Corn your own beef!

  • Published on Mar 22, 2017
  • Corn your own beef for a healthy alternative to the chemical laden store bought version. Happy St. Patrick's Day!
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    Corning beef is an old fashioned meat preservation method that was used to keep beef for shorter periods of time before refrigeration was common. You will be amazed at how absolutely delicious homemade corned beef is... believe me, you will never miss store bought corned beef again once you try this healthier version!
    2 quarts water
    4-5lb grass fed beef brisket (or other roast)
    1 cups salt
    2 Tbs Peppercorns
    1 Tbs Mustard seed
    2 Cinnamon sticks
    1 tsp Whole allspice
    1 tsp Coriander seeds
    1/2 tsp Whole cloves
    1/2 tsp ground ginger
    4-5 Garlic cloves or 1/2 tsp garlic powder
    1/2 tsp Thyme or savory
    3 bay leaves
    Mix 1 quart water with all spices and salt.
    Heat and stir until salt is dissolved.
    Add remaining water and stir. Cool until brine is at room temp or cooler.
    Pour over meat in a non leaching container or put meat in a gallon ziplock bag and cover with brine. Seal removing air as you go.
    Be sure your meat is completely submerged in the brine.
    Place in refrigerator for 7-10 days turning meat every day or 2. Or keep on counter in cool kitchen for 3-5 days, turning every day.
    Cook on low heat all day in crockpot or Dutch oven in a mixture of 2 cups brine and 4 cups fresh water. Add whole red potatoes and carrots for the last hour of cooking and cabbage wedges for the last 30 minutes.
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  • Suzie Paris
    Suzie Paris 2 days ago

    I thought corned beef was corn fed beef b4 slaughter

  • Robin McKinney
    Robin McKinney 15 days ago

    WONDERFUL!! THANK YOU so very much for being the teacher for so many of us women who didnt have moms who wanted to do it !!! Oh and I was wondering bout the 2 cups of salt... that is for the doubled recipe, but the spice amounts are for a single recipe?!
    God Bless you!!

  • Crystal Clear
    Crystal Clear 23 days ago

    You’re such an inspiration! Thanks for all your videos

  • Retired CajunLady
    Retired CajunLady 24 days ago

    Caroline, I have learned so much from you! Thank you and your family so much for the informative videos you make. I have a corned beef in the fridge following your recipe right now. Questions: Can I use chuck roast with a bone or must it be boneless? This is day 3 and the meat is discoloring a bit. is this normal? I chilled the brine in the fridge for hours to make sure my meat and brine were well chilled before putting it all to marinate. The meat is well under the brine. Should I be worried? Thank you so much.

  • the average everyday person

    8:45 "now just put 2 shots in"

  • Yemi fagbohun
    Yemi fagbohun Month ago

    I wish you would show the end products on your videos.

  • Joshua Brande
    Joshua Brande Month ago

    While corned beef is available in Ireland, the traditional meat for St. Patrick's Day is "back or boiling bacon". Not the American style which is belly bacon. Bacon & cabbage. Simple and good.

  • David Elo
    David Elo Month ago +9

    I've watched four of your videos today!, absolutely fantastic ! I'm 70 years old and have done all these things many years ago ! It makes me feel so good to see someone who still can do these old ways and teach it to others ! You are a wonderful instructor ! Keep on doing them please!

  • Donna Willson
    Donna Willson Month ago

    Thank you really enjoy your channel!!! I'm new!!

  • Steve Mclain
    Steve Mclain 2 months ago

    Nice job i got to try that.

  • Charles Munson
    Charles Munson 2 months ago

    I really like your channel! So I do say this with respect. Before we added potassium nitrate to cured meats, botulism was a common form of death. There certainly can be harm from using potassium nitrate without any knowledge of what your doing, but if added to professional standards, it results in a safe product with far less nitrate than most green vegetables have. I'm assuming that is the chemical you are referring to. Table salt of course is a chemical too, NaCl.

  • chrissy teeters
    chrissy teeters 2 months ago

    In your video you say use 2 cups of salt but on your recipe it says use one cup salt?

    • lonetraveller
      lonetraveller 2 months ago

      As she said in the video, she doubled the recipe because the size of her family.

  • Wayne Hajek
    Wayne Hajek 2 months ago

    Would really like to see the finished products in your well presented but short videos.

  • Karine M
    Karine M 2 months ago +1

    I'm a bit confused. Is it corned beef after 5 days, or do have to slow cook it for a day afterwards to make it into corned beef?

  • Steve Dwyer
    Steve Dwyer 2 months ago

    ONLY reason they "corned" beef was for LONG TERM FOOD STORAGE ..1st off WAY to much SALT do not need all that SALT and you do not need to SAVE your FOOD its not 1776 anymore..GO buy FRESH BEEF and cook it...enjoy and FORGET corned beef it makes NO SENSE TODAY

    • Steve Dwyer
      Steve Dwyer 2 months ago

      IF you MUST do this GO buy it in a can...a LOT less WORK..unless U love to make EXTRA WORK for yourself then HAVE AT IT

  • Erika Cronje
    Erika Cronje 2 months ago

    That is something I have never tried as I do not very much like the commercial product. But it sounds really tasty so I may actually start liking corned beef :-D

  • Coletta Hughes
    Coletta Hughes 3 months ago

    I use to pick wild sage and bay leaves, I was always told they're best after dried?

  • William Jones
    William Jones 3 months ago

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  • justo222
    justo222 3 months ago

    great video! i REALLY appreciate you showing how this is done using no sugar. all the other vids i've seen use a ton of sugar in their recipes. but yeah, as others have said, it would be even better if we got to see the start to finish. thanks again.

  • Amber Thistle
    Amber Thistle 3 months ago

    I managed to catch this video last weekend and decided to try it out for St. Patricks day yesterday. We used a beef brisket and it turned out super yummy!

  • Elizabeth Peck
    Elizabeth Peck 3 months ago

    Hi! In your video you use two cups salt and the written directions say 1 cup...! I’m looking forward to trying your recipe this weekend-on time, even!! Thank you for your videos

  • Hang Tough Homestead
    Hang Tough Homestead 3 months ago

    Thank you so much for this video. We love Corned Beef Brisket and I tried to 'wing' it guessing at spices and it just wasn't the same. Looking forward to making this with our very own Dexter Grass Fed Beef:) We just found your channel and love your 'old time' skills videos...clabbered milk, long term egg storage, etc. Hope we find that you've made a cheese making video...and so much more! You are wonderful!!!

    CALL OF THE WILL MAN 4 months ago

    gotta have saltpeter from your hardwood ashes

  • MerMer Creations
    MerMer Creations 4 months ago

    I'll have to try this
    I wish this video included the finished product.

  • Jose Hernandez
    Jose Hernandez 4 months ago

    What about beefed corn???

  • 1doodaloniat
    1doodaloniat 5 months ago

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  • Terric OTF O'Connor
    Terric OTF O'Connor 5 months ago

    A wood wine barrel works wanders for this and can be reused many times and comes in different sizes from huge to small it would be the same thing you would use for Salted Pork that you would hang to cure or smoke

  • David Rush
    David Rush 5 months ago

    Thank you for your time.

  • Kenny C.B.
    Kenny C.B. 5 months ago

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      JMichael Patrick 7 months ago

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  • glyn hodges
    glyn hodges 7 months ago

    This is a modern version - if you want to see a traditional version have a look at Scott Rea's (master butcher) which includes sugar and saltpetre.

  • Kahl Buhl
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  • Tran Le US - Vegan & Garden

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    Jesse Bentley 8 months ago

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    Dotty 8 months ago

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    Steven Jennings 8 months ago

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    You could have stabbed the meat with a fork a few times to give the marinade a chance to get internal!

  • Wild Willy
    Wild Willy 8 months ago

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  • Keri M. Peardon
    Keri M. Peardon 8 months ago

    This seems to be a pickling brine, the same as you use for pickles or sauerkraut. Can you leave it in the brine indefinitely like pickles and sauerkraut? Does that make it a pickled beef?

  • Deanna Stevens
    Deanna Stevens 8 months ago

    Thank You. I was wondering about that. I wanted to find a way to do this myself... and the stores are so EXPENSIVE!!!! and so much more salt than Home done.

  • Peggy Rooney
    Peggy Rooney 8 months ago

    My first time watching your video. Love the idea very much. Will try the receipe for the homemade corned beef.

  • Get-The-Lead-Out.45
    Get-The-Lead-Out.45 8 months ago

    promise I'm not here to argue but how do you know the plastic storage bags leach anything from them.... please provide the link to the testing which confirms it.

  • Smug Smugly
    Smug Smugly 8 months ago

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  • Susan Vasquez
    Susan Vasquez 8 months ago

    I've only ever corned brisket. What other cuts would be good for corned beef?

  • Susan Vasquez
    Susan Vasquez 8 months ago +2

    I like warming my spices in a dry pan for a few minutes before adding to the brine. It helps release the oils (and makes the house smell FANTASTIC!). Also, you NEED some juniper berries!! :)

  • Glen M
    Glen M 8 months ago

    Thanks for a great corned beef recipe.

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  • yelloworangered
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    I'm guessing you aren't going to eat all that meat in one sitting, so how do you keep the other pieces for later? Do you cook them and keep them or keep them raw after being brined? Also, you say you turn the meat when it's in the brine -- every day or two? Thank you so much for this wonderful vid.

    • hasher411
      hasher411 8 months ago

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  • yelloworangered
    yelloworangered 9 months ago

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    David Bramwells 9 months ago

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    Constant Chaos 9 months ago

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    Jeanne Hinrichs 9 months ago +1

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    • Jeanne Hinrichs
      Jeanne Hinrichs 9 months ago

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      Constant Chaos 9 months ago

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  • The Flip Flop Barnyard
    The Flip Flop Barnyard 9 months ago

    We are taking one of our grass fed steers to butcher in October. We're definitely going to try this when we get our beef back. Thanks for sharing, you made me feel brave enough to try it! :)

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    14 Sep 2018
    First off, I would like to thank you Homestead Family for your willingness to share your knowledge so freely. I have NOT read all of the comments on this video and apologize if this question I have has been asked and answered already. You said good salt and listed several. I am wondering if I can use solar salt crystals--not pellets--that you can buy for a water softener. I buy that in bulk for ice control on my steps and driveway so always have that on hand anyhow and it is so reasonably priced for a large quantity. I use it in my kitchen already for salting pasta water and corn on the cob water, etc. Can I use this salt to make my corned beef? Anyone that has the answer to this question, I would be grateful if you could share!! Thank you again and have a very blessed day!!

  • Kevin Stoltz
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  • demos113
    demos113 9 months ago

    Must be an American immigrant thing as people in Ireland don't have that stuff as a St Patricks day meal. 0___o

    • Constant Chaos
      Constant Chaos 9 months ago +2

      It was cheap when people first came over and it was sold in kosher places, some of the few places that would sell to the irish

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    • hasher411
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    • Wayne The Seine
      Wayne The Seine 9 months ago +1

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    chantal fortier 9 months ago

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  • chantal fortier
    chantal fortier 9 months ago

    Love your videos . They are so full of great informations . Please use less plastic. All of this will have no meaning when Mother Earth gives up .

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    Dodgeviper 10 months ago

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  • Jon Snell
    Jon Snell 10 months ago +7

    To keep the meat red, you need to add Salt Peter, about 2 oz. It stops the meat from browning.

    • Swamp Creek Soapworks
      Swamp Creek Soapworks 3 months ago

      Is this something I can find in the canning section of the supermarket? I've never seen it but I also wasn't looking for it.

    • Mr Rytte
      Mr Rytte 3 months ago +2

      Yup, potassium nitrate, not the pink curing salt they sell in stores that have sodium nitrite and sodium nitrate for long cures. The only reason saltpeter isn't used today is because it is a mined mineral, it not always the same purity/strength. So they switched to a chemical they could maintain a set purity.

      The pink salt she used is just mineral salt and not pink curing salt, but brining to cure is ancient. Thought I'd add that encase some readers think I'm stating she was using the "pink curing salt", it was pink, but not the Prague Powder #1 or #2.

      Meat looks nice and red in it's packages because it's sealed in carbon monoxide.

    • prettymochame just T
      prettymochame just T 5 months ago

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