Air France Crash

  • Published on Sep 18, 2012

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  • zenrising
    zenrising Day ago

    you left the fucking commercials in???? what the actual fuck is wrong with you

  • Roy Burridge
    Roy Burridge 2 days ago

    It’s clear Bonin was nervous through out the entire flight. Shitting himself because of the storm, and ozone air in the cockpit and St elmo’s fire. He became almost mistified it seems? So when the autopilot tripped off - it added to his emotions and thought fuck so now I need to yank the stick back to fly it. I think he was completely terrified and didn’t realise what he was doing.

  • Teksal1
    Teksal1 2 days ago

    Adblock plus for YT. No ads.

  • jazz singh
    jazz singh 2 days ago

    Wtf these are our trusted pilots

  • alimkhan9595
    alimkhan9595 3 days ago

    Why u initially suspects Muslims? Why u use Radical Islamic word? Radicalisation is nothing to do with Islam. Quran is against of any single innocent killing.

  • Dmitri Kozlowsky
    Dmitri Kozlowsky 4 days ago

    Frozen pitot tubes? Pitot heat is a prominent and guarded switch. Its one of the first switches that is turned on at start up, and has triple redundancy. So did pitots freeze up becouse of pitot heat failed? On all pitot systems.

  • Dmitri Kozlowsky
    Dmitri Kozlowsky 4 days ago

    The British TV spots are interesting. Decent that they were left in. An example of comparative advertising.

  • Mishal s21
    Mishal s21 5 days ago

    How are the crew even pilots

  • Daniel Nelson
    Daniel Nelson 5 days ago

    More long ass commercials than it's worth!

  • Casio Onix
    Casio Onix 6 days ago

    The smell was probably Satan.

  • Casio Onix
    Casio Onix 6 days ago

    I reckon the captain is a bad person he did it on purpose.

  • daBomb1968
    daBomb1968 6 days ago

    Startle effect indeed too much automation no feel give me a good old fashioned yolk anyday, guess its easy to blame bonin but there was two other pilots there also and where was the experienced captains authority? just sat there like a mouse didnt even take control did he? unreal. R.I.P. all.

  • Mr Kipling
    Mr Kipling 6 days ago

    I have to say that this is one of the worst accidents in aviation caused by pilot error IMO. As was mentioned, the captain picked the worst time to go on his break and the least experienced member of the crew should certainly not have been given the main control of the aircraft. Some questionable decisions made by experienced pilots that had catastrophic results.

  • Laure Mary
    Laure Mary 7 days ago

    C'est horrible à la fin

  • alexander zhib
    alexander zhib 7 days ago

    capt dubois or capt dumb???

    ASHISH SEHRAWAT 7 days ago

    This plane would have reached its destination without these set of pilots.

  • TheFarmanimalfriend
    TheFarmanimalfriend 7 days ago

    The solution is obvious and expensive. 1) pilot training on avoiding stalls. 2) replace all side-stick flight controls with the tried and true yoke in all planes. If the other pilots had been able to see what he was doing (holding the plane in a stall) the plane would never have crashed. Side stick is a stalling problem waiting to happen again.

  • Diggo
    Diggo 8 days ago

    The most avoidable air crash in history.

  • kaptaan saab
    kaptaan saab 10 days ago

    strange the probe heating computer didn’t heat up the probes.

  • Novocrine
    Novocrine 10 days ago

    This is what happens when you train your pilots to rely on autopilot system.

  • Gianmaria Framarin
    Gianmaria Framarin 13 days ago

    And this story keeps telling you the everlasting truth... WE WEREN'T MADE TO FLY.
    They'll keep telling you all planes are so extremely safe they'll never crash............ then it takes ONE FUCKING WEE THING CALLED A "PITOT" THAT'S NOT WORKING PROPERLY and look what it causes in the mind of two poor human beings...
    Ach... such a perfect flying skyscraper which falls down into pieces beacuse of a fucking "pitot"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    People, IT TAKES NOTHING FOR DEATH TO COME ROUND WHEN IT HAS TO COME ROUND, ESPECIALLY IF YOU KEEP DEFYING THE LAWS OF NATURE... you can kid yer own fuckin self and think you've made it and built the perfect stuff, yet you're still a fucking human being...
    FACE REALITY! This thing of flying is simply the nth way of KIDDING OURSELVES WE CAN ESCAPE DEATH AND EVEN WIN IT. Will you be able to tell me no? Then you're the first ones who're kidding yourselves...
    I can still hear the words of those who keep telling me : what utter stupidity is this? YOU CAN'T COMPARE THESE TWO THINGS!!! I drive my car among A PLENTITUDE OF OTHER CARS, my space is 100000000 times more limited than yours, YOU FLY ON YER OWN FUCKING PLANE ALONE!!!! NO-ONE AROUND YOU, NO TRAFFIC AHEAD OR BEHIND OR BESIDE YOU!!! YOU'RE NOT SUPPOSED TO CRASH! Yet you still do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    There's nothing to do, you're OBSESSED with death. You can't face the facts and accept DEATH IS STRONGER THAN YOU. You're just simple human beings who are subject to Mother Nature... or such a wee stupid silly component named "pitot" which can shatter your perfect villa up in the sky and the rest of your lives!
    Icarus syndrome.
    You're not that far from base jumpers...

  • Darren Devlin
    Darren Devlin 14 days ago


  • braddeicide
    braddeicide 14 days ago

    Why have a hidden flight stick that no-one can tell is being used? have a light based on which seat is applying flight inputs.

  • Ozzie Baskan
    Ozzie Baskan 15 days ago

    Some people want to take control in difficult situation even if they don’t know what they are gonna do clearly. These are don’t wanna leave the situation to people who know better than them. Pilots must have one of the important characteristic which is being humble. I think this crash occurred because of bonin’s character. He wanted to take control immediately after autopilot shut down.

  • Kizzabell
    Kizzabell 17 days ago +1

    It's so frustrating when the captain goes to sleep just at the time when the most experienced is needed most.
    It happened with the Titanic too.
    You'll have plenty of time to sleep when you're dead!

    • radeon28
      radeon28 15 days ago

      The French take there breaks seriously ROFL!!

  • Kizzabell
    Kizzabell 17 days ago +1

    God you can hear the panic in Bonins voice. They should of told him to get out of the pilots seat.

  • SUV
    SUV 17 days ago

    Dear friends it's not that easy, the circumstances they had anyone would have done the same thing .... instruments were showing they were losing altitude and airspeed ...what one would have done ?? Probably throttled up the engines and pulled the nose up in order to gain altitude 🌝 yeah I still puzzled why didn't they respond to stall warning probably due to all faulty reading they were getting, would have made them to think stall warning was false

  • Jack McKeague
    Jack McKeague 18 days ago

    This catastrophe is eerily similar to how Republicans in Washington act when the economy crashes. MORE DEREGULATION, NO YOU FUCKING MORONS, THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT CAUSED THE CRASH IN THE FIRST PLACE!

    RUGVED WAGH 18 days ago

    Dr Phil 3:38

  • Robert Miller
    Robert Miller 18 days ago +1

    This documentary confirms that it’s not the planes we have to fear but the people flying them!

  • Matt Perry
    Matt Perry 19 days ago

    Bonin froze.. he completely froze psychologically, pulling on the stick was his comfort and coping method for the fear of what was happening.

  • Sean Ancona
    Sean Ancona 19 days ago

    “Well not on our watch, PUSSIESSSS!”
    -British TV Commercial

  • Andre
    Andre 24 days ago

    Pilots @30 plus not experienced enough for passenger flights

  • Denis Tichenkov
    Denis Tichenkov 24 days ago

    I am not a pilot, but how can you not understand that you MIGHT be in a stall when the plane is literally screaming "STALL!! STALL!!"?? Its at least an option to consider??

  • CushdelaCush
    CushdelaCush 24 days ago

    How can Bonin state they are flying too fast when the stall alarm was going off? who trained this idiot? Yet still has the stick pulled back I hope all the families got decent compensation for what its worth - those poor people on board i can only hope they didnt know the plane was 'mushing down' as it was and it was instant death.

  • CushdelaCush
    CushdelaCush 24 days ago

    these ao called polits make me so angry on par with the idiots in charge of reactor 4 at Chernobyl! Sheer incompetence why would you be pulling back on the stick for that long especially when 'stall stall' warning sounds!

  • BeachBum
    BeachBum 25 days ago +4

    My bad, I meant, "Stall, Nose Down".

  • BeachBum
    BeachBum 25 days ago +1

    Why don't the "Stall" alarms just say, "STALL, NOSE UP"? There'd be fewer accidents if they did.

    • Mr Google
      Mr Google 19 days ago

      Well u should be trained to know what stall is in the first place

  • SpitfireJJ
    SpitfireJJ 25 days ago +1

    So what caused this in the first place was that the freaking stupid inexperienced pilot decided to climb. And when he did he completely ignored the stall warning apparently never heard of how to recover from it. That or he simply committed suicide

  • SpitfireJJ
    SpitfireJJ 25 days ago

    The fact that extremely expensive airplanes cannot correct themselves from a stall is retarded. I think the law should be way more severe for aircraft manufacturers. They are actually letting the life of all passengers in a hand of the pilots who, as you can see, can make stupid fatal mistakes

  • SpitfireJJ
    SpitfireJJ 25 days ago +1

    When 3 idiots meet

  • Niels Daemen
    Niels Daemen 25 days ago +3

    25:56 Why arren't the pitot tubes heated, to prevent ice from building up on them🤔

    • Niels Daemen
      Niels Daemen 19 days ago

      @Mr Google Not enough apperently 🤔

    • Mr Google
      Mr Google 19 days ago

      They are heated

    • King Rudder
      King Rudder 23 days ago

      Cuz then u would have to have some heating system on it and that could fail too

  • SMBV
    SMBV 25 days ago

    Pilots are courageous

  • louis hunter
    louis hunter 25 days ago
    Watch this one and you will get a very quick and more accurate feel for what happened that night. Keep watching the AoA which, correct me if I am wrong, is available to the pilots as well. Keep in mind the critical angle of attack number where the wing WILL stall is typically between 15-2O degrees which Bonin shatters that limit. Someone forgot to tell Bonin you could point the nose of that jet at Gods arse but once it gets to 15 your not climbing anymore, facts.

  • Mohammed Karim
    Mohammed Karim 26 days ago +1

    They were French and didn't understand the word stall. All 3 of em not a word of English in them

  • Preston Hanson
    Preston Hanson 27 days ago

    So.ething goes wrong first thing you do is ask the driver what did you do. Plane says its stalling dumbass is holding the stick back theirs your answer

  • Preston Hanson
    Preston Hanson 27 days ago +2

    Even I know from video games pulling the stick back will eventually stall the engine

  • Peter Foster
    Peter Foster 27 days ago +3

    Learmount - a lucid commentator - blames the 'training'. You don't need to be 'trained' not to stall an aircraft if your position is 'pilot'.

  • young king
    young king Month ago +1

    If the pitot tubes didn't freeze over, the plane wouldn't have crashed...

  • Dan Nguyen
    Dan Nguyen Month ago +1

    What the F**K. All those people lost their lives because the plane was flown by the THREE STOOGES.

  • Alex in Wonderland
    Alex in Wonderland Month ago

    Too many ads that can’t be skipped

    • Papa Dontpreach
      Papa Dontpreach 29 days ago

      What is this the 80s? One click and you can skip the ads. it's not like you have to press forward on a VCR 🤷

  • tiestu
    tiestu Month ago

    Poor crew management, poor airmanship .

  • Bada Bing
    Bada Bing Month ago +7

    The pilots just gave up . . . French are known to do that.

  • Powell Denise
    Powell Denise Month ago

    At what point does that pilot say, I should probably take control now ? I’m baffled.

  • AJ P
    AJ P Month ago

    Air travel gets safer one crash at a time. Now 10 (actually 40+) years later, we now have the 737 Max8. How about we just have Pilots who know how to fly the damn planes. And planes that are flyable. Why is that so much to ask ? Oh. Money. Capitalism. Duh. More deregulation that’ll be better.

  • Scrambled Eggs
    Scrambled Eggs Month ago +1

    I'm going to throw up

  • kramshiron
    kramshiron Month ago

    Why only 30 days for the black boxes? surely they can be made to transmit much longer.

    • Collins LFC
      Collins LFC Month ago +1

      @kramshiron Well you design a battery that can last longer duh!

    • kramshiron
      kramshiron Month ago

      @Collins LFC well make it longer then der.

    • Collins LFC
      Collins LFC Month ago

      Because that's how long the battery can last for.

  • Richard Cline
    Richard Cline Month ago

    What kind of incompetent moron leaves the commercials in his presentation? Very novice thing to do! Maybe a relative or trainee of Bonin?

  • Papa Dontpreach
    Papa Dontpreach Month ago +1

    Looks like the captain was in the back banging away his side chic 🤦

  • Rares Vasc
    Rares Vasc Month ago

    Fucking shit man. When he said "we're going to crash" my blood froze in my veins. God damn it that must have been a horrible feeling for the pilot.