramsey???

  • Master Blazer
    Master Blazer 5 days ago

    We can’t blame him for the celebrities death.Most of them were old aged

  • Ajinkya Garud
    Ajinkya Garud 5 days ago


    MEWAN FOOTBALL 6 days ago


  • 500 subs with no videos?

    Leicester chairman died earlier this season.....

  • shubham Raut
    shubham Raut 6 days ago

    Zlatan was the man behind this legendary goal of Ramsay .

  • Mr._.Prabhulkar
    Mr._.Prabhulkar 6 days ago

    It's just co-incident...Nothing else

    ESS GAMERX 6 days ago

    Follow me on Instagram as :jrsimnan
    And I'll follow you back

  • The Tallking Dead
    The Tallking Dead 6 days ago +1

    You forgot the april 2018 arsenal vs CSKA Moscow when AVICII died

  • raja dj
    raja dj 6 days ago

    i dont like this and a huge dislike button

  • ayush chaudhary
    ayush chaudhary 6 days ago

    So AARON RAMSEY killed my GRANDMA!!!!!!
    I'mma sue him now 😠😠

  • Muhammed Mishal
    Muhammed Mishal 6 days ago +1

    Ramsey Scores Thanos Dies

  • Partha Saha
    Partha Saha 7 days ago

    retire man!

  • Partha Saha
    Partha Saha 7 days ago

    man please don't score ppz. don't score any goals never come 2 the rescue

  • Harry Adams
    Harry Adams 7 days ago

    1 like=1 lift of curse from the world class goalscorer ramsey

  • Eithen Mkosana
    Eithen Mkosana 7 days ago

    Wait wtf is this

  • Mr Perfect
    Mr Perfect 7 days ago

    I think this is a magical mystery please hit the like button

  • Dani Reck
    Dani Reck 7 days ago

    Thank God, we're not celebrity.
    Y'all are lucky. Lol

  • Olarewaju Ibukun
    Olarewaju Ibukun 7 days ago

    I hope it's not his goal versus Fulham that Killed Leicester City FC owner...😯😯😯😯😯

    MRX GAMEING8 7 days ago

    I wish he never scores agian

  • Ooi Zhing Yao
    Ooi Zhing Yao 7 days ago

    I cried when i found out paul walker died..

  • j ignetious
    j ignetious 7 days ago +1

    messi and ronaldo always score 3 to 4 goals every months, so as per your theory they are also have a curse when scoring goals

    MR GAMING ONLY 7 days ago

    Guys how can you say it is a curse
    Seriously someone commits suicide and you say it Ramsey's fault?
    Like if you agree

  • Eric Harris
    Eric Harris 8 days ago

    On the 27th of February 2010, Arsenal played Stoke where Ryan Shawcross broke Aaron Ramsey’s leg and on the same day, an earthquake hit Chile and killed an estimated 9% of the population.

  • Bleach Meme
    Bleach Meme 8 days ago

    Let’s hope he doesn’t get 2 Hattrick’s

  • Harlo_
    Harlo_ 8 days ago


  • Maximilian Mus
    Maximilian Mus 8 days ago

    I remember that Sunderland goal

  • Wanted
    Wanted 8 days ago

    If Ramsey scores, I wish Donald Trump dies. I will be super happy since he’s racist.

  • Hj Xwant's
    Hj Xwant's 8 days ago

    If its true than he is criminal he should be keep in jail...... Poor me baby who on earth will trust this kind of silly joke huh

  • Handsome Abadi
    Handsome Abadi 8 days ago

    Ramsey has killed another person,owner of Leicester 😂😂😂😂

  • KJS
    KJS 8 days ago

    Fake people die everyday so

  • Naga Tribe
    Naga Tribe 8 days ago

    Please don't die(uploader of this video)when Aaron Ramsey score next goal

  • Charlie playsvlogs
    Charlie playsvlogs 8 days ago

    Why the hell do people believe in this shit people die every day

  • ayush singh
    ayush singh 8 days ago

    That is the problem of timing of Ramsey , we can't say that the goals of Ramsey ' s are bad luck of industries

  • Livin MƏMƏ
    Livin MƏMƏ 8 days ago +4



  • primos talkies
    primos talkies 8 days ago

    Ediot Ramsey I hate you you killed Paul I hate you

  • danny_kay_47
    danny_kay_47 8 days ago

    this is utter nonsense
    someone dies also when someone talks several times

  • Gabby S
    Gabby S 9 days ago

    Is this fake !

  • Vlad Dracul
    Vlad Dracul 9 days ago

    Thanos die

  • cosmas_tz team rocket

    I don't trust this shit...

  • Beef bonc
    Beef bonc 9 days ago

    The amount of people that die in minutes is unbelievable and the amount of people that score there hour is unbelievable but they don’t have a video made about them

  • leebo geezer
    leebo geezer 9 days ago


  • Akum Lusang
    Akum Lusang 9 days ago

    Hope Less Conspiracy... If He Scored next tym. PM (post mastr) u will Die... 👀

  • Nabajyoti Hembram
    Nabajyoti Hembram 9 days ago


  • King Indoraptor
    King Indoraptor 9 days ago

    Thanos has no chance of killing him

  • Sammy kiplagat
    Sammy kiplagat 9 days ago

    he scored n leister boss died

  • krishna kc
    krishna kc 9 days ago

    What the hell man 2 people die every seconds. You don't have sense of humor

  • Jasmine 010
    Jasmine 010 9 days ago

    This is a load of rubbish

  • Bassil Awesome
    Bassil Awesome 9 days ago

    People who reading this comment there is no such thing as a curse, god just made people like that everyone dies.btw some celebrities do drugs so that proves that it’s not a curse. Like if u agree

  • Suzan Babo
    Suzan Babo 10 days ago

    Its okay guys where safe
    That curse seems to only effect celebraty ppl

  • Aaron Ferreria
    Aaron Ferreria 10 days ago

    weird my name is Aaron

  • bongo hop 509
    bongo hop 509 10 days ago

    Ramsey sucks soon he'll be retired

  • Byun Khiu
    Byun Khiu 10 days ago

    Duhhh!!! Dis is sooooo lame!!!

  • shan S
    shan S 10 days ago

    😂😂😂😂😂what is scoring goal has to do with death.

  • Rameshchandra Ladhe
    Rameshchandra Ladhe 10 days ago +2

    All fans shocked for Snape
    Pls like

  • Edu Shola
    Edu Shola 10 days ago

    *He needs to score more hatricks*

  • sarweshwor dhungel
    sarweshwor dhungel 10 days ago

    i dont think this is true

  • Songs 4LIFE
    Songs 4LIFE 11 days ago

    remind me not to go to any games with Ramsey playing

  • AJ Gaming
    AJ Gaming 11 days ago

    *goalkeeper u r gonna be a life saver* subscribe me if u FART

  • Deepak Babu
    Deepak Babu 11 days ago

    Is it true?? Does ramsey know about this and the arsenal fans??

  • Deepak Babu
    Deepak Babu 11 days ago

    So he is the one who killed bin ladan... Well done my boy.. 👏👏👏

  • Ahmad Areesh
    Ahmad Areesh 11 days ago

    FAKE FAKE VIDEO they did because god had it planned

  • Ahmad Areesh
    Ahmad Areesh 11 days ago


  • Paotam Shirik
    Paotam Shirik 11 days ago

    Suck.... When i score goal who will die... Might be ramsey himself...

  • Pheonixeye_1
    Pheonixeye_1 11 days ago

    Imagine if Lewandowski had this curse..

  • Ronald Bori
    Ronald Bori 11 days ago


  • Abhishek Lama
    Abhishek Lama 11 days ago

    Mofo for the footage each and everything you people cannot mention nonsense things

  • A09 grizzly
    A09 grizzly 11 days ago


  • Abhishek Shetty
    Abhishek Shetty 11 days ago


  • Messi jr
    Messi jr 11 days ago

    This is bullshit

  • quayum oyenuga
    quayum oyenuga 11 days ago

    It was there time to die stop blaming it on him he aren't the only that scored goals whenever someone die

  • ben 10
    ben 10 11 days ago

    ramsey scored on the 7th oct against fulham...look at what happened to leicester

  • Jeff Stevans Paul
    Jeff Stevans Paul 12 days ago

    This isn't sounds good

  • philip ryan
    philip ryan 12 days ago +1

    October 2018 ramsey scored against Fulham bpl leister chairman died

  • Isaiah Kuyabi
    Isaiah Kuyabi 12 days ago

    Stop spoiling his name

  • Wicaksono Gitawan
    Wicaksono Gitawan 12 days ago

    Anyone know the song 0:19

  • Wendy Reed
    Wendy Reed 12 days ago

    0:11 is 14 stars died but in thumbnail 16 people died?????????

  • Dragon Ball Z
    Dragon Ball Z 13 days ago

    Why couldn't it be on Karius

  • Zachary Huffman
    Zachary Huffman 13 days ago

    I think they should keep him out for a while then back in to see if it's true

  • Rhibhu Bhattacharjee
    Rhibhu Bhattacharjee 13 days ago

    Who needs Thanos 😂. Just train him to make him the top scorer

  • Aayush Kumar
    Aayush Kumar 13 days ago

    What kind of nonsense is this....as good this channel has it's videos...but have some theory behind it...famous people might have died on the same day too

  • 1021 with no subs?
    1021 with no subs? 13 days ago

    I'll sub to you if you sub to me!

  • Low Distortion
    Low Distortion 13 days ago

    No way and Snape damn it

  • Akash de
    Akash de 13 days ago

    This are the famous people..how who's knows how many lost their love ones

  • Padam Chettri
    Padam Chettri 13 days ago

    Dont make up stories of your choice about these big personalities..... you know what the people who died were not because of the goals he scored.... and heres the point.... you take a shit everyday.... and people die everyday.... it does not mean that your ass is cursed..... please make something that gives knowledge..... not fake rumors about others....