Documentary! The Spotters - the Surprising Life of a Plane Spotter

  • UPDATE: THANK YOU everyone for your kind words! Sadly, the Kickstarter project did not meet the fundraising goal - BUT, the film goes on! I am now seeking private support and will post periodic updates. Still plan to finish the documentary for launch next spring!
    (Previous) Kickstarter fundraising project just launched to make the film! If you love aviation like I do, I hope you will like, support and share the kickstarter link to help raise money to make the film! This will be a great year with a lot of fun and I hope you will all be a part of it! Here is how I describe the documentary film we will make: People, Passion and Planes! Bring your imagination and sense of humor as you spend a year with the plane spotters of Boston! If you have any questions, please message me. Thank you to everyone who is able to support the project - it can't be made without you and every $5 helps! Here is the Kickstarter link:

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  • g4kfjve7kfj
    g4kfjve7kfj 3 months ago

    its spotter NOT ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, spatter ,,,,,,,,,,,,, yanks eh,,,,,,,,,,

  • john gillon
    john gillon 8 months ago

    What is the tail number of the "Lolita Express" ?

  • Ryon Atkinson
    Ryon Atkinson Year ago

    This need a Nobel prize

  • Ryon Atkinson
    Ryon Atkinson Year ago


  • Lucas Shehadeh
    Lucas Shehadeh 2 years ago

    Great video

  • TheLongIslander
    TheLongIslander 3 years ago +1

    Seems like plane spotters have no life

    • jenf777
      jenf777  2 years ago +1

      hahaha, yeah, I can see where it might seem like a boring hobby. But, I have to tell you I love aviation and through this hobby, I have met some of the coolest people - from pilots, to ATC professionals, to some of the most amazing photographers and more. Plus, I have made some great life-long friends from across the globe! :)

  • Big Mac 0278
    Big Mac 0278 3 years ago +1

    yay filmed in boston! cool!

    • jenf777
      jenf777  3 years ago

      Yeah!!! I mean where else but Boston?!!! :)

  • SFICA9
    SFICA9 3 years ago +1

    Have you ever considered using cable access to tell the story? Our station in Beverly gives you the use of field cameras and editing computers for a flat low membership fee. All they ask in return is for your production to air on their station. Not all access stations have the same policies but there might be something similar in your neck of the woods.

  • EmilC2012 Productions
    EmilC2012 Productions 4 years ago +4

    Being from Northeast Massachusetts I think that this is such an exciting project! I have a spotting organization established at my university and will definitely showcase this film at one of our future meetings once it is released! I also might be in town June 20th and might be able to go and spot with everyone for the Hainan Airlines Arrival!

    • EmilC2012 Productions
      EmilC2012 Productions 4 years ago

      Excellent! I will take a look!

    • jenf777
      jenf777  4 years ago +1

      +EmilC2012 Productions That is so cool Emil - thank you so much!!! I have a link on my channel to the spotters group (Boston Plane Spotters) so you can connect with all of us when you visit!!! :)

    MD VIDEOS 4 years ago +1

    Super! Great work!

  • Groyd
    Groyd 4 years ago +3


  • Oscar Mf
    Oscar Mf 4 years ago +1


    • jenf777
      jenf777  4 years ago

      @Oscar Mf Thank you! :)

  • Daniel Hooper
    Daniel Hooper 4 years ago +2

    Very cool. I never knew it but I guess I'm a spotter, without all the fancy gear, lol. I was stationed in Hawaii in the early '90's and a buddy and I would go out on Hickam AFB and get right under the heavies as they landed in Honolulu, so amazing. It's nice to see that others share my amazement with aviation from afar, something so commonplace is still for fascinating to so many.

  • Bajan Aviation
    Bajan Aviation 5 years ago +2

    I PERSONALLY WANT TO SAY THAT WAS ONE BEAUTIFUL VIDEO!!!!! you have earned my sub....loved it

    • jenf777
      jenf777  5 years ago

      @Bajan Aviation Awesome, thank you so much Bajan!!! ;)

  • CadetClark1996 Aviation HD

    Outstanding! Nice summation of what we planespotters love to do with our free time! PS the beginning with people trying to define a plane-spotter was hilarious! #AVGEEKFORLIFE !

  • Esclusivia
    Esclusivia 5 years ago

    Nice idea this documentary! I will feature it in my official blog! Can i? I love Airlines and i make videos as soon i can! It will be nice to have your opinion about my last videos (finger up is enough ;-), and obviously, u r welcome ti subscribe back! It's a pleasure to share mi videos with friends and Airlines lovers! :-) :-) #esclusivia

  • Planespotter@Zürich
    Planespotter@Zürich 5 years ago +3

    Jeah that s our hoby! I`m from Switzerland;-)

  • Eman Sullivan
    Eman Sullivan 5 years ago +1

    I am also a Boston plane spotter! Sure, a young one, but still ONE!

    • Eman Sullivan
      Eman Sullivan 5 years ago

      Constitution beach is my main spotting area. But, however, At Coughlin, the aircraft are lower.

    • jenf777
      jenf777  5 years ago

      Yayyy Emmanuel!!! There are quite a few younger plane spotters in the group, it is awesome you love this hobby too. I know quite a few people out today spotting at Constitution Beach in East Boston or Coughlin Park in Winthrop - if you happen to be around, come introduce yourself!!! :)

  • liang yu
    liang yu 5 years ago +1

    how could I join your guys? aha~

  • NDA Productions
    NDA Productions 5 years ago +1

    Wow, just love it!! Need to go plane spotting RIGHT NOW!! Haha love the A346 Lufthansa! It's just LFMN has bad trafic and no spotting areas! Great!! ;-) Liked

    • NDA Productions
      NDA Productions 5 years ago

      haha unfortunately, I am not old enough to fly to Boston and it is too expensive to come from LFMN... Maybe one day when I'm older! I think EHAM is good too!

    • jenf777
      jenf777  5 years ago

      Thank you much!!! Come on over to Boston to go spotting!!!

  • Travel & Plane World
    Travel & Plane World 5 years ago +1

    Great Video :) 👍subbed and liked, sub back ?☺️

    • jenf777
      jenf777  5 years ago

      Thank you so much. You have a great channel, subbed!!

  • Brody Carlson
    Brody Carlson 5 years ago +4

    Can't wait to see this finished, I need to get out and do some spotting, haven't been able to for a while

  • Marc Liberts
    Marc Liberts 5 years ago +1

    Good video. Well done!

  • Ernest Gutschik Aviation
    Ernest Gutschik Aviation 5 years ago +7

    Nice Documentary!! Liked!! Go spotters!!!

  • Air Control 67
    Air Control 67 5 years ago +3

    Awesome documentary! BIG LIKE!!

    • jenf777
      jenf777  5 years ago

      Thank you so much!!! Still working on it!!! :)

  • Ylamaki Aviation • Airplanes & Airport Life

    What a great footage. Can't wait for full length video

  • Mark Warwick
    Mark Warwick 5 years ago +1

    Hope you catch some good shots guys

    • jenf777
      jenf777  5 years ago

      Hey Mark - I look forward to meeting you this summer!! :)

  • flugsnug
    flugsnug 5 years ago +5

    Very cleverly done - I think you've just revealed a hidden talent, Jen. The 'time off work' bit is my favorite - must have watched it 20 times!

    • jenf777
      jenf777  5 years ago

      Thank you so much for watching an commenting, wow, now that is cool!!! Yup, so is time off from work.... not that I would eva do that!!! ;)

  • PDX Aviation - HD(ish) Plane Spotting

    Looking forward to this! I'm stuck at PDX for the most part, but I'd love to help in any way possible.

    • jenf777
      jenf777  5 years ago

      Thank you so much!!! It would be awesome if you could come here sometime!!!

  • Jay’s O'Hare Aviation & HD Plane Spotting

    GO BOS!!

    • SKBenergy
      SKBenergy 5 years ago +1

      @jenf777 you see like how i have Team Caribbean, we need to see a Team Boston just for once a video like that would be epic with eveybody lol ?

    • jenf777
      jenf777  5 years ago +1

      Ya!!!!!! :)

  • walkbyfeet
    walkbyfeet 5 years ago +2

    Fantastic footage jen!
    Great work!

    • jenf777
      jenf777  5 years ago

      Thank you so much!!! :)

  • Flightbudy2channel
    Flightbudy2channel 5 years ago +2

    Wow, looks like it would be a great movie! Good luck getting you pledges

  • PVDAviation
    PVDAviation 5 years ago +1

    Great promo, Jen! That looks like an awesome project and I will do what I can to help. I will definitely be there for Hainan, but send me an email if there is something I can do to contribute before then.

    • jenf777
      jenf777  5 years ago

      Thank you, thank you so much! It will be great see you in June. Hey if you know anyone who might like to support the project, please send them along the kickstarter link (above). Every $5 helps right?!!! Look forward to seeing you soon! :)

  • piggyduff
    piggyduff 5 years ago +1

    What a terrific idea! I love to learn about other people's interests and hobbies - and although not a real "spotter" myself, I currently have 3 trips to BOS this year so I'll now be looking out for you all each time my BA plane lands at Logan :)

    • jenf777
      jenf777  5 years ago

      Thank you and fantastic!!! Please let me know when you are flying in so I an try to catch your flight on video!!! Maybe you will even make time for a little spotting - even if your aren't a spotter!!! :)

  • Valk Aviation
    Valk Aviation 5 years ago +1

    Great to see Jen. Out of the box project

    • Valk Aviation
      Valk Aviation 5 years ago

      @jenf777 We're on our way. Step by step ;)

    • jenf777
      jenf777  5 years ago +1

      Thank you so much! Hey, how is your movie coming along?!!! :)

  • Lukeplanespotting
    Lukeplanespotting 5 years ago +2

    Love it Jenn! And as you know I will be there! and I cant wait!

    • jenf777
      jenf777  5 years ago

      Excellent - really looking forward to meeting you - finally!!! :)

  • KiloLimaMike
    KiloLimaMike 5 years ago +1

    Awesome documentary! Hope there will be more :3

    • jenf777
      jenf777  5 years ago +1

      Thank you so much!!! This is actually a promo for the documentary we hope to make! I hope people will click on the Kickstarter link and support the project!!! Every dollar will help and will be greatly appreciated!!! :)

  • jackd166
    jackd166 5 years ago +1

    What a great video!

    • jenf777
      jenf777  5 years ago

      Thank you so much for the comments - and for watching!

  • Vtang01
    Vtang01 5 years ago +3

    Awesome stuff! Maybe I should get my camera out and meet some spotters up here.. keep them coming guys and girls and thanks Jen for sharing your community down there

    • jenf777
      jenf777  5 years ago

      Thank you and you should definitely get yourself up here!!! :)

  • Albin Malmsten
    Albin Malmsten 5 years ago +1

    Wow mate, epic documentary! Liked

  • Airplaneviewer
    Airplaneviewer 5 years ago +1

    I am so moved, what a wonderful video.
    Being a spotter is unlike any other hobby in my opinion. We also meet interesting people along the way, either online or at an airport. I have had the privilege to talk to a lot of great people like you Jen online and love it. My newest contact is an actual major airline captain. He wrote to me about one of my videos, It boggles my mind to be able to talk to him, seems surreal. You never know who might be a fan of spotting.
    Now we need to get more people involved in this hobby. We also need certain "airport people" to realize we are not trouble. We can actually be good for them with all the free publicity.

    • jenf777
      jenf777  5 years ago

      Thank you!!! I love your great comments - and for sticking around and watching my videos for all this time, thank you!!!! :) For everyone you know who loves aviation, please share the kickstarter link, I so hope the project gets funded so we can actually make the film!!! Hey, come down here and be in the film!!! :)

  • Alex Praglowski Aviation
    Alex Praglowski Aviation 5 years ago +3

    Wow, that was AWESOME! I can totally relate to everyone in this, except I'm shooting video not photos ;)

    • jenf777
      jenf777  5 years ago

      Thank you so much!!!

  • Jarryd Howarth
    Jarryd Howarth 5 years ago +2

    Nicely done Jen. I wonder how much time each spotter devotes to the hobby monthly/annually? Keep up the good work !!

    • jenf777
      jenf777  5 years ago

      Thank you so much Ian!!! :)

  • NickFlightX
    NickFlightX 5 years ago +1


  • Benjamin Gebo
    Benjamin Gebo 5 years ago +1

    Amazing Jen!! This was really interesting!! I missed the Turkish and Emirates inaugural, but I'm not missing Hainan in June so I hope to finally meet the Boston Spotters and hope its as great as it looks!! I hope they don't mind a just over 1 year spotter that makes OK video ;-)

    • Benjamin Gebo
      Benjamin Gebo 5 years ago

      @jenf777 Yeah nothing is going to stop me that day from getting there, not even the 1h 30min drive from Orange :)

    • jenf777
      jenf777  5 years ago +1

      Thank you Benjamin - I look forward to meeting you in June!!!

  • Adam DeVita
    Adam DeVita 5 years ago +1

    Great Video!