16 stars who died after Aaron Ramsey scored a goal - Oh My Goal

  • Published on Sep 15, 2018
  • Celebrities should beware when Arsenal midfielder Aaron Ramsey finds the back of the net, with an alarming number of stars dying directly after the Welshman scores a goal.
    He said to Sport Magazine: 'The most ridiculous rumour I’ve heard is that people die after I score. There have been loads of occasions where I’ve scored and somebody has died. That’s just a crazy rumour. Although I took out some baddies!”
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Comments • 3 948

  • Ana Ceballos
    Ana Ceballos 18 minutes ago

    Why paul walker

  • Ibrahim Bashir
    Ibrahim Bashir 10 hours ago

    Load of bs

  • Martha Wanjiru
    Martha Wanjiru Day ago

    At least he scored and a terrorist died...I feel sorry for him He is innocent

  • Jesper Wahlgren
    Jesper Wahlgren Day ago

    Alan rickman😭😭😭😭 i didn’t know he was dead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gewoon Arne
    Gewoon Arne Day ago

    He cant help.it

  • Domos Nemeth
    Domos Nemeth Day ago

    I Like your Videos but I think it is Just coincidence

  • Omer Yildiz
    Omer Yildiz Day ago

    Osama Bin Laden a star????

  • free man
    free man Day ago


  • Kevin Ken Vitalis Mingkong

    Ok 👌

  • BSC Clan
    BSC Clan 2 days ago

    Bull shit nigga

  • Sem Koppen
    Sem Koppen 2 days ago

    Imagine ramsey scoring a hattrick😬

  • Turtle Boos
    Turtle Boos 2 days ago

    Mistake 16 stars or 14 stars

  • Edon Haliti
    Edon Haliti 2 days ago

    So it was actually Ramsay who killed Bin Laden🤔

  • Vatsal Agarwal
    Vatsal Agarwal 2 days ago

    What if he scored an own goal , would someone come back to life?

  • Tony stark
    Tony stark 2 days ago +1

    Recently luke perry from Riverdale (fred andrews) died 2 days after he scored against Tottenham

  • TheGamingEmpire 2018

    Now 16 or 14?

  • Yt showroom of tech and cricket

    Score 100 goals so thanos dies

  • Prakash Magar
    Prakash Magar 3 days ago

    This is stupid I thought that this channel was reliable but it seems stupid after watching this video, every one die one day and there will be some celebrity who past away but that doesn’t mean because of Ramsey scoring goal, I can give u full detail about how many celebrities die after u post every video in this channel

  • coolman1540
    coolman1540 3 days ago

    Osama bin laden ain’t a star m8

  • Sleepy McSleep
    Sleepy McSleep 3 days ago

    Death Note?....more like death goal

  • Ifan Stoddart
    Ifan Stoddart 3 days ago

    Are you saying Osama Bin Ladin is a Star??

  • Bennie Lunde
    Bennie Lunde 3 days ago +1

    Fuck Ramsey he killed the family of Fast and Furious by Pual Walker

  • Joel koh
    Joel koh 4 days ago

    Its probably cos of the jerseys

  • Sirwulles
    Sirwulles 4 days ago

    its 18 now actually

  • Zulfa king
    Zulfa king 4 days ago +1

    If that is happening let Aron Ramsey score a goal so that kroenke dies

  • Frostyz
    Frostyz 4 days ago

    People die every day, celebs are people so I don’t see a difference.

  • siddharth ontela
    siddharth ontela 4 days ago

    khadaffi. lol. thats gadaffi

  • Nahidul Amin
    Nahidul Amin 4 days ago

    Baler Kotha kos madarr chod rahh. Togor maire chudii

  • gamer's gonna Rock
    gamer's gonna Rock 4 days ago +2

    Guess what
    I scored from Ramsey on fifa 19
    I died

  • t. gv.
    t. gv. 4 days ago

    Rip robin williams

  • Abdullah Bostan
    Abdullah Bostan 4 days ago

    Aron Ramsy scored a goal then my great grandfather died

  • Abdullah Bostan
    Abdullah Bostan 4 days ago


  • ??? ???
    ??? ??? 5 days ago

    I have a solution! Put Aaron Ramsey in goal, now wheres my noble peace prize?

  • Jake Goldsack
    Jake Goldsack 5 days ago

    Stop scoring Ramsey

  • Ridwaan Paulsen
    Ridwaan Paulsen 5 days ago

    There is no curse

  • Owen Broxk
    Owen Broxk 5 days ago

    Is this a voice changer as it's on so many vids one of my favrouite channels simple history or does this guy just have many channels he works for

  • jims martin
    jims martin 5 days ago

    Well at least ramsey got rid of osama bin laden

  • Charbel Youssef
    Charbel Youssef 5 days ago +4

    Imagine this happening every time a Chelsea manager gets sacked

  • Daanish Fayzan
    Daanish Fayzan 5 days ago

    David bowie 💕

  • Electric Mudkip
    Electric Mudkip 5 days ago

    2 of them in 2011 Deserved to die

  • N 420
    N 420 6 days ago

    Is bin laden being considered a star

  • Usbaldo 2k10
    Usbaldo 2k10 6 days ago +1

    Can score like 5 more times to kill off the kardashians?

  • unlisted leaf
    unlisted leaf 6 days ago

    It had to be paul walker who died of the curse

  • Hamzah12 Nafees
    Hamzah12 Nafees 6 days ago

    Hate that Ramsey and no wonderPaul Walker died from fast and furious i missed him alot😢😢😢

  • Abdul Katim
    Abdul Katim 6 days ago +1

    No. This can't be the case because I'm an Arsenal fan

  • evilstricker 619
    evilstricker 619 7 days ago

    Hmmmm i thinl its a coincidence

  • Biol0gical
    Biol0gical 7 days ago

    Well. People die almost every minute so I bet people die when Messi scores

  • Chawekajr Mahawi
    Chawekajr Mahawi 7 days ago

    He better retire football.

  • kshitiz sancheti
    kshitiz sancheti 7 days ago

    Give this curse to Morata instead.

  • far8
    far8 7 days ago +1

    he scored a goal
    Th 06Sep 2018
    Wales 4 - 1 Ireland
    rapper Mac Miller was found dead on Sept. 7 18 of an apparent overdose
    what?? 😮😮😨😱😱

  • far8
    far8 7 days ago +1

    im glad he didnt kill chester bennington by his goal

  • Tazare Maynard
    Tazare Maynard 8 days ago

    Ramsey is the devil

  • Damar Binns
    Damar Binns 8 days ago

    He should be a goalkeeper then

  • AS corner
    AS corner 8 days ago

    Stupidity is the one word summary for the video

  • cicney charles
    cicney charles 8 days ago

    I ain't US citizen and something all should know. I did respect US during George Bush 11 era. In fact USA is our dream country because of him. A president who knew USA needs. I hated violence but USA needed it....okay, ur are from USA, so Iraq should poke you to the eye and remain still because you are democratic country? Let me let know? I thought Rambo or Arnold would be in your army. USA,,,If you lose hope how much do we? USA might have so much conspiracy but I love your efforts.

  • Rūdolfs Preinbergs
    Rūdolfs Preinbergs 8 days ago

    there is a lot of footballers scoring in the same day as aaron ramsey i don't think that's bc of Ramsey

  • christopher shaji
    christopher shaji 8 days ago

    He’s like a living deathnote

  • shyam jha
    shyam jha 8 days ago

    really? Difficult to believe
    What if just a coinicidence recurring

  • Lvl 99. MaximiliunMus Soldier

    put him in cb or something smh

  • Àce 786
    Àce 786 9 days ago

    The only thing he really killed is his career not this fake bs

  • Àce 786
    Àce 786 9 days ago

    No wonder Wenger let him out

  • Boss Boss
    Boss Boss 9 days ago

    It's really not a curse

  • Slobodan Mihic
    Slobodan Mihic 9 days ago +1

    How is this even relevant to the beautiful game

  • Wolves ay We
    Wolves ay We 9 days ago


  • Savage Ruthless
    Savage Ruthless 9 days ago

    Oh my Goal
    I have something for you when. Ramsey score against Spurs something happened 157 people died 😭
    What's app 0716884847 for me information I have some videos of 157 people died 😭😭😭

  • Gargi Bhattacharya
    Gargi Bhattacharya 10 days ago


  • MurDar [BG]
    MurDar [BG] 10 days ago +1

    The life will not be the same if messi or ronaldo got that cruse

  • Arafat Ansari
    Arafat Ansari 10 days ago +1

    Who like this comendeter like here

  • its_levi 4
    its_levi 4 10 days ago

    So should we put him in jail then?

  • Rayan Zaid Khader
    Rayan Zaid Khader 10 days ago

    commentator aron ramseyyyyyyy what a hit let me guess someone has died

  • nolie nolie
    nolie nolie 10 days ago +1

    ooh laa laa

  • Atlantis Football
    Atlantis Football 10 days ago


  • Jairo Dominguez
    Jairo Dominguez 11 days ago

    Ramsey scores vs Spurs then two days later Luke Perry from riverdale died

  • ITZyaboi Lukaz
    ITZyaboi Lukaz 11 days ago

    This was made on my birthday

  • Kavish Mukherjee
    Kavish Mukherjee 11 days ago

    you wrote 16

  • Mice rose boi
    Mice rose boi 11 days ago

    This is real

  • EdgePlayz
    EdgePlayz 12 days ago

    They have officially lost ideas

  • Kiang_
    Kiang_ 12 days ago

    Kim Jong il died because he was ill

    Get my joke? Ok I’ll leave now...

  • Joe mcguinness
    Joe mcguinness 12 days ago

    2/3/19 Ramsey scores against tottenham
    4/3/19 Keith flint dies

  • Nikola Stoychev
    Nikola Stoychev 12 days ago +3

    He just scored v Totenham on March 2nd. On March 4th, celebrity Luke Perry died of a massive stroke.

  • My life Yours story
    My life Yours story 12 days ago

    Thats all bullshits

  • Kaushik Das
    Kaushik Das 13 days ago

    Oh God, a full fledged video on this. 😂

  • Chillboy
    Chillboy 13 days ago

    Obama Bil Ladin is not a star
    He is a bloody TERRORIST

  • James Rodriguez
    James Rodriguez 13 days ago +2

    Haha celebs gotta pray that this curse isn’t with messi or ronaldo 😅💔

  • yannis lebbar
    yannis lebbar 13 days ago +1

    This is utter trash

  • Adrian Vega
    Adrian Vega 13 days ago

    Are English people that stupid? People die every day, every hour. There’s tons of stars dying all the time. Anyone could be scoring goals right before someone passes away.😒😒😒

  • Abraham Alechenu
    Abraham Alechenu 13 days ago

    I think Ramsey got an encounter with some sources of power and he kill any celebrity, like the actor that plays black panther

  • WindMaster32
    WindMaster32 13 days ago

    what a crap 😂. how is all of this even related ?

  • Jogendra Rao
    Jogendra Rao 14 days ago +2

    Aaron Ramsey plz scored a goal and kill my teacher they were too rude

  • Epixkid 112
    Epixkid 112 14 days ago

    Ramsey scores against spurs

    Luke Perry Dies
    Yep the curse is till here people

  • Yahia Altorban
    Yahia Altorban 14 days ago

    😭 sad

  • Sadcarsm
    Sadcarsm 14 days ago

    go on rambo

  • Swrve™
    Swrve™ 14 days ago

    Thank god it’s only Ramsey since he doesn’t score much

  • Pramod Manakikar
    Pramod Manakikar 14 days ago

    Hate you Ramsey

  • Will Halliday
    Will Halliday 14 days ago

    He scored vs spurs and then the prodigy singer died

  • Baneeh 96
    Baneeh 96 14 days ago

    Did Ramsey score like 2 days ago?

  • Yohann Cabral
    Yohann Cabral 14 days ago +1

    The curse has returned. Ramsey scored against tothennam and hours later Luke Perry died

  • Abdullah Nashbat
    Abdullah Nashbat 14 days ago

    What if one of his goals killed queen elizabeth

  • Sean Lee
    Sean Lee 14 days ago +1

    Ramsey: Scores a goal

    Tom Holland: I don't feel so good...

  • Crazy O.M
    Crazy O.M 14 days ago

    This nonsense is a joke .