The Trump/Kim Boxing Match

  • Published on Jun 12, 2018
  • Let's get ready to summit!
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Comments • 118

  • Redstone Casey
    Redstone Casey 11 days ago

    Here's to it turning out like Thunderdome!

  • Mahmoud El Arch
    Mahmoud El Arch 27 days ago


  • Marvel Antonio
    Marvel Antonio 29 days ago

    Would've been funnier if it was Bruce Buffer

  • Sagar Siddhapura
    Sagar Siddhapura Month ago

    This is gold

  • Carl Malone
    Carl Malone Month ago

    Heavyweight lardass dumbshit traitor in one corner and Kim in the other.

  • Flipflop Poet
    Flipflop Poet Month ago

    How can I like this more than once?

  • christophe macker
    christophe macker Month ago +1

    Wild !!!

  • Rezene G
    Rezene G Month ago

    The collider in chief lols

  • Artiom Beknazaryan
    Artiom Beknazaryan Month ago

    I like how western media keeps lying about Un killing his uncle.

  • Impeach Trump
    Impeach Trump Month ago +2

    Trump and Kim should do arm wrestling with their tiny hands 👋🏻👋🏻❤️👬

  • VicZX6R
    VicZX6R Month ago


  • Wayne Brinker
    Wayne Brinker Month ago

    Trudeau boxing. Check it out Americans, it's funny and real! Senator Brazeau and young Justin had a beef over something and settled it in the ring for charity. Pretty good fight for a couple of politicians. link -
    Do you want to see Trudeau in the ring being hit hard -

  • TaYLoR GaNg OrDiE
    TaYLoR GaNg OrDiE Month ago

    Oh my gawd this was gold 😂😂😂

  • Tucker Bowen
    Tucker Bowen Month ago

    i knew they would bring up the weight thing XD

  • Happy Buds
    Happy Buds Month ago


  • Stella Bar
    Stella Bar Month ago


  • Richard Conner
    Richard Conner Month ago


  • Michael Newell
    Michael Newell Month ago

    Trump couldn't punch his way out of a f****** happy meal!

  • John Doe
    John Doe Month ago

    1:04 At this point, I think it's more like "probable traitor" than "possible traitor".

  • James Fink
    James Fink Month ago

    Wait! What’s the spread? I’m putting $ on...

  • shadow19831
    shadow19831 Month ago

    I thought the first description was about trump

  • ramy bakir
    ramy bakir Month ago +1

    He looks a bit like Robert De Niro

  • Lord AJ
    Lord AJ Month ago +1

    The delivery on that 239 joke was excellent.

  • Karen Ellis
    Karen Ellis Month ago

    Why does the show not appear in sequence? hopping all over.
    Love my Colbert, but when want to see 'last night's' show... pfft.. Answers?

  • kinn grimm
    kinn grimm Month ago

    bookmarked ... so i have a reminder of the list of achievments

  • grodhagen
    grodhagen Month ago +1

    Who is this comedian, BTW? I like his stuff.

  • Kevin Street
    Kevin Street Month ago +1

    "Un shaped like a balloon" is perfect! LOL for real.

  • Sean Knutson
    Sean Knutson Month ago +5

    Wait, which one's the "dictatorial chubby"?

  • Amy y
    Amy y Month ago +1


  • Tetsu Hatano
    Tetsu Hatano Month ago +1

    I’d imagine if both did decide to get in a boxing match it’d more or less end with both being exhausted after the first match and both leaving and calling it a win for both

  • Rodney Cardona
    Rodney Cardona Month ago

    This guy's fucking awesome lmao.

  • kelly Joseph
    kelly Joseph Month ago +1

    This is so funny😂😂😂😂

  • Diana Taran
    Diana Taran Month ago

    🇺🇸 🇰🇵 🇷🇺

  • CultureClique
    CultureClique Month ago +2

    pornstar-hoppin hahahahahahahaha

  • ايبورو EBORO
    ايبورو EBORO Month ago +2

    i fucking hate this guy

  • Lisa Dixon
    Lisa Dixon Month ago +1

    this is my fave intro in awhile

  • Lisa Dixon
    Lisa Dixon Month ago +9

    "possibly world ending!" it's funny cause it's true... 🙁

  • naota3k
    naota3k Month ago +7

    Brian Stack is a treasure.

  • Lucia Leung
    Lucia Leung Month ago


  • johnpleung
    johnpleung Month ago +1

    must've been his bone spurs acting up.

  • I Ko
    I Ko Month ago

    Kim jong un is 5' 7"

  • johnmuhic71
    johnmuhic71 Month ago

    When two tribes go to war...

  • charles kellam
    charles kellam Month ago

    Anyone remember a commercial from the sixties: It involved two old men ,they squared off in a field and beat the shit out of each other ? One representing USA AND WELL I DUNNO WHAT COUNTRY THE OTHER REPRESENTED, BUT YOU GET IT?

  • Tj Mohammed
    Tj Mohammed Month ago

    "the colluder in chief" blah blah blah

  • Chuks Spotting
    Chuks Spotting Month ago +2


  • carolina beacher
    carolina beacher Month ago +18

    to have a sense of humor, one must have intelligence.

  • tom domagalski
    tom domagalski Month ago

    Hahaha. Felt slightly unfinished this. Good tho!

  • Pranav Swaroop
    Pranav Swaroop Month ago +6

    Too true to be funny :(

  • Dena Rzv77
    Dena Rzv77 Month ago +3

    Finger on 😂😂😂

  • Richie Rich
    Richie Rich Month ago +7

    Possible Traitor?

    • WWZenaDo
      WWZenaDo Month ago +1

      The crucial question is, "Chargeable Traitor"...?

  • Tony Smith
    Tony Smith Month ago +54

    ...Aaaand he just declared war on Canada...

    • hawkeye5955
      hawkeye5955 Month ago

      Don't forget about the grizzly bears.

    • Lorry
      Lorry Month ago +4

      Bring it! We got our Moose, Beavers, Geese and Hockey sticks ready eh

  • Bouncy83
    Bouncy83 Month ago +11

    more titles than khaleesi...

  • John R Perry
    John R Perry Month ago +4

    "Weighing in at 239... really?
    The POTUS who lost the popular votus
    The cheeseburger lovin'
    Immigrant shovin'
    Pornstar humpin'
    Forbes on the rumpin'
    'Slab of mutton with his finger on the button
    The tweeter who's a cheater
    The Comey firing'
    Son in law hirin'
    Accusin' Obama of tappin' the wirin'
    He's the media hater
    Possible traitor with fists the size of taters
    Please welcome, the Colluder in Chief
    President Donald Trump!"

    • John R Perry
      John R Perry Month ago

      Daniel Mbaabu that's what I thought but I have no idea what that means haha

    • Daniel Mbaabu
      Daniel Mbaabu Month ago

      *Forbes on the rumpin

  • mondovb
    mondovb Month ago +22

    That is an epic intro.
    They could have also used that bumbling bimbo from Fox to introduce the battle as "The Dual of the Dicktators!!!"

    • mondovb
      mondovb Month ago +3

      @Mark B
      Fox does have plenty to choose from, however a couple of days ago one of them was reporting about "the upcoming summit meeting the two dictators" (oops), and then later had to apologize for her "Freudian slip" (a term which, in this particular case, has several different implications).

    • Mark B
      Mark B Month ago +2

      You're going to have to be more specific about WHICH bumbling bimbo from Fox.
      And "the air head blonde in the super mini skirt" won't help narrow it down either.

  • Will Power
    Will Power Month ago +42

    Loving dictators and hating the good guys is what right-wingers always have done and why the world is how it is. Stop supporting these extreme politicians!

    • pesho
      pesho Month ago

      Are you lost? Post this under a Fox News video.

  • I'm right, you're welcome

    😆 love this guy ,always makes me laugh when hes on

  • TSK
    TSK Month ago +25

    Watching the Press Conference in Singapore now for the summit. Trump just finish whining about Justin and other G7 allies.

  • John R Perry
    John R Perry Month ago +170

    The POTUS who lost the popular votus

  • Videoscord
    Videoscord Month ago +232

    0 days without being an international embarrassment

    • randomnobody playthrough
      randomnobody playthrough 24 days ago


    • Jessica DeNittis
      Jessica DeNittis Month ago

      Bob Trenwith Ha, yes! At first I thought he (NK) was saying what you said! It's too ambiguous and poorly worded a comment, it took me a moment to l realize, "Oh, he's just a little doucher."😅

    • Bob Trenwith
      Bob Trenwith Month ago

      Where did he say being an embarrassment had anything to do with this pathetic attempt by Trump to be seen to do the right thing? It seems straw man arguments are the favored type of conservative flawed logic.

    • Daren Walker
      Daren Walker Month ago

      Years of innefective negotiations, check. Trump is the first president to actually meet with Kim, check. Therefore Trump is an emarrassment according to flawed liberal logic, check

    • ramo moreno
      ramo moreno Month ago +7

      MAGA=Muller Aint Going? Away

  • Jan Mayen
    Jan Mayen Month ago +4

    I’m actually proud for trump once. We’ve got to give him some credit for making the world safer today

    • Stella Bar
      Stella Bar Month ago

      Lol... he just pissed off the Canadians... the world is notso safe anymore

    • oltedders
      oltedders Month ago +4

      Jan Mayen
      One more day of delusion. Nothing accomplished but a photo op and Kim gets recognized as a world leader. Nice play Jung.

    • dhana suppiah
      dhana suppiah Month ago +6

      In that case get yourself a NOKO flag and start waving because KJU is Trumpy’s newest Best Friend.

    • Lumis Sappier
      Lumis Sappier Month ago +8

      Jan Mayen - If Skanky Spanky would do the World a favor and have a heart attack, that would make it safer. Right now, he's just as deluded as you are, Kimmy pulled one over on the stupid fat bastard and he praised him for it. Get real, Mayo...

    • zen 123
      zen 123 Month ago +4

      the rumour has it, the summit was symbolic more than any actual progress. But, hey if he can indeed achieve denuclearisation kudos to him! Also to the Chinese and South Korean presidents, and the Japanese PM.

  • Jan Mayen
    Jan Mayen Month ago +3

    C’mon, today should be a day when we set aside all of our political differences and unite under our common interest of world peace. Trump deserves credit for making the world safer.

    • Håkan Lundberg
      Håkan Lundberg Month ago +2

      And don’t forget under our common interest of trade war with allies and our mutual understanding that Canadian PMs deserve a special place in hell if they retaliate with “dollar for dollar tariffs”.

    • World Citizen
      World Citizen Month ago

      Jan Mayen If the meeting is a success and North Korea integrated into the global community, then credit is given were it's due.

    • Hudaef Cares?
      Hudaef Cares? Month ago +6

      Lol Kim Jong-un had his brother killed, what makes you think he'd actually concede to Trump? If anything the communist, China-backed N. Korea might assassinate Trump and start ww3. XD

    • Mark B
      Mark B Month ago +11

      No she does not remember. Selective amnesia is their armor

    • Bigolddragon
      Bigolddragon Month ago +13

      Jan Mayen remember all the times he agreed to an agreement and then after the weekend went back on it

  • Alex Landherr
    Alex Landherr Month ago +62

    No Fatman vs. Little Boy joke?

    • MsPrincesspaulina
      MsPrincesspaulina Month ago +3

      Alex Landherr: I think you just made the joke with your comment and win the Internet for today.

    • MsPrincesspaulina
      MsPrincesspaulina Month ago +4

      @Duck: Fat Man and Little Boy were the code names for the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. So a conference about nuclear weapons between Un & Trump and a joke about fat man & little boy seems appropriate somehow.

    • Duck
      Duck Month ago +10

      Well they're both fat men that act like little boys, so...

  • CAP198462
    CAP198462 Month ago +4

    The RCMP skits are better, Justin Trudope, Toronto Maplespleefs 😝

  • Greg Worcester
    Greg Worcester Month ago +26

    This guy is funny. What’s his name? My fav is the Pruit Mad Max sketch

    • momiaw
      momiaw Month ago

      FBI agent Gary Farblow?

    • rexxster1
      rexxster1 Month ago

      He's horrible, he has the same voice for all his characters and it's annoying. I think he's a childhood friend of Steve's. Or maybe they made some kinda pact where if one got famous, he'd take the other along for the ride. Him and that other character who's catch-phrase is "cold-blooded" gots to go.

    • Cylume
      Cylume Month ago +10

      Brian Stack

  • Radovan Lach
    Radovan Lach Month ago

    2-fat pigs 🐖😂😂😂

  • New Message
    New Message Month ago +32

    .. the daughter molestin', investigation contestin', world leader with the most intestine..

    • Rob Simpson
      Rob Simpson Month ago +1

    • Terncote
      Terncote Month ago +3

      In what way has he made the world safer? He's splitting with NATO, trying to get Russia back into the civilisation club, picking fights with your greatest friend, ally and trading partner, french-kissing nuclear madmen and plunging the USA into trade wars that will damage entire sectors of your economy.

    • I'm right, you're welcome
      I'm right, you're welcome Month ago +4

      New Message commander of cheese

  • New Message
    New Message Month ago +19

    It's the Bumble in the Jungle!

  • Cylume
    Cylume Month ago +118

    Okay fellas, I want a clean fight! No low blows... No p*ssy-grabbing...

    • WWZenaDo
      WWZenaDo Month ago +3

      I have a feeling Kim Jong-un could take him.

    • Alaric Balthi
      Alaric Balthi Month ago +8

      That's one tough fight as both are epic pussies!

  • Jim's videos
    Jim's videos Month ago +91

    Dictatorial Chubby, perfect.

    • Sean Knutson
      Sean Knutson Month ago +3

      That's what I was thinking. LOL

    • WWZenaDo
      WWZenaDo Month ago +7

      That nick-name applies to both of them...