Corn your own beef: Homesteading Family


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  • MerMer Creations
    MerMer Creations 13 days ago

    I'll have to try this
    I wish this video included the finished product.

  • Lilliam Pumpernickel
    Lilliam Pumpernickel 18 days ago

    What about beefed corn???

  • 1doodaloniat
    1doodaloniat Month ago

    "Fresh bay leaves" crackle crackle crack.

  • Terric OTF O'Connor

    A wood wine barrel works wanders for this and can be reused many times and comes in different sizes from huge to small it would be the same thing you would use for Salted Pork that you would hang to cure or smoke

  • David Rush
    David Rush Month ago

    Thank you for your time.

  • Kenny C.B.
    Kenny C.B. Month ago

    I love how you explain things in a way it’s simple to understand.


    We need to know how to cook it.

  • Paddy Ohara
    Paddy Ohara 2 months ago

    My birthday..🔱

  • Firehot1975
    Firehot1975 2 months ago

    Oh no! Too Salty!

  • johne tada
    johne tada 2 months ago

    don't care about your trip and being late, just get to the recipe, too much talking, get to the recipe, ingredients, measurements, process is all that you really have to do. all the other extra talking is useless.

  • Tom Ohia
    Tom Ohia 2 months ago

    Is it the same for pickled pork

  • Debbie Mcmahon
    Debbie Mcmahon 2 months ago

    Thank you,

  • JMichael Patrick
    JMichael Patrick 3 months ago

    I’m really becoming a fan, great video’s and beautiful family

    • JMichael Patrick
      JMichael Patrick 3 months ago

      Going to try this as soon as I can, wish I could buy some fresh grass fed beef from Josh

  • Papa Bell
    Papa Bell 3 months ago

    Are used your recipe on a leg of lamb came out pretty good

  • FoodPimpz
    FoodPimpz 3 months ago

    Too much air space in that bucket. Would've been better off with the crock. Done this before?

  • Lance Paul Aquino
    Lance Paul Aquino 3 months ago

    You wasting a lot of time in talking and talking

  • glyn hodges
    glyn hodges 3 months ago

    This is a modern version - if you want to see a traditional version have a look at Scott Rea's (master butcher) which includes sugar and saltpetre.

  • Kahl Buhl
    Kahl Buhl 3 months ago

    Great video but I can’t find the recipe.

  • topopops
    topopops 3 months ago

    I’d prefer my gf to
    Corn my beef

  • Mason Kissel
    Mason Kissel 3 months ago

    Great recipe....thanks so much !

  • Daniel Mccabe
    Daniel Mccabe 3 months ago

    How long can it stay in the brine? can you store it for a month or better?

  • Tran Le US - DIY,Health,Sức Khỏe,Cuộc Sống Mỹ

    I'm worried for you when you touch everything without washing your hand when handling the beef after that putting your hands in the cinnamon jar? At least you use the glove . By the way ,thanks for your recipe . Have a good day

  • willieboy
    willieboy 4 months ago

    lllooookkkkk at that country kitchen Im hungery before she said anything. you just know that people have left there, stuffed to the gills! good job

  • Jesse  Bentley
    Jesse Bentley 4 months ago

    Would have liked to see the finished product

  • Dotty
    Dotty 4 months ago

    Why is it called 'corn' beef?

  • Balsey Dean De Witt, Jr.

    You could have stabbed the meat with a fork a few times to give the marinade a chance to get internal!

  • Wild Willy
    Wild Willy 4 months ago

    Video shows two cups salt....description says one

  • Keri M. Peardon
    Keri M. Peardon 4 months ago

    This seems to be a pickling brine, the same as you use for pickles or sauerkraut. Can you leave it in the brine indefinitely like pickles and sauerkraut? Does that make it a pickled beef?

  • Deanna Stevens
    Deanna Stevens 4 months ago

    Thank You. I was wondering about that. I wanted to find a way to do this myself... and the stores are so EXPENSIVE!!!! and so much more salt than Home done.

  • Peggy Rooney
    Peggy Rooney 4 months ago

    My first time watching your video. Love the idea very much. Will try the receipe for the homemade corned beef.

  • Get-The-Lead-Out.45
    Get-The-Lead-Out.45 4 months ago

    promise I'm not here to argue but how do you know the plastic storage bags leach anything from them.... please provide the link to the testing which confirms it.

  • Susan Vasquez
    Susan Vasquez 4 months ago

    I've only ever corned brisket. What other cuts would be good for corned beef?

  • Susan Vasquez
    Susan Vasquez 4 months ago

    I like warming my spices in a dry pan for a few minutes before adding to the brine. It helps release the oils (and makes the house smell FANTASTIC!). Also, you NEED some juniper berries!! :)

  • Glen M
    Glen M 4 months ago

    Thanks for a great corned beef recipe.

  • PattyHP
    PattyHP 4 months ago

    Thank you I wanted to do this for a long time

  • john c. bryant
    john c. bryant 4 months ago

    I learn a lot from you! Thanks

  • Dj Reed
    Dj Reed 4 months ago

    This is the first commit I have made in a long time and I love ur work

  • ام نعمه
    ام نعمه 4 months ago

    مفيش ترجمه عربي ثقافتي عربي

  • Alice Higgins
    Alice Higgins 5 months ago

    Can I do this with our venison?

  • Alex Clark
    Alex Clark 5 months ago +1

    Great vid, one tip to enhance would be to show the further process of cooking and eating said corned beef.

  • yelloworangered
    yelloworangered 5 months ago +1

    I'm guessing you aren't going to eat all that meat in one sitting, so how do you keep the other pieces for later? Do you cook them and keep them or keep them raw after being brined? Also, you say you turn the meat when it's in the brine -- every day or two? Thank you so much for this wonderful vid.

    • hasher411
      hasher411 4 months ago

      I'll bet she pressure cans the leftovers.

  • yelloworangered
    yelloworangered 5 months ago

    It will be wonderful for your family when you all get older (and grandkids) and can watch these videos together. :)

  • Avigayil jasmíne brown
    Avigayil jasmíne brown 5 months ago +1

    ....and you put the same hand that you touched raw meat with into the cinnamon stick jar. Not even just to grab one but touching the others 😔

  • Varenka Dazanovitch
    Varenka Dazanovitch 5 months ago

    So excited to try this recipe out. She's just amazing

  • David Bramwells
    David Bramwells 5 months ago

    Its been decades since I last made corned beef, but I still remember the recipe.

  • Constant Chaos
    Constant Chaos 5 months ago

    Corned beef without blackpowder??? What?

  • Jeanne Hinrichs
    Jeanne Hinrichs 5 months ago +1

    I'm amazed at how many people think there is corn in corn beef

    • Jeanne Hinrichs
      Jeanne Hinrichs 5 months ago

      the people im talkin bout think it is corn from the cob

    • Constant Chaos
      Constant Chaos 5 months ago

      There is, peppercorns just not maze

  • The Flip Flop Barnyard
    The Flip Flop Barnyard 5 months ago

    We are taking one of our grass fed steers to butcher in October. We're definitely going to try this when we get our beef back. Thanks for sharing, you made me feel brave enough to try it! :)

  • Orwellian Observer
    Orwellian Observer 5 months ago

    Damn how much better the world would be with more women like Carolyn to marry

    • Jackie Sharp
      Jackie Sharp 5 months ago

      So long as she washes her hands after touching your meat. products! ;)

  • Judith Reynolds
    Judith Reynolds 5 months ago

    Somehow she doesn’t show the end results....wonder what???

  • Wiliam Bennett
    Wiliam Bennett 5 months ago

    I Love Corned Beef And definitely will be trying this for sure.

  • Landon Hall
    Landon Hall 5 months ago

    I love corned beef. gotta try this ASAP. thank you so much.

  • Wash Tub
    Wash Tub 5 months ago

    14 Sep 2018
    First off, I would like to thank you Homestead Family for your willingness to share your knowledge so freely. I have NOT read all of the comments on this video and apologize if this question I have has been asked and answered already. You said good salt and listed several. I am wondering if I can use solar salt crystals--not pellets--that you can buy for a water softener. I buy that in bulk for ice control on my steps and driveway so always have that on hand anyhow and it is so reasonably priced for a large quantity. I use it in my kitchen already for salting pasta water and corn on the cob water, etc. Can I use this salt to make my corned beef? Anyone that has the answer to this question, I would be grateful if you could share!! Thank you again and have a very blessed day!!

  • Kevin Stoltz
    Kevin Stoltz 5 months ago

    Can you Can Corned Beef?

  • Rich Laue
    Rich Laue 5 months ago

    This looks as simple as making Sourkraut, add salt and spices to a brine and submerge.

  • Sam Wetzel
    Sam Wetzel 5 months ago

    3:00 minutes in and haven"t done anything! "Oh no cinnamon sticks"

  • demos113
    demos113 5 months ago

    Must be an American immigrant thing as people in Ireland don't have that stuff as a St Patricks day meal. 0___o

    • Constant Chaos
      Constant Chaos 5 months ago +1

      It was cheap when people first came over and it was sold in kosher places, some of the few places that would sell to the irish

  • MrCougar214
    MrCougar214 5 months ago

    "The crock is too big, lemme use this even bigger bucket".....*facepalms*

  • Jaewun Bellz
    Jaewun Bellz 5 months ago

    I am going to try this next week...

  • gina farducci
    gina farducci 5 months ago

    The 5 gallon crock is too big, but the 10 gallon bucket isn't?

  • frankie c
    frankie c 5 months ago +1

    What's in the big container by your mixer?

  • Wayne The Seine
    Wayne The Seine 5 months ago +1

    This may sound stupid but how do you cook it and at what temp..... cast iron on top or in oven etc. and at what temp?

    • hasher411
      hasher411 4 months ago

      Wayne The Seine, she said slow cook! .... I don't think it matters what method is utilized, just that its slow cooked! ... She might be placing it into a cast iron pot and on top of a old fashion wood burning cook stove for all we know! I'm sure an electric slow cooker set on low or medium, and left for the whole day would be just fine.

    • Wayne The Seine
      Wayne The Seine 5 months ago +1

      Nowhere in this video does it mention how to cook it once it is corned. She says cooked slow. No mention if on top the stove or in the oven...a crock pot...what? You really need to take up something besides are damn poor at it.

    • Perry Holmes
      Perry Holmes 5 months ago

      Wayne The Seine somebody wasn’t listening

  • Vanna6345
    Vanna6345 5 months ago

    Corn beef = Corn fed beef. Am I wrong? :0\

  • chantal fortier
    chantal fortier 5 months ago

    Love your videos . They are so full of great informations . Please use less plastic. All of this will have no meaning when Mother Earth gives up .

  • chantal fortier
    chantal fortier 5 months ago

    Love your videos . They are so full of great informations . Please use less plastic. All of this will have no meaning when Mother Earth gives up .

  • Dodgeviper
    Dodgeviper 5 months ago

    we don't get or do much of that in England but I'm definitely gonna try that one thanks

  • david w dorr
    david w dorr 5 months ago +2

    When I corn my deer neck meat, I just find a big enough rock outside, wash it, and throw it on top. Works perfect.

  • john Kramer
    john Kramer 5 months ago

    You Rock, ill be making this👍

  • james riepe
    james riepe 5 months ago

    She sure does like to hear herself talking. Just to much for me.

    • Perry Holmes
      Perry Holmes 5 months ago

      james riepe I like to hear her talk too

  • karen kahler
    karen kahler 6 months ago

    can't wait to do this, thank you!

  • Shanna's Country Charm
    Shanna's Country Charm 6 months ago

    Where's the 🌽 I guess I really don't know what corn beef is😂, but i sure love spices. Can't wait to try this. Thank you!😊

  • Jon Snell
    Jon Snell 6 months ago +6

    To keep the meat red, you need to add Salt Peter, about 2 oz. It stops the meat from browning.

  • Ima cooknwoman
    Ima cooknwoman 6 months ago

    Thanks so much for your educational videos! Curious- where do you get those big, clear plastic buckets?? Thanks!

  • KweKanata
    KweKanata 6 months ago

    I just found your channel and you are just wonderful. Thanks so much for being you.

  • Chris Z.
    Chris Z. 6 months ago

    When you add it to the slow cooker, are you adding any extra liquids or seasoning? Or just the meat?

  • Steve Prince
    Steve Prince 6 months ago

    She missed the saltpetre and was clearly embarrassed about showing the result. The fake jars are ridiculous.

  • JCT Spray Paint Art
    JCT Spray Paint Art 6 months ago

    Thank you so much for this video. My family and I are going to do this for a nice winter meal.

  • Mr. Awad Hamadah
    Mr. Awad Hamadah 7 months ago

    I'd highly recommend reducing your speech. I liked the content, though.

  • Jenifer Acklin
    Jenifer Acklin 7 months ago

    Love your channel. Thanks

  • wala lihowa
    wala lihowa 7 months ago

    U are living a good life li,e every body should, far away from daily stress try to make every body happy

  • Jason rodda
    Jason rodda 7 months ago +1

    Enjoy your channel, do you have one on pickled pork and the blokes that watch you would like to see your final products finished you know just in case owes look like it been hit by a car.

  • Wanda Tolbert
    Wanda Tolbert 7 months ago

    New sub here. Going to binge watch your channel. Will try the corned beef immediately!

  • Daniel Kelly
    Daniel Kelly 8 months ago

    Hey what happened to the brine recipe?, oh well, I guess I can wing it.

  • Mr Wolf
    Mr Wolf 8 months ago

    You sound like you're from the midwest...? I will have to have a go at some corned brisket. Mmmmmmmmmm.

  • MaiBelVideos
    MaiBelVideos 8 months ago

    The only thing that I don’t like is that she never show the final results

  • denise martinez
    denise martinez 8 months ago

    I'm curious if you can can corn beef?? Loving your videos. ty

    • Homesteading Family
      Homesteading Family  8 months ago

      +denise martinez Sure! You would just pressure can AFTER the beef is fully corned for a full 90 mins...

  • OneSavageJesus
    OneSavageJesus 8 months ago


  • Debbie Hund
    Debbie Hund 8 months ago +2

    But...but...but, what about the coriander seeds?

  • Addison Duggan
    Addison Duggan 8 months ago +1

    I love your videos, they are so simple and easy to follow!

  • etm567
    etm567 8 months ago

    On another video, you said you used Animal Grade Redmond Real Salt, and I have looked at their agricultural page, and they have many salt products. Which one do you use? (We have a bay plant too; we have two, actually, and they're small trees by now, or a shrub, I guess, and we put them out in the summer.) And you've got a big crock you didn't have before on the countertop behind you. Is it a sauerkraut crock?

    • Homesteading Family
      Homesteading Family  8 months ago +1

      +etm567 - You know, I’m not sure what salt it is... I bought about 500 lbs a few years ago and it is stored in a big barrel out of its bag... sorry about that. We use that crock for all sorts of things, but in this video, I believe that it had a primary ferment of elderberry wine in it!

  • Dee Vila
    Dee Vila 9 months ago

    Love Love you Chanel 💖💖. I can’t wait to try this recipe. I did the Dream cheese and my husband loved it. Thank you for sharing

  • Eye on art
    Eye on art 9 months ago

    Thank you so much. I love pastrimi but hate man made nitrites and nitrates that are bad. doctors might say they are okey but they do not learn about diet when going to school!

  • Ineluctable Smith
    Ineluctable Smith 10 months ago +11

    USDA does recommend the salt peter or pink salt #1 in this case. For 5 pounds I use 1 tsp. I Put it in there to preserve the color and the meat. It prevents botulism. Look up the recommendation and do what you think best. Thanks for this great video!

    • William Clark
      William Clark 2 months ago


    • Lori Parsley
      Lori Parsley 4 months ago

      Use salt peter also known as Prague powder

    • Constant Chaos
      Constant Chaos 5 months ago +1

      I use blackpowder lol

    • MrCougar214
      MrCougar214 5 months ago

      Bazza DownUnder Thanks. I will definitely do that cause there is still a bit of confusion

    • Bazza DownUnder
      Bazza DownUnder 5 months ago +1

      @rCougar214: I never use Pink salt with beef jerky. But I will use it when I make bacon. My advise is decide what you want to do then find videos on YT. Do NOT follow the first method on YT blindly.Go find others and compare. Eventually you will get to learn a lot by just watching the videos. Lots of people on YT do not explain the whole process. So by watching many videos you will eventually get the whole story.

  • Jonah Pomraning
    Jonah Pomraning 10 months ago

    Im glad i subscribed your videos are very much appreciated

  • Christina Oklaohio
    Christina Oklaohio 10 months ago

    Wow so awesome ...ty I never thought about making this myself.. sounds so good...❤️

  • lucky1dawg1
    lucky1dawg1 10 months ago

    can you use kosher salt?/
    If so how much?

  • Monique Paemoller
    Monique Paemoller 10 months ago

    I don't ever remember eating corned beef, so I am looking forward to trying out your recipe. I am wondering; however, do you think it would work to instead of slow cooking it all day to pressure can it after it has had it's fermenting time? We are looking for recipes to can our freezer full of meat, so we can easily take it with us when we move next month. I am going to try your Pressure Canning Raw Meat recipe after I try the corned beef. Thank you for providing such excellent quality instructional videos.

    • Monique Paemoller
      Monique Paemoller 10 months ago

      I slow cooked the Corned Beef in a crockpot but I didn't rinse it enough (I guess) as it was super salty. It was fine when diluted by mixing it up in a huge salad. I have started a new batch - to pressure can this time after I rinse it REALLY well.

    • Homesteading Family
      Homesteading Family  10 months ago

      +Monique Paemoller You bet... I think it would work just fine! It will be really handy for a quick meal, too! Just be sure to pressure can it and you’ll be fine!

  • WifiGranny L.
    WifiGranny L. 10 months ago

    Be careful storing any buckets of consumables on a cement or concrete floor. Those types of floors leech chemicals into food and water. That’s why videos I’ve watched about how to store barrels of water stress to put 2x4’s down first, then place barrels on top. Plywood would also work.

  • Larry Robertson
    Larry Robertson 10 months ago

    have you ever used venison ??

    • Homesteading Family
      Homesteading Family  10 months ago

      +Larry Robertson Yes! It is delicious, but of course much leaner.

  • Kinga Daroad
    Kinga Daroad 10 months ago

    I think her finger should be corned with as much time she put it in the brine