Tungsten Thor's Hammer (World's HEAVIEST)

  • Published on May 23, 2019
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    We've created the WORLD'S HEAVIEST 1:1 scale replica of Mjolnir! Watch the video to find out how heavy it is!
    There are many other "heavy" mjolnirs out there, but not many are 1:1 scale replicas! The "heaviest" is probably How Ridiculous' BUT their hammer is also a good 2X bigger than a real mjolnir!
    The only way to make this heavier would be to make it ENTIRELY out of Tungsten, or spend millions on Osmium -- the densest metal available!
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  • the Hacksmith
    the Hacksmith  Month ago +6226

    - Why didn't you melt tungsten?
    Because it's got the highest melting point of any metal - no mold could hold it!
    - How Ridiculous has a heavier one!
    Yes... But it's also like twice the size. We have the heaviest 1:1 scale replica
    - Use Osmium, it's denser than tungsten!
    It would cost $3.2M if you could even find enough.
    Other questions can likely be answered by watching our original video on the lead filled version, don't forget to check out all seven of our different thor hammers!
    Thanks for watching!

    • OMEGA Sanchez
      OMEGA Sanchez Day ago

      OMG I want one!

    • evotech
      evotech Day ago

      I wanna see the mountain hold it!

    • Jack Beucher
      Jack Beucher 2 days ago

      Where do I get one?

    • David Davidson
      David Davidson 3 days ago

      Not only would an osmium Mjolnir be obscenely heavy and expensive, but it would also be **really** smelly.

    • عبدالرحمن
      عبدالرحمن 4 days ago

      I made such a hammer in the house. I stole all the lamps in the neighborhood where I live. I took the tungsten wires in the lamps and while I made the hammer I heard the sound of the door. When I opened the door I found that the police were waiting for me.

  • Chronic Eazy
    Chronic Eazy 21 hour ago

    Do a tungsten stormbreaker

  • Abdulah Sacko
    Abdulah Sacko 23 hours ago

    I hope that wasn't steroids or drugs

    ONEPUUNCH 23 hours ago

    Next blow a few million dollars on osmium kek

  • Fke Fke
    Fke Fke Day ago

    Use osmium

  • Tad Cooper
    Tad Cooper Day ago

    "chunks of tungsten" ................Chunksten?

  • Søren Petersen
    Søren Petersen Day ago

    Found you guys via juji, great job guys! :) Would love to lift that hammer

  • Y33tMAn
    Y33tMAn Day ago

    So, ammonium nitride is an adrenaline stimulant?


    İtsnot 50kg

  • Werner Grobler
    Werner Grobler Day ago

    In the woreld

  • Werner Grobler
    Werner Grobler Day ago

    Make the heaviest rc car

  • Crony_Games
    Crony_Games Day ago

    Awesome work man you now has a new sub

  • Kazuhira Fiddler
    Kazuhira Fiddler Day ago +1

    To made this hammer heavier, you would have to use gold. Gold is 50 kilograms per square meter heavier than tungsten

    • Andrea Scimone
      Andrea Scimone Day ago +1

      @Kazuhira Fiddler well then platinum is even heavier

    • the Hacksmith
      the Hacksmith  Day ago

      Which is almost negligible...

    • Kazuhira Fiddler
      Kazuhira Fiddler Day ago

      @Andrea Scimone That's right, but for what i know this is the only way to make it heavier using natural earth resources

    • Andrea Scimone
      Andrea Scimone Day ago

      That wouldn't be a lot heavier but a lot more expensive

  • Jozee
    Jozee Day ago

    Skip to 15:30

  • Atomas X
    Atomas X Day ago

    0:27 sounds like a smash Bros. Character's Voice....

  • 555Lemmy666
    555Lemmy666 Day ago

    this video is somewhat pointless when you don't even melt the tungsten and just fill junks of it inside a mold which is made out of an other material
    also, the title is really misleading and very clickbaity
    i don't know why i even continue watching this

    • 555Lemmy666
      555Lemmy666 Day ago

      @the Hacksmith mainly because it is very clickbaity, indicating a 1:1 replica entirely made from tungsten but then 'only' putting junks of tungsten in it
      it's not that i wouldn't appreciate the work you've put into it, the hammer looks super cool and all, however, i felt kinda fooled after watching it

    • the Hacksmith
      the Hacksmith  Day ago

      You can't melt tungsten. It has the highest melting point of any metal. It is the heaviest 1:1 replica. Why are you so mad?

  • iSin_Dragon
    iSin_Dragon Day ago

    Ese martillo pesa más que yo alv :v

  • Draw Technic
    Draw Technic Day ago

    Great channel!

  • aldous player
    aldous player Day ago


  • ZEUS
    ZEUS Day ago

    Can you sell this? Or the lead one?
    Thank you :)

  • Wojtek Maziejuk
    Wojtek Maziejuk Day ago


  • Mr Mellow Crafty

    Why the little handle??

  • Senthil Kumar
    Senthil Kumar Day ago

    Next you make real Ironman shute

  • Memphis Costanz
    Memphis Costanz Day ago

    You coped Howe in credball

  • Zohaib K.
    Zohaib K. Day ago

    Was that a fart at 18:37 ?

  • rishi raj sharma
    rishi raj sharma Day ago +1

    Please make thanos hand of real six stones

  • UYIS
    UYIS Day ago

    Can you make hawkeye's quiver? The one he can control which arrowhead he uses

  • Plastic Straw
    Plastic Straw Day ago

    WHERE IS MY HAMMER! I require it to defeat Thanos

  • S0lgewd S0lgewd
    S0lgewd S0lgewd Day ago

    Right at the moment where I began to think, "wow this looks very unsafe...." Then the "not a flamethrower" lights on fire. "WHEW DAVE?!?! DAVE?!?!?"

  • Plum Hazey
    Plum Hazey Day ago

    INSANE!!!!!!!!! I like it!

  • Alex K
    Alex K Day ago

    Cutting tungsten with a hack saw lol

  • Paintbucket
    Paintbucket 2 days ago

    If you drop it, you’re fired.

  • Sharptooth100
    Sharptooth100 2 days ago

    Terrence "Hulk Hogan" Bollea, Mr T, John Cena, The Undertaker, Kane and Big Show can hold this hammer with one hand.

  • Jonathan Schillace
    Jonathan Schillace 2 days ago

    If you ever get the money would you make a heavier hammer using Osmium which is denser?!?!?!😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃

  • Maurer 10
    Maurer 10 2 days ago

    Are you tony stark

  • Sandy Cooper
    Sandy Cooper 2 days ago

    3:00 will lastpass auto fill your lastpass password?

  • x3mperformace
    x3mperformace 2 days ago

    Uhh, a 50 kg hammer...
    Ohh, but someone made one at a 100 kg, before you...
    So its not even more than half the worlds heaviest one.
    And one to one... Have you consulted Thor. Nahh, you did'nt cal

    • the Hacksmith
      the Hacksmith  2 days ago

      That one is far bigger. Ours is the heaviest 1:1 replica

  • KarateCaveman
    KarateCaveman 2 days ago

    You should do Brain Foo's Hammer vs your Hammer

    • KarateCaveman
      KarateCaveman Day ago

      @the Hacksmith See which one can destroy concrete blocks better, something like that.

    • the Hacksmith
      the Hacksmith  2 days ago


  • Oscar Velazquez
    Oscar Velazquez 2 days ago

    Make doomfist's gauntlet from overwatch

  • Dan
    Dan 2 days ago +2

    Okay, just what the hell is he huffing?!

  • Steve Roger
    Steve Roger 2 days ago

    Hello how much does it cost to have one?

  • Dane Dora
    Dane Dora 2 days ago +2

    I bet you if the avengers were real they would hire you

  • ninjakawa1000
    ninjakawa1000 2 days ago

    Did he just fart at the end @18:40 😂

  • Unstopable 20Q
    Unstopable 20Q 2 days ago

    My boner can carry all 3 of em hammers

    EVETINE 2 days ago +3

    Did you ever get the mountain to pick up the hammer?

  • WakandaIloilo Poreber

    The hacksmith people = dwarfs from avengers:infinity war.The hacksmith people = “THE MAKERS OF GODLY WEAPONS THAT ARE SO freakin COOL.

  • Turbold Boldbaatar
    Turbold Boldbaatar 2 days ago

    did he just fart? 18:37

  • Shinging Moon
    Shinging Moon 3 days ago +2

    do the blue star gun in MIB

  • TTV_Shark_Attack _
    TTV_Shark_Attack _ 3 days ago

    You are on cokaine

  • graefx
    graefx 3 days ago

    "Dave. DAVE."

  • Augusto Wang
    Augusto Wang 3 days ago +1

    5:16 is that thanos' soup?

  • Darth Gorthaur
    Darth Gorthaur 3 days ago

    Has he actually won the wsm because last i heard it was eddie hall...i dont think he has even won it once.

  • Hollywood NY
    Hollywood NY 3 days ago

    This shit is beautiful

  • TheStatistnr27
    TheStatistnr27 3 days ago

    get larry wheels to lift it

  • Gabriel Sampaio
    Gabriel Sampaio 3 days ago

    That Jujimufu shout-out !

  • Bruce Harrison Jr.
    Bruce Harrison Jr. 3 days ago +4

    No budget for Iridium? JK
    That is roughly twice the density of lead (1.97 X).

  • Julia Velazque
    Julia Velazque 3 days ago

    Lol la orejas de ese hombre parece la de un duende

  • Michael Flarkin
    Michael Flarkin 3 days ago

    Considering my wedding ring is Tungsten, I'm really hoping a broken finger isn't in my future...

  • Siddhant Chandra
    Siddhant Chandra 3 days ago

    make some thing from fortnte

  • manoj sahu
    manoj sahu 3 days ago +4

    *I was a waiting for the Mountain to come !!*

  • jan goldyn
    jan goldyn 3 days ago +1

    now Osmium 22,5-22,6 g/cm³ xd

  • Lukeatronio
    Lukeatronio 3 days ago

    You should make a depleted uranium hammer

  • Alla Ditta
    Alla Ditta 3 days ago

    Use vibranium dude

  • Bob Alpha
    Bob Alpha 3 days ago

    U sound just like Capt America 👍🏻

  • Jack Kids
    Jack Kids 3 days ago +3

    This whole thing is just screaming -- don't try this at home!

  • Bang Bos
    Bang Bos 3 days ago +1

    Apa cuma saya org indo yang nonton ini

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    Angelo Cariaga 3 days ago

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  • ThatIcePigeon
    ThatIcePigeon 3 days ago +7


    yeah ;/

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    Mallika Manoharan 3 days ago

    Was it just me or did i just hear a fart sound at 18:38💩

  • Ramon Amorim
    Ramon Amorim 3 days ago +1

    13:34 ASMR

  • XyMagicMikeXy
    XyMagicMikeXy 3 days ago

    How to use the hammer. You become a tornado, spin in circles hitting opponents, because momentum you can lift it higher. When you hit max velocity let go.... aim is key.

  • Jm56Z
    Jm56Z 3 days ago

    *Wonders how heavy would an hypothetically stable ununoctium one be.*

  • ImNotCreativeEnough
    ImNotCreativeEnough 3 days ago

    favorite mineral combined with my nordic pride? HECK YEAH!

  • SuperAwesomeVidya
    SuperAwesomeVidya 3 days ago

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  • _Felix0305_
    _Felix0305_ 3 days ago

    Next time take Iridium or Osmium... but very very very expensive

    • Esketit Pump
      Esketit Pump Day ago

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  • M Jr Hszcs
    M Jr Hszcs 3 days ago

    Give it to me!

  • Moto Moto
    Moto Moto 3 days ago +11

    In USA flamethrower create fire on object
    In Soviet Russia object create fire on flamethrower

  • Montoo TV
    Montoo TV 3 days ago

    Swing that thang at a crowd of people....💀

  • John Hines
    John Hines 4 days ago +2

    The end segment of this reminded me of man at arms so much

  • Alan Myerscough
    Alan Myerscough 4 days ago

    How stupendously over complicated

    • the Hacksmith
      the Hacksmith  4 days ago

      How would you do it? You can't melt tungsten.

  • Kramer Todd
    Kramer Todd 4 days ago

    Where some steel toes. That thing would obliterate your foot if you dropped it.

    • Kramer Todd
      Kramer Todd 3 days ago

      @Mario Barbells and dumbbell are very easy to hold onto and balance by design. This hammer looks very hard to balance.

    • Mario
      Mario 3 days ago

      Why? Do you see people wearing steel toes at the gym where there they lift much more then the weight of the hammer above their heads..

  • LednacekZ
    LednacekZ 4 days ago +1

    did you get to give the hammer to the mountain?

  • Jon Sand
    Jon Sand 4 days ago

    Wow i didn't know that messi made hammers

  • stupid thangs
    stupid thangs 4 days ago

    He isn't the title holder anymore:-(

  • Ripcookiethief
    Ripcookiethief 4 days ago +6

    I think really only super heavyweight arm wrestlers could hold it one handed.

  • C.D. Marshall
    C.D. Marshall 4 days ago

    Hat tip to Thor but Brian Shaw could handle that hammer his grip strength is insane.

  • Lautaro Perdomo
    Lautaro Perdomo 4 days ago

    Dave! DAVE!!

  • Dipesh Layge
    Dipesh Layge 4 days ago

    You look like Captain America

  • Yellowyoshispeed
    Yellowyoshispeed 4 days ago +1

    your bank account is probobly broken

  • Parker H
    Parker H 4 days ago

    Fill the top with lead and the bottom half of the handle with tungsten.

  • Terra Dewitt
    Terra Dewitt 4 days ago +1

    Make a thor hammer that comes to you

  • عبدالرحمن
    عبدالرحمن 4 days ago +3

    I made such a hammer in the house. I stole all the lamps in the neighborhood where I live. I took the tungsten wires in the lamps and while I made the hammer I heard the sound of the door. When I opened the door I found that the police were waiting for me.

  • วิชัย นาคสุข


  • Adrijana Radosevic
    Adrijana Radosevic 4 days ago +3

    Um, so, your argument AGAINST this tool is that it's UNBALANCED? And you did NOT paint your face purple for this video? Really?

  • Kyle Rodino
    Kyle Rodino 4 days ago

    its much better if you use pure tungsten instead of filling that hollow hammer..... just saying

    • Kyle Rodino
      Kyle Rodino 3 days ago

      @JME oh i didnt know that.... tho i like the hammer you guys made

    • JME
      JME 4 days ago

      Well no. Tungsten is very brittle, so it would chip easily if dropped accidentally.

  • RazerGamer
    RazerGamer 4 days ago

    Only 60kg its like catterpillar

  • Vincent Chen
    Vincent Chen 4 days ago

    First video seen. Everyone else makes the lightest cooy. Now a real Thors hammer. On Lastpass pay attention on its alerts, it works fine, otherwise you better have your master password with you. Again like this hammer it has heavy power, and easy to use. Yes I am in I.T. too.

  • JEY_Clay
    JEY_Clay 4 days ago +1

    Кто Русский?

  • sudeep dj walkazz
    sudeep dj walkazz 4 days ago

    In my house tilse work is going on to break the floor is a very hard task give that hammer to me i will just drop it in the floor and the cement cracked😁