Doctor Who: Series 11 Trailer #2

  • Published on Sep 20, 2018
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Comments • 14 909

  • Doctor Who
    Doctor Who  9 months ago +3917

    Don’t forget to… watch to the end! 💙💙

    • C. Parker
      C. Parker 3 months ago

      This trailer made it look so good,
      but the series itself was 💩

    • Keth
      Keth 5 months ago

      The answer to 9/10 questions is money. He probably comes cheap. Or it's the old 'who you know'. regardless, I personally think he brings a jaded look to an already tired series. Bradley Walsh? - Broadly woo-some! @Patrick Westmore

    • Patrick Westmore
      Patrick Westmore 5 months ago

      why is Bradley Walsh on ITV all the times? Even at the same time as Dr. Who. The acting is very bad and writing is very bad

    • Keth
      Keth 6 months ago

      With respect, you comment sounds too good to be true. Not a wrinkle in it, Sounds like a Paid Review one might see on the Promo Poster. @B. Fam!

    • B. Fam!
      B. Fam! 6 months ago

      Jodi is amazing as the Doctor. The companions are sympathetic too but Jodi is just knocking it out of the park. I hope we get the next season soon!

  • Elliot Perkins
    Elliot Perkins 23 hours ago +1

    One of my all time favorite seasons. Number 3 for me

  • Kofrix Guia
    Kofrix Guia Day ago

    Am i the only one who kept getting mixed feelings with this series
    Sometimes i hate it
    Sometimes i love it
    Like my brain isnt really sure

  • Austin Weigle
    Austin Weigle Day ago

    Please just get to the next doctor and a new writer...

  • Elliot Perkins
    Elliot Perkins 3 days ago +1

    Amazing season

  • Mr Flibble
    Mr Flibble 6 days ago

    I hated the trailer music when I first saw this, turned out that song was better than all of series 11

  • DreamR
    DreamR 15 days ago

    Legit think I'm the only one that didn't hate the song choice, I thought this was a dope ass trailer and really gave that SciFi feel and thought the song fit extraordinarily well and didn't take away from it at all, I sort of fell off of Doctor Who after David Tennant's run cuz he was the Doctor that got me originally hooked on the series and it sucked to see him go so coming back now I'll admit this does feel like a different series but honestly I feel that's a good thing at least for me anyways and especially when a series has been going on as long as this has, thought this was a phenomenal trailer

  • Egle Davidsoniene
    Egle Davidsoniene 18 days ago

    Sweet sweet sweet sweet sweet sweet music ..............

  • nikto45
    nikto45 18 days ago

    Doctor Who sure has changed since 2005.

  • Bwagz 54
    Bwagz 54 20 days ago

    American music on everything ...Murica!!!

  • fanatic films
    fanatic films 22 days ago

    Well this sucks

  • Aram Kocharyan
    Aram Kocharyan Month ago

    it sucks

  • KhizBoy
    KhizBoy Month ago +3

    Is This season actually worth watching? It looks good judging by the trailer

    • NineK9
      NineK9 19 hours ago

      I personally enjoyed the season. It’s very different from previous seasons and refreshes itself from some of the Moffat era. In the end, it’s your preference. But you should definitely give it a chance. Btw the New Years special i highly recommend watching. 😉

    • K H
      K H 17 days ago

      KhizBoy I will say this with a hint of bias, but overall it is mediocre. There are a few great moments and some good episodes, but the season itself wasn’t as great. Overall the cast, set design and everything was great, but the key thing that dragged this series was the poor writing

    • KhizBoy
      KhizBoy Month ago

      @The Game Detective yea it id up to my judgement but i was thinking does it have any omg moments because thats matters to me i guess

    • The Game Detective
      The Game Detective Month ago +1

      KhizBoy I personally loved it but it was a really controversial series. Watch it and make your own judgment

  • Verda Nur Güler
    Verda Nur Güler Month ago

    Unutursaq qalbimiz qurusun.

  • Gun ・PICK
    Gun ・PICK Month ago


  • misturando tudo
    misturando tudo Month ago

    O doctor virou doutora agora fudeu espero que ela seja tão boa quanto ele

  • Sweet Addiction
    Sweet Addiction 2 months ago

    I’d literally rather gouge my eyes out with a ice cream scooper that watch that again. I’ll never get those 1:20 back

  • rainbow rainbow
    rainbow rainbow 2 months ago +2

    the dotors names
    The Traveler.
    The Lonely God.
    The Predator.
    The Beast of Trenzalore.
    The Oncoming Storm.
    The Destroyer of Worlds.
    The Shadow of the Valyard.
    The Imp of the Pandorica.
    The Man who Never Would.
    The Destroyer of Skaro.
    The Good Dalek.
    The Gatherer of Names.
    The Voice of God.
    The Merciful One.
    The Time Lord Victorious.
    The Kindly One.
    The Butcher of Skull Moon.
    The Good Man.
    The Killer of His Own Kind.
    Doctor Mysterio.
    The Hated One.
    The Dreaded One.
    The Bloody
    The Doctor

    • Bat Wolf
      Bat Wolf 7 days ago

      rainbow rainbow now I want the Doctor to make a speech, mentioning at least half of these names

  • Marose Hualngo
    Marose Hualngo 2 months ago +2

    I dont mind if they change the face but I dont like they swipe the gender, i prefer male character.

  • Woof
    Woof 2 months ago +1

    Does anyone miss the golden age of Doctor Who, when russel t davies wrote who, when there was unique characters like Mickey, Donna, Rose and Martha. This probably sounds abit strange, but when Steven Moffet took over it literally felt like Doctor who was a different show, and not for the better, the 11th doctor was amazing, but it just didn't have the magic with tennant. It just feels like the show after tennant has slowly gone downhill.

  • Woof
    Woof 2 months ago

    Okay, am I the only one who thinks it's strange that the doctor literally changed its gender, like I know the doctor changes faces and their total personality, but from going male to female just seems really odd to me.

    • NineK9
      NineK9 19 hours ago

      Woof yeah it’s still very shocking that they changed the gender. But in hell bent it was established that time lords can change their gender during regeneration

  • Sharon Emsley
    Sharon Emsley 2 months ago +4

    Absolutely crap. God I miss David Tennant and rose 😢😢😢😢

    • Liam Cahill
      Liam Cahill Month ago

      Sharon Emsley I don't miss them but we can agree that this is crap😂

  • Sourav Dogra
    Sourav Dogra 2 months ago

    lets start a social media viral hashtag for Benedict Cumberbatch for 14th Doctor!. #WeNeedbenedictAsdoctor
    those tho agree with me start start putting the hashtags

  • Joseph Godbout
    Joseph Godbout 2 months ago +1

    Trailer #2 to warn us--remind us now--that it would be twice as terrible as we feared. Bad lead, though wonderful on Broadchurch, bad company of companions--adding more of them only makes it worse--terrible scripts.

  • Janice Baldock
    Janice Baldock 2 months ago +1

    I love the new Doctor she is cool I also love the new start and her scrip...

  • FurKaN ÇaKır
    FurKaN ÇaKır 2 months ago +5

    I am sorry but very very bad season

  • cache marzipan
    cache marzipan 2 months ago +1

    I´m looking forward to see the new generation, I´m glad it will go on

  • LeBlanc
    LeBlanc 2 months ago

    Why did you put this pop song? ITS DOCTOR WHO, C'MON.

  • LeBlanc
    LeBlanc 2 months ago

    Man... I wish David Tennant was back.

  • human
    human 3 months ago +4

    I was really disappointed with this

  • Jan
    Jan 3 months ago +2

    I don‘t think she will be a good doctor😕

  • Shaggy the dilophosaurus
    Shaggy the dilophosaurus 3 months ago +1

    Why is it not on netflix

  • Kubu Handmade
    Kubu Handmade 3 months ago +1

    Nurse who... Nothing left from the serial

  • dave IsDave
    dave IsDave 3 months ago +2

    If they wanted to do the whole "no classic villains" thing then they should've took tips from Series 6 - that's a Series where I forgot there we no Daleks etc... that's when you know you've done a good job.
    Edit: Shame S11 didn't live up to the hype 😪 arc played a big part too.

  • Blake Bosschaart
    Blake Bosschaart 3 months ago

    Coming soon abc jodie Whittaker hello there hearing voice magic fire circle blake bosschaart tiffany love you too much see tomorrow morning tickets Michael Jackson louder

  • amy clarke
    amy clarke 3 months ago

    10 pt 2nd 60s j y 😎9 pd 5th t m 8 ms 11th a t 7 jw 13th g tt 6 tb 4th l m 5 ce 9th r d 4 jp 3rd s r 3 jh j9th r tl 2 p 8th g m 1 dt 10th d d

  • zebble ganubi
    zebble ganubi 3 months ago +55

    yikes, how did this song get past quality control at the BBC?

  • John Smith
    John Smith 3 months ago +95

    Imagine these visual effects, combined with Russel T. Davies's writing.

    • Ben Wilson
      Ben Wilson 5 days ago +2

      John Smith personally I think Moffats writing is slightly better to although sometimes he can make no sense

    • michael801
      michael801 2 months ago +3

      I Hate Everything Is Good Sounds great

    • I Hate Everything Is Good
      I Hate Everything Is Good 2 months ago +4

      My dream series would be a good actor, Moffat writing the series opener, Russel T Davies writing the finale and Toby Whithouse as a supporting writer all w this budget for cinematography and visual effects 😍

    • michael801
      michael801 3 months ago +13

      And a good actor/actress who is able to play the role of the Doctor...

    • dave IsDave
      dave IsDave 3 months ago +1

      Lol amazing!

  • hey it's me
    hey it's me 3 months ago +5

    "why are you asking her?"
    "Because she's in charge bro"
    "Says who?!"
    "Says us!"
    I don't understand all the hate season 11 gets. It's just how doctor who used to be. A new story every episode, funny, quirky and silly. Just enjoy it?

    • michael801
      michael801 3 months ago

      concon09090 I understand...

    • concon09090
      concon09090 3 months ago

      @michael801 I mean I'm the minority in the sense that, rather than going in expecting to hate it like a lot of people did, I was really genuinely excited to see Who with Moffat finally removed from the helm. Instead I actually ended up missing him -_-

    • michael801
      michael801 3 months ago

      concon09090 You’re not in the minority, most people didn’t liked this Series
      (Cue: Rotten Tomatoes Audience Score)

    • concon09090
      concon09090 3 months ago +2

      @hey it's me Fingers crossed! If Torchwood is anything to go by Chibnall will hopefully take a lot of the criticisms of S11 to heart, then we can get something really spectacular for S12.

    • hey it's me
      hey it's me 3 months ago

      @concon09090 yeh I suppose. Like we've all got used to big plot twists and story arcs, and I think season 11 was just setting up for season 12. I mean I think? I hope!

  • Mark
    Mark 3 months ago +4

    best series since series 6 i love the 13th doctor series 11 was a great setup for series 12 i do not understand the hate it gets

    • Elliot Perkins
      Elliot Perkins 5 hours ago


    • concon09090
      concon09090 3 months ago

      Tbh despite being quite bitterly disappointed in S11 I'm optimistic about S12, there's enough pieces here to make something truly special, and it's not like the cast and crew are bad at what they do. Fingers crossed they nail it next time 🤞

  • Malcolm DuBose
    Malcolm DuBose 3 months ago +1

    This whole comment section: 😭 🧂

  • House Max
    House Max 3 months ago

    Bellissima serie con Jodie, mi piace come tutte le precedenti.

  • Nemo_Veritas
    Nemo_Veritas 3 months ago +1

    Hadn't had the chance to see it yet, the only thing that seems way off... is the music...

    • Liam Cahill
      Liam Cahill 3 months ago +3

      Nemo_Veritas I wouldn't bother, I tried to watch it. I lasted 4 episodes. Its so boring ;-;

  • Silent Refusal
    Silent Refusal 3 months ago +1

    How on Earth has Martin Freeman not played The Doctor yet?

    • concon09090
      concon09090 3 months ago

      @jstarwars360 Because recent DW has been utilising a scorched earth policy when it comes to anything and everything Moffat?

    • jstarwars360
      jstarwars360 3 months ago

      More importantly, how has Bennedict Cumberbatch not played The Doctor with Martin Freeman as his companion?

  • Murray Jones
    Murray Jones 3 months ago +1

    0:59 doctor who fans in 2020

  • Android J52016
    Android J52016 3 months ago

    ( BRAZIL )Brasil ama Doctor Who!!! O que eu gosto no Doctor Who é :porque ele vive fazendo caridade usando a inteligência para o bem ajudando os planetas e as pessoas humanas e também ajuda pessoas de outras raças da galáxia. Gostei daquele Episódio em que ele fica no castelo prisão tentando encontrar uma solução para sair do castelo prisão e sempre tentando e vivendo e morrendo voltando bilhões de anos sempre procurando por tentativa de acerto e erro e com o objetivo de tentar encontrar a solução para sair da prisão de bilhões de anos que ele estava preso no castelo. Gostei da cena das caveiras da cabeça dele que ele derrubava no mar em volta do Castelo que mostrou no futuro a quantidade enorme de tentativas te se conseguir quebrar o diamante que bloqueava a porta de saída do Castelo prisão. Gosto também quando ele avisa as pessoas do perigo e diz para as pessoas para correrem para salvar suas vidas. Gosto dele também quando está na guerra e ele diz para as pessoas com suas próprias palavras que devem ter esperança na vida Futura para uma vida melhor com paz no futuro e harmonia e felicidade . Também gosto quando ele dá esperanças para as famílias depois da guerra. Gosta mesmo quando ele mostra que existe uma solução para guerra que diminua Matança de soldados e civis . Gosto dele porque ele sempre se baseia na lei do amor e da Esperança e de melhorar tudo no universo a onde ele vive. Inteligência voltada para bem para o Amor Universal. Gosto quando ele apoia a ideia de moral em que entra a lei da ação e reação que sempre diz que o mal que se faz sempre geram mal e o bem que você faz sempre gera o bem para todos os seres no universo. Conclusão nada é por acaso tudo está interligado no tempo e no espaço por causa da lei do amor que rege o universo.❤

  • Cassiano Souza
    Cassiano Souza 4 months ago

    Antes da estréia parecia que seria tão bom

    CARLOS MONGE ORIHUELA 4 months ago

    Al menos deberian poner la musica representativa del doctor. Ha perdido buen porcentaje respecto a la naturaleza de la serie. Pero se que tiene buena trama, estoy viendo recien la serie y aun no se si habra daleks, espero que si

  • Bangtan For lifeu
    Bangtan For lifeu 4 months ago +4

    As much as I love Matt and David as the doctors I’m so piped to start this season!! I’m almost finished with the ninth season-eeppp!! Female doctor here I come! (Ah it feels a bit weird: female doctor, I’m just so used to seeing him as a guy 😂)

  • Athex !
    Athex ! 4 months ago +1

    Wh,..what? We must subscribe? Quick what the doctor tells us!!!!

  • Athex !
    Athex ! 4 months ago +3

    Bro this season was soooooo good!

    • concon09090
      concon09090 3 months ago +1

      Disappointing, but certainly not without its high points

    • Mark
      Mark 3 months ago +1

      i agree it was great

    • MaccamatBux
      MaccamatBux 3 months ago +1

      It's nice to someone who thinks so. Thank you.

  • Jack Jordan
    Jack Jordan 4 months ago +1

    I actually thinks Jodie Whittaker is a good actor but she's not right for the part. Maybe if there was another female actor who pulled the role off better, there wouldn't have been the uproar there has been. I think it's important for the doctor to be male as the majority of Dr Who's audience consists of young boys. Having a strong character like the doctor to look up to who was dominant yet humble and kind contrasts the typical hot head that Hollywood blockbusters normally pedal. This is important for the development of these boys who will become men. Dr Who should definitely contain more strong female characters, like river so ng, and more characters belonging to an ethnic minority but to change the lead role's gender and to award the part to an actor who only wishes for the part to promote her agenda was a poor decision in my opinion and put the show in slight jeopardy for the sake of appearing to be politically correct. Not that this is a bad thing but the writing and quality should be good before you decide to alter what everyone was familiar with. The show is still redeemable though it just needs a little more care.

  • Sani Yaro
    Sani Yaro 4 months ago +1


  • Overly Paranoid
    Overly Paranoid 4 months ago +1

    This doesn't feel like a doctor who movie.

  • MrHaloWho
    MrHaloWho 4 months ago +3

    I really like Series 11, but this trailer's pretty bad to be honest. The music, the crossfades, the fact that every shot is of Jodie. I get that they didn't want to reveal much, but why keep everything completely hidden, even supporting cast?
    If they were bringing back the Daleks or something, I'd get the secrecy (most of the surprises in Moffat's era were ruined by being shown early), but some glimpses at some of the new monsters and characters would help people be excited for the show. What's the point of just showing her in 'blue place', then 'white place', then 'orange desert'?

  • MrHaloWho
    MrHaloWho 4 months ago +3

    What's with this whole 'have a short trailer for the trailer at the beginning of the trailer' thing? People click on the video because they want to watch it - you don't need to convince them.
    First it was on US blockbuster films, but now it's on BBC trailers. Is there a reason for it?

    • MrHaloWho
      MrHaloWho 3 months ago

      @concon09090 Ah, I see. Thanks

    • concon09090
      concon09090 3 months ago +1

      I think it's because this video will also be used in TVclip ads, gotta get people to pay attention before they hit the skip button.

  • 123123123123 123123123123
    123123123123 123123123123 4 months ago +2

    Thanks for ruining one of the greatest TV shows... ABSOLUTE GARBAGE SEASON. I HAVE NOT ENJOYED A SINGLE EPISODE.

  • Joshua Cooke
    Joshua Cooke 4 months ago +2

    My most shittest docter who by far

  • Gentle Toast
    Gentle Toast 4 months ago +1

    old better =3=

  • Colombus
    Colombus 4 months ago +1

    Wawawawawa Doctor Who isn't on again until 2020. BBC if you see this can you please make a couple of short episodes and put them on the iPlayer

  • MartinSatyen
    MartinSatyen 4 months ago

    ye gods

  • theldrakis
    theldrakis 5 months ago

    just found the doctor who channel and i kinda find it a tad needing a sonic screw driver.
    if we look up to this point there is 13 where one of the doctor who re carnations was renamed the war doctor but in regen numbers its 13. so this is not the 13th doctor but the 14th doctor. which is intresting that this delema was quickly killed back when the doctor who DID get a female form [then promptly killed himself for a regen muligan] on a april episode the red nose event i think it was.

  • Nefie Nefritová
    Nefie Nefritová 5 months ago +38

    Meh..I'll rewatch older seasons..again.

    • Daniel Jason
      Daniel Jason 12 days ago +1

      @Cunning Smilethe taste on your lips is toxic

    • Cunning Smile
      Cunning Smile Month ago


    • Kubu Handmade
      Kubu Handmade 3 months ago +2

      I started from season 1...Britney Spears song and earth is burning :D

  • wamperth
    wamperth 5 months ago +4

    Acting is great, Scripts are crap, Episode with a man having a baby, and left PC being shoved down our throats. What happened to real fiction as in past series . Turned into a soap opera.

  • Gogsley
    Gogsley 5 months ago +2

    A 22% rating really says a lot about BBC and their alt left feminism SJW agenda.
    Fire Chibnall plz

  • Jack Robins
    Jack Robins 5 months ago

    Rosa was an amazing story to it. I loved that!

  • The Mad Mystic
    The Mad Mystic 5 months ago +1

    I was surprised at the outrage over this, but then I saw one of the comments immediately after a complaint about a female being the doctor said "next we will have a gay doctor" and I immediately knew what kind of people we were dealing with.

  • Tripledonkey
    Tripledonkey 5 months ago +9

    This is where the BBC's political neutrality is shown to be a sham. ID politics, no matter how current, or "now", is a form of politics, and the BBC is firmly behind it. So by backing intersectionality, the beeb have backed a particular brand of politics. They like to think that being "centrist" globalist neoliberals is a neutral stance, but it isn't, not even close. It is a world view, a stance, a specific political position, no different than communism or libertarian-ism. Opting to push 3rd wave feminism and 3rd way politics, is most definitely political.
    The beeb used to be known as "Auntie", which historians understood to be a form of affection. The idea cast was that the beeb represented a kindly but stern Aunt who put you straight. This is of course a fawning grab at "Appeal to Authority" logical fallacy. In reality, Auntie represents what used to be called "Dear Radio" written by East Germans replying to their masters running the Radio they were allowed to listen to. Those writing to "Dear Radio" were often critical.

    • expelia
      expelia 16 days ago

      Tripledonkey oh piss off

  • F. T.
    F. T. 5 months ago +1

    the worst. It can't be worse than this. It's really the worst in the whole Old and New seasons. I hope that there will never be a female actor playing The Doctor in the future.

  • Fleisch
    Fleisch 5 months ago +2

    Congratz, you just raped one oif the best things in the world (again)

  • Bacon Guest
    Bacon Guest 5 months ago

    Final a girl docter

  • Shandii Pandii
    Shandii Pandii 5 months ago

    Extremely happy!! Im going back to watching again!! Im gonna watch all the seasons again just to build up to this!

  • The Flayed Man
    The Flayed Man 5 months ago +2

    this looks torture.

  • Bub Zilla
    Bub Zilla 5 months ago +1

    For a show about time & space, why is it 98% on earth?

  • Luis Meza IV
    Luis Meza IV 5 months ago +1

    I am so confused. I thought that the Doctor was dead because he was going through “his” final face. Which was an old “Man”. What happened to him. So when his species dies they turn into the opposite gender? So many questions raised

  • Astralo Pitek
    Astralo Pitek 5 months ago

    Ну и дерьма вы наснимали))

  • ChannelX24
    ChannelX24 5 months ago +2

    Looks pretty bad but who knows...

  • TM Z12
    TM Z12 5 months ago


  • Desenvolvedor Gorpa
    Desenvolvedor Gorpa 5 months ago

    Pior de todos os outros até agora! Nem sempre inserir os elementos obrigatórios dá certo

  • ufewl
    ufewl 5 months ago +4

    They should use the TARDIS to travel back to before feminism!

  • ufewl
    ufewl 5 months ago +2

    I love how bad it is, I am not a Dr Who fan but I might watch for the perverse pleasure of seeing how bad it is.

    LUKA DEBELJAK 5 months ago +8

    You are ruining doctor who I'm not gonna watch this season ,David Tennant was the best and episodes than were much better

    • AJ S.
      AJ S. 2 months ago +1

      Good for you

  • Keth
    Keth 5 months ago +8

    Ahh... if only all Series 11 episodes where 1m19s long.

  • Kelsey Rohr
    Kelsey Rohr 5 months ago +2

    "Mummy, why did they ruin Doctor Who?"
    "Politics my love, Politics."
    "What happens now?"
    Mother thinks of something to pacify child....

  • Sophie Morin
    Sophie Morin 5 months ago +1

    « it's about time". How freagin pretentious.

  • ANoNYmOUs L
    ANoNYmOUs L 5 months ago +1

    really? now the doctor is a women ? #how to destroy the series part 1

  • OriginalNex
    OriginalNex 5 months ago

    Did you know God used the rainbow as a sign he wont destroy homosexuals, transexuals, beastiality people with a flood again doesnt mean he wont destroy the world at all.

  • kbforme
    kbforme 5 months ago +2

    critic score - 98%, audience score - 28%. What is the point of "professional" critics if they are all paid shills and/or too afraid to speak against the PC nonsense in Dr. Who now?

    • Tibor Dávid Jakab
      Tibor Dávid Jakab 3 months ago

      Hating a work just saying that "It's SJW and/or PC" is not real critic.

  • Alex Griffin
    Alex Griffin 6 months ago +2

    I don't understand why "It's About Time"?

    • Tibor Dávid Jakab
      Tibor Dávid Jakab 3 months ago

      The main characters are time travellers. So the show need a "time" pun.

  • Cici Aliyah
    Cici Aliyah 6 months ago

    All these people outraged the doctor is not even a human lmao. Have you seen River's timeline? It's a paradox in itself but yeah sjws okayyy

  • [ Bernard ]
    [ Bernard ] 6 months ago

    Pour être honnête. Sa me dégoûte que sa soit une fille car depuis le début il a été un garçons. Certes il faut du changement mais je trouve que *DOCTOR WHO* change beaucoup trop. Et je trouve que plus ça va et plus *DOCTOR WHO* s'adapte au enfants. Se qui veut dire qu'il y a moins de monstre et moins d'aventure 😞.
    Je suit *DOCTOR WHO* depuis le première épisode de la première saison et c'était bien mieux avant.

  • Timur Can Yavuz
    Timur Can Yavuz 6 months ago +1

    feminist hareketler yüzünden 60 yıllık mazisi olan yuzlerce bölümü olan dizide 13. doktoru böyle kadın yaparak doctor who yu bınlerce kısı ıcın bıtırdınız buyuk bır başarı tebrik ederim bu yaptıgınız olay romeo ve juliette romeoyu atıp hanna ve jullıet oynatmakla birdir.

  • Venge Ance
    Venge Ance 6 months ago +3

    Go woke, go broke.

    • Aaron Roman
      Aaron Roman 6 months ago

      no they never went anything just great to try and gaslight like every other pissed off just by the fact that the doctor is a woman if you don't like it don't watch

  • Michael Docherty
    Michael Docherty 6 months ago +3

    Doctor who has lost it the new writer is a joke

  • Michael Docherty
    Michael Docherty 6 months ago +1

    Sarah Jane was on children tv so it was for kids

  • Jackson C. Root
    Jackson C. Root 6 months ago +1

    You already know the season’s going to bad when you hear this music...

  • Jack Creagh-Flynn
    Jack Creagh-Flynn 6 months ago

    It looks like 13 is taking 12's last words to heart. That makes me happy.

  • W. R.
    W. R. 6 months ago +2

    Another cool franchise ruined....sad....

  • Jakobubele
    Jakobubele 6 months ago +1

    Reported for child abuse.

  • hua15caca
    hua15caca 6 months ago +1

    Only started watching doctor who properly this series due to Jodie Whittaker playing the doctor. I NEVER want her to regenerate to someone else. Don't know if i will watch it then lol

    • Thunderwhip
      Thunderwhip 6 months ago +2

      It's funny since series 11 is the worst series in the show