A Conversation with Charles "Buck" Maggard

  • Published on Aug 19, 2016

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  • Freddie an Brenda Busshart

    This is Tracy Thurman's ex psycho husband! No one cares about his past! I hope someone is beating his ass in jail!! Piece of shit man...

  • Lynner Sittard
    Lynner Sittard 4 months ago +1

    Piece of SHIT! Doesn’t even act like almost killing his wife bothers him at all

  • Elrine Lottino
    Elrine Lottino 4 months ago +3

    What was the purpose of this interview?...what point is there in chatting with a violent abuser about his life?...rather chat about what he did to his wife!

  • didi munster
    didi munster 4 months ago +5

    Tracey Thurman's (ex) husband's name is Charles "Buck" THURMAN....Not Maggard!

    • Ann McDonald
      Ann McDonald 2 months ago

      Maybe he changed it

    • Barbi Ruth
      Barbi Ruth 3 months ago

      didi munster 👍🏽 IKR? God are people just stupid or completely.....stupid?

  • Jackie B
    Jackie B 4 months ago +1

    Waste of film on this pathetic human being

  • Claire Maphosa
    Claire Maphosa 5 months ago +4

    A men who abused and tried to kill his wife Tracy thurman. There's a srory and a film about it. Search on youtube

  • IjusWannaDoHairNnails28
    IjusWannaDoHairNnails28 5 months ago +4

    This is the real husband from the movie A CRY FOR HELP. Horrible man hope he's still in prison

    • Lynner Sittard
      Lynner Sittard 3 months ago

      Barbi Ruth as I said- Buck Thurman only served 7 years! I did my research, but I am talking about “Buck Thurman” I was confused on the “Bucks.” who the hell is this guy Maggard? He looks like a piece of shit as well.

    • Barbi Ruth
      Barbi Ruth 3 months ago

      IjusWannaDoHairNnails28 Lol, you obviously didn’t do your research.

    • Lynner Sittard
      Lynner Sittard 4 months ago +1

      IjusWannaDoHairNnails28 he only served 7 years. Poor excuse for a human...

  • Robin Lambert
    Robin Lambert 8 months ago +4

    Who is this