Story of League of Legends Explained

  • Published on Mar 7, 2019
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  • Loreius
    Loreius 22 hours ago

    world of warcraft muisc :D

  • drewski west
    drewski west 2 days ago

    they should ditch the game and make an anime.
    their game is just garbage and i will never support riot again financially
    not when children can decide where my $3k goes on one account and $900 on a smurf over ONE game each account
    shit talked by 4kids in their premade groups in a NON RANKED match for the first game in several seasons
    i reply to their shittalk, they report, instantly perma banned. no "investigation" as advertised by their automated email, no viewing of replay to see context of my replies, no looking beyond the thin veil of 4 children shittalking during hero select, game and post game and twisting it so much they even got enemy team to report as well.
    fuck. riot. i lost my beta account, i paid $10 for it, had skins you could never get again, seasonal rewards (i.e. victorious skins prior to being able to buy them, why they started allowing that is beyond me but scrub company catering to children and assholes only see green and fueled by greed)
    they will fall spectacularly

  • IITheExiledII
    IITheExiledII 2 days ago


  • Fujiko
    Fujiko 3 days ago

    Necrit : Everybody loved Azir.
    Me: Tell that to the little brat called Taliyah !

  • E̶̷̲̅ʀ̶̷̲̅ʀ̶̷̲̅ᴏ̶̷̲̅ʀ̶̷̲̅ 5̶̷̲̅0̶̷̲̅

    what about aatrox what region is he in XD

  • R .R
    R .R 4 days ago

    I think its cute that aurelien was grateful enough to wear the targonian's gifts, its a shame they had to control him

  • David Piland II
    David Piland II 4 days ago

    a league mmorpg would be tight

  • Bob Ross
    Bob Ross 5 days ago

    Video starts at 2:28

  • Hater Lumy#BrödernaBergiboi!

    fku die in cnacer like ur mom

  • Ronell B.
    Ronell B. 6 days ago +1

    One question, where the hell is Aatrox?

  • Noroxo
    Noroxo 6 days ago

    Wait country CZ ? jako vážně ? xD

  • smilylaugh
    smilylaugh 6 days ago

    thank you so much!!

  •  7 days ago

    Mind = BLOWN 💥💥💥💥

  • BlairBear
    BlairBear 8 days ago

    You should, eventually, make a huge like 3 hour long video where you explain every champions lore and how they all intertwine and relate to one another and basically do what you did in this video but explain how every champ fits in.

    • NotQuiteEnglish
      NotQuiteEnglish 4 days ago

      BlairBear that’d take a hell of a lot longer than 3 hours...

  • crackersmacka
    crackersmacka 8 days ago

    WoW music? haha

  • Purple Cucumber
    Purple Cucumber 8 days ago +1

    This is how i feel when parents forget to close the door behind them

  • Bándi Péter György

    It is so similar to WoW's lore.

  • Edgar Petasek
    Edgar Petasek 10 days ago

    took this dude 2 min and 30 seconds to just say "the story is not complete but you can find everything on the league website"

  • Zach Austin
    Zach Austin 11 days ago

    i miss space librarian susan and stupid reason for stupid weapon jax

  • Infinimo League
    Infinimo League 12 days ago

    The next should be Ascended Yordles :D, imagine an ascended Teemo using his celestial shrooms to nuke the voiid rifts

  • firstblood400
    firstblood400 12 days ago +1

    Cool but why is there a League of Legends?

  • Bryan Miranda
    Bryan Miranda 12 days ago

    So basically this entire lore started by some other dimension bois being annoyed/ intrigued by a light

  • Alec Holland
    Alec Holland 12 days ago

    The Truth Is that the watchers are demon baby with electrical wings.

  • HSHgame
    HSHgame 14 days ago

    Why isn't there anything about Zaun on this one?

  • laco hromkovic
    laco hromkovic 14 days ago

    did you really used heralds eye ?

  • Oliver Gamborg Isaksen 8B Skåde Skole

    If they made a series about this, it would be better than GoT! Think about it. Maybe “Just” a movie🤔

  • Chadimir
    Chadimir 17 days ago

    digging the WoW music and models bro.

  • KisWithY
    KisWithY 17 days ago

    Hey i wanted to ask: is there something that kindred did on a big picture?
    is something that zaun, piltover illonia etc. did on a big picture ?

    • KisWithY
      KisWithY 17 days ago

      i forgot seepent iles but im too lazy to edit :p

  • kuro shin
    kuro shin 17 days ago

    Is your tongue short?

  • Der Bananenkönig
    Der Bananenkönig 18 days ago

    Is this the angry foreigner

  • xDestinGames
    xDestinGames 19 days ago

    19:20 anyone know where that art came from??

  • Georgia Ciulacu
    Georgia Ciulacu 19 days ago

    damn c thun made it to League

  • MidnightCatBrix
    MidnightCatBrix 20 days ago

    I love this video so much :)

  • Jil Xander
    Jil Xander 21 day ago

    League of Legends' really captured me. I'm just starting to play the game recently (in practice, rather). Thanks for this overview. Must have been a very long and tiring read. 😂

  • BrooklynTheGreat
    BrooklynTheGreat 22 days ago

    would you destroy an entire timeline because you were sleepy? sans probably would. where is he in all of this? is he the one true god of their universe? who knooooooows

  • RadWolf
    RadWolf 22 days ago

    I wish riot creates a anime or a 3d movie about the story of league of legends

  • UnBeaten Otter
    UnBeaten Otter 23 days ago

    i like the WoW Musik imao

  • TIMY_Mahmoud NU
    TIMY_Mahmoud NU 25 days ago +7

    Who agrees that riot should make like a campaign in lol?

  • YourLocalBritishGangsta

    Wait is vel koz a watcher he looks similar?

  • Propaganda Minister
    Propaganda Minister 25 days ago

    Well Malzahar is pretty interesting. He was a mortal seer who became depressed because he saw all the pain in everyones life. As he was traveling alone for answers he accidently found the void hole and looked into it. He saw the void beeing the end of all suffering. He did not became corrupted (the lore hints that if any other mortal would looked into the void he would have simply been dead instantly) and he got abilities from the event. He can open small void holes and let the voidlings come out of it to help him. Also his presence creates the dark visions explained in 15:00. He is telling people about the void and either passive or active strengthening it. People are giving the watchers offerings etc.

  • DeathbyZoe
    DeathbyZoe 25 days ago


    I don't know why but this cracked me up xD

  • Bush Terrel
    Bush Terrel 26 days ago

    There's so many more characters to come !!

  • O5 : CODENAME The Countess

    It is also possible that Brand is some kind of void being/ watcher made entity. Ryze once had an apprentice,he wanted to impress his mentor so bad than he went alone looking for the lost runes in the Freljord,but he ended up finding remnants of the frozen watchers and at the smae time was posseded by a fire entity known as Brand

  • MrTwister
    MrTwister 27 days ago

    so malzahar is a watcher

  • Noah Richardson
    Noah Richardson 28 days ago

    I smell world of warcraft 2:39

  • Lo Kiwi Na
    Lo Kiwi Na 29 days ago

    Could you explain what the league of legends is in relation to the lore? Like is the game we are playing actually happening? When do these battles take place and are the characters actually there?

  • Red Music
    Red Music 29 days ago +1

    i love how almost everything in the background is world of warcraft xd

  • Humr Plays
    Humr Plays 29 days ago

    Is vel koz wacher?

  • Moe
    Moe 29 days ago

    Xerath's lore still the same? You didn't mention Renekton so I was wondering

    UNIV3RSE KNOWN Month ago

    Wait so the watchers existed outside of reality

  • QQ Senpaii
    QQ Senpaii Month ago

    Lmao okay xD

  • Ryan Castillo
    Ryan Castillo Month ago

    Mass effect feels

  • Mason 64
    Mason 64 Month ago

    Yay anivia is a major part of the story

  • Rj Santiago
    Rj Santiago Month ago

    celestials sounds like IT people that cant fix the bugs 😂

  • X- DaveOnPC
    X- DaveOnPC Month ago +5

    Today in League's history :
    The Icathian War
    The Great Darkin War
    The Runic War
    In next week's League's history : *The Clone War*

  • Kyle Imough
    Kyle Imough Month ago

    So the lore in its entirety basically equates to the plot of the movie bad neighbours

  • Ivica Androvic
    Ivica Androvic Month ago

    Imagine leauge but as an rpg🤔

  • Xsion IvyRen
    Xsion IvyRen Month ago

    ryze has control of 4 of the 5 world runes. if he ever would be corrupted the world would end.

  • devil mico
    devil mico Month ago

    Can LoL just make a book for all the lore?

    BRYAN ALEXIS M Month ago

    the new map looks awful for real, it seems so small and everything from mountains to islands position is just so messy. idk wish it looked a bit more random. the big dessert looks awfully placed.

  • Von Sakamoto
    Von Sakamoto Month ago

    But who made the celestials?? If there was nothing

  • Sumatchi
    Sumatchi Month ago

    Lore is cool and all.. But it makes no sense for the game. The old lore of the League of Legends being a legit tournament and strategy power struggle made much more sense. This lore would be good for a single player game or an MMO, but not for the current state of the game. "summoner's Rift" is for summoners.

  • Send It Slocala
    Send It Slocala Month ago

    so basically xerath is a petty ass jealous bitch that fucked hella shit up

  • Mohamed Essam
    Mohamed Essam Month ago

    another game dedicated to the storyline would be great, maybe with like a 12 chapter game "kinda like mortal combat" and would contain gameplay similar to god of war, now that would be an epic game

  • Mohamed Essam
    Mohamed Essam Month ago

    so basically the watchers are trying to save the electrical bill of the universe by wiping out life itself because it produces lots of light, and because they also wanna sleep.... HAVE THEY EVER HEARD OF SLEEP EYE MASKS?!!!11!!

  • HisokaPlays
    HisokaPlays Month ago

    if liss was blind how did she get scared of the watchers real form, if she cant see them xD

  • guillermo lemonnier

    runeterra is flat prove me wrong.

  • Bryan Nguyen
    Bryan Nguyen Month ago

    Check out the story between Malzahar, Kassadin, and ultimately Kai'sa. It's pretty cool.

  • doom4roe
    doom4roe Month ago

    Noice, watchers = Voidwalkers (actually Voidlords) o.0 at least at the illustration :D

  • Kie za
    Kie za Month ago

    Lost her voice
    Related to sona i hope