Things that Happened While I Grew up

  • Published on Sep 9, 2018
  • glad i didnt drown!

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    And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D hope you don't drown anytime soon (or ever)
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  • Nyan WIn
    Nyan WIn 8 minutes ago

    Now you have 16 million views

  • Undertale Soulgreen
    Undertale Soulgreen 56 minutes ago

    2:43 You didn’t think I would see Papyrus in the corner eh?

  • Rushav Mohanty
    Rushav Mohanty 2 hours ago

    RIP, every McGee out there lmao 1:57

  • Daphne Boone
    Daphne Boone 2 hours ago

    2:43, background

  • Gacha Kally YT
    Gacha Kally YT 2 hours ago

    pause at 2:43 and you can see a papyrus face from undertale lol

  • Nightbot X
    Nightbot X 3 hours ago

    What happens when you get older.
    - get taller

    - die

  • Artrofore
    Artrofore 4 hours ago

    Me encantan tus videos, gracias por entretenernos tanto con cada video y gracias por no ahogarte en esa piscina (buena esa salvavidas/"Play of the game")

  • Dashiell Healy
    Dashiell Healy 4 hours ago

    2:43: Is that papyrus?

  • Wynn Cruz N Only Cruz
    Wynn Cruz N Only Cruz 5 hours ago +1

    This already has 200,000 more views than the last one with 16.6M

  • Eletric Gaming 4ever
    Eletric Gaming 4ever 6 hours ago

    That happens to me but the floatie was a giant gusse and I stayed under there for over 1minute

  • Aiden Lu
    Aiden Lu 6 hours ago

    Okay everyone am I the only one who saw a crazy papyrus from undertake in the back of Le spaghett 2:43

  • Sebastian Andrade
    Sebastian Andrade 7 hours ago

    Wouldn't you burn your hands going along the side

  • Salty_ Water
    Salty_ Water 7 hours ago

    1:17 me when I just studied and remember everything

  • panda person
    panda person 7 hours ago

    3:17 holy frig monokuma in the background

  • Tidus Campiti
    Tidus Campiti 8 hours ago

    2:42 Wait...


  • Rebecca Sumby
    Rebecca Sumby 8 hours ago


  • Ash Ketchum
    Ash Ketchum 8 hours ago

    Future jaiden:hey what are you in?
    Past jaiden:swimming classes.
    Future jaiden:did you drown yet?
    Past jaiden: H U H

  • Will The Awesome
    Will The Awesome 9 hours ago

    Past jaiden: wait.. that hasn't happened yet!

  • Blue_Angel_Wolf
    Blue_Angel_Wolf 9 hours ago


  • Thegaming Cat
    Thegaming Cat 10 hours ago

    I liked your parents video

  • DoubleJEspejwan6
    DoubleJEspejwan6 10 hours ago

    *_pathta with no sauthe_*

  • Orange Orange
    Orange Orange 11 hours ago

    If the real Mario sees all those Spaget
    .. He'd be like...

  • Hypno Playz
    Hypno Playz 11 hours ago

    Why did i see papyrus

  • The Gay Hat
    The Gay Hat 13 hours ago

    monokumacloc kmonokumaclock monokumaclock monokumaclock monokumaclock monokumaclock monokumaclock monokumaclock monokumaclock monokumaclock monokumaclock monokumaclock monokumaclock monokumaclock monokumaclock monokumaclock

  • R3PEAT Productions
    R3PEAT Productions 14 hours ago


  • Cole Shultz He is the nice kid

    I would like pasta with no sauce that’s me I do that all the time

  • Ashraf Ansary
    Ashraf Ansary 14 hours ago +1

    At least am not the only one who doesn't look at people eyes when I talk to them

  • White Tubby
    White Tubby 15 hours ago

    Waiiiitttt..... How did you get brown hair if you draw you're mom and dad with black hair??

  • Ali. .gacha.nugget
    Ali. .gacha.nugget 16 hours ago +1

    If your dying...

    Just stop it

  • american dingo
    american dingo 17 hours ago

    Jaiden bow to there ...
    American yah. Nah

  • Internal Owl
    Internal Owl 17 hours ago

    Monokuma was in the back of the classroom if you are watching this in 2019

  • Sheny Lyn Salarda
    Sheny Lyn Salarda 17 hours ago

    You went to Oz? What city? Any vids for that trip?

  • MAC11 GAM3R
    MAC11 GAM3R 17 hours ago

    5:36 lol!

  • Rolan Gomez
    Rolan Gomez 17 hours ago

    90 percentage of people eyes are blak or brown

  • Darcey Lab
    Darcey Lab 17 hours ago

    My dad's name is chad

  • BoreaseTG
    BoreaseTG 18 hours ago

    I almost drowned due to my one of the staff at this place called "SunFun" being an idiot and throwing me into the deep end when I couldn't swim

  • scodella 656
    scodella 656 18 hours ago

    I am italian
    Io sono italiano

  • Skull Bones Gaming
    Skull Bones Gaming 18 hours ago

    When I was in 1st grade, my teacher tried teaching us division and multiplication. Probably just a Rhode Island thing. Well I’m thankful I moved.

  • Undertale Master
    Undertale Master 18 hours ago

    2:43 PAPYRUS?!

  • Talldolphin Gaming
    Talldolphin Gaming 18 hours ago

    Ha I nearly drowned 3 and nearly froze to death once

  • Dean Kennedy
    Dean Kennedy 18 hours ago +1

    Who saw Papyrus from undertale at 2:43

  • •* Grumpy Life *•
    •* Grumpy Life *• 19 hours ago

    Did anyone notice the Papyrus in the background?

  • Electric Laina
    Electric Laina 19 hours ago

    Yaoo pthta wity no thoth

  • Jakoba Klaucke
    Jakoba Klaucke 20 hours ago +2

    2:42 who Saw papyrus

  • kio_ ck
    kio_ ck 21 hour ago

    These vids are so entertaining for some weird reason
    Also my eyes color is black 😂😂😂

  • Greener Coyote
    Greener Coyote 22 hours ago

    You did not almost drown all u had to do was


  • deathrokiller
    deathrokiller 22 hours ago

    why were james and jaiden in closets... that creeps me out... i hope you 2 aint stealing my closet D:

  • Robert Stolorz
    Robert Stolorz 23 hours ago

    Before the age of 5 I had set a bus on fire, knocked out the power for the entire block and broke my best friends leg accidentally. All this and my mom still managed to raise me by herself and my brother in a communist country until age 6 when we moved to the US. I turned out fine.

  • Happy potato Dabs
    Happy potato Dabs 23 hours ago

    I like pasta with no sauce

  • theTTTm
    theTTTm 23 hours ago

    Does this count as a “legend”’s video, is jaiden a legend?
    Everyone else: *YES.*

  • Seth Piekarek
    Seth Piekarek Day ago

    LOL she said famiry

  • Wild man1314
    Wild man1314 Day ago

    So your family is Japanese or some sort of Asian culture

  • Shiho Tamaki
    Shiho Tamaki Day ago

    Filthy frank: *JUST DO IT*
    Jaiden: *eats 8282737 beans*
    Filthy frank: *Just stop it*

  • AR Dishy Productions

    2:36 mamma Mia


    What is framily?

  • Cameron Hayward
    Cameron Hayward Day ago

    1:05 it is spoke

  • ti dauben
    ti dauben Day ago


  • Kill me Please
    Kill me Please Day ago

    To our famary

  • Sophie Krushelnytskiy

    I never understood the s thing. I always have my tongue out at some point. I pronounce it normally like a normal person
    They gave me a speech class and they said clench your teeth so you dont stick your tongue out
    So yeah I technically am bad with the s

  • Origins
    Origins Day ago

    Just say *NANI?!*

  • BxrntPlaxtix’s GachaEdits

    Me: How do I not be so unpopular
    Jaiden: Just stop being unpopular
    Me: Thanks for the advice Jaiden.

  • Sophia Sessions
    Sophia Sessions Day ago

    Hands down favorite youtube channel!!!

  • Hương Nguyễn

    I love you mom jaiden !!!!!!!!

  • Melissa Anderson

    This was so cute!

    OREO- NANI Day ago

    Is “PARDO-EN spelled with a O or a E?

  • PigSteve 216
    PigSteve 216 Day ago

    2:17 OH GOD
    that scare me

  • Calvin Bodinger
    Calvin Bodinger Day ago

    Someone once told me that if you drown the ghosts make fun of you

  • Joseph Bay
    Joseph Bay Day ago

    Pasta with no sauce

  • Carter Faxon-Howard

    2:43 Look for the hidden Papyrus head.

  • RandomVidz TV
    RandomVidz TV Day ago

    *Its okay,just stop having cancer*

  • AutumnSprinkle
    AutumnSprinkle Day ago

    Oh my poop are we soulmates?!
    Im scared of them too!!

  • Laura Sins
    Laura Sins Day ago

    Does anyone see Papyrus’s head?

  • sergent chris
    sergent chris Day ago

    well boys we did it, cancer is no more

  • ι lσνє му lιfє

    *_pasta with no sauce_*

  • Fox named Toast
    Fox named Toast Day ago +1

    *H U H*

  • Superior Sniper
    Superior Sniper Day ago

    Pathsta wif no sauce

  • Vanilla Angel
    Vanilla Angel Day ago +1

    Lil Jaiden: * Gets stuck under pool mat underwater *
    Also Lil Jaiden: * Tries to push the mat up *
    Also Lil Jaiden: * Fails at trying to push the mat up and is now drowning *
    Also Lil Jaiden: *Oh, yeah. This is big brain time.*

  • Spek Man
    Spek Man Day ago


  • Kevin Gardner
    Kevin Gardner Day ago

    Who else sees papyrus

  • Raelee Mayberry
    Raelee Mayberry Day ago

    2:43 The Great Papyrus will help you human!

  • Raylee Long
    Raylee Long Day ago

    While you doing the pardon part my dad said something and I just went what? And he just went pardon! And I did it back to him he basically did that because he heard the video

  • LucyFun
    LucyFun Day ago

    Others:what do you mean there was papyrus n the spaghetti?
    Me: so am I the only one talking and commenting ‘bout undertale?
    (Sorry for two comments)

  • LucyFun
    LucyFun Day ago +1

    0:39 so uh...Jaiden was secretly sans?

  • MuffinTails
    MuffinTails Day ago

    i relate, i too suffer with a lisp

  • GabriellA Cisse
    GabriellA Cisse Day ago

    2:43 is no one going to talk about papyrus in the background

  • glenda taylor
    glenda taylor Day ago

    Noice undertale reference

  • Thingy Nothingy
    Thingy Nothingy Day ago

    I can’t make eye contact

  • James Dickerson
    James Dickerson Day ago

    2:43 dose anybody see papyrus

  • Galactic Star
    Galactic Star Day ago

    Well this video and animation IS worth 16,000,000 views :3

  • Sarshley the dragon

    3:43 let's be honest here. Everyone watched this video multiple times for this amazing part

  • Abe Adventurous
    Abe Adventurous Day ago

    Wow jaiden I thought you like babies but your doing child abuse and I really think I should unsubscribe
    Also you are a very mean parent and speaking of parents did your parents do that to you? No so you should regret saying that
    For doing child abuse and thinking it’s a good idea to put a baby on a floor.

  • Spaghet Boi
    Spaghet Boi Day ago

    I saw papyrus!

  • Roblox ian
    Roblox ian Day ago

    1:33 Ow eye paper cuts

  • Rokador ʇɥǝ qox ɥoɐɹpǝɹ

    You have 4 brain cells left? Damn, that's twice as much as I have.

    No wait, one just died at Mushrooms and Pipes video...

  • ARandom VideoMaker

    Why the fuk was papyrus in the spaget box pile

  • Fluff UwU
    Fluff UwU Day ago

    *yeah, this is big brain time*

  • Duolingo
    Duolingo Day ago

    I saw Papyrus’ head.

  • Solid Spider
    Solid Spider Day ago

    Pathta wiff no sauce

  • Thomas Lewis
    Thomas Lewis Day ago

    same may experience

  • Paola Cortes
    Paola Cortes Day ago +1

    5:34 spongebob reference