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  • Published on Dec 4, 2017
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    In this episode of Learn Quick, I learn to smash a glass using just my voice.
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    Music Credits:
    1:19 Railroads Whiskey Co - Jahzzar
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Comments • 8 361

  • Subhajit Ghosh
    Subhajit Ghosh Hour ago

    How many glasses you have broken dude

  • cash5150
    cash5150 2 hours ago

    Experience hobby LoL

  • BrokenArrowsInc
    BrokenArrowsInc 6 hours ago

    Your neighbours must be loving you

  • Maniac Saiyan
    Maniac Saiyan 15 hours ago

    I done it in 1 day

  • ThatsoLayla 2 122

    Am pretty sure this is fake idk tho

    • Leopatra
      Leopatra 16 hours ago

      ThatsoLayla 2 122 Although I could be wrong, I don't think its fake. You can do more research on the since of how it works if you'd like.

  • Exillerance
    Exillerance Day ago

    Poor glasses D:

  • AttePlayer
    AttePlayer Day ago

    Hi, i'm Mike Boyd and i am addicted to breaking glass with my voice.

  • pulupurpant s
    pulupurpant s Day ago

    can you celebrate a bit more calmly?

  • Imam Jabar
    Imam Jabar Day ago

    this is too cool

  • AirC148 _123
    AirC148 _123 Day ago

    If I learned this I would go to my friends house and if he has a cabinet full of wine glasses, they will all be broken

  • Matthew Seeley
    Matthew Seeley Day ago

    What's the name of the app used in the video?

  • TehAlphabit
    TehAlphabit Day ago

    *chokes on glass after it is launched into my mouth after it breaks*

  • Alicia Johnson
    Alicia Johnson Day ago

    Fortuna major!

  • dvdvideo10
    dvdvideo10 2 days ago


  • gorillabiscuits
    gorillabiscuits 2 days ago +1

    what a cool party trick

  • rumbletime78
    rumbletime78 2 days ago

    finally, a video i can use in my daily basis

  • Jay-Ar Deganos
    Jay-Ar Deganos 2 days ago

    Expensive hobby! Lol

  • Peuvea YT
    Peuvea YT 2 days ago +1

    neighbors: what the fuck

  • David Alavidze
    David Alavidze 2 days ago +1

    Must be hard to live with this guy from now on

  • Andyoot !
    Andyoot ! 2 days ago

    Oml WHATTTT!!??

  • Vox Mortem
    Vox Mortem 2 days ago

    How to become a dovahkiin irl

  • magicortega
    magicortega 3 days ago

    Hi, I'm your neighboor, can you stop please?

  • GLaDOS _390
    GLaDOS _390 3 days ago


    CHANG JENNY 3 days ago

    Can you learn how to do a back flip?

  • LS Urrutia
    LS Urrutia 3 days ago +1

    learn how to get out of the friendzone

  • Peter Iulian
    Peter Iulian 3 days ago

    Do you play whit kendama ?

  • alto
    alto 3 days ago

    i love irn bru

  • Robert Shelton
    Robert Shelton 3 days ago

    Tells everyone to wear eye protection. Abandons eye protection when he's going to get broken glass in his dinner anyway.

  • Datoneguy 50
    Datoneguy 50 3 days ago

    At 4:23 it sounds like Godzilla

  • Nathan Smith
    Nathan Smith 3 days ago +1

    You’ve broken more cups than howtobasic

  • DeluxeDestroyer
    DeluxeDestroyer 3 days ago

    Broke my phone's screen

  • shivam singh
    shivam singh 4 days ago


  • THE Dragon KING
    THE Dragon KING 4 days ago

    Moto gp sound hahahaha

  • R i v a l r y R i d e

    it's become a habit?

  • Jdforty
    Jdforty 4 days ago

    Congratulations, your a freaking singer man!

  • Asep Purnama
    Asep Purnama 4 days ago +1

    i dont know why.. but i so happy u break that glass

  • bishrut dhwoju
    bishrut dhwoju 4 days ago +1

    Mike, try to master cup stacking!!!!

  • vex legends
    vex legends 4 days ago

    You spent time on honing a skill for breaking stuff ... count me in

  • Zubair Bhat
    Zubair Bhat 5 days ago

    You made a small notch on its rim

  • sharr rrafshi
    sharr rrafshi 5 days ago

    Coolest vid on youtube 👌😂😂😂

  • - Neku
    - Neku 5 days ago +1

    This is the most useless super power you could ever imagine 😂

  • Fabrizio Leonelli
    Fabrizio Leonelli 5 days ago

    Don't invite this guy to a party

  • Ojenk 89
    Ojenk 89 5 days ago

    Vitas can do it too. .

  • Chris Abella
    Chris Abella 5 days ago +1

    Think of all the starving kids in Africa that could eat those glasses

  • Declan O'Donoghue
    Declan O'Donoghue 6 days ago

    Not very tough

  • HighLight GT
    HighLight GT 6 days ago +1

    You should join avengers

  • Dávid Chudoba
    Dávid Chudoba 6 days ago +1

    Whats the app name??? Pllllsss

  • Jens Putzeys
    Jens Putzeys 6 days ago

    I was screaming at the glass while eating with my family. My mom slapped me in the face...

  • Srocpion Lists
    Srocpion Lists 6 days ago +1

    Learn to draw a perfect circle

  • Matthew Furman
    Matthew Furman 6 days ago


    LV3TO DZN 7 days ago

    Looks like formula 1 cars

  • Funny YouTuber
    Funny YouTuber 7 days ago

    Sounds like sex noises

  • Pouum defend
    Pouum defend 7 days ago

    Bring Vitas to break it.

  • Andrew Lee
    Andrew Lee 8 days ago

    Wicked ! Thirves will now be learning this to break into houses and cars. Oooooaaaaaayyyyyy haha

  • Neil1520
    Neil1520 8 days ago +1

    new weapon obtained:
    Screaming voice of death

  • Neil1520
    Neil1520 8 days ago

    or just pay an opera singer to destroy the wine glass by using their voice

  • Ivan Jiang
    Ivan Jiang 8 days ago

    Every time i practice, i can only keep doing the pitch for 2 or 3 minutes before my throat getting tired and i just cannot reach the pitch anymore. So i can only practice 3 minutes everyday. How about you, Mike?

  • Miss Lucky Ducky
    Miss Lucky Ducky 8 days ago

    Can you now break any glass?

  • White Tigerz11
    White Tigerz11 8 days ago


  • Teoh Wei li
    Teoh Wei li 8 days ago


  • Teoh Wei li
    Teoh Wei li 8 days ago

    You put the straw upside down

  • matty manify
    matty manify 8 days ago

    it wasn't working because you're so off tune with the glass lol

  • Potato Guy
    Potato Guy 8 days ago +1


  • RC King
    RC King 9 days ago

    What is that app called

  • Ilona Petrovska
    Ilona Petrovska 9 days ago


  • Denis Militaru
    Denis Militaru 9 days ago

    That kendama in the background

  • Cory R
    Cory R 9 days ago

    Rather drink from it

  • May
    May 9 days ago

    I'd hate to be your neighbor😂😂😂

  • Random Creation
    Random Creation 9 days ago

    I want to challenge you to do zero inch punch.. Can you do it?? If you want to know what it is, here is the link:-

  • Robertas Bakšys
    Robertas Bakšys 9 days ago

    Poor glasses I fell very bad #GlassLivesMater

  • Emily Scott
    Emily Scott 9 days ago

    I feel bad the his neighbors but that’s pretty cool

  • Mish Mish
    Mish Mish 9 days ago

    you broke my phone glass. tq

  • Emma Duarte
    Emma Duarte 9 days ago

    Do 90 words per minute

  • Oriano Augustin
    Oriano Augustin 10 days ago

    Man if he hasn't put his ray ban this glass would had gone directly in his eyes

  • Oriano Augustin
    Oriano Augustin 10 days ago

    The cat is like . Seriously!!!

  • 1SATA
    1SATA 10 days ago

    Me when I win my first game of pubg

    THE PERFECT TUNE 10 days ago

    All the glass break at the same place ,size and shape

  • James Shelton
    James Shelton 10 days ago

    I think part of his problem was his mouth-shape. He had the right glasses at the end and then got the right pitch but he never mentioned anything about focusing the sound and that is a huge thing when it comes to singing.

  • Alçatro'z Tube
    Alçatro'z Tube 10 days ago


  • PhilHarmonicus
    PhilHarmonicus 10 days ago

    It's not lung power you need to increase volume, they just hold the fuel. You need to beef up your diaphragm to push it out. Ask any professional wind player or singer.

  • Mateusz B
    Mateusz B 10 days ago

    You go to guiness world record and set "most glasses broken with voice in one minute"

  • Ethan Griffiths
    Ethan Griffiths 10 days ago

    Can't say I've ever watched a bloke go "eeeeeeeee" "ooooooooooooo" on camera for this long hahaha love your videos man! Find it really inspiring and the process of learning is like no other

  • Dennis
    Dennis 10 days ago

    why would anybody want to learn that?

  • Tide Detergent
    Tide Detergent 11 days ago

    It would be funny if his windows broke

  • Brandon Vløgs
    Brandon Vløgs 11 days ago

    Practice this in a pub or bar and every body will think your mad 😂😂😂😂😂

  • YouTube TÜRKİYE müffettiş

    I from turkey

  • raymond goodman
    raymond goodman 11 days ago

    ... engage safety squints

  • Strictly Fun , Motivation , and Other

    whats the name of the app??

  • Isaac Larson
    Isaac Larson 12 days ago

    Get good enough where you can project the shard to a specific place. Ultimate challange.

  • Lil John
    Lil John 12 days ago

    I cant do this my neighbours will think im retarded ...

  • SomeDude 2873
    SomeDude 2873 12 days ago +1

    lowkey became a great singer

  • Sam Woodel
    Sam Woodel 12 days ago

    what was that app called

  • 1,000,000 subs without a video ?

    Can you learn how to play saxophone?

  • holly casso
    holly casso 13 days ago

    Also what is the brand are those wine glasses? I bought crystal wine glasses and have been trying. I get the glass to shake much like yours at first, and it also rings after, but I have still yet to break it.

  • holly casso
    holly casso 13 days ago

    Hi I'm trying to break a wine glass with my voice as well. Would you mind telling me what app that is you're using? Thanks!

  • Storm Shred
    Storm Shred 13 days ago +1


  • martin thygesen
    martin thygesen 13 days ago

    you sound like police

  • Doddy Delfin
    Doddy Delfin 13 days ago

    Persistence pays

  • Rajesh Kumar
    Rajesh Kumar 13 days ago

    I learned to glass a break.. fuck yeah