Catch two water duck in river by hand and cook in forest

  • Published on May 29, 2018
  • Hello Everyone,
    After we finish our hard work ,Today we find food for my dinner and today we have lucky that see two water duck . So now let to watching my video .
    Thank you for watching....

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  • danktower
    danktower 8 hours ago

    Minecraft mobs' AI was heavily inspired by down syndrome ducks.

  • PrincessCoolCupcake
    PrincessCoolCupcake 13 hours ago

    =) they look so happy when they are eating.

  • PrincessCoolCupcake
    PrincessCoolCupcake 13 hours ago

    not going to lie but those look delicious.

  • 谢梓豪
    谢梓豪 14 hours ago


  • Dare Devil
    Dare Devil 17 hours ago

    My mom: poor bird thats mean
    Me: well that what happens when your on top of the food chain

  • Lana Joy
    Lana Joy Day ago

    Y’all keep your food preferences to yourself because you’re just making yourselves look like idiots.

  • Zoraida Perez
    Zoraida Perez 2 days ago

    I hate you I am not going to watch your videos again

    • Lana Joy
      Lana Joy Day ago

      Zoraida Perez They don’t care

  • F4113N_And_I_Cant_Get_Up

    thats sad... at least its not cannon ballism

  • Daniel Marcus Pacheco
    Daniel Marcus Pacheco 3 days ago +2

    Some people in the comment: but im vegan.....
    Me: then eat the grass

    BLOKAN H9 4 days ago

    طيب ذكها مهو تغولها لين تموت استغفرالله هههههههههههههههههه

  • Toniko2029
    Toniko2029 6 days ago

    Poor Ducks :(

  • ray the person
    ray the person 6 days ago

    Risked getting eaten by a crocodile or something for a bird

  • Hawaiian ツ
    Hawaiian ツ 7 days ago

    What noobs they have to bush camp

  • Love Heart33
    Love Heart33 8 days ago

    I feel so bad for the ducks..

  • Cam Ellie
    Cam Ellie 10 days ago

    PETA has entered the chat

  • Ari Gold
    Ari Gold 11 days ago

    Oh my gosh this is so sad! 😥😭

  • ToungZ
    ToungZ 13 days ago +1

    I love this new Minecraft update

  • Dust Killz
    Dust Killz 18 days ago +5

    8:04 I thought a fly just went in my ear😂

    • elijah. ph
      elijah. ph 10 days ago +2

      I heard it too😂😂😂

  • Bob Choi
    Bob Choi 18 days ago

    Plot twist: The ducks are endangered

  • PlayerFlatory Minecraft Pe

    Я вас нахуй сожгу, я русский

  • PlayerFlatory Minecraft Pe


  • Bill
    Bill 20 days ago

    wtf this is shit content, killing the duck like wtf bro

  • abdallah Noor
    abdallah Noor 20 days ago

    Very good 😁

  • Spxcific Aria
    Spxcific Aria 21 day ago +8

    Normal people: they cook ducks so they can live
    triggered 9 year olds: *_AnImAL AbUsE!_*

    Edit 1: no likes c:

  • kitten lover
    kitten lover 21 day ago


  • Aqadora Plays
    Aqadora Plays 21 day ago

    Are they poor?

  • ყเɳ-ყαɳɠɠα૮ɦα ツ

    Guy: *shoves stick up the ducks' asshole*

  • baby_gurrl dueces
    baby_gurrl dueces 22 days ago

    Poor ducks

  • baby_gurrl dueces
    baby_gurrl dueces 22 days ago

    Ohh I can't stand to watch that is disgusting

  • Fernando Sanchez
    Fernando Sanchez 22 days ago

    Poor ducks😩🦆🦆🦆

  • Kinzhal
    Kinzhal 23 days ago

    Stupid people they have 4mill subs and they killing ducks

  • Аскорбин .Ка

    Они говорить вообще умеют?

  • Аскорбин .Ка

    Жалко уточек😢

  • كمال محمد
    كمال محمد Month ago

    تكلو الرهج موسخين

  • Mo Soccer
    Mo Soccer Month ago

    No animals were harmed in the making of this video 😂 😂 ☠️☠️💀

  • Rebecca G. Day
    Rebecca G. Day Month ago

    Guy one: M R Ducks!
    Guy two: M R not.
    Guy one: O S A R! C M Wangs?
    Guy two: L I B! M R ducks!

  • Rebecca G. Day
    Rebecca G. Day Month ago

    They make it look so easy.

  • Dietrich427
    Dietrich427 Month ago

    Duck on a stick 4:45

  • Maria Aziz
    Maria Aziz Month ago

    So mean!! 😭😭😭😡😠🤬

    CHING CHONG Month ago

    PETA entered... PETA has left the game...

  • Xavier Constantinou

    Did they skin the ducks alive?

    SUNDE FAN Month ago

    Virgins for ever??😀

  • Defy
    Defy Month ago +1

    If TVclip don’t demonotize

  • kaylin thompsonッ
    kaylin thompsonッ Month ago +3

    no one:
    them: *hides behind bush slowly going towards ducks*

  • William Henriksen
    William Henriksen Month ago

    You idiots you dont kill animals like that what IF you was killen like that(ripping of your skin and putting a stick thro you)

  • Syncere Streat
    Syncere Streat Month ago +3

    In watching this with noise canceling headphones and there smack is just👌
    Read more

  • حۂۣۙہۣۙۜـيـدوش

    عيشتكم خرا

  • matschew
    matschew Month ago

    you sick fucks

  • alealhe fernando
    alealhe fernando Month ago +1

    4:58 position of the duck on stick
    6:13 position of the duck on stick

  • Karson Davenport
    Karson Davenport Month ago


  • Nikima Gadison
    Nikima Gadison Month ago +1

    When I looked at them ducks I said in my head y'all finna die

  • Julio Romero
    Julio Romero Month ago +2

    Bruh... How could you eat a duck without seasoning it first? SMH DISAPPOINTED.

  • กนก ดีไชย


  • Catalin
    Catalin Month ago

    ba sa va fut in gura de omorati voi rate
    ca aveti bani din youtube de va pisati pe voi s i omorati rate primitivi puliiii mele luameati pula cu gargara de ovaz

  • Toot Kie
    Toot Kie Month ago

    All those dislikes are from ducks

  • Courtney's World
    Courtney's World 2 months ago +51

    Duck 1 : yooo you see that bush, it’s floating towards us pretty fast
    Duck 2: ahh it’s probably nothing

    • 김현
      김현 12 hours ago

      Duck 2: stop eating our meat!
      Duck 1: yea!

    • 김현
      김현 12 hours ago

      Duck 1: aaaaaaahhhhhhhh where being captured

    • Bonnie Xiong
      Bonnie Xiong 9 days ago


  • Sheep
    Sheep 2 months ago

    The only mukbang I'll ever watch

  • Uncle Blaze
    Uncle Blaze 2 months ago

    Sad thing is they probably kill them in a more humane way than most slaughter houses would

  • Corey Riley
    Corey Riley 2 months ago

    And y’all go kill them

  • Corey Riley
    Corey Riley 2 months ago

    Why would you do that it is sad

  • Alex Alvarado
    Alex Alvarado 2 months ago

    Donold duck has left the chat

  • under maker
    under maker 2 months ago

    4:42 omg

  • Edy Lai
    Edy Lai 2 months ago

    How did the Ducks not know they were there like what kind of plant floats like that

  • EZGYMNAST But bizarre
    EZGYMNAST But bizarre 2 months ago

    What great muckbang asmr this is

  • Stxrry Night
    Stxrry Night 2 months ago +2

    I wonder how much pain they had been when they were plucking the feathers

    • Stxrry Night
      Stxrry Night 2 months ago


    • draco danger04
      draco danger04 2 months ago +1

      They were already dead, u can see the bodies are limp, I dont think they would put them in that much pain, it would be inhumane

  • Clara Yass
    Clara Yass 2 months ago

    Animal Haterss!,

  • Mckay Outdoors
    Mckay Outdoors 2 months ago

    That is harsh

  • Akim Clerge
    Akim Clerge 2 months ago +45

    this a damn shame they aint season the duck

  • Hope Auth
    Hope Auth 2 months ago

    Animal crewelty

  • Malia Grace
    Malia Grace 2 months ago

    This made me cry the poor ducks

  • Lebrons thumb TV
    Lebrons thumb TV 2 months ago +1

    Why are you calling them water ducks. Are there land ducks as well?

  • I am lost
    I am lost 2 months ago

    poor ducks they were try a have a vacation

  • KP Singh
    KP Singh 2 months ago

    Primitive lads with a TVclip channel

  • William H
    William H 2 months ago

    Dude those ducks don’t look bad

  • UF_Is_Cursed 7
    UF_Is_Cursed 7 2 months ago

    These dudes killing ducks and eating them and I’m still making Mac and cheese