How to Draw a Simple Optical Illusion: The Impossible Oval: Narrated

  • Published on Feb 3, 2018
  • See How to Draw a Simple Optical Illusion, Narrated: Just draw 6 lines and 2 dots! Please SUBSCRIBE for a new drawing every week.
    Step 1:
    Draw an almond shaped oval [2 Lines].
    Step 2:
    Draw a dot a distance from each point of the almond shaped oval [2 dots].
    Step 3:
    Draw a short line from the left dot, going down and a short line going up from the dot on the right [2 lines].
    Step 4:
    Extend the top curve of the almond shape, take this line, curving, to the top of the line on the left, then continue curving the line, higher, to the right, till you get to the top of the line on the right [1 line].
    Step 5:
    Draw the last line, extending the bottom curve of the almond shape, to the bottom of the short line on the right and then continue to curve around to the bottom line on the left [1 line].
    Step 6:
    Redraw the curves to make them smoother, erase any bumps.
    Step 7:
    Add some graded tone, dark to light, in 4 areas.
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      Hi David, Escher is the master indeed:) I post a new drawing every Saturday, subscribe to stay up to date:)

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    • Circle Line Art School
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      Hi Alec, Well a Mobius Strip is a similar shape that you could make. A Mobius Strip is a 3-dimensional object with only one side! To make one, get a piece of paper, about 4 times longer than it is wide, a strip of paper. Hold the paper at each end, the turn one end of the strip 180 degrees, then tape the ends together. Now you should have a Mobius Strip. They are very interesting things, for example they only have a front side, there is no back to a Mobius Strip!

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      Hi Nidal, I used a mechanical pencil with a soft 4B grade, to help make the darker tones, any pencil would do:)