My DNA Results, Semi Shocking Results

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  • Dee Dish
    Dee Dish 10 days ago

    For the love of God those are some amazing huge milky juggs! I could spend a month of Sunday's in between those Tits of yours!

  • Jamie W
    Jamie W Month ago +1

    Damn who do you remind me of ? Jodie Foster ? I am English so maybe I just see your ' look ' all the time .

    • Erin Lyons
      Erin Lyons  Month ago +1

      Jamie W thanks. I like her. Hello Clarice.

  • Freeman Rolle
    Freeman Rolle Month ago

    You have a nice beautiful pale skin colour

  • Philip Robertson
    Philip Robertson 2 months ago

    I don't wanna let you down But these tests are not 100% accurate and almost always this company make up percentages for ethnicities.

  • Stgfre
    Stgfre 2 months ago

    Interesting but genetic ancestry tests are unreliable and still in the early stages.

  • Robert M
    Robert M 2 months ago

    That's a boring DNA

  • ItsameAlex
    ItsameAlex 2 months ago +2

    haha I said ireland before you showed your results because I could tell from your face

    • Erin Lyons
      Erin Lyons  2 months ago +1

      ItsameAlex it is my son's names in kanji. they were my first tattoos

    • ItsameAlex
      ItsameAlex 2 months ago

      :p your excitement is too cute as a button. What are the chinese symbols on your breasts?

    • Erin Lyons
      Erin Lyons  2 months ago +1

      ItsameAlex lol yeah a lot of people have said that to me :D :D

  • Erin Lyons
    Erin Lyons  5 months ago

    Everyone, thank you so much for watching this video and all of the comments! also I have a ton of other videos on my youtube channel :)

  • Nadhem Ali
    Nadhem Ali 5 months ago


  • British Isles
    British Isles 6 months ago

    Hello Erin! Great vid! Congrats on your car! Come join my group Pretanica. It's open to people with 50% or more DNA from the British Isles. Message me.

  • Janet Wunder
    Janet Wunder 8 months ago +3

    Dear Erin
    Your family may very well have native American in them. Your parents each contribute 50% to you, but the 50% is different for each child. Note, a sister isn't an exact copy of you, so she gets a different 50%. Also, because your brother has a y chromosome, his fifty percent will be even more different. Have your brother take the test because his test will also show more from your father's side of the family. Have your parents take the test. They may have native blood that simply didn't get passed onto you.

  • sellammar1
    sellammar1 9 months ago +5

    Sometimes these DNA tests come up with big surprises. For instance You are American and have 20% Scandinavian DNA. Me for instance I am Scandinavian by birth and I can trace back in times at least 200 years and on my dads side Im Danish/Swedish and on my mothers side ImSwedish. I do know I have some Dutch and German people further back in my tree. Now I got my test and it says Im 79 % Western Europe and only 11 % Scandinavian. The rest is Spain/portugal. When I got it I became a little bit disappointed expecting to be at least 50% Scandinavian. You are more Scandinavian than me. Its funny

  • deepintosports
    deepintosports 9 months ago +3

    English, Scottish, Irish and Whales are related, all are from the same Celtic clan so I wonder how they do the break down?

    • Erin Lyons
      Erin Lyons  Month ago

      I wish I knew!

    • Jonah Mansel
      Jonah Mansel 3 months ago +1

      There is no such thing as English DNA. English DNA is classed as Western Europe, the same as: Denmark, Netherlands, Northern Germany and Northern France. Welsh and Scottish DNA is classed as British and Irish DNA is separate again but can also be found in Scotland, Wales and England. Celtic refers specifically to a language group found in Ireland, Wales and part of Scotland. The English are not Celts

  • Danielle Pate
    Danielle Pate 9 months ago

    Congrats. I got a new car on 12/9/16. It also has a sunroof. I did this test for both me and my 9 year old. I got Greek, Middle East and Jewish. She got less of whatever I got and also got British, Irish 🍀, Scandinavian and North African from her dad.

    • Tresor Abio
      Tresor Abio 3 days ago

      I don't understand why in your test it is said jewish ? Jewish is a religion not a part of a country ! Anybody can be jew.

    • Erin Lyons
      Erin Lyons  9 months ago

      Danielle Pate my mom and I bought one for my gran and we gifted it to her today for her birthday. she is excited, we all are and she is in disb ed lief that I have 0% native american. this will be very interesting when her results come in!

    • Erin Lyons
      Erin Lyons  9 months ago +1

      Danielle Pate oh my gosh -.-

    • Danielle Pate
      Danielle Pate 9 months ago

      Erin Elizabeth My mom wants to do it for the wrong reasons. She's really prejudiced and wants to make sure my Jewish part came from my dad and not her 🙄🙄🙄🕍

    • Erin Lyons
      Erin Lyons  9 months ago

      Danielle Pate I want to get my kids to do this test too! it's kind of expensive though to buy two :/ one day though

  • nikitas georgiopoulos
    nikitas georgiopoulos 9 months ago +3

    i can clearly see the british as well as the west european (either french or german)on your face...beautiful...

  • Stephen Grant-Davies
    Stephen Grant-Davies 9 months ago +6

    Before you said the results, just by looking at your face I could tell you were British & Irish mostly, your Irish, also could be Scottish and Welsh, also your Scandinavian could also be English. you should upload your results to GedMatch, and or LivingDNA, once the upload becomes active to see the regional breakdowns.

  • Corvon H Lordhaze
    Corvon H Lordhaze 10 months ago +1

    How interesting!

  • rankco357
    rankco357 10 months ago +5

    search in google "Great Surprise-Native Americans Have West Eurasian Origins"
    There you go, you do have genetics from Native American ancestors. Native Americans are actually from western asia. Also, I'm Asian, and I know quite a few people (White Americans) who claim to have a small amount of Native American. And I can recognize this pattern and also see this same pattern in you. You can also see it in Winston Churchill and Farrah Fawcett. But you have to look hard and its very subtle

    • John Mallory
      John Mallory 4 months ago

      The native American princess syndrome was proven wrong.

    • Someone
      Someone 5 months ago

      Natives originated from east asia. Not west asia. West asians are borderline white, literally 0 comparison to native americans

    • iviewutoob
      iviewutoob 9 months ago

      rankco357 and Europeans are pink

    • rankco357
      rankco357 9 months ago +1

      no offense taken. West Asians are brown-white, Natives are red, East Asians are yellow. Different peoples with different characteristic.

  • John Smith
    John Smith 10 months ago +2

    I'm in Australia and it took 11 days to deliver to my house and 11 days to arrive back at the lab. It arrived back on the 14th of feb. it's now been 35 days (5 weeks) since it arrived and it's still not started processing ffs. Really pis sing me off, plus I'm really impatient.

    • Erin Lyons
      Erin Lyons  10 months ago +2

      I know how you feel John! It really can seem like it's been forever. I was feeling really impatient too. But your patience will pay off and when you do get your results it'll all be worth it! :)

  • David Marte
    David Marte 10 months ago +3

    check out the site DNAland.dotcomm. it Will flesh out your DNA even further. more precise.

    • 001islandprincess
      001islandprincess 10 months ago +1

      David Marte I agree with you. DNA Land is much more reliable and corresponds to oral history of my family.

    • Erin Lyons
      Erin Lyons  10 months ago

      I'll check it out David, thanks!

  • pickin4you
    pickin4you 10 months ago +5

    Being an American, I could never do one of these tests. You do know these will all be cataloged and saved by our Government? Your DNA will be on file forever now. I know its interesting, and I like watching to see what others come up with, but I could never give mine up for anything. I know only from my grandparents, and one Grandmother was Irish and that Grandfather was German, and on the other side, the Grandmother was German, and the Grandfather was Irish. Thats close enough for me, but as far as where their parents or grandparents were from, I have no idea.
    Congrats on the new car...:)

    • Jews did 9-11
      Jews did 9-11 7 months ago

      i was going to get mine done under martha longhorse.

    • Ellie Elorza
      Ellie Elorza 9 months ago +1

      You don't have to put any of you're private info; I didn't use my real name when I did mine

    • Erin Lyons
      Erin Lyons  10 months ago

      Thanks David! Thanks for watching!

    • David Marte
      David Marte 10 months ago +1

      great results! :)

    • David Marte
      David Marte 10 months ago

      pickin4you if they want your DNA, they could get it easly. live forever!

  • Shavinism
    Shavinism 10 months ago +3

    Israel! We may be siblings, lol.
    Very interesting.

    • ItsameAlex
      ItsameAlex 2 months ago

      lobiapolo is wrong

    • Shavinism
      Shavinism 9 months ago +6

      Well, it's been a pleasure to meet you lobiapolo2012. We should have coffee sometime.

    • lobiapolo2012
      lobiapolo2012 9 months ago +3

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    • Erin Lyons
      Erin Lyons  10 months ago +2

      We are twins for sure.