Subway Hired Tom Segura To Play Jared's Brother

  • Published on Mar 28, 2018
  • Subway never aired what 'Disgraced' comedian Tom Segura thought would be his big break... which turned out to be an ever bigger break.
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Comments • 1 397

  • John Schueler
    John Schueler Day ago

    Colbert, ugh.

  • CCG Bass and More
    CCG Bass and More 2 days ago

    Justin Chancellor gained some weight

  • Captain Obvious
    Captain Obvious 3 days ago

    He looks like a cleaned up less sloppy version of Zach Galifinakis

  • Aniruddha Sharma
    Aniruddha Sharma 3 days ago

    Didn't Jared turn out to be a paedophile?

  • X. Y.
    X. Y. 4 days ago +1

    Hey Hitler

  • Johnny Jimenez
    Johnny Jimenez 4 days ago

    Tom Segura = Tomás Segura = Mexican name...

  • John Kurkowski
    John Kurkowski 6 days ago

    Why’d that guy in the band try to ruin a guest’s joke? What a jerk.

  • Rhysbans
    Rhysbans 7 days ago

    He looks horrible for 38

  • Shane Matthew
    Shane Matthew 7 days ago

    I built everything on that set. From flooring to the desk and lighting. This the kind of guy your gettin.

  • Shaun Dimick
    Shaun Dimick 7 days ago

    The best part is when Tom realizes they are playing Erica Badhu song.

  • Ucantseemeverywell
    Ucantseemeverywell 10 days ago

    Tom knew exactly how far to push the race jokes lmfao. very good stuff

  • Aries Rogue
    Aries Rogue 10 days ago

    Mommy Jean's you look Hydrated AF💖💖💖💎👑👑🎩💁🏻‍♂️🧝🏽‍♂️

  • shoelesblondlady
    shoelesblondlady 10 days ago

    Jermaine shoulda held up his old tiny pants he doesn't fit into anymore but doesn't care enough to give them to salvation army

  • shoelesblondlady
    shoelesblondlady 10 days ago

    Tom at least twice is thinking stfu I'm in the middle of a bit n ur killing the rhythm

  • Koubaa Sofien
    Koubaa Sofien 10 days ago

    He's a chunky funny beast

  • David Igleniec
    David Igleniec 11 days ago

    Ur sega. Im dyslexic

  • Carbon Dated
    Carbon Dated 11 days ago


  • Jordan Matchett
    Jordan Matchett 12 days ago

    This is literally three minutes of Tom getting roasted. If this same interview went down on Fallon or Conan, the outcome would have been so much more playful and entertaining. Leftist bullshit.

  • Matt R
    Matt R 13 days ago

    Lmao as Tom recovers the joke he rolls his eyes at the guy for disagreeing with the Joke Tom is a freaking character

  • Gilbert Aguilar
    Gilbert Aguilar 14 days ago

    For the man who eats like a trashcan! Ads aimed at me

  • Wtfplsstfu
    Wtfplsstfu 18 days ago

    The commercials should have all been tommy, or jermaine rather, eating different unhealthy sandwiches and saying: “this chicken parm is good, try it out.”

  • MJC919
    MJC919 19 days ago

    If that button on his jacket pops someone will lose a eye.

  • Phil A
    Phil A 19 days ago

    They ought to just hire him as himself eating custom sandwiches. Would be more endearing

  • Neuhweh
    Neuhweh 20 days ago

    Colbert sucks so much.

  • Benjamin Moore
    Benjamin Moore 20 days ago

    High and tight

  • Joe Om
    Joe Om 20 days ago

    What?!? Wheres the other 90% of the story?

  • CommentOf TheDay
    CommentOf TheDay 20 days ago

    Wtf was up with that dance...??

  • hector mora
    hector mora 22 days ago

    Jon Baptist isn’t really a good sidekick

  • john clhugyugihjbvgbkj

    Tyrone Power. And he’s the iii. He has a son who is the IV., Latanne Rene Welch, daughter. That whole family seems to have, “black names.”

  • PB Hend
    PB Hend 22 days ago

    Jerome Jerome the metronome, lead character of Gatica was white and named Jerome, don't think uncle Tom, kidding, was that far off tho

  • CJ Carpenter
    CJ Carpenter 23 days ago

    Why do white people get offended over black jokes??😂 lmao. Colbert is a cuck.

  • Daniel Cook
    Daniel Cook 23 days ago

    He is funny that black guy, never noticed him before.

  • i am Wealthy
    i am Wealthy 23 days ago

    Jon Baptist stinks

  • YodaEconomics
    YodaEconomics 23 days ago

    Jerome is actually a French name.

  • Knead
    Knead 26 days ago

    I love Colbert but he seems to have mastered the art of not offending. I find him absolutely banal and cardboard now. He's utterly declawed. The show is so consistently bland, and it's entirely Colbert's doing. He's just the wrong guy for this job. I don't expect him to be Letterman, and it's a different world now, but with Dave there was always an element of danger. Now it's just so damned boring night after night.

  • sarikatimmi
    sarikatimmi 26 days ago

    Subway wld def make up for the jared fiasco if they allowed them to air it

  • Whale’s Willy
    Whale’s Willy 26 days ago

    Christ this band guy is chatty aint he

  • Action Sloth
    Action Sloth 27 days ago

    Them playing Tyrone at the end was fuckin too good lmao, T Bunz reaction was great

  • Scoop WithTheLoup
    Scoop WithTheLoup 27 days ago

    "before he was in chat rooms" lol

  • raffpants618
    raffpants618 Month ago

    stephen is so unfunny - he couldn't riff or even laugh at this hilarious story. Why such an awkward ending?

  • Vincent Ciccone
    Vincent Ciccone Month ago

    colbert sold out to the government propaganda machine.

  • Toadvine42
    Toadvine42 Month ago

    What a great fucking bit. I bet Tom was saving it and Colbert and Jon did everything they could to ruin it. Almost hard to believe this is the same guy that hosted the Colbert Report.

  • Tommie Bennett
    Tommie Bennett Month ago

    This black guy thinks Jerome is a white dudes name lol

  • Ms. Smith
    Ms. Smith Month ago

    None of this is funny. The bandleader is a jerk and not funny

  • victor archangel
    victor archangel Month ago

    Why does Stephen kill the joke. Just let the bit run, be a good host

  • majorxdf
    majorxdf Month ago

    Don't worry Tom, I can assure you're doing much, much better than Jared these days. He's likely enjoying a foot long right now in prison.

  • C J
    C J Month ago

    Tom's lowkey mad at Batiste...
    Good morning, Julia!

  • Felipe Segura
    Felipe Segura Month ago

    Way to step on a joke. That asshole.

  • Logan Fisher
    Logan Fisher Month ago

    I find it amazing that all Jared had to do was eat the correct amount of sandwich and then he became famous.

  • jimmy aspros
    jimmy aspros Month ago

    What's up shout out to Throatzilla?

  • M C
    M C Month ago

    Why wouldn't it make it to air. Colbert is a cuck.

  • hailmichigan2
    hailmichigan2 Month ago

    I hate seeing the look in Colbert's eyes when he wants to dig in deeper but you can tell the producers are just yelling at him in his earpiece.

  • James Peters
    James Peters Month ago

    Cobert kept those jean's high and tight! Home here now - Hitler

  • Derek Miller
    Derek Miller Month ago

    I'm an expert" lmfao

  • Jessus Christ
    Jessus Christ Month ago

    nice pants dad

  • Doorkicker505
    Doorkicker505 Month ago +1

    That would have been low and loose.

  • Irving Velasquez
    Irving Velasquez Month ago

    why was Colbert being a dick ?

  • Harry H
    Harry H Month ago

    Tom got mad excited when the band started playing “Tyrone “ by Erika Badu. 😂

  • Nicky Potter
    Nicky Potter Month ago

    Why you gotta ruin this part man?

  • Artie Langes
    Artie Langes Month ago

    I finally clicked, TVclip! Now leave me alone

  • Sean Hagey
    Sean Hagey Month ago

    i love that at the end jon batiste lead the band in Erykah Badu's "tyrone"

  • CJayin
    CJayin Month ago

    Disgraceful is the best one out of the 3

  • Brother Malentus
    Brother Malentus Month ago

    wow, this was was proper bullshit tommy bunz deserved better

  • James Young
    James Young Month ago

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  • Sebastian Ramirez
    Sebastian Ramirez Month ago

    How am I just discovering how funny Tom Segura IS ?!

  • Tony Patton
    Tony Patton Month ago +1

    I'm so conflicted, mommies. I hate Colbert as much as I love Tommy Bunz.

  • Ethandials3
    Ethandials3 Month ago

    Something funny happens on a late show and they don't even know how to respond at this point lol. Save us Craig Ferguson

  • mrzazzaable
    mrzazzaable Month ago +2

    4:35 can i watch this without you flicking your little skinny black peen on my screen. K thanx

  • Cynde Santo
    Cynde Santo Month ago +1

    how to kill a bit in 10 seconds band guy.

  • Shirtango
    Shirtango Month ago +1

    So Cringy to watch. you can tell its all scripted, pre-rehearsed , but if you look hard enough, you can tell the black guy is actually pissed, ha ha ha...

  • Thee KinG
    Thee KinG Month ago

    He says never broadcasted but I remember watching 2 of these commercials in Los Angeles. Funny that now I know who was the fat cousin in the commercials.

  • Kraft Dinnah
    Kraft Dinnah Month ago

    Colbert is a pussy scared to laugh at something funny. Way to kill the premise of the joke there side kick. What happened to humor man, everyone’s lame. Jarome is 100% a black guy name.

  • chadgrov
    chadgrov Month ago

    Hes goin full trottle here guys

  • Joe D
    Joe D Month ago

    Let’s get physical. I like that

    • Buraidah
      Buraidah Month ago +1

      Good morning Julia

  • Nathan Aljets
    Nathan Aljets Month ago

    Steven Colbert is the worst

  • Khawar Ahmed
    Khawar Ahmed Month ago

    I tell you huwwaaatt.

  • Lu
    Lu 2 months ago

    Ruined the bit

  • NANCY Noise
    NANCY Noise 2 months ago

    How many fuckin white people have you ever met named Jerome?

  • JLAShazam
    JLAShazam 2 months ago

    Hey hitler

  • Ikumuerte Helminosizunami the Anubismania

    Hope whoever posted this know the abundant grammatical errors in the description. They even got the name of his Netflix special wrong....

  • Leonardo Villa
    Leonardo Villa 2 months ago

    *He looks like a dwarf version of Tyson Fury.*

  • joshua mullaney
    joshua mullaney 2 months ago

    fuck stephen colbert, podesta loving piece of shit ...

  • Keith Freeman
    Keith Freeman 2 months ago

    One of the only good things I’ve ever seen off this piece of shit show.

  • Eric
    Eric 2 months ago

    What’s sad is Tom doesn’t host Steven Col- Bert’s show so it’s funny all the time

  • Jay Privacy
    Jay Privacy 2 months ago

    Tom is funny AF!

  • Hoodies&Timbs
    Hoodies&Timbs 2 months ago

    At the end of the segment the host says I hope we can air this. Is that considered a touchy subject now?

  • HERE~FIRST...kinda;)
    HERE~FIRST...kinda;) 2 months ago +1

    Colbert is such a cuck

  • Florida Bear
    Florida Bear 2 months ago

    Colbert show is hot garbage but it got a little high and tight for a minute

    AUGUSTUS CAESAR 2 months ago

    The black guy ruined the whole bit.

  • Daniel Arroyo
    Daniel Arroyo 2 months ago

    SUP KANE!!!

  • kongvinter33
    kongvinter33 2 months ago

    the black guy ruined the flow of the story.

  • VINMAD666
    VINMAD666 2 months ago

    FUCK .......Tom is him.........high N tight jeans.....TRY IT OUT

  • Michael Malone
    Michael Malone 2 months ago

    I haven't seen Tom so animated since that time he got beer poured down his pants.

  • Andrew's Theories
    Andrew's Theories 2 months ago

    Hey did you guys know Tom had 3 specials on Netflix?

  • Codename
    Codename 2 months ago

    Our urban "expert" was being kind of a douche, I think. Who agrees?

  • Keith Sullivan
    Keith Sullivan 2 months ago

    I been watching...a lot of Netflix....

  • Andrew A
    Andrew A 2 months ago

    what is the song the band starts playing at the end that Tom points out?

  • Tra Gik
    Tra Gik 2 months ago +1

    Used to love colbert. 10 years or so ago, he was real, himself. He makes me fucking nauseous now. Fucking schill

  • HighAltitudeMMA
    HighAltitudeMMA 2 months ago

    Jonbabtist really botched this unfortunately. Disagreed with the premise and derailed the joke. Tried to make up for it by going way overboard and upstaging the comedian. Made the bit about himself.
    Weak move.

  • HighAltitudeMMA
    HighAltitudeMMA 2 months ago

    I'm usually a big Colbert fan. Have been for a while. But oh man has he lost his edge.
    Tom you're the man. You psycho. #HighandTight