• Published on May 26, 2018
  • Today I challenged myself to create an illustration using EVERY PURPLE ART SUPPLY I owned. From Sharpies to Gouache, let's put some purple on the paper!
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    (in order of appearance)
    - Sketchbook:
    - Prismacolor Col-Erase Pencil ( )
    - Winsor and Newton Brush Marker ( )
    - Prismacolor Premier Pencil
    - Aquarel Watercolor Pencil #57
    - Zig Writer
    - Metallic Gelly Roll Pen
    - Chalkola Marker ( )
    - Koh-I-Nor Progresso Pencil
    - Stabilo Point 88
    - Tombow Brush Pen
    - Staedtler Tri-Plus Fineliner
    - Academy Watercolor
    - Artist Gouache
    - Ohuhu Acrylic Paint Markers ( )
    - Papermate Purple Highlighter ( )
    - ♦ Bic Round Stick Grip Purple Pen ♦ ( )
    - AD Marker Chartpix (ew!)
    - Wink of Luna Brush Pen ( )
    - Purple Sharpie
    - Posca Pen ( )
    ♦ ♦ PO BOX ♦ ♦
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  • Lavender Cat
    Lavender Cat 10 months ago +9340

    Purple IS the BEST color!!!

  • dogs and stuff
    dogs and stuff 15 minutes ago

    Blue is the best to me

  • shalini monish
    shalini monish 4 hours ago

    I love all varieties of purple and blue

  • Duckling Chan
    Duckling Chan 6 hours ago

    3:21 ^-^

  • Rena Darwiche
    Rena Darwiche 7 hours ago

    Random Person: What’s your favorite color?
    Waffles: **Shows picture**

  • Galaxy_gamer592
    Galaxy_gamer592 10 hours ago

    My favourite color WAS blue but now i’m coverting its now THE MOST BEAUTIFUL COLOR PURPLE

  • Sophia Sellers
    Sophia Sellers 13 hours ago

    Y do u always mess up on the hands every time like??

  • Laura Bircke
    Laura Bircke 13 hours ago

    Killing Kasey Golden for 11:51 minutes straight

  • maya A
    maya A 14 hours ago

    WE USE THOSE PENS AT SChOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!
    for marking our work

  • maya A
    maya A 14 hours ago

    same i LOVE purple

  • Guide Sukkapat
    Guide Sukkapat 14 hours ago

    Pancake art challenge plz

  • Theresa Zhao
    Theresa Zhao 16 hours ago


  • phu pwint thazin
    phu pwint thazin 16 hours ago

    Actually Blue is my fav but my one & only Kim Taehyung loves Purple and Purple represents the deep meaning by him so i watch your whole video 💜💜💜

  • Jikook Trash
    Jikook Trash 23 hours ago

    My favorite colors are, Blue, Yellow, and Green!

  • Jikook Trash
    Jikook Trash 23 hours ago

    You should make a rainbow person

  • Marisha's World
    Marisha's World 23 hours ago

    ᑭᑌᖇᑭᒪE Iᔕ ᗰY ᖴᗩᐯOᖇITE !!!!
    I ᕼᗩᐯE ᑎEᐯEᖇ ᑕᕼᗩᑎGEᗪ ᗰY ᗰIᑎᗪ... 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  • Michelle Ramirez

    I love purple too! It’s so pretty

  • Elena Petrova
    Elena Petrova Day ago

    Lol nice butt

  • Kennedy Thomas
    Kennedy Thomas Day ago

    I love this because I love purple too 💜💜💜💜

  • Kasey Inman
    Kasey Inman Day ago


  • Anily Moya
    Anily Moya Day ago

    My fave color is pink

  • Bailey Corcoran
    Bailey Corcoran Day ago

    I love purple it is awesome

  • ItsGen
    ItsGen Day ago

    My favorite is purple too!
    Request: Can you please make this asa series.

  • Echo Galaxy
    Echo Galaxy Day ago

    I also love purple the most!!!

  • Sad as hell Ashley
    Sad as hell Ashley Day ago +4

    Any Armys here?
    If you are an Army, I purple you!💜
    If you aren't, I purple you too!💜
    Much purple UwU

    • River Day
      River Day 2 hours ago +1

      Ah I was about to comment I purple you uwu

  • Lvx Legend
    Lvx Legend Day ago

    All of the dislikes are the people that are jealous of your talent ❤️❤️😂😂😂😂❤️❤️❤️

  • Naomi Humbertson

    Girl its mine to this is my dream

  • Gracie Cox
    Gracie Cox Day ago

    Purple is my favorite color to, my hair is even purple.

  • ur mom
    ur mom Day ago

    What eraser do you use it looks really good and I'm really considering buying it. Also I love you sooooo much and you and your art is so inspiring💙

  • Kelly arts
    Kelly arts Day ago

    Is ur name rin?! 😱

  • Dipstick Williams

    I seriously love purple too, especially lilac and I love those Doc Martens 💜 p.s the purple Bic pen is definitely my fav pen, I have it and use it almost everyday.

  • lumea lui Jessi
    lumea lui Jessi Day ago

    my favorite color is purple

  • Gabby Creel
    Gabby Creel 2 days ago

    Can you Draw more animals piz

  • pollimolli 22
    pollimolli 22 2 days ago

    Satan disliked your video:"(
    ((666 dislikes rn))

  • Naudi Iliam creations :D

    She has 666 dislikes.......

  • Madisyn Mae
    Madisyn Mae 2 days ago’s 666 dislikes...

  • Joy Capuno
    Joy Capuno 2 days ago

    I love Color purple

  • Flipping_Madi
    Flipping_Madi 2 days ago

    *Kasey Golden has left the chat*

  • Yaren Gul
    Yaren Gul 2 days ago


  • ChloeMSP 010
    ChloeMSP 010 2 days ago

    Purple is a popular color..

  • ßubß wïth nø vïdß?

    Can you draw something only in pink

  • christian chim chim
    christian chim chim 2 days ago

    Oml I love purple too!!
    I purple ur art 💜💜

  • Gamergoat! !
    Gamergoat! ! 3 days ago +1

    This is my dream vid it includes all my fav things.
    Art and drawing
    And Drawingwifwaffles!!

  • Random acc.
    Random acc. 3 days ago

    💜 I purple you 💜

  • Fled From Dema
    Fled From Dema 3 days ago

    I think she likes orange

  • Guinea Pig Adventures
    Guinea Pig Adventures 3 days ago +2

    who else hates when people call pink purple.

  • Nguyễn Hà Phương A.R.M.Y lai blink lai bắp

    Who’s love blue hand up

  • Morgan Oebst
    Morgan Oebst 3 days ago

    i like your thanos pens

  • Lamia L
    Lamia L 4 days ago

    Where did you buy this eraser???????

  • clover265lover
    clover265lover 4 days ago

    I mean like who dosen't like purple!😄

  • Amanda Goran
    Amanda Goran 4 days ago

    I'm a new subscriber so I'm just now seeing this video and I know I'm kinda late with this comment lol but I just wanted to comment that I too LOVE the purple BIC pens! I've bought boxes of them for me and my coworker to use at work and I'm constantly doodling on my desk calendar with my trusty purple BIC pen 🥰

  • im a giraffe yeee
    im a giraffe yeee 4 days ago

    Lol when you said the box was from kasey golden my mind was like what if they did a colab

  • Faviana Diaz
    Faviana Diaz 4 days ago +1

    You should have drawn Dora's

  • Bridgett / agent 8
    Bridgett / agent 8 4 days ago

    Purple IS the best :3

  • SavageKittenPlays
    SavageKittenPlays 4 days ago

    I love purple 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  • Cass Hope
    Cass Hope 4 days ago


  • GalaxyWolf Plays200
    GalaxyWolf Plays200 4 days ago

    my Fevorite color is purple and blue

  • Unlucky Ellegard
    Unlucky Ellegard 4 days ago

    *i like white*

    Don’t hate me. I just like the blank and natural color of white uwu

  • Michelle Ortiz
    Michelle Ortiz 5 days ago

    A whole video about purple but mean while wearing the two colors that make purple (hint her bracelets)😂💕

  • Kasandra Reynolds
    Kasandra Reynolds 5 days ago

    Me half way through the video realizes my curtain, pillows,walls, and bedding are all purple since I haven’t redone my room in like 5 years

  • Jodan Gauck
    Jodan Gauck 5 days ago

    Omg my fav color is purple to omgg i just died

  • Unicorn Moon
    Unicorn Moon 5 days ago

    My favorite color is PURPLE!!

  • LivGeneral
    LivGeneral 5 days ago

    I love this purple is my favorite color so I really enjoy this it's so pleasing ^.^

  • Ashly Heimdal
    Ashly Heimdal 6 days ago

    The best part was how excited you were to use all your purples. It was adorable!! 😄😄

  • The Purple Ninja Studio

    Well the Purple Ninja is now in *the place to be!!*

  • Ajlps363
    Ajlps363 6 days ago

    I love purple as well

  • Esmee GachaWolf
    Esmee GachaWolf 6 days ago

    PURPLE IS MINE FAVO COLOR TOOOOOOO😂😂😂😂🇳🇱🇳🇱🇳🇱🇳🇱wie is nl?

  • CuteArt
    CuteArt 6 days ago

    i actually love the colour purple and i love art so ya

  • Alicia Archibald
    Alicia Archibald 6 days ago

    Your a lying your thumbnail said "using every purple art supply I own," then you said " I have more art supplies laying around my house"

  • esperanza humigop
    esperanza humigop 7 days ago

    My fav colur is purple too!

  • Lexi Powell
    Lexi Powell 8 days ago

    when is your birthday? is it in may?

  • Ashlynn Taylor
    Ashlynn Taylor 8 days ago

    Side-by-side would approve 😄

  • yup that's a name
    yup that's a name 8 days ago

    The school supply brand yoobi made brush markers I found them at target I want to see what you think of them

  • Lauren lucas-baynes
    Lauren lucas-baynes 8 days ago

    Yes I love purple

  • Nikki Coleman
    Nikki Coleman 8 days ago


  • Jangie
    Jangie 8 days ago +2

    Purple is the *BEST* color! We have the same Favorite colors!💜💖💞💟

  • Fatma Güneysu
    Fatma Güneysu 8 days ago +1

    Purple is my favorite color too.Ahh that color makes me sooo happy and satisfy🤰🧜‍♀️👿👾💜💅👒🦉🍆🍇🍠🤸‍♀️🧘‍♀️🌌🎵🎶🔮⚛☯️🇹🇷

  • Kiya Jonsen
    Kiya Jonsen 10 days ago

    Can you put this on the free coloring pages link

  • Lauren O'Quinn
    Lauren O'Quinn 10 days ago

    My fav colors are purple and blue and I kinda like green

  • tellitaMS
    tellitaMS 10 days ago

    mine are pink, lilac and turquoise :D

  • Manu Singh
    Manu Singh 11 days ago

    Thank you for Purple colour it is also my favourite colour thank you

  • Salma Al-Katami - Fairview PS (1360)

    No flag in the world has purple in it

  • Tena Garber
    Tena Garber 12 days ago

    😈👿💜.... >:( all purple...emojis...:( I love purple come on!

  • Tena Garber
    Tena Garber 12 days ago

    Love ur drawing, color purple, nails, braclets, and ur channel :3

  • Give Me The Tae
    Give Me The Tae 12 days ago +4

    *purple is the last color of the Rainbow, so it means, “I will trust and love you for a long time."*
    _-Kim Taehyung_

  • Freedom Hall
    Freedom Hall 12 days ago

    I luv purple..

  • Shiruu
    Shiruu 12 days ago +1

    T H E B U T T

  • queen monse
    queen monse 13 days ago

    I love purple so much that most of my cloths are purple and my room is also purple opps

  • Killian Tucker
    Killian Tucker 13 days ago

    So cooooool

  • Clementine From Twd
    Clementine From Twd 13 days ago +5

    Purple is definitely my favorite color ever. It has been for 7 years. (Before it was turquoise) My favorite shade of purple is lavender.

  • Monse Rodriguez
    Monse Rodriguez 14 days ago

    is the ohoho pen like a pastka pen also im sorry if i spelled it wrong

  • Alfredo Ochoa
    Alfredo Ochoa 14 days ago +1

    Doooo brown

  • Perla Medina
    Perla Medina 14 days ago +1

    Like si beniste por diana ,
    Que mal que nadien me entiende puro gringo aqui

  • Evelyn Hernandez
    Evelyn Hernandez 14 days ago

    My favorite color is purple to intact I’m wearing purple and watching purple

  • AwesomeAlexandra Cachero
    AwesomeAlexandra Cachero 14 days ago +5

    I purple u!

    Who here is an army?!

    Only me..

    Ok then.:(

    Edit:If no one here is army I’m dead.
    Edit2:who likes their own comments!

    • Maknae line BTS
      Maknae line BTS 8 days ago

      AwesomeAlexandra Cachero Armyyyyyyy!!! I purple you💜

    • Elenaa
      Elenaa 12 days ago

      I purple u 💜💜

  • lpm827
    lpm827 14 days ago

    But how could you forget amethyst???

  • Maryn Harris
    Maryn Harris 14 days ago

    You should yellow!

  • Reese Simmons
    Reese Simmons 15 days ago

    You draw so goooooood

  • Paul Nagla
    Paul Nagla 15 days ago +2

    What did the library teacher say to the kid who did not read

    Read more

  • KylieCat101
    KylieCat101 15 days ago

    5:41 oh!! I own that pen!