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  • Published on Dec 4, 2017
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    In this episode of Learn Quick, I learn to smash a glass using just my voice.
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  • Štakor Miško
    Štakor Miško 7 minutes ago

    That scream is creepy

  • rz gaming
    rz gaming 7 minutes ago

    learn to handstad for 6p sec

  • Random Person
    Random Person 7 minutes ago

    Learn how to do "spring" with cards

  • Eoghan Murphy
    Eoghan Murphy 20 minutes ago

    Learn guitar

  • Darius Radius
    Darius Radius 27 minutes ago +1

    Do a Learn to whistle video

    GAURANGA BANERJEE 33 minutes ago +1

    How to break iphonex with this....

  • Bohdan Dudar
    Bohdan Dudar 34 minutes ago

    Great job Mike! Learn how to do a split if you can :)

    KEBAB 45 minutes ago


  • Gabriel Chamorro
    Gabriel Chamorro 48 minutes ago

    I need to know which app is he using to see the harmonics

  • iManas! iTheChosen!
    iManas! iTheChosen! 55 minutes ago

    Mike ..
    I have a little challenge for you !
    Play osu! (standard)
    And win atleast 5 star or above map !!
    (in 14 days)
    With.. mouse and keyboard :)

    Deny or accept ?

  • Widyawan
    Widyawan 57 minutes ago


  • amab steve
    amab steve 59 minutes ago


  • Mr Shadowmask
    Mr Shadowmask Hour ago

    Make this week I learned getting over it with bennet fody.

  • Mr Tonmoy
    Mr Tonmoy Hour ago

    If I break a glass..my mom will be break me

  • zyloh zyloh
    zyloh zyloh Hour ago

    You can go to guiness world record to break the most things learn in a person's whole life.

  • Rocky Biswas
    Rocky Biswas Hour ago

    I even can't afford a crystal glass. Fuck my life.

  • KingOf Spades
    KingOf Spades Hour ago

    learn how to do a card spring boy

    COMPLAININGwithMOLT Hour ago +1

    what the fuck

  • Pzycho Spikey
    Pzycho Spikey Hour ago

    learn quick cardistry

  • M Rafi
    M Rafi 2 hours ago

    U get 1 Skill

  • R3spawnz BS
    R3spawnz BS 2 hours ago +1

    u sounded like an idiot lul

  • Sanidhya Keshar
    Sanidhya Keshar 3 hours ago

    Hey man, love from India. Accidentally came across your channel and fell in love with it. Liked, commented, subscribed & pressed the bell icon.
    P. S: Not everyone in India shit on streets, rape or texts like this “show bobs & vagene” 😅

  • TheF3rnamaya
    TheF3rnamaya 3 hours ago +1

    Tossing pizza by hand

  • Geek Boy
    Geek Boy 3 hours ago +1

    *U know it's gonna be one hell of a video when he Says : "Hour ZEEERO"

  • Max Mustermann
    Max Mustermann 3 hours ago

    Wow dude good Job 😂👌🏼

  • Why Always ME
    Why Always ME 3 hours ago

    Thats it? So u became a glass breaking god? Whats next? Break the glass with you mind?

  • Snoogles
    Snoogles 3 hours ago

    Hi Mike, love the vids. I have a suggestion for your next challenge to master. Could you try making noodles the traditional way of pulling them by hand? Keep up the great vids!

    BOCAH GAMERS 3 hours ago

    how many you broke a glass?

  • omgtim
    omgtim 4 hours ago

    Can you try and learn typing with the DVORAK layout on your keyboard? It would take a while but i feel like it would be interesting to see. A goal for typing this way could be like 100-120wpm consistently
    Just an idea

  • Jason Lewis
    Jason Lewis 5 hours ago

    New here, and I’ve been watching a ton of your videos. Great work!! I think every so often you should do a video to see how many skills you’ve retained! (Maybe you have already and I didn’t get to that video yet 😓)

  • KelleyGuzman
    KelleyGuzman 5 hours ago

    learn to invisible box step

  • John Yang
    John Yang 5 hours ago

    Yes once you get it it's easy. I did it when I was really young..

  • Yuuki Yuukimi
    Yuuki Yuukimi 6 hours ago


  • Hobowizard1
    Hobowizard1 6 hours ago

    Mike Boyd The Human Swiss Knife

  • [GD] II WiZarD II
    [GD] II WiZarD II 6 hours ago +2

    Sounds like my soul

    ZAMZAMI Abd 6 hours ago

    Im gonna tell your mom.. you break all of her glass...

  • Vincent To
    Vincent To 6 hours ago

    Learn how to walk over the invisible box

  • Gero Martinez
    Gero Martinez 7 hours ago

    you broke my screen

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    Kevin Vuong 7 hours ago

    Can You try some butterfly knife tricks ? B-)

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    I feel like this is fake

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    BigEye Fishes 8 hours ago

    I'm going to invest in crystal wine glasses because I feel the sales will go up now

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    Learn balisong flipping in a week
    Don't use cheap ones (they suck)

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    5:37 it is Wednesday my dudes

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    Mike, the last voice bender.

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    Electronic arts X 8 hours ago

    My new binge youtuber

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    Ethereal Pikachu 9 hours ago

    Master of all trades and Jack of none.

  • Peter Woo
    Peter Woo 9 hours ago

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  • PandaXplosion
    PandaXplosion 9 hours ago

    0:34 How to attract whales during mating season.

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    Mr renders 9 hours ago

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    Shamrock USA 9 hours ago

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    abandonedwill 9 hours ago

    Learn parkour

  • Evan Curtis
    Evan Curtis 9 hours ago

    Can someone that's rich test this to make sure it works?

  • Austin Tchang
    Austin Tchang 10 hours ago +1

    Mike learn to use a butterfly knife or a balisong, use a trainer and if you are willing to use a real one try not to cut yourself. Like if you agree

  • Joseph Rubi
    Joseph Rubi 10 hours ago


  • α x x x e l アクセル

    what's the name of the app?

  • Hermione Granger
    Hermione Granger 10 hours ago

    This reminds me of the fat lady. Comment if you get it

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    Mythical - Monster 10 hours ago

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    Donovan Gilbert 11 hours ago

    "So, what did you do this week?"
    "I was screaming at a wine glass for a total of about four hours"

  • 麻大
    麻大 11 hours ago +1

    Never fapped so fast in my entire life

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    CringeEffectz 11 hours ago

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    KUSH patel 11 hours ago

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    invisible ! 11 hours ago

    U Scottish? And if so where were u from? I'm from Ayrshire Scotland

  • Pieter Wycoff
    Pieter Wycoff 11 hours ago

    my finger popped at the same time as he flicked the glass so i freaked out

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    Butt Scratcher 12 hours ago

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    12433 Views 12 hours ago

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    How am I now discovering your channel? I love your ambition and determination, I'm hooked on this channel, you've earned a like and subscribe keep up the good work 👍

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    This Sucks 13 hours ago

    YOU ARE HOT , but do you have a big dick is the real question .... 

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    XzD gamer 13 hours ago

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    Joshua Richardson 13 hours ago

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    How many timez did u voice crack making this video😂😂

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    Applesyaknow 13 hours ago

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    Andreas Horvath 14 hours ago

    Hi Mike! Accidentially I came across your videos: I am very impressed and you inspire me to try harder to achieve my goals. How about you try to achieve a dry static breathhold of 5 minutes?

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    UJDA PRO 14 hours ago

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