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  • Published on Dec 4, 2017
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    In this episode of Learn Quick, I learn to smash a glass using just my voice.
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    Music Credits:
    1:19 Railroads Whiskey Co - Jahzzar
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Comments • 10 223

  • Yaëlle
    Yaëlle 11 minutes ago +1

    Hij weet dat hij zingt tegen n glas hè? 😂

  • lumberjack
    lumberjack 2 hours ago

    *EAR RAPE*

  • Otto Nousiainen
    Otto Nousiainen 2 hours ago

    hOw tO loOk liKe A auTiSm

  • R3T4L14T3 Siah
    R3T4L14T3 Siah 12 hours ago

    I set the phone at max volume
    Put it on a mic
    Put another mic on the speaker
    Then repeat
    And I can do what Bart did?

  • Nanos2 Channel
    Nanos2 Channel 17 hours ago

    I tried this and my parents thought I was becoming autistic

  • Marisa Rocha
    Marisa Rocha 18 hours ago

    New episode of my strange addiction confirmed?

  • Zimm
    Zimm 19 hours ago

    Sounds like a webdriver torso video

  • Bobert
    Bobert 21 hour ago

    I'm not sure if it's just coincidence or not but the two glasses (@ 6:19 ) seemed to break right where you tapped it with the metal looking thingy. Obviously I'm not saying it broke the glass or anything beforehand. Just noticed that and was wondering if it had any affect, or if it really was just a coincidence.

  • Signature PlayZ
    Signature PlayZ Day ago

    he looks like Mr.Bean

  • Invinci-Creep 7049

    Mike: guys watch
    *mike breaks glass with his voice*
    government: oh my g**. we need him in scp containment
    fbi: we are on it

  • Dodo Islamuddin
    Dodo Islamuddin Day ago

    You are amazing!!! Keep learning

  • Kenneth Hyrule
    Kenneth Hyrule Day ago

    So, I found your channel today, September 18 2018, and judging by your accent, are you Scottish?

  • The Beginner Biker
    The Beginner Biker 2 days ago

    He sounds like an f1 car

  • Team L.I.K
    Team L.I.K 2 days ago +1

    When he was yelling in slow motion he sounded like a boat

  • Sam Lyons
    Sam Lyons 2 days ago

    I'm watching a scottsman going ooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO at a glass while wearing sunglasses.....

  • I dont talk to stranger , baka

    i bet he cant say "no glass cup is harm during the making of this video"

  • Th3 Rust3r
    Th3 Rust3r 2 days ago

    imagine if you are the neighbor and just hearing OoOoOooooOoOoOoOOoOoOoO .... I would be scared

  • Ryo Zambito
    Ryo Zambito 2 days ago

    Ur such an inspiration tho..

  • Junior YT
    Junior YT 2 days ago

    Don't dare him any challenge, cuz he will do it perfectly😂😂

  • DurpyRainbow 004
    DurpyRainbow 004 2 days ago

    My favorite word of yours is definitely “petch”😂😂😂

  • PhantomProphecy gfg
    PhantomProphecy gfg 3 days ago


  • Ukraine Magic
    Ukraine Magic 3 days ago

    Hello Mike. Could you please write under this video which application you used for measure your voice frequency?

  • sp0d3r qu33n
    sp0d3r qu33n 3 days ago

    how do I find you singing to a glass funny...

  • Martino Alipon
    Martino Alipon 3 days ago

    if you dont brush your teeth it works fast

  • The virtual bro's
    The virtual bro's 3 days ago

    That's *smashing* 😏

  • PersonPlays toxic
    PersonPlays toxic 4 days ago

    La beast was a great youtuber then he got sick from all the food he was eating

  • Haniya Hasan
    Haniya Hasan 4 days ago


  • 1 000 Subscribers With no vids?

    Dont get obsessed.

  • 1 000 Subscribers With no vids?

    Learn to breathe with with your ears.

  • Savage Avaling Slimes

    Lol after he did it once he got addicted 😂😂

  • Savage Avaling Slimes

    Skip to 5:00 for when he actually does it. Ur welcome.

  • Pianist Wizard
    Pianist Wizard 4 days ago +1

    Sounds like a police chase going on.

  • Æ Œ
    Æ Œ 4 days ago

    My phone broke -_-

  • Typical_FlameBoy
    Typical_FlameBoy 4 days ago +1

    2:42 *My date with a virgin.*

  • Nub_Jedai Dino
    Nub_Jedai Dino 4 days ago

    I put a glass cup on the mic on fortnite and the glass broke

  • # whatisahashtag
    # whatisahashtag 4 days ago

    Now break your voice with glass.

  • Lizzie
    Lizzie 4 days ago

    Why does it sound like Bigfoot mating calls?

  • MPJ J
    MPJ J 5 days ago

    What is the apps name?

  • Matthew Shaw
    Matthew Shaw 5 days ago

    also putting a small scratch in the glass helps

  • Diamond Heart
    Diamond Heart 5 days ago

    0:58 ambulance

  • syr gulmatico
    syr gulmatico 5 days ago

    Now break dragons with your voice 😂

  • Reira Miryuuki
    Reira Miryuuki 5 days ago

    The glass had enough with him

  • Lightning Frightning

    O.M.G I love it!!!!!

  • Jhonrey G
    Jhonrey G 5 days ago

    You have set a personal record of most clear wine glass broken using voice

  • KNK K'n'k
    KNK K'n'k 5 days ago

    Imagine coming home and you keep hearing a random guy screaming

  • Air Bendin'
    Air Bendin' 5 days ago


  • Jeff Dolloff
    Jeff Dolloff 5 days ago


  • Jeff Dolloff
    Jeff Dolloff 5 days ago

    Learn how to drive a stick sift

  • MarKenOfficial
    MarKenOfficial 6 days ago

    No wine glass has been harmed in the making of this video

  • Kimberly Moon
    Kimberly Moon 6 days ago +2

    *n e v e r g i v e u p*

  • Neimann Cadacio
    Neimann Cadacio 6 days ago +1


  • Matthew Moua
    Matthew Moua 6 days ago

    Now lemme just whip out this trick at a party!

  • It's always Albert
    It's always Albert 6 days ago


  • Mystic Ninja
    Mystic Ninja 6 days ago

    dat voice

  • Trisha Vergara
    Trisha Vergara 7 days ago

    Learn penspinning

  • Poorest Beaver
    Poorest Beaver 7 days ago

    That why Vitas exist

  • wissal supérieure
    wissal supérieure 7 days ago

    Woow vers gros

  • Anish Chakrabarty
    Anish Chakrabarty 7 days ago

    I’m literally watching a guy scream at glass

  • Matt Rapa
    Matt Rapa 7 days ago

    A siren?

  • istrqwberry
    istrqwberry 7 days ago


  • piggypoo
    piggypoo 8 days ago

    Hey, wanna hear the most annoying sound in the world?

  • The Crazy Best Friends // Anything

    This video is full of police sound

    Weeeewoooo weeeeewooooo

  • Inferno
    Inferno 8 days ago

    how much money

  • mahchymk93
    mahchymk93 8 days ago

    Poor wife must've struggled really hard during his training

  • Taco Cats
    Taco Cats 8 days ago

    I like watching people yell at cups.

  • Sofie Callow
    Sofie Callow 8 days ago

    New ringtone

  • Sarah
    Sarah 8 days ago

    Oml, the noises you made 🤣

  • Emma Campbell
    Emma Campbell 9 days ago

    I'm cackling this is so funny

  • Desert KoldWar
    Desert KoldWar 9 days ago

    just a normal guy yelling at a wine glads

  • Helta aren
    Helta aren 9 days ago


  • Jack Clark
    Jack Clark 9 days ago

    Imagine someone actually coming down to a bar and just yelling into a glass and it breaks

  • Piña Colada
    Piña Colada 9 days ago +1

    - Hey, look at my new collection of fancy crystal cups that I bought at
    - HEY

  • Viviane Lara
    Viviane Lara 9 days ago

    thank you for all your tips today, this video is awesome!!!! i will try that!!!

    RIP BLOB 10 days ago

    Wasting money.

  • littlesushie
    littlesushie 10 days ago

    uploads a "Learn quick" video. takes 14 days to learn it.

  • Its Rahul
    Its Rahul 10 days ago

    It is awesome 👍

  • Person that gets people mad and yells a lot

    I just watched a man sound like a siren for 8 minutes

  • beuabez
    beuabez 10 days ago

    Turns out bruce willis was dead the whole time

  • Queen Bee
    Queen Bee 10 days ago

    4 and a half hours of yelling at glass

  • explodeing minecart Gonzales

    I love your vids! Earned yourself a subscriber.

  • D's Productions
    D's Productions 10 days ago

    Passover dinner:
    Papa: ok, cheers everyone, have a nice ye..
    Breaker: yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrr

  • ile king
    ile king 10 days ago

    aftre day 9 you just startes jealing

  • Yves
    Yves 10 days ago

    And that's how lots of glass cups died in the battlefield

  • FlamingBlade
    FlamingBlade 10 days ago

    babushka will go bankrupt

  • Jam Collins
    Jam Collins 11 days ago

    The joy I felt when this man broke the glass was kinda weird

  • Jack Ford
    Jack Ford 11 days ago

    Learn "quick"

  • Autonomous Life
    Autonomous Life 11 days ago

    Fucking awesome haha. Made me laugh

  • the dramatic life of daniel

    I think your cat hates you already 😂😂😂😂 you developed the voice to break anything your dangerous man

    PIKUTO ZHIMOMI 11 days ago

    What if the glass goes inside ur mouth

  • Michael Laurin
    Michael Laurin 11 days ago

    Did you buy does glass at ikea ?

  • Windows
    Windows 11 days ago

    Do you see everything orange with those safety glasses?

  • Kate abrielle
    Kate abrielle 11 days ago

    If you think im gonna do this to impress my classmates, you’re absolutely right

  • RealRCH G
    RealRCH G 11 days ago

    u look a bit like jacksepticeye

  • Parzival
    Parzival 11 days ago

    Interesting, it seems it breaks in the same place the vibration originates. I'm guessing if you tap the glass in different location, when the frequency equalizes it could break in multiple places for a shattering effect.

  • ObeyFelix 12
    ObeyFelix 12 11 days ago

    Thats just a waste of wine glasses 🍷

  • Mr Dumplings
    Mr Dumplings 11 days ago +1

    Without context this looks like the work of a aggressive drinker

  • Milo Gamer
    Milo Gamer 11 days ago

    What is the app he used to check his ability at holding pitch?

  • Ich Nemesis
    Ich Nemesis 11 days ago

    4:14 he actually practices if u watch it all tho

  • Maia Weinstein
    Maia Weinstein 11 days ago

    my new goal in life is to build and opera house with crystal glass windows