SECRETIVE Places You can NEVER Enter...

  • Published on Mar 8, 2019
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Comments • 1 086

  • Ꮯɨɛʟ Ꮲɦǟռtօʍɦɨʋɛ

    customer service doesnt exist, no matter how hard you keep trying

  • Ssovereign
    Ssovereign 19 days ago

    I want that Arc

  • Twice is my hearteu Mina

    Metro2 i think its a time travelling

  • Johnny Rabaya
    Johnny Rabaya 23 days ago

    11. Emma Watson

  • MidnightFox
    MidnightFox 25 days ago

    Seed vault = A real life G.E.C.K! (only fallout fans will get this)

  • M.A. R
    M.A. R 26 days ago

    Scientists and some authorized military personnel: yeah, NOBODY IS ALLOWED THERE AT ALL.

  • Funny Phone
    Funny Phone 28 days ago

    1.Area 51

  • BahamutEx
    BahamutEx 29 days ago

    its more a "you arent allowed there" list, i mean if you really would want to enter these places I recon you could

  • Undrifted Pop
    Undrifted Pop Month ago

    Why dose he look like Michael rude from kanger hills

  • Eliz M.
    Eliz M. Month ago

    Remember when President Trump passed that Korean Demilitarized zone to talk to Kim? Lol love our president.

  • Dragoon GT
    Dragoon GT Month ago +1

    Bruh the the tomb one is a tourist attraction called more commonly as terracotta warriors

  • Dragoon GT
    Dragoon GT Month ago +1

    I’ve been to the demilitarized zone. Sure, some areas are restricted, but it’s actually a tourist attraction.

  • Dragoon GT
    Dragoon GT Month ago +1

    Time to raid pine gap bois

  • Michael Fontaine
    Michael Fontaine Month ago

    I've been to the DMZ or part of it plus I've been to 60' into north Korea it was pretty cool ! I've climbed mt souusan in South Korea that was amazing !

  • Mads Ross
    Mads Ross Month ago

    Have you heard about Zugg island?

  • Ryu beauman
    Ryu beauman Month ago

    Stick to honey badger content. You suck

  • bulletholesbobby
    bulletholesbobby Month ago

    Snake island has the golden Lance head snake. My question is how long before that snake ends up in the Everglades?

  • bulletholesbobby
    bulletholesbobby Month ago

    Sursey island or however you spell it was changed the moment a researcher stepped on it.

  • harsh mars
    harsh mars Month ago

    Yeah you cant place ur foot my place either bcz u dont know wherit is..

  • Jon Hill
    Jon Hill Month ago

    But didnt Conan O'Brien visit the demilitarized zone last year or 2 years ago?.. One more thing, i wonder how many strands of weed are in that vault :p

  • PennywiseTheDancingClownOfDerry 01

    The Indian government has also made it illegal to visit North Sentinel island, to protect the tribe

    A ALIEN 2 months ago

    N WORD

  • Slim Trim
    Slim Trim 2 months ago

    You lying about area 51

  • a filthy lizard person
    a filthy lizard person 2 months ago

    Area 51 shouldn't be on this list anymore because a bunch of people raided it except for going inside they forgot to do that except for enough to release me

  • Molanda Moseley of the FBI

    the Sentalinese have had several contacts with the outside world. The first recorded one involved merchants ships that brought disease much like what happened the Indians in America and they kidnapped a few of them as slaves.......hence now they attack anyone even ship wrecks to their shores. Last one i heard of was a fishing boat i think where the crew had to fight for their lives and were lucky to be rescued before the entire tribe turned up

  • Chris Langmann
    Chris Langmann 2 months ago

    Area 51 is a research and development centre where they develop stuff like Stealth aircraft, radar absorbing paint etc as well as well as for testing experimental aircraft

  • Shawn Days
    Shawn Days 2 months ago

    Great videos Matt

  • Jimmy
    Jimmy 2 months ago

    Plot tiwst... shoula had what he had buddhist wisdom

  • sarahx87
    sarahx87 2 months ago

    Did tsunami hit the sentinel island too in the 2004

  • alfie morrison
    alfie morrison 2 months ago

    Matt y’all hiring ?

  • Garnet [ official ]
    Garnet [ official ] 2 months ago

    There is a place in Africa called no man's land because of the ruins and extremely poisonous flys that will kill a human adult with one bite

  • Elizabeth Picazo
    Elizabeth Picazo 2 months ago

    Is there a secret underground map under Ft worth tx ?

  • Nathan Pierce
    Nathan Pierce 2 months ago

    I don't believe archaeologists should ever be allowed to dig up tamper with or remove bodies from their grave what's wrong with people just imagine somebody 2000 years from now someone dug you up and put you in a museum for everybody look at. You can't just call graverobbers archaeologists and think that changes anything archaeologists should be arrested for tampering with a grave

  • Kaust Shroff
    Kaust Shroff 2 months ago

    Fun fact: The Indian Navy has decided to protect the Sentinel Island because so many people have died trying to make contact

  • Chayce Harper
    Chayce Harper 2 months ago

    Boi I bet I can enter these with my eyes close. You can't stop me mf. Imma do it on fire. Pine gap pine shmap yolo bic

  • yOuNg TaCaRaChI
    yOuNg TaCaRaChI 2 months ago

    My boy Matt look like Crash Bandicoot.

  • Christian
    Christian 2 months ago

    wow, the pronunciation for that last one was nice haha most people just butcher other languages.

  • NotShroud At all
    NotShroud At all 2 months ago

    Aliens don't exist

  • Mary D
    Mary D 2 months ago

    Just discovered this channel on today. I'm definitely bing watching! 😊💞

  • The 4bidden1
    The 4bidden1 2 months ago

    Ironwood MI, you should never enter.

  • Landon Wayne
    Landon Wayne 2 months ago

    Those are pictures of eyelash vipers. Js

  • barbarianbijuu
    barbarianbijuu 2 months ago

    Little did he know..... the raid area 51 meme would become a thing XD

  • Giahn Siaron
    Giahn Siaron 2 months ago

    ill just use parsel tounge in snake island

  • Philphilly 5.0
    Philphilly 5.0 2 months ago

    Seen all your videos great job

  • Naturia
    Naturia 2 months ago

    Why don’t we use sleeping has on the centennials? Use night vision and some sleeping darts. Also use prisoners on death row. This will be a complete takeover but no the government doesn’t seem to be interested in using death row inmates for military purposes.....

  • Gavriil
    Gavriil 2 months ago +1

    Saint Patrick was said to have taken all the snakes out of Ireland. I think he put them on snake island

  • Jeremiah the Pisces
    Jeremiah the Pisces 2 months ago

    Forbidden zone? zombies cover up confirm

  • Riley Stecker
    Riley Stecker 2 months ago

    Does he use a crayon to fill in his beard?

  • JulieCatFace
    JulieCatFace 3 months ago

    It's said the ceiling of the emperor's tomb is ornate with emeralds and there's a river of mercury around the grave. It's why they worry about cracking any wall open

  • Iridescent Vampire
    Iridescent Vampire 3 months ago

    What's the name of the music in the background, it's so beautiful yet so haunting

  • Brittany Holtgreven
    Brittany Holtgreven 3 months ago

    Is this a challenge?

  • Dimitre Timberlake
    Dimitre Timberlake 3 months ago

    In 25 years from now, the ark will be stolen and all snacks will be mine.

  • Babyz Channel
    Babyz Channel 3 months ago

    Well it's not a secret anymore if there's a top 10 about it

  • Zerg Zerg
    Zerg Zerg 3 months ago

    Discovery Island from Disney World

  • Corey Freeman
    Corey Freeman 3 months ago

    *Carries rifle onto island of indegenious tribe ppl.
    *becomes leader of indigenous tribe

  • Pamela De La Rosa
    Pamela De La Rosa 3 months ago


  • Akosua Biggles
    Akosua Biggles 3 months ago

    How do you stop a satanic relation from disturbing you?

  • The octopus Kills it
    The octopus Kills it 3 months ago

    I been to 10 and got a tour of 7

  • JoNatHan K
    JoNatHan K 3 months ago

    What if the Ark is in Heaven ?

  • Amber Young
    Amber Young 3 months ago

    I love his scary/serious voice, but what can I say I'm a huge knowledge whale fan lol