Rule Britannia! - Aida Garifullina & Rock Choir (Proms in Hyde Park 2019)

  • Published on Sep 20, 2019
  • Live from Last Night of the Proms in Hyde Park, soprano Aida Garifullina, Rock Choir and the BBC Concert Orchestra lead the Party in the Park crowd in a rousing rendition of Rule Britannia!
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  • [DYNAMIC] Chi-Chu
    [DYNAMIC] Chi-Chu 24 days ago +1


  • HomersIlliad
    HomersIlliad 26 days ago

    I wonder if this is the same guy from the 2009 Proms.

    • cutie cute
      cutie cute 20 days ago

      yep he is I just watch it. after playing hoi4 lol

  • Bella First
    Bella First Month ago +1

    Wunderschöne AIDA,
    wir sind STOLZ AUF DICH,

  • Tommy T
    Tommy T Month ago +1

    Beautiful song

  • lulu zulu
    lulu zulu Month ago

    She's singing it in chauwaha

  • sonarsan
    sonarsan Month ago

    Old, scuffy, dusty traditions look cartunish

  • Claudiu Serban
    Claudiu Serban Month ago +1

    what a mess

  • Johnny Andersen
    Johnny Andersen Month ago +3

    Thomas hampson sang The Best “rule britannia” ever! - 1998

    INGSOC 2 months ago +11

    Glad to see patriotism! 7000 union jacks to 1 EU

  • John Blanc
    John Blanc 2 months ago +6

    Literally can’t understand a word she is singing.

    • SvendBosanvovski
      SvendBosanvovski Month ago +2

      A Russian Diva singing perhaps England's second most sacred song. She is paying a great compliment. Respect, bro.

    • David Michael Byrne
      David Michael Byrne Month ago

      If your ears offend thee -- dig them out. I'm a Geordie and I can understand this Diva.

    • Callum Whitehouse
      Callum Whitehouse Month ago +1

      Get your hearing checked then

  • WhoooFlungDung
    WhoooFlungDung 2 months ago +8

    The EU flag spoilt it for me.

    SYED ADEEL HUSSAIN 2 months ago +2

    Is this BREXIT Song?

  • Robert Elgee
    Robert Elgee 2 months ago +7

    Brings to mind the story of the musicians playing on the deck of RMS Titanic as water from the cold north Atlantic gradually seeped into its hull...

  • Dino
    Dino 2 months ago +7

    The only country that exists on the planet is the UK

    • Claudiu Serban
      Claudiu Serban 24 days ago

      @The Imperialist there is a 196 united nations on the planet. Every country is beautiful/or not in his own way. If you have never leaved this cold island then you have no clue what i'm saying

    • The Imperialist
      The Imperialist 25 days ago +1

      @Claudiu Serban Name another country?...

    • Claudiu Serban
      Claudiu Serban 27 days ago

      @Qut Boy fuck off

    • Qut Boy
      Qut Boy 27 days ago +2


    • Claudiu Serban
      Claudiu Serban Month ago

      you need to get out a bit more

  • Kahurangi Millin
    Kahurangi Millin 2 months ago

    Oh hey, the bbc didnt fuck up this one

  • Henky Mizella
    Henky Mizella 2 months ago +1

    Hi lovely Aida!

  • Ralf Rath
    Ralf Rath 2 months ago +5

    a little childish - isn't it?

  • Kratos
    Kratos 2 months ago +33

    The Eu flag being there is an absolute disgrace. 🇬🇧

    • Tommy T
      Tommy T Month ago

      Who cares enjoy the music

    • Elyrian Elder
      Elyrian Elder Month ago +1

      Got balls flying one outside the Albert Hall, Hyde Park is the real people not the upper class rich lefty loons in the Hall. Could have got lynched.

    • mikey
      mikey 2 months ago +2

      Kratos be a different story next year friend, I see them any after the 31st they’ll be getting torn up

  • Maa Yoche
    Maa Yoche 2 months ago +2

    Good job 💫💫💫💫😘😘😘