Story of League of Legends Explained

  • Published on Mar 7, 2019
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  • Oliver Füllemann
    Oliver Füllemann 18 hours ago

    After watching this i want even more to get a League of Legends MMORPG some times...

  • Mirror
    Mirror 22 hours ago

    Nice dialect where are you from?

  • Kenshin HimurA
    Kenshin HimurA 22 hours ago

    pls take my like and sub. for your great effort 👍

  • HerrSolahri
    HerrSolahri 2 days ago

    we want an MMO!

  • nesfan8
    nesfan8 2 days ago

    I havent been this into the lore of a game since BloodSouls

  • Jesspatrick Paguel
    Jesspatrick Paguel 3 days ago

    Start an anime bro!

  • silentnight37
    silentnight37 4 days ago

    Void Rift opening event?????

  • maann henzon
    maann henzon 4 days ago

    Welcome to the league of draven

  • lacker Arch
    lacker Arch 5 days ago


  • Hamad mohamed
    Hamad mohamed 7 days ago

    That’s actually more believable than the big bang theory lol

  • Zeer 42
    Zeer 42 7 days ago +2

    Lissandra is like the Elsa of League but she's blind.

  • William Luo
    William Luo 8 days ago

    How did the Isles blew up again?

    MAUR ICE 8 days ago

    The Runeterra Lore is a bit similar to Bible

    MAUR ICE 8 days ago

    Am I the only one who is annoyed by the Watcher?

  • Francis Dominic Lerona

    Umm where can i read lores with images

  • Loganistic
    Loganistic 9 days ago

    Ok a tad late since this was uploaded but did you just edit a bunch of wowcraft models for this and I can tell this is wows music to

  • AbsoluteSodium
    AbsoluteSodium 9 days ago

    This video is a blessing. A friend of mine is into worldbuilding and I showed him League lore. Now, instead of him badgering me for tiny specific answers, he can get the big picture and go out and consume all lore because he’s addicted like I did. Lol

  • undertaker343
    undertaker343 9 days ago

    The lore is as good as it's gaming champ balance . Don't even bother with it haha

  • Matej Keb
    Matej Keb 10 days ago

    Why did you use C’thun’s eye?

  • Anthony Serrano
    Anthony Serrano 10 days ago

    2:33 will start the story

  • antidote antidote
    antidote antidote 10 days ago

    Ryze father is the greatest watcher of all time u cant see it on there lore why? Since ryze released in rift his father also trainee at rune mage at mount targon.
    Why ryze is a most importabt cuz he is super nstural.
    Ryze and himself

  • pascal petschat
    pascal petschat 10 days ago

    Funny how "The Watcher" is the eye of C'Thun xD

  • John Brock
    John Brock 11 days ago

    Interesting if this is going to change a lot as more champions come out

  • Derek Ofoma
    Derek Ofoma 11 days ago

    They should allow dead characters to be champions then. The history is rich and I could easily see stories taking place at different times.

  • Crasher 1414
    Crasher 1414 11 days ago +2

    me: watches it
    my brain: forgets half of the stuff
    me: watches it again

  • Amozri
    Amozri 12 days ago

    League of Legends should make a movie lol

  • Liam Zedrick Burila
    Liam Zedrick Burila 12 days ago

    What's Tge Website?

  • SaltyCloud
    SaltyCloud 13 days ago +1

    15:56 Look at Zoe her Eyes xD. If Riot did this animation gj :D

  • Red Fury
    Red Fury 13 days ago

    Um renekton and Xerath ain't ascended? Also whos sisthaka

  • Sasuke
    Sasuke 14 days ago +1

    I want more darkin championsssss

  • Brandon Chong
    Brandon Chong 14 days ago

    Where does he get a the pictures?

  • iClutchU
    iClutchU 15 days ago

    They need to release a movie or series already

  • btje vtje
    btje vtje 15 days ago

    Pew i really enjoyed this one!

  • Joseph A Velasquez
    Joseph A Velasquez 16 days ago

    that was amazing omg SUB-Freakin-Scribed

  • Trieu La
    Trieu La 16 days ago

    Riot just simply copy wow story line. Void = watchers, Azeroth = ..... so fking lame

  • Đàn Đàm
    Đàn Đàm 16 days ago

    I need vietsub pls

  • jhin jinx
    jhin jinx 16 days ago

    my theory is :

    noxus = russia
    demacia = US
    lonia = asia
    freljord = north atlantic
    bilgewater = italy
    mount targon = german
    void = space
    pitlover = france
    shurima = egypt
    zaun = england
    shadow isles = hell
    bandle city = africa
    aspec of justice = heaven

  • Gregory Wright
    Gregory Wright 17 days ago

    This kinda makes Dieing to Bard not so bad.

  • gio malupet yo
    gio malupet yo 17 days ago +2

    The story needs to be more danky, it needs JK Rowling, things could turn gay unpredictably

  • Džiugas Pužauskas
    Džiugas Pužauskas 17 days ago +1

    Interesting story. Very annoying voice for story telling.
    Great job tho. Outstanding research.

  • Yes Yes
    Yes Yes 17 days ago

    he has such a tiring and annoying voice..

  • Hazim Fadhilah
    Hazim Fadhilah 18 days ago

    Its like reading the world of scp but everything makes sense

  • Yaozine
    Yaozine 18 days ago

    League lore is so bad

  • cj
    cj 18 days ago

    So riot can make an anime series off this? Seems legit

  • cj
    cj 18 days ago

    Couldn't Aurelion just remove the crown the same way he put it on?

  • cj
    cj 18 days ago

    Shouldn't mount targon be in the center of runterra? @6:30

  • Hogea Alexandru
    Hogea Alexandru 18 days ago

    i like the c'thun reference at 3:02

    DYLAN NALYD 19 days ago

    Lol, should do an anime about,the lore of champion and runeterra

  • Joshua Wilkerson
    Joshua Wilkerson 19 days ago

    Is that the voidwalker from WoW representing the Watchers at the beginning of the vid?

    ZOCKIDUO 19 days ago

    Are u the original creator of league of legends
    Riot Games must take u as a story editor or somethin

  • Slender Man
    Slender Man 19 days ago

    LoL lore: the story of immortals fighting over the light switch

  • Various things S
    Various things S 19 days ago

    Time to make a mmorpg out of this ?

  • ken shiro
    ken shiro 19 days ago +1

    so there. Before Zed became Zed. He's a normal boi. And then I think the thing that was in the chest was Nocturne. And Nocturne possessed Zed?

  • Safiullah Mollick
    Safiullah Mollick 19 days ago

    never liked any league facts before this video..... thanks Necrit for the insight.....

  • Mark Miller
    Mark Miller 20 days ago

    League of legends tv show???

  • Darkphase
    Darkphase 20 days ago

    Watchers = c'thuun?

  • ShiningBanana69
    ShiningBanana69 20 days ago

    so the whole story uptill now got explained but only like 6 of the 100+ heroes of LoL were named? k

  • Damsy Gaming
    Damsy Gaming 20 days ago

    Would be great if Riot made a league of legends movie

  • Leon Chui
    Leon Chui 20 days ago

    Love the idea, disliked the accent

  • RayddenPrimeTV
    RayddenPrimeTV 20 days ago

    I want this video told with a deep dramatic voice like Optimus prime’s voice hehe.

  • Cessy Ann
    Cessy Ann 21 day ago

    and this is the Religion of LoL

  • wolfspirit134
    wolfspirit134 21 day ago

    Gotta love all the WoW music and models used

  • Filipe Mateus
    Filipe Mateus 21 day ago

    19:20 that rhaast is creepy, man.

  • Ipanda
    Ipanda 21 day ago

    Lol lore is a mess

  • estebansays
    estebansays 21 day ago

    I would also get pissed if some random light wakes me up...

  • TheKlisman134
    TheKlisman134 21 day ago +1

    What if sylas is corrupted by the watchers... hearing him it could be

  • Joshua Sullera
    Joshua Sullera 21 day ago

    Dota2 lore 💕

  • Florence Judiel Rafael

    18:38 Thank me later

  • Alucard NoLifeKing
    Alucard NoLifeKing 22 days ago +6

    Whole STORY in 1 sentence.

    "The daylight! It burns!"

  • Алиса Босконович

    alright, so what about the Summoner's Rift? Where/when/how does that take place?

  • Алиса Босконович

    about Aurelion Sol - this is just wrong. They never even asked him for help, never tried to gain his understanding. They simply deceived him. This is a really lame way to do things

  • J C A
    J C A 23 days ago

    But Sej isn't a mute 🤔

  • P.Johnsin 2
    P.Johnsin 2 23 days ago

    This sounds like Drakengard lore "WATCHERS?" Where have I heard that before?

  • Nathanael Huber
    Nathanael Huber 23 days ago


  • Angelo Tzineri
    Angelo Tzineri 23 days ago


  • iCynical PC's
    iCynical PC's 23 days ago

    Aatrox and Kayne come from a country that was destroyed, they got trapped in their blades and turned dark. Then they escaped and entered my laptop and now I play aatrox top.

  • The Oishi
    The Oishi 23 days ago

    I started on aatrox reworked lore

  • Maxim Lobanov
    Maxim Lobanov 24 days ago +1

    Nasus superior “war tactics “ use Q when not on cooldown

  • Digester frAnk
    Digester frAnk 25 days ago

    Im dying to play urf for god damn sake i cant becuase i have to save money for a computer

  • pewdiepies subbot
    pewdiepies subbot 25 days ago +1

    15:57 zoe blinks with her eyebrows

  • iAlpha
    iAlpha 26 days ago

    Where is my Kindred skin rito

  • Mikester708
    Mikester708 28 days ago

    Just look away from the light 4head

  • ningago alexex
    ningago alexex 29 days ago

    i hope that there was LOL movie

  • VOlim kEkS
    VOlim kEkS 29 days ago +1

    Azir ma bruder
    Azir main here!

  • Mahdi PI
    Mahdi PI 29 days ago

    Dude. Your accent is awful. At least put subtitle for us to understand. TVclip caption is not goood at alllll

  • ben Vandorpe
    ben Vandorpe 29 days ago

    league should make an anime or movie or something

  • Retro_
    Retro_ Month ago

    nutshell pls?

  • MrAnthonyDraft
    MrAnthonyDraft Month ago

    Why does this vaguely remind me of Warcraft lore?

  • Dana Gray
    Dana Gray Month ago

    Thanks for this. I've wanted a nice summary exactly like this.

  • Golden
    Golden Month ago

    My fave was the exact same as his. MIND. BLOWN.

  • RoncaBaixo
    RoncaBaixo Month ago +1

    Basically a purple eye vagina that was amazed and curious to see the light for the first time.

  • David Clarence Cruz

    You the best story teller men

    JDANTT Month ago

    your voice is so hot!!

  • Citizen Kajno
    Citizen Kajno Month ago

    I figured how nice with a lore video...until he started talking

  • UltimateSafireSun
    UltimateSafireSun Month ago

    video starts at 2:30

  • kawazakiization
    kawazakiization Month ago +1

    Great video! @RIOT you should pay this man

  • Joel Skyman
    Joel Skyman Month ago

    ree we need an League mmo

  • Rimantas Januškevičius

    The watchers are actually the eyes of Sauron

  • stormyassasin
    stormyassasin Month ago

    Am I the only one who noticed that he used various models from wow, and even one song from the soundtrack of Icecrown Citadel?

  • Marwin Colinayo
    Marwin Colinayo Month ago

    I know myself im wrong, but i thought ryze is one of the main and important characters of this story, because he helds so many roles since the beginning of the war.