HOW BIG Will The Roster for Smash Bros Switch Be?


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  • KingPhoenix7200
    KingPhoenix7200 4 days ago

    no roster reset in my book. MORE FIGHTERS!

  • Jackson Dumesich
    Jackson Dumesich 6 days ago

    Give me ice climbers

  • This Ginger
    This Ginger 7 days ago

    Dude I just Amaterasu to be in she’s been in other games an her move set would be wild. I mean they made ryu an Mega mans not also including pac man An she’s comin to the switch. So cmon she’d be a really cool fighter

  • deathshadow551
    deathshadow551 10 days ago

    I personally think more is better and it would be cool to have many new faces bit try to make them unique you know and maybe make some of the clones we have now more unique

  • Cowx123
    Cowx123 11 days ago

    larger roster= Better money generator

  • MrBeanieMan
    MrBeanieMan 12 days ago

    I feel that this doesn’t have to be the case because perhaps they could possibly integrate some sort of system that would keep the original roster, but then maybe have a daily or weekly reset that would bring some of those more diverse characters and play sets into the game. This also could allow for TONS of replay ability and create more of a stable basis for characters which helps for having less of a hectic roster. So I think this would be an awesome idea that they could add due to Nintendo’s ever growing Smash roster.
    P.S. I’m not sure how the New Challenger Approaches aspect would be implemented to this new daily or weekly roster idea.

  • Legendary Link
    Legendary Link 15 days ago

    I'd like a reset but still high of a roster as well. Where I see some would be disappointed in their character not being in or different from before would anger them, but it's a bitter sweet kind of thing beause the whole roster itself would be changed even if some were brought back. I think what I'm trying to get at is there is something of a happy medium between new roster and vetran roster. Like what if the roster starts completely changed and then start releasing character dlc bundles? And I'm not talking a petty four character dlc but a whole dlc roster. They could even fair price that in and make that happen entirely. Imagine that you could pay like $30-$40 for a whole roster of Brawl, Sm4sh, or even Melee added to your already new roster. It sounds crazy but it'd be like a flipp flopped DLC where you start with the new and add the vetrans you want after. I know I put something of far fetched but isn't that sometimes how great things happen? Things don't always start out great to begin with but become greater in time.

  • Darth Porg
    Darth Porg 20 days ago

    They could just make clones as different skins

  • Jay Cyclondo
    Jay Cyclondo 22 days ago

    less characters? wow... bye

  • Calvin Keenan
    Calvin Keenan 24 days ago

    As long as we have Toon Link then imma dominate

  • Gamer Jesse
    Gamer Jesse 24 days ago

    Here what i think they will do expand the roster maybe take away few and replace with New characters
    But again the roster shall be expanded
    Nintendo could easily take away clones and replace them with New characters
    Like replace dr mario with waluigi
    Lucina with chrom
    Dark pit could easily be pit skin
    Lucina could easily be marth skin
    Dr mario could easily be Mario skin
    Make these characters a skin and give new character like chrom or waluigi a chance from that series
    Even zero suit samus could be a skin of samus
    So that why i think they should just put them ether as skins
    Or get rid of them
    So that New fan favorite characters can take the spot light

  • Nathan Long
    Nathan Long 25 days ago

    If they cut down the roster, I would be very disappointed.

  • Shadow Demon
    Shadow Demon 26 days ago

    The only thing I feel like u should have added is how many characters leave for each game since we know some melee characters and brawl characters left but other than that great vid

  • Joshua Nicholas
    Joshua Nicholas 26 days ago

    I want them to replace the wii fit trainer she has no purpose to be in the game.

  • Literally Ayr
    Literally Ayr 27 days ago

    I just want waluigi and for Rosalina to return tbh

    LIZARDON the RAT 29 days ago

    I would be ok with anything as long as Charizard is included

  • clayman100man
    clayman100man Month ago

    What if they removed every character and you only could be waluigi

  • Light Dragon Master

    I hope the ice climbers come back I would play them so much but then my brawl disc got ruined and they weren’t in smash 4 I miss them😢

  • van browne
    van browne Month ago

    People forget Super Smash is technically still a PARTY GAME gotta have alot of ppl, this gam isnt for the hardcore smashers, they are for all to find one of their favorites and play

  • porter bros
    porter bros Month ago

    I Love your videos they make me happy keep on making videos

  • Marco Siragusa
    Marco Siragusa Month ago

    Just make the clones skins for the fighters and (just a joke) fill the roster with fire emblem

  • ChrisTLS
    ChrisTLS Month ago

    They better keep Mii Fighters or I will quit life.

  • Clay Cameron
    Clay Cameron Month ago +1

    Anyone else think he raged a bit much for a moment?
    In my opinion the large character set is good. Sure there are some similar characters like link and toon Link but these are rare and there is large possibility for unique move sets

  • Lumify | Gil
    Lumify | Gil Month ago +1

    The same as Wii U with Inklings. It's a port

  • Justin Neagle
    Justin Neagle Month ago

    There are not as many clones in Sm4sh as you make it seem

  • Julia Gleason
    Julia Gleason Month ago

    I hope they add story mode back.

  • Benjamin Degley
    Benjamin Degley Month ago

    Guys, you're asking the wrong questions. It should be rather if it'll be a Wii U Port or a GameCube Port? ;P

  • Michael Harrison
    Michael Harrison Month ago

    The dlc characters from the previous version will probably be added to the switch automatically

  • Daniel Miranda
    Daniel Miranda Month ago

    Well.. pichu was removed so this theory is possible

  • Person Pacman
    Person Pacman Month ago

    All i want is, Splatoon 1 and 2 characters, BOTW Link, BOTW Zelda, Mario, and cappy, snipperclip characters, some more pokemon, mabey shadow mewtwo from poken tournament!
    Also BOTW gannon, 1st form is regular character 2nt form is smash crystal also gaurdians would be AWSOMEEE

  • Fin Tuber
    Fin Tuber Month ago

    I got an idea. NO MORE CLONE CHARACTERS!

  • MouseCrusader
    MouseCrusader Month ago


  • DuskLunacy
    DuskLunacy Month ago

    I think people will be justifiably upset if they clean out the roster.
    Hell, I don't wanna lose Lucario and Lucina, among others. Even if they are considered clones. I like the characters themselves, and just because the moveset is similar doesn't mean I'd be equally happy playing Marth or Mewtwo.
    Remember the outrage when ice climbers got cut? People are attached to these characters for sure.

  • Famous Jordie
    Famous Jordie Month ago

    Why wouldn’t you want variants like Mario and Dr. Mario? Decreasing the roster does not necessarily mean a diversified move set. I say add as many characters as possible (in reason) without totally copying another characters moveset.

  • Epic DBS gamer
    Epic DBS gamer Month ago


  • a clam
    a clam Month ago

    I just wish daisy is part of the new roster

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    S&G' Vlogs Month ago

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  • Flamingdarkrider
    Flamingdarkrider Month ago

    We need a story mode again and bring back classic solid snake

  • JVKart
    JVKart Month ago

    But doctor mario is trash

  • Joshua Hills
    Joshua Hills Month ago

    Getting rid of characters would destroy peoples feelings since their character may get deleted, just add on. Not delete


    I feel 60 or 72 in the roster,if that's true here is what I want to be the roster
    Mario(cappy will be in the game hopefully)
    Link (the abilities with breath of the wild link)-
    Toon link
    Paper mario (replaced dr mario)
    Ice climbers (came back)
    Lucario (gen 4 remakes might be made)
    A new pokemon
    Incenaroar(fighting oriented pokemon)
    Mewtwo(really popular)
    Sceptile (last pokemon,I promise)
    Donkey kong
    Diddly kong
    The people in ARMS
    King k rool
    Shovel knight (indie games might be a possibility)
    Majoras mask
    Rabbids (admit it,its undeniable)
    Captain falcon
    Game and watch
    Mega man
    Pac man
    Meta knight
    King deede
    Mega man x
    Browse jr/koopalings

  • Bob Bobertsin
    Bob Bobertsin Month ago

    Larger roster. You have to prep more competitively and it would suck losing your main. I couldn’t deal with losing my main after the iceclimber’s unfortunate departure...

  • IsaiahCool 70
    IsaiahCool 70 Month ago

    Smash is already announced even though I know this vid was released on dec 30 2017

  • Cesar Martinez
    Cesar Martinez Month ago


  • Jacob Steele
    Jacob Steele Month ago

    Due to the switches higher power and storage capability I’m sure it could almost double.

  • torress1235
    torress1235 Month ago

    I hope its not too many cahracters just keep it simple make it 24

  • Matt Muns
    Matt Muns Month ago

    Holy spoiler alert with Lucina!!

  • Fishycustomer27 :0
    Fishycustomer27 :0 Month ago

    I feel the big choice of characters is definitely one of the appeals of smash bros

  • Aggieman
    Aggieman Month ago +1

    All I care is that they kept Kirby

  • Unknown Profile
    Unknown Profile Month ago

    I think less would be better. DELETE FIRE EMBLEM!

  • liam barnett
    liam barnett Month ago

    You can tell by counting the people in the trailer.

  • Jenni Locke
    Jenni Locke Month ago

    Neku Sakuraba for Smash ✌

  • Roy Criddle
    Roy Criddle Month ago

    They need to change Ganondorf's moveset and buff his recovery and grab range!

    • courage1
      courage1 25 days ago

      That wont happen because hes very likely going to be cut form the roster as a whole

  • That Guy who is always obsessed with youtube

    my hopes up on ice climbers returning

  • Katlyn Burman
    Katlyn Burman Month ago

    One character I would like to see in Smash Bros for the Switch would be Shadow The Hedgehog. The reason why is because there is only one Sonic character in Smash while the others have multiple. I know shadow won't become a newcomer in the Switch version of Smash Bros but I would definitely love to see it happen! Give this comment a thumbs up if you agree.

  • subject18blueknight
    subject18blueknight Month ago +1

    My Super Smash Bros Switch wishlist:
    Ice Climbers
    Crash Bandicoot
    Shovel Knight

  • Luke McCaulley
    Luke McCaulley Month ago

    i think we should keep it diverse but possibly to save room make slots for a series, for example super Mario bros, or fire emblem, and once you click on it it would contain all the characters you from that series you can choose from and a summary of moves/ stats for each charater.

  • Charlé Ouel
    Charlé Ouel Month ago

    Perso I want more Full character (AKA something like Ike vs Marth)
    Over Lucina (it not that I don't want Lucina but why not make like Lyn insteed and make Lucina a "Skin" for Marth insteed?)
    I do fell like most ppl think the same way They are ok whit (Semi-clone Exemple Fox vs Falco) but kinda don't really want Fully clone (Lucina vs Marth)
    Perso I think the new Fire emblem character are really fun... But I still think Lucina could just have been a Skin for marth and would have work prefectly fine whitout takeing space in the Character menu.
    (I think Corrin, Robin where really well done and fun. But I would still have prf geting a Spear user or something else insteed of Lucina)

    • Charlé Ouel
      Charlé Ouel Month ago

      Any way How I see it is really simple:
      New Character: YES (Exemple: Ike vs Marth really not much is the same it pretty much a full new character)
      Semi-Clone: YES (Exemple: Fox vs Falco yah sure they got pretty much all the same skill and similar moment type but overall they still got alot of uniqueness in there kits Falco got better Air but worse Ground his Skill most of the time got some knock back Shield and Blasted for exemple, but they still use the same Side special and up Special)
      Clone character: NO (but make them Skin Exemple: Dark Pit, Doc. Mario, Lucina)

  • Da__Kracken__Is -here

    Smash ballot] sans for smash.

  • Mr Mr
    Mr Mr Month ago

    Mario would 100% be there

  • Mr Mr
    Mr Mr Month ago

    Simple question the answer is

    I don’t know

  • Emerald Jay
    Emerald Jay Month ago

    I would prefer more characters because the more characters the more strats the more fun i really don't care if there clones or not i personally like characters like Dr Mario but that is just my opinion.

  • N0ah 0h
    N0ah 0h Month ago

    I would totally want Daruk, Revail, Urbosa, Mipha, maybe the rabbids?

  • Joe LaGreca
    Joe LaGreca Month ago

    I think the new Smash game should allow players to remove/re-add characters that they don't think belong, because I think while there are some characters that everyone pretty much agrees have no place in Smash (looking at you Dark Pit), there's also a lot of disagreement on this as well, so if players can choose who they want to get rid of from the roster, and then re-add that character later if they change their mind, I think that would be a great feature for the new smash game.

  • Spider Overlord
    Spider Overlord Month ago +1

    I would bring back story mode in the new super smash bros game

  • Spider Overlord
    Spider Overlord Month ago +3

    The characters I would be in my smash roster
    Bowser Jr
    Donkey Kong
    Diddy Kong
    Dixie Kong
    Captain toad
    Young Link
    Toon Link
    Crash Bandicoot
    Dr.Neo Cortex
    Megaman X
    The rabbits
    Mighty Neo.9
    Pokemon trainer
    Meta knight
    King dedede
    Wii fit trainer
    Solid snake
    Sub Zero
    Bomber man
    Stovel Knight
    Chell and watch
    Captain Falcon
    Zero suit samus
    Ryu Hayabusa
    Dark pit
    Little mac
    The miis

  • Spooky
    Spooky Month ago

    I don't care who else gets added or taken away; I just wahhhnt Waluigi.

  • Indy Film Productions
    Indy Film Productions Month ago +1

    I absolutely despise the idea of making major cuts to the smash 4 roster. A roster reset actually kind of makes me sick. If they did this, I wouldn't buy the game.

  • DeSavage Rocky
    DeSavage Rocky Month ago

    Wait! Shouldn't characters rejected from smash 4 Come in smash 5(includes Wolf Snake Ivysaur squritle and IceClimers) Also pichu from melee! Many characters are getting rejected!

  • raul marhe
    raul marhe Month ago

    Does no one want Shadow the hedgehog??

  • The Triclops 101
    The Triclops 101 Month ago

    Get rid of dr Mario, lucina, Rosalina and Luma, Grenija, and dark pit to cut it down a bit

  • Noah's World
    Noah's World Month ago

    Let’s be honest, nobody really liked the smaller roster in Pokken Tournament.

  • Samix 3
    Samix 3 Month ago

    What there should be:
    1.errr... the Wii fit girl is useless (so no more)
    2. there should be more option, like an option to choose how often smash ball or object appears, like how much you can grow with the mushroom or shrink,more object, more ejection force, more craziness in short
    4. Why not snorlex that’d be fun
    5. There’s many Mario character why don’t you add some sonic character like tail would be interesting, shadow and silver too same as knuckles..
    6.bandana waddle dee, Coz why the heck not
    7. More BOSSES
    8.badass character
    9.more moves or like more final smash, like if you do B up this would do a different final smash then just B, that’d be cool right? Right? Right...?
    10.i want Cappy, like you can do like control a character and auto kill him (that’d be an interesting final smash for Mario)
    11.more mii abilities (you know what I mean) (like more then gunner, fighter and sword fighter)(that’d be cool if they where more then that)
    12.MORE STAGE!!! More Kirby stage, MARIO STAGE (MAYBE MARIO ODYSSEY STAGE!!!!!!!), more sonic stage, more Zelda stage .... etc
    13. Amazing Quality, AMAZING quality and graphics,
    THAT’S all I want

    AND DONT TOUCH TO MY KIRBY!! Let him be in!!!
    WAIT A SEC I forgot the most important, (what I Sometime love about video game)
    14. The music. C’mon Nintendo, why not put opening of game in the music in the extra , like the Mario odyssey song (its pretty good tho), And please add more song from other game, coz you added like many song from Mario and almost none from other game like sonic game have incredibly good song and you haven’t put many compared to the number of Mario song, KIRBY HAVE NOT EVEN 10 song in the game, AND pac man there’s literally just one song, and star fox two, ADD more song,c’mon Nintendo its always fun playing with different song
    15. The last one, so in the adventure mode you can choose a song to make it play but what make me sad is that you can’t in the other mode so that’d be cool like if you could choose a song to play for the smash mode ....
    Now that truly all

  • Colby Hubble
    Colby Hubble Month ago

    I think we should call smash bros switch switch bros

  • Luke Martin
    Luke Martin Month ago

    They should just fuse the cloneslike fusing Zelda and sheik, or fusing the samuses

  • Lone Wolf
    Lone Wolf Month ago

    idc as long as I get rex and pyra

  • SaoSonic GamingGeek

    Whether they have same move sets similar move sets or different move sets

  • SaoSonic GamingGeek

    I love having lots of characters

  • SaoSonic GamingGeek

    How in the world would you want a frickin small roster

  • SaoSonic GamingGeek

    The game should have tons of new cool characters

  • SaoSonic GamingGeek

    I hate small rosters

  • Makuo R.
    Makuo R. Month ago

    Roster resets are often not about uniqueness and more about balance. You can have a big roster with lots of unique characters but its very hard to balance 100 vs 10 characters. That's why games like League of legends need constant patches every few weeks. Nintendo will likely not want to constantly patch the game forever unless they can make consistent money from it somehow.

  • Rot Z
    Rot Z Month ago

    If there is a roster reset, I WILL BE HI5TING THE DISLIKE BUTTON!

  • Kylo Vader
    Kylo Vader Month ago

    Fuck off I want my clones

  • M. Maximiser
    M. Maximiser Month ago

    I will never want to decrease the roster

  • KCJ506
    KCJ506 Month ago

    The only way I see them not doing a reset if they reuse the same assets from Smash 4. If the game is being reworked from the ground up then I'm fully expecting a smaller roster than Smash 4 at launch.
    But even if so, they aren't gonna reuse assets for every single Smash game afterwards. If Nintendo were still making Smash games 20 years from now, the roster isn't gonna have 120+ characters. There will be a lot of characters that have come and gone over the years.


    Dude bendy from bendy and the ink machine should be in smash bros because the melty games are puting their game on the switch and batim has a popular game more popular than fnaf so please let bendy be in the game his smash ball will be innk demon bendy

  • Electric Blue Zircon

    I don’t see why we can’t have both. A ton of characters WITH unique movesets.

  • Simon Kasmarogi
    Simon Kasmarogi Month ago

    You should remake it scene the nintendo direct

  • Heavy Elite
    Heavy Elite Month ago

    Î think the bigger the raster, the better - Don't get me wrong - I agree, that some charakters are similar to others, but the moveset has different damage and knockback or some of those clones are way better and more interesting to play, than their other parts.

  • Mehrio Time
    Mehrio Time Month ago

    Knuckles for smash

  • Mudkip Productions
    Mudkip Productions Month ago

    Larger roster

  • Blaziken Salamence
    Blaziken Salamence Month ago

    As long as Blaziken and Sceptile are added I'm happy.

  • Clown Lives Matter
    Clown Lives Matter Month ago

    Crash bandicoot to push the trilogy. Dark souls soldier is a shoe in

  • NolimitGamer
    NolimitGamer Month ago

    Can you make a disscusion video saying will the be a story mode

  • Ender Logan
    Ender Logan Month ago

    How bout broodels as skins for bowser jr.

  • Charles Dk
    Charles Dk Month ago

    I hope the new smash bros theirs going to be shadow

  • Little Big
    Little Big Month ago


  • Phantom assassin
    Phantom assassin Month ago

    I need:
    Shadow the hedgehog

  • Phantom assassin
    Phantom assassin Month ago

    Screw marth lucina needs to stay.