WHAT MAKES IT SO SPECIAL?! | Watercolor Painting-Book Kit | Painting Italy


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  • Sashabella1
    Sashabella1 9 hours ago

    This needs to be a series!

  • Alice Berman
    Alice Berman Day ago

    I love this!!!!! Would love a whole recurring series of it!

  • Lynn Embro
    Lynn Embro Day ago

    Another comment...he is an awesome artist himself!

  • Lynn Embro
    Lynn Embro Day ago

    Oh! I bought this kit! It is awesome! He takes so much care to detail in all of his kits! There are others and all beautiful! Please order!

  • Stacey Smith
    Stacey Smith Day ago

    Love this book... absolutely fantastic. Would love to see future videos of this. You did such a great job. Turned out great :)

  • April Qi
    April Qi 2 days ago

    After watching this, I ordered this box immediately!!! Still waiting for it ~~~ Thanking you for your sharing ~~~

  • Valerie
    Valerie 2 days ago

    Subscribed immediately. I love your enthusiasm for these materials. Can't wait to catch up on your other videos. :)

  • SparkPrincess
    SparkPrincess 3 days ago

    That's really cool. I also like the first attempt better.

  • Masha B.
    Masha B. 3 days ago

    When I saw colors’ names written in Russian at first I didn’t realize all the situation, because I’m from Russia
    But then I was like WHOA StOp that’s Waffles’ channel!1!11!
    So, I was surprised
    (In the beginning you said that this box came from Ukraine, but nevertheless:Р))

  • Jennifer Bujanos
    Jennifer Bujanos 3 days ago

    Wow, love that kit. I've been playing with watercolors for 3 years but still learning. I like your first one the best. Tip: Hold your brush straight up and down and use more water. Steps would be water on brush, make a small puddle of water on the palette then pick up paint with the brush and mix in the water. Then you paint from those puddles of color. Not the paint blobs. You did an awesome job. Looks nice and painterly. Love your channel. Off to Etsy to see these kits.

  • Mariqueen
    Mariqueen 3 days ago

    For the doubled ones in the beginning of the tutorial, I'd do one and then save the other to go back and do again after completing the rest of the book and see how much I've improved.

  • Ella on the go
    Ella on the go 4 days ago

    I really like the first one!!!!! How can you do that

  • SCL Show
    SCL Show 4 days ago

    999k ❤

  • Evie K
    Evie K 4 days ago

    This is great. Looking at buying for a friend.

  • BurDaBeast
    BurDaBeast 5 days ago

    I love how your videos just start so it feels like you are having an actual conversation with your viewers

  • Kimberly O
    Kimberly O 5 days ago


  • Nina Marchal
    Nina Marchal 5 days ago

    I actually like the first one better ❤❤

  • MC Records
    MC Records 5 days ago

    U are rlly close to 1 million

  • ALyricalLullaby
    ALyricalLullaby 6 days ago

    I feel like the first one is very "sharp" while the second one is very "soft". I love the first one and it definitely looks closer to the reference painting even if the colors are off, but the second one you definitely improved on the general techniques you needed to do for the piece and there is better color balance. You utilized your two chances really well! I would love to see more of these pages as videos in the future and I'm now hoping to save up to get one of these books myself. :)

  • Madison Connell
    Madison Connell 6 days ago

    The only thing that bugs me is NO FLOWERS IN THE SECOND ONE

  • Blenda Fredriksson
    Blenda Fredriksson 6 days ago

    Could you do a video were you make the same person but w/ different body types??? Bc I’ve noticed that you always do the (almost) same body, it would be fun to watch :)

  • LoveTheeGameQueen
    LoveTheeGameQueen 6 days ago

    Yeah, I would be really interested to see you do some of the other paintings too!!😃

  • Dead _sock
    Dead _sock 6 days ago

    Русский ,ура

  • Ugh
    Ugh 6 days ago

    I like the first one 😍

  • Zailithilie :p
    Zailithilie :p 6 days ago

    If the flower pot in the first one was in the second I would like the second one

  • ѕaмple тeхт。
    ѕaмple тeхт。 6 days ago

    слава украине

  • Faith Anderson
    Faith Anderson 6 days ago


  • kitsumie
    kitsumie 6 days ago +1

    I'm not at all great at watercolors, but I have to say THIS KIT LOOKS AMAZING FOR BEGINNERS! There's so many small things that can cause someone to struggle with learning, and this kit fixes so many of those. That mixing tray is a scrubbed plastic, meaning you can spread the color out without it "beading" up like 99% of palettes.
    The brushes are good quality, the paper looks nice and thick, and the paints seem to be artist quality. These sketches help you make something nice AND learn, and it even talks you through how much water and such. God I think this kit would have saved me a good $100+ in wasted supplies/frustrations!

  • Melba Collier
    Melba Collier 8 days ago

    So many great things about this colouring book but having two copies of the same thing to paint is actually perfect cause you can learn from what you did in the first one and end up happy with a result rather than always being bugged by the one thing you did wrong (like I always am)- LOVE this ahh

  • Amanda Gray
    Amanda Gray 8 days ago

    I like your first try too. I kinda like the darker yellow. I am just getting started with watercolor and am in love with this book! Please show more! I'd love to follow your progress.

  • Ashley Hagen
    Ashley Hagen 9 days ago

    As a colored pencil artist, I can APPRECIATE THICK PAPER! (But mixed media is always best for my choice of pencil. You don't want a lot of tooth when trying to draw in colored pencil xD.)

  • Не художник Nana

    О, русские краски?

  • Smokey xoxo
    Smokey xoxo 9 days ago

    Is it just me or did she swear?😱
    (No hate, just saying) 0:27-0:28

  • myforever13
    myforever13 10 days ago

    I bought myself alcohol markers and colored mechanical pencils, smash brothers and a Lightbox for Christmas. student loans FTW

  • BookWormKiara
    BookWormKiara 10 days ago

    Yes, please do more of these!

  • millies825
    millies825 11 days ago

    This is the coolest thing I've ever seen!!! It makes me want to delve into watercolors!

  • Noseey Kitty308
    Noseey Kitty308 11 days ago +1

    I just love your genuine surprise about the box and enthusiasm. :)

  • Willow Dawn
    Willow Dawn 12 days ago

    its from Ukraine and etsy ... of course its not perfect fam

  • Paramimiya
    Paramimiya 12 days ago

    OMG! It's from Ukraine! unbelievable

  • Marion Maas
    Marion Maas 12 days ago

    Yes!! Film more of these! Very cool

  • No. 13
    No. 13 12 days ago

    Omg, I need this in my life. I've been painting and doing art stuff for 12 years, but I still can't paint with watercolor even if my life depended on it.

  • Happy Haley
    Happy Haley 13 days ago


  • olliysium S.
    olliysium S. 13 days ago

    i would enjoy seeing more of this !

  • Vadalia
    Vadalia 13 days ago

    This inspired me to order that book. I've never seen anything like this (I have watercolor guides but nothing that allows you to fill in a pre-drawn sketch and certainly nothing that gives me two shots at it) Super excited to try it out.

  • typintypos
    typintypos 13 days ago

    Even if you couldn't film painting the others (or dont wanna share w us) I do hope ur'll do every single one of them and then AND THEN film the last one so we can see how far u have come from this first challenge. That would b amazin =D

  • Habiba Tabassum
    Habiba Tabassum 13 days ago

    Can you buy a 'create this book' by Moriah Elizabeth?? You'll nail it!!!

  • LilMrsAnime
    LilMrsAnime 13 days ago

    Id love to see you do more of these pages in videos!!

  • Sara Pineda
    Sara Pineda 14 days ago

    I honestly think your first window is better than even the original, I like the darker yellow makes it look so much more interesting ♥️

  • Milly Wesrik
    Milly Wesrik 14 days ago

    I think I might actually get this. I just started using watercolours and this looks soo cool!

  • Bailey Nielsen
    Bailey Nielsen 14 days ago


  • Cj Mazon
    Cj Mazon 14 days ago

    This would be a fun series to watch! A video of you painting a picture from the book (:

  • Yukire ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔっ

    Make a cool art with all the ‘maggots’ you have XD

  • Adrian?
    Adrian? 15 days ago

    I love them both but the first one is so especially pretty!! I love the bright yellow background and the brush-y texture!! it looks so pretty!

  • Ana Elizabeth
    Ana Elizabeth 15 days ago

    Yes please moreeee

  • Richard Ferreira
    Richard Ferreira 15 days ago

    Yoi forgot the flowers on the second one

  • Meow Meow Kapow
    Meow Meow Kapow 16 days ago

    Wow, this is probably one of the best interactive watercolor painting guide book jawns I've seen! I've reviewed like... one or two? watercolor coloring books sort of briefly and they've all been sort of meh. I really love the example+space to try it aspect, since in all the other ones it's been like 20 pages of overwhelming and easy to ignore/forget advice, whereas this one is great for learning WITH the book. Thanks for finding and highlighting this-I'll have to recommend it when people ask for tips!

  • fancydeer
    fancydeer 16 days ago

    God I wish this wasn't so expensive. I love this so so much. I would love to see a series of this if you haven't finished it already! Your windows were so good, you should def watercolor more!

  • aygo
    aygo 16 days ago

    Thanks for sharing this, I’m looking forward to getting this book. In their Etsy description they say those are Van Gogh watercolors and that made me happy because that’s one of the many (way too many) brands I have paints from. Also, it was a very honest video because even though it looks good on the video you explained it doesn’t to you irl and that you’re new to this so it’s great encouragement for others that know how great an artist you are; it lets them know there’s always something to learn and that everyone messes up.
    However, it killed me when you just wiped the paint off the palette; I may have or not said way too loud “there’s so much paint in there!” Which may or may not have made me sound like someone who doesn’t have and insane amount of paints and who shouldn’t be “crying” over a few drops of paint!
    Also, hope you had a great holiday season!... 3 weeks late or a month and a half in your spatial measurements.

  • toteZitrone
    toteZitrone 16 days ago

    As always a pleasure to watch. If you want expert watercolouring tips, I would recommend "Watercolour by Shibasaki". I do not even do watercolour ( :D ), but I found his tutorial on flat washes (and his paintings in general), beyond amazing.
    You just have to get along with his Japanese teaching style. :D

  • Amelia-art girl Loner
    Amelia-art girl Loner 16 days ago

    I love how excited u r in this

  • Chocolate Potato
    Chocolate Potato 16 days ago

    I just put water up my nose and i just learned water makes me sneeze

  • Aksa_ Daimond
    Aksa_ Daimond 17 days ago

    Укрпошта))) хех)

  • 11 years of art
    11 years of art 17 days ago

    much yes

  • my queen mirurun
    my queen mirurun 18 days ago

    We want a series of thiiis

  • Aeryn Boruta
    Aeryn Boruta 18 days ago

    did anyone notice that one did say Pg?

  • FoxQueen
    FoxQueen 18 days ago


    I love purple

    If you haven't realised by now

  • TheIlwin
    TheIlwin 18 days ago

    Wow, this looks really great! And I would definitely like to see more videos done with this book!

  • That Witch
    That Witch 18 days ago

    more videos like this!

  • Jessica Lin
    Jessica Lin 19 days ago

    Take my money

  • rachel israel
    rachel israel 19 days ago

    This is awesome! You convinced me to look this up and get one. The sale is still going on,,,, now to be surprised in a month and a half!!!! Bc I will for sure forget about it by then! Loving your videos!

  • Peyton Gill
    Peyton Gill 19 days ago

    I’d love more videos of this! I personally love scenery art. You did really good! 💕💕

  • missEL92
    missEL92 19 days ago

    I had no idea this existed and that i wanted it so bad.
    Please please do more!!

  • Lauren Williams
    Lauren Williams 19 days ago

    I found it on sale for $34.99!!! www.etsy.com/listing/588552303/15-off-watercolor-artbook-tutorial-kit?ref=ap-listing

  • Lexi Harper
    Lexi Harper 19 days ago +2

    I like them both. One thing I want to say tho, is that it realm depends on personal style. Stuff like which colors u like? Bold ones or darker ones? Saturation preferration? Also if u like loosed more abstract things vs more classical details art work? That's all. They are both good so really it just depends on how these questions were answered.

  • Itz Ari
    Itz Ari 19 days ago

    2 weeks is a month there?????I'm confused

  • Kayden C Mau
    Kayden C Mau 19 days ago

    She didn't read the description, so I feel like I'm watching an unboxing video.

  • Maila Blue
    Maila Blue 20 days ago


  • Jade Everest
    Jade Everest 20 days ago

    It's so funny how kasey hate purple and you love it XD

  • Svartr
    Svartr 20 days ago

    I adore your first attempt - looks like a really nice little kit!

  • ARDrawsStuff
    ARDrawsStuff 20 days ago

    I found this looking for something to listen to while i try out watercolors for the first time.. what a nice coincidence :)

  • Doll Scott
    Doll Scott 20 days ago

    New subscriber here! Found your channel as I was thinking of signing up for scrawlrbox (I'm going to!). Love your "presenting" style!

  • Thalita Costa
    Thalita Costa 20 days ago

    Everytime she said "like so" reminded me of Bob Ross haha

  • Elizabeth Zelinka
    Elizabeth Zelinka 20 days ago

    This is AWESOME! I'm going to get one. (Maybe not the same book.) I, for one, would love to see videos as you work through this book.

  • adelnoline
    adelnoline 20 days ago

    Кто нибудь есть здесь кто знает русский и угорал на моменте с краской 1:16

  • Katelynn Curtis
    Katelynn Curtis 20 days ago

    I'm guessing purple is ONE of ur favorite colors? JUST A GUESS... if I'm off dats OK

  • DustyRed7
    DustyRed7 20 days ago

    I'd be interested in seeing you paint more of these!

  • Anna B
    Anna B 20 days ago

    Are you going another video about this? Bc I really really liked it

  • Carolyn Brt
    Carolyn Brt 21 day ago

    That really looks like fun. You did a great job, too. Kinda like your first one better but I LOVE COLOR. But 60...wow. Were there any customs charges

  • Sarah Stanton
    Sarah Stanton 21 day ago

    You're going to need a new palette if you're going to keep going :)

  • Sarah Stanton
    Sarah Stanton 21 day ago

    I hope in the future you'll record the rest of these watercolor book pages!

  • Sarah Stanton
    Sarah Stanton 21 day ago

    There was so much in this kit! Wow! They are going to sell out after this video :)

  • Francesca Rothen-Rezzonico

    I couldn't resist... watercolors, tutorials, tips, a kit, and my beloved Italy... I just ordered it :) belated Xmas splurge ;)

  • TifTaf
    TifTaf 21 day ago

    The most dainty maggots I’ve seen in my life😂

  • cato de ruiter
    cato de ruiter 21 day ago +1

    Can you make a series where u paint the coloring book with us. Like Kasey Golden does with her promts!

  • Tigre Fuego
    Tigre Fuego 21 day ago

    Didn't splerge on anyone but I have them my love

  • Christy Town
    Christy Town 21 day ago

    Oh my gosh I’m only two minutes in and you are so cute and animated! It makes me smile lots.

  • Dennis C. Nolasco
    Dennis C. Nolasco 21 day ago

    Wow this actually looks pretty good, I may have to try it 🎨

  • Lorelai Cherie
    Lorelai Cherie 22 days ago +1

    Your almost at 1 mil!!!!!!

  • Geode _Zen
    Geode _Zen 22 days ago

    Omy lol im russian but lol I could read all of it

  • The Reneeinator
    The Reneeinator 22 days ago

    This kit is so cute!!!