EVELYNN update - The Good Sexy! Analysis & breakdown

  • Evelynn has a visual update coming out, and I found it rather interesting, so I spent some time talking about it.
    -Design Analysis
    *OLD vs NEW
    *Thematic Cohesion
    *The Sex Problem
    *Is it BDSM?
    - The Good Sexy
    *Ashe is sexy because why?
    *Eve is sexy because why?

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  • Randy Johnson
    Randy Johnson 10 months ago +1

    it would be nice to discuss this idea further, so I'll throw two examples i can think of Nidalee is literally only sexy because Cougar joke, realistically, a woman living in the jungle shifting between animal and human form would be covered in light scars, dirt in her and underneath her nails and she would not be clean shaven, but adding all that detail would be annoying in engine, and she's an old champ too she works for what she is
    then there's Ahri who given her lore took on her sexy form through magic and before fully gaining sentience used her sex appeal to eat souls, so it at least makes sense
    on a side note at least we also have Braum from the Freljord, he's shirtless but also husky and muscular so makes sense he could take the cold better

  • Zach Zachary
    Zach Zachary 11 months ago +1

    Ashe is an iceborne, that is why she can tolerate the cold. If anyone is still wondering.

  • Laimonas Janusis
    Laimonas Janusis Year ago +1

    who actually cares how she looks?? new evellyn sucks in mechanics.. everyone hates to play against her.

  • Shawn He
    Shawn He Year ago

    7:55 “Very, very curvy. EXTREAMLY curvy.” 🤣

  • Shawn He
    Shawn He Year ago +1

    Yeah whenever I look at Evelyn I’m more “damn she’s powerful” than “damn she’s sexy”.

  • Ro the Lion
    Ro the Lion Year ago +3

    You thought she got curvy that time... and then K/DA introduced Thicc Evelynn

  • Vokasha Kirashiro

    You would fak here then in reverse she faks you up
    Wolf in sheep cloth, good concept
    but does she just crave sadistic action(that she connects with intercourse) or she rides than torture and kill,like why not both :D?

  • Michell M.
    Michell M. Year ago

    Oh..oh but the voice lines..oh the voice lines

  • Segafan243
    Segafan243 Year ago +1

    Let's talk about sex baby,
    Let's talk about reworked eve,
    Talk about all the good things eve
    and the bad things about the design of eve,
    Let's talk about sex.

    I didn't see anyone else make this.comment so I was disappointed in the comments.

  • Thiago Milhomens
    Thiago Milhomens Year ago

    I just discover your channel, I'm liking it very much :)

  • Fernanda Rodrigues
    Fernanda Rodrigues Year ago +1

    I really love that video and I keep sending it to a loot of artists friends to understand sexy as a tool and not exposition, thanks alot for al of your character analysis, they are helping me as an artist too

  • Random Video Lover
    Random Video Lover Year ago +2

    You can't have that, "My eve" layer and not show us whats on it.

  • Moldybeard
    Moldybeard Year ago

    new evelynn has more bouba


    The problem with the "bad sexy" is that it's usually a specific kind of "sexy" (which usually doesn't even look that much sexy because it's too plastic-perfect, without any imperfections, so it usually doesn't have the edge that can make a character actually sexually attractive) which has some specific connotations. It works for CERTAIN characters that have a personality and background that fit that specific kind of sexy, because their visual design works with their character, but in other characters, it instead takes the place of a visual design that could actually be more compelling and fitting for their character.
    Like, a willowy, ethereal beauty like Tarja Turunen would be a compelling visual design for a gothic/supernatural romance story, or maybe one where the major theme is loneliness, or grief, or... well, anything that has a mood that tends to the ethereal and melanchonic.
    She'd look hilariously out of place in, say, a comedy. Unless it's a parody of horror/gothic, like the Addams Family.

  • Amelia Avery
    Amelia Avery Year ago

    after the schoolgirl i had to like it lololol

  • Kofja
    Kofja Year ago

    I would like to see a video of Karthus at some point :D Really enjoy all your videos, even the ones that are not about League, I think I just enjoy listening to your voice.

  • Lana Del Rey
    Lana Del Rey Year ago

    Wish they changed Aphrodite model in smite honestly as the goddess of beauty her model is kinda boring and plain

  • Undefined Error
    Undefined Error Year ago

    I'm really glad that a video of yours was recommended to me! It's refreshing to see someone analyse a design like this, talking about design choices, shapes, colors, meaning, purpose and how it relates to the character story. For someone who is designing their own characters this is much more usefull than just hearing the debate on what is pretty and what crosses some kind of boundary. (Even though that is important, it is not all that a design exists out of.)

  • Darren Lo
    Darren Lo Year ago +1

    wow i just noticed the heart, where her shadow panties were connected.

  • Drawin Stuff
    Drawin Stuff Year ago

    is she a succubus?

  • Michael Brinker
    Michael Brinker Year ago

    this video is great many people should watch this

  • Jonas Stoustrup
    Jonas Stoustrup Year ago

    Drink every time T B emphasizes the word "SEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEXSZCH"

  • Bendtsen
    Bendtsen Year ago

    I would make a counterpoint against what you say against Ashe. It's true that there is no really important thematic reason for her to be attractive, but I don't think that's the main issue. She, as a character, can be plenty attractive for no other reason than because she is. The problem is her outfit, which goes contrary to where she's from and her theme. At the very least she should be fully clothed, and she could still wear stylish (note the lack of the word "sexy") clothes without being covered head to toe in boring, brown furcloaks.

  • Andras Petersen
    Andras Petersen Year ago

    The old evelynn face looks like she is hissing in my eyes xD

  • Anima Manager
    Anima Manager Year ago

    I was almost going to say "Ashe is sexy because before League became as big as it is Rito liked to make sexy champs because that draws in players, now they are better" and then I remembered Kaisa.

  • Alva Rosager
    Alva Rosager Year ago

    To me the oversexualization of League's female champions is super annoying. I'm absolutely fine with someone like Evelynn being naked and sexy; it's an intrinsic part of her character and it makes sense. But I feel like in League almost every female champion is a size zero girl with inexplicably giant boobs in tiny outfits, in at least some of their skins. There's no reason for Ashe to be sexy in this way. Or Sona. Or Sivir. Or Akali. Or Caitlyn. Etc. As a female player it really bothers me. I love that there is someone like Illaoi in the game, who shows a very different view of what a woman can be, but she is still heavily outnumbered.

  • Bailey Lee
    Bailey Lee Year ago

    The first thing your eyes go to....
    yeah... the "hair"

  • super newbie
    super newbie Year ago +2

    12:32 "Good lord, I accidentally actived the magnifier" yeaaaaaaaahh, sure ;)

  • GrayHoodiee
    GrayHoodiee 2 years ago +1

    ....do you have a schoolgirl fetish, TB?

    • T B Skyen
      T B Skyen  2 years ago +10

      I *emphatically* do not.

      ... a sexy school MISTRESS though, well...

  • Noah Weisbrod
    Noah Weisbrod 2 years ago +53

    Morgana: a dark sorceress and angel leading a revolution against the forces of heaven, which she views as corrupt and merciless.
    So, um, why does she walk around in her bra?

    • Skye
      Skye 10 months ago +2

      @Alopex wellll a year later and she's still needlessly sexy

    • Alopex
      Alopex 2 years ago +5

      Noah Weisbrod same that's also my first thought XD btw isn't Morgana and Kayle getting a lore update?

  • eternally Twilit
    eternally Twilit 2 years ago +1

    "I'm feeling a tingly in my naughty bits" LOL

  • The Argonaught
    The Argonaught 2 years ago +1

    alt splash of evelynn has her chest and midriff covered up in her shadow skin. but still very sexy.

  • David Matlock
    David Matlock 2 years ago +1

    But this while I thought *I* was the sex champion :(

  • Shane Klein
    Shane Klein 2 years ago +2

    ashe isnt very old and shes more of a combat archer then a queen

  • Minty Frills
    Minty Frills 2 years ago

    dude just pointing out that your whole point of her boobs being bigger kinda doesnt understand how boobs physics work. on the old splash he arm is pulled back and her chest stretched out which would make her boobs seem more flat while on the new ones her arms are together pushing up her boobs together. this would make any boobs look a lot bigger. -someone who has boobs.

  • AgentSapphire
    AgentSapphire 2 years ago +46

    not to mention the fact that the pinks and the purples on evelynn contrast the yellow orange of her eyes. It makes them pop A LOT.
    What drew my eye first was the pinks. And the way the shadow leads into the rest of her details. The splash art itself is laid out spectacularly.

  • Leagon
    Leagon 2 years ago +5

    7:55 EXTRA T H I C C

  • Mr. Ed
    Mr. Ed 2 years ago +14

    Just wanted to make a correction. BDSM stands for: Bondage, Domination, Sadism, Masoquism. The relationship is between the S (sadist) ans the M (masoquist). So when you refer to Evelyn as not a bdsm character because she's now a sadist... Well... I think I already explained

    • Мария Димитрова
      Мария Димитрова Year ago

      I do believe he meant she goes for Oly one segment of BDSM (the S). Idk if the criticism is valid, but it eh.
      (Also, doesn't every pair of letters stand for something, like SM is sadism/masochism, but DS is domination/submission and BD means something but I forget?)

  • The CookieMeister
    The CookieMeister 2 years ago +67

    Well actually she is masochistic. She gets turned on when an enemy fights back and overpowers her

    • Nep
      Nep Year ago +12

      She's no masochist, she's a sadist.
      Some of her quotes:
      "Nothing personal, I just need you to suffer horribly."
      "Know what else is funny? Pulling your tongue out through your neck."
      "I don't really have friends. Just people I haven't eviscerated yet."
      "Rend their flesh, flay them head to toe."
      It's not the superiority or dominance that turns her on, it's the physical pain of her victim.

    • Kefka Palazzo
      Kefka Palazzo Year ago +54

      Nah, she's just the kind of sadist who likes to get a bit of counter play :P It's more satisfying for her to break someone who seemed strong at first, rather than just toy with someone who was weak to begin with.

    • Ace Toromaki
      Ace Toromaki 2 years ago +36

      "Dying is such a turn off" That doesn't sound like a turn on to me.

  • Sleksin
    Sleksin 2 years ago +43

    Although Evelynn is by far the most sexualised champion yet, her sexualisation is probably better than many other female champions in League. Take Miss Fortune, with her splash and old lore, she was basically "she's a sexy pirate hunter" for no reason other than that it probably seemed like a good idea at the time. Take the Captain Fortune skin (the most lore-friendly skin after the events of burning tides) and her current lore and it's much better. She still has the body, the possible sexualisation, but rather than it just being there, the focus is her struggle with her hatred and as she tries to keep Bilgewater in one piece without resorting to the tactics that Gangplank did. In the captain skin, you can see that she's pissed. In her comic, she uses her appearance to get an edge over a man in negotiations, as in her old lore, but it's not her focal point, which makes her so much better. Now we just need her base flash to be updated to be more fitting.

  • pokemnfan1
    pokemnfan1 2 years ago +1

    Old video, I know, but I'll point this out anyway - Old Evelynn's splash art does not accurately reflect what her model looked like at the time. You should look it up, the costume looked more like lingerie and the body proportions were wild.

  • Jack Schreyer
    Jack Schreyer 2 years ago +4

    It was her face. Everything draws you towards her face. It's not that the rest isn't great, it's just...it's more interesting. Yes, in all those ways as well.

  • Brimel
    Brimel 2 years ago +2

    I have no idea how i didn't know about your channel until today. Love the way you analyse charadesign on a game that is not necessarily design-focused, you've got yourself a nuw sub o/

  • Paulo Filho
    Paulo Filho 2 years ago +15

    big ass fucking murder spikes

  • tX Hardstuck
    tX Hardstuck 2 years ago +8

    3:55 her hair looks exactly like a blooper from mario

  • Zman ImaGamer
    Zman ImaGamer 2 years ago +2

    i guess her design didnt translate bdsm but her dialogue definitely does.

  • Nightfall
    Nightfall 2 years ago +17

    I'll have you know, Illaoi is the only champion that cannot be Decoupled from Sex

  • Naru
    Naru 2 years ago +7

    About Ashe's athletic splash: The reason why she is not so mobile in game is pretty much just game balance when it comes down to it.
    Jinx's lore for example states that she is so swift and agile that she can play tag with an pissed off VI in a bank building until it collapses and escape unharmed, not to mention elusive enough to get away from the police with ease to such an effect she is almost an urban legend. Also she is so good at disguising herself she walked in to a wedding event in Piltover and crashed the party when she got bored. In the game however she is pretty much immobile, her only movement is from her passive that she gets for a short time after partaking in a kill of tower destruction. Not much of an elusive trickster to me. Her ingame persona is basically all about her arsenal of weapons.
    Xayah for example is shown in both her lore and trailer to be so agile and swift even holding her own against Edgy Naruto, you'd think she is an assassin champion instead of an ADC, yet in the game she is slow as a snail and her only mobility is her ult, and her entire kit is built around the trick she brought the building down with.

    • Zenith Tempest
      Zenith Tempest 2 years ago +1

      Naru I mean sure, but then you could still give her sexy aspects whilst retaining "immobility." Take a look at Syndra. She has a cleavage and thigh window. but the way she is posed makes it very clear what kind of person she is. the outstretched arms and look of contempt implies that she looks down upon people in disdain, and can take on anything they throw at her. the glowing purple eyes show that she has so much magical power that it's practically bursting out of her.
      you mention jinx, but jinx is also a great example of the type of character she is. she is surveying the wreckage done by her hand in piltover. the leg propped up on a rock with her arm over it shows that she is very proud of her "handiwork." the tattoos and the rocket launcher over the shoulder give you the sense that there is much more to her than she seems: she's not some little girl, she's a damn criminal. this is accentuated by the extremely long braids of hair waving out wildly.
      Skyen has a point when he says Ashe's art does not describe who she is.
      you mentioned xayah but you absolutely have to include rakan because they're meant to be together. their joint splash makes their roles very clear. rakan is the protector: open shirt, arms outstretched and around xayah to keep her safe (he is literally using his E magic to shield her from harm). his gaze upon her shows that he relies on her to lead him like a queen would her retainer, and her confident look towards the player also makes that clear. she has knives prepped, ready to be thrown. furthermore, her body is turned inward, alluding to her reserved, maybe a little dark nature. if rakan is the sun, xayah is the moon.

    • Zthewise
      Zthewise 2 years ago +1

      Jinx should be ripped if you think about all the weapons she carries around like it was nothing. I guess sub-dermal implants could be a thing, she is from Zaun after all.

  • MYA PS
    MYA PS 2 years ago +6

    Every time T B Skyen says "sex" or "sexy" take a shot
    If you don't want to get "that drunk" then take a shot when T B Skyen says "BDSM" instead

    • MYA PS
      MYA PS 2 years ago

      T B Skyen 😂

    • T B Skyen
      T B Skyen  2 years ago +4

      I don't want to be responsible for people dying.

  • Михајло Стевановић

    See im watching in 360p...Quickly switches to 720p.

  • Darryl
    Darryl 2 years ago +2

    Goodwork. Its good see the mentality of visual choices and not simply the visuals themselves.

  • Master Mati
    Master Mati 2 years ago +5

    Hello T B Skyen!
    1. Your channel is masterpiece! When I have seen "Swain Rework" and "Sweetheart Xayah and Rakan" I instantly subscribed. Keep recording!
    2. Hey! Guys! You don't know that? xD I'm Indie gamer developper, and I if modelled some champion inspired from my girlfriend, I would make as sexy as GPU handle :P
    3. Please, make a video about Ahri. I'm good in C# and writing gameplay scripts, but my aesthetics-intuition is very confused about her. I mean I surely don't like Ashe because of things you mentioned, but I'm very confused about Ahri. The is more important if we keep on mind, that she is one of flag champions of this game.
    4. Please, make a video about DOTA too. In fact I don't play that game, but I want too see differences between theese games in aesthetics.
    5. Sorry for my English.

  • Greasy Smith
    Greasy Smith 2 years ago +1

    Actually there were people complaining that this character needed to be altered in the west, and was altered in China i think.

  • whatta stargazer
    whatta stargazer 2 years ago +217

    "Oh mr principle ill do anything if you give me an a" I DIED

    • 藍海
      藍海 2 months ago

      whatta stargazer I heard it in sky Williams voice made it even funnier

  • Gyri
    Gyri 2 years ago +14

    Just found your channel, and must say that I love it! Especially these interesting commentaries on boob plates and same face syndrome. Will be on the lookout for more content like this from you!

  • Loopy Schwan
    Loopy Schwan 2 years ago

    "i know what you looked at from the beginning" -Boo- "the eyes!"

  • Eru
    Eru 2 years ago +2

    Trist had first facial animation, but poppy had first fully riged face

  • Soulstep
    Soulstep 2 years ago +198

    When it comes to 'sex champions', you could probably fit Ahri in there too until rather recently. She was basically a reforming succubus until her retcon.

    • Stuker
      Stuker 2 years ago +3

      Yeah, I was surprised he didn't mention her

    • Petey Pete
      Petey Pete 2 years ago +9

      I see someone's read KimMundo's "The Fox and the Wolf" and seen how it's corroborated by her old lore with "essence collection".

  • Gladix
    Gladix 2 years ago

    Problem of sex - oh US.

  • Deleted
    Deleted 2 years ago +4

    the stuff as 18:50 it feels so Tokyo ghoul. adorable/sexy human suddenly huge tendrils

  • Deleted
    Deleted 2 years ago +1

    >all been looking at
    > her eyes

  • kasafusutan
    kasafusutan 2 years ago +92

    Thank you! This is great. Just yesterday I had a discussion with a friend abt sexy character design. He was all abt how it can't ruin a character, how sex "just sells" and it doesn't matter what character they can always be sexy (he added that women who get "triggered" by that are a problem but that's a whole other subject). Whereas I, tried , from a character design stance, to explain him how sexiness can both serve the character really well or in fact ruin them and it has nothing to do with anyone being offended but it simply being an artistic choice, for a lack of better words.
    So yes, thanks a lot. I'll link him ur video!

    • MilkMan Lennyface
      MilkMan Lennyface 2 years ago +11

      I'm a dude myself and even I find it tiring to see half naked women running around killing people in games/movies I can't take it seriously anymore it's tasteless
      (don't get me wrong I love my porn but that's a different subject ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) )

  • Jarad Cox
    Jarad Cox 2 years ago +2

    I remember this was one for the champs that i tried for awhile to theorize what she might be like updated her abilites i wasn't really sure i could get her new look in my head tho. One thing i tried to base what i thought her new kit/thematic would be sided with was the name of her ultimate Agony's Embrace

    • T B Skyen
      T B Skyen  2 years ago

      I'm rather curious about the lore. Old Eve barely HAD any, so I'm hoping for something a bit more substantial from her new update.

  • Mario Molina
    Mario Molina 2 years ago +14

    There`s a lot of good points in this video. Very Intelligent. Great job!

  • Davi Carvalho
    Davi Carvalho 2 years ago +74

    There's something I noticed when you talked about ashe's clothing. Not only her, but tryndamere, braum and trundle are all just hanging in the midle of the tundra with very inappropriate clothes. For contrast, you have lissandra, volibear (with his fur), sejuani and nunu fully equiped for the cold weather. This looks kind of inconsistent and it might just be a flaw, but maybe those designs were built around the story of the game. Interestengly, all of the semi-naked champions have some kind of rivality with the well clothed ones (with the exception of nunu, who is ashe's pal). It might have something to do with the region where they live or the aura that they are supposed to convey. Or maybe it's just lazyness, dunno

    • Petar Blajić
      Petar Blajić 2 years ago +1

      I think it was mentioned in the lore that the bow, shield and trundles mace all have true ice in them and that ice has a aura that gives the user resistance to cold.

    • Jarad Cox
      Jarad Cox 2 years ago +5

      I like this let's talk about boys sometime in league of legends cause with the champs u brought up boys sometimes get viewed as the raw heat of my anger (trynda) will keep me warm in the frozen tundra

    • T B Skyen
      T B Skyen  2 years ago +41

      Well, Braum's naked torso makes sense in the context of his character - he's a tank and a protector and a legendary folk-figure in the Freljord. The bare chest is a very old artistic symbol of honesty and openness, and the fact that he's undressed in a blizzard emphasizes his legendary resilience and thematic connection to the Freljord. Like how I note that Eve's design is interesting because there's tension between innocence/murderous, one of the reasons Braum is interesting because there's tension between his environment and his outfit.

      Tryndamere is, I think, SUPPOSED to work on a similar level, but it falls flat because Tryndamere is a bit of a confused mess of a character. He's a warrior king and war leader AND a mindlessly suicidal barbarian berserker AND he's fighting corruption infected in him by Aatrox AND he's a political figure and so on. Like old Eve, he's kind of all over the place. If he was all in on the "rampaging berserker" then the naked torso would work to emphasize that.

      But yeah Tryndamere and Ashe, like old Eve, are both OLD league characters, designed before they really had a handle on LoL's lore and aesthetics, which is why they're so messy overall. Old Sejuani suffered a lot of the same types of problems, which her update fixed BEAUTIFULLY.

  • Algreen Moya
    Algreen Moya 2 years ago

    I think of sex more with Nidalee than Eve.. but new Eve wins easly

  • Hailfire Spawn
    Hailfire Spawn 2 years ago +28

    I'm surprised you used the modern "old" Evelyn splash. When talking about differences between the new eve and the old eve. The OG original eve splash had next to nothing in showing what eve is as a person. Probably because riot themselves didn't know what eve was at the time

    • gnarth d'arkanen
      gnarth d'arkanen 2 years ago

      Maybe this is better for another vid'... maybe...
      But in a retro-spective sense of analysis, a good point to bring up regarding most (generally speaking) original character dev's in games and storylines is that the developers often start really generically BECAUSE they just don't know how much (if anything) is going to return from that step.. or version... or chapter of development (whatever)...
      In regards to Eve's development, the whole succubus theme took on a sort of life of its own, with fandom growth per revision and update(s) and the follow through from the developers' points to research and "cultivate" the character... At least, it "feels" that way as I look through the history...
      I don't always like trying to psycho-analyze developers, mind you... Because it's entirely possible that Eve's development came about because she was "the fun one" to really dig in and develop to date. At the same time, in that same way, she's kind of "the fun one" to really analyze... :o)

    • T B Skyen
      T B Skyen  2 years ago +15

      I felt like criticizing the oldest Eve splashes would be a little unfair, since Riot did do some work updating her before the big VU. Also, I think there was a bit more to talk about with the modern old eve splash than the very oldest ones, which barely had ANYTHING in terms of characterization.

  • Ninja Monkey
    Ninja Monkey 2 years ago +3

    I find it interesting that I noticed that her clothing was shadow, but didn't really think/pay attention to it till you pointed it out. New Eve does look good though, I'm glad to see Riot (as you said) using sexiness as a tool rather than just because.
    On that topic how would you recommend using sexiness in written media? Obviously if the characters success at their chosen profession is directly linked to their attractiveness it just makes sense for them to be beautiful and or sexy. But when it comes to normal characters where do you draw the line between bland, sexy, and moderate attractiveness? At what point does the characters beauty become a detriment? How do you do sexy/beauty, without doing skimpy? For that my guess would be heavy attention and description to the characters face? Obviously skimpiness and sexiness have an almost linear correlation. However, that being your sole avenue feels lazy to me even though that's what most media does. Sorry I know that's lot of questions, but thank you for making the video and making me think of them!

    • T B Skyen
      T B Skyen  2 years ago +9

      I mean, I don't draw a line. There isn't one. There's just a spectrum of options.

      But yeah when it comes to writing, there's that meme that goes around:

      **Cassandra woke up to the rays of the sun streaming through the slits on her blinds cascading over her naked chest. She stretched, her breasts lifting with her arms as she greeted the sun. She rolled out of bed and put on a shirt, her nipples prominently showing through the thin fabric. She breasted boobily to the stairs and titted downwards.**

      The question you need to answer, usually, is "how much description does the character need at all?" Because a lot of the time, they don't necessarily need ANY. Poorly written sexy characters tend to have the writer spending way too much time talking about how sexy they are, whereas well-written ones tend to have the fact that they are sexy interact meaningfully in some way with the story that they're part of. It's part of the theme or the plot or somehow important to some character arc.

      For my money, I prefer to express a character's sexiness by having other characters react to it or comment on it, because that gives me opportunities to create interactions and characterization. If one guy calls a character "a hot piece of ass" while another calls them "a stunning beauty", that says something about who they are and how they think of other people. If, by contrast, you just spend 2 paragraphs talking about how hot a character is, that doesn't really do anything for any of the characters.

  • Oskar Poliwko
    Oskar Poliwko 2 years ago

    Yeah. We all looked at the eyes. I mean I did. But not all the people didn't even notice the face change for a couple of seconds. I think so at least.

  • Soroxas
    Soroxas 2 years ago +56

    You've studied this artwork a lot, haven't you? 🤔

    • T B Skyen
      T B Skyen  2 years ago +16

      I spent a couple hours on it, I think. There were a lot of takes before I got one that worked :/

  • Waterseeker
    Waterseeker 2 years ago +115

    Kinda funny but honestly her breasts were the last thing I paid attention to in her splash. She has so many arresting features that her breasts just aren't that interesting.

  • Eric Park
    Eric Park 2 years ago +1

    I think I know the reason why Ashe is sexy. Its just because she was (and still kinda is) an outright copy of Sylvanas WIndrunner/ Traxex from Dota Allstars/WC3. Riot needed a good thematic for a frost archer that was not undead and lo and behold, there was Freljord. Ashe's original kit is nearly identical to Drow Ranger (plus some from Priestess of the Moon), and combine those two and add the ice element and you get Ashe.
    And yes, they just exist because of that sexy woman archer archetype that they decided to put into the game for no reason.

    • T B Skyen
      T B Skyen  2 years ago +5

      Yep, Ashe is very much a character who is hampered by her legacy status. When Riot gave her a VU all they did was modernize the existing character without making any substantive changes, which kinda sucks. For my money, I think if Riot just made Queen Ashe the base skin and turned her current base into like a "Forest Ranger Ashe" skin, that would solve like 90% of the problems I have with her.

  • Pyrrhos
    Pyrrhos 2 years ago +29

    First model with expression in game was Poppy as a small note.

    • TheGothicSuccubus
      TheGothicSuccubus 2 years ago +3

      I thought it was Annie. Her rework made her grin when she laughs and after her /joke. Was annie before or after trist?