Things that Happened While I Grew up


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  • TheAMaazing
    TheAMaazing 12 days ago +33064

    P-please stop staring at me Jaiden 😥😥😥

  • cameron lynch
    cameron lynch 40 minutes ago


  • reach for the stars productions

    U cursed in that domino vid you were like holy shit why ja

  • Soaring Dog
    Soaring Dog 48 minutes ago

    2:43, papirus forgot how to spell it

    • Soaring Dog
      Soaring Dog 44 minutes ago

      I like your backround music

  • Earl Davey
    Earl Davey 49 minutes ago

    Hey Notifacation Squad Watch my mix Good FNaF

    • Earl Davey
      Earl Davey 43 minutes ago


  • Lena Hartgrove1234
    Lena Hartgrove1234 53 minutes ago

    im a brownie

  • Pandora Ω
    Pandora Ω 54 minutes ago

    What were you doing in your closet?

  • Yvette
    Yvette Hour ago

    “Pasta with no sauce” I’m confused,,isn’t that just noddles?

  • Eevee LoverYT
    Eevee LoverYT Hour ago +1

    Omg, I had the same problem about the pool, I hated everything in the pool lol

  • *GalaxyLotl *
    *GalaxyLotl * Hour ago +1


  • Just my Opinion
    Just my Opinion Hour ago


  • Matthew Duong
    Matthew Duong Hour ago


  • Angel._. Animated


  • Oscar Wilson
    Oscar Wilson Hour ago

    I want pasta with no sauce

  • CMG The Person
    CMG The Person Hour ago

    Good to know that you almost died of stupidity.
    Even though I kinda already knew because I listened to your Just2Podcast.

  • Ppxscrub Xl
    Ppxscrub Xl Hour ago

    phasta with no sauce

  • Woofly Wolfy
    Woofly Wolfy Hour ago

    is your brother just no longer loved?

  • ynhjtjj
    ynhjtjj Hour ago

    omg we did that swimming thing where we shimmied along the edge and i was also scared of those vents like id always reach sUPER far across to try and go over them asap

  • TheEmerald Golem66

    Were you addressing my comment about how I said your parent’s hair are black but yours is brown so Illuminati confirmed

  • Demondragon 716
    Demondragon 716 Hour ago

    Endigo made a remix for jaiden

  • Isabella Porras
    Isabella Porras Hour ago

    Any rasist mo fos are watching this don't turn the little girl in the pool with jaiden into a racial thing ... Looking at you wall street journal

  • Jaci Doesabsolutelynothing.

    Mr. Chad looks like Alexander hamilton

  • anteurz
    anteurz Hour ago

    people made porn videos and domino videos about you xD

  • Loco Cocoa
    Loco Cocoa Hour ago

    I almost drowned and died too

  • Kyle Kuchinski
    Kyle Kuchinski Hour ago

    Came over from footofaferret's video on TVclip animations! Loving your animation style already, Jaiden!! :D

  • Uni- Pug
    Uni- Pug Hour ago

    Jaiden I have a cockatiel and I am not giving the life they deserve. I was wondering if you know any bird organization I can give them to?

  • nitronochrome
    nitronochrome Hour ago

    I don't like ur videos anymore

  • Gabriel Gonzalez
    Gabriel Gonzalez Hour ago

    I almost drowned to at hawin falls

  • Wolfy Oreo
    Wolfy Oreo Hour ago


  • cup 4 sprinkle
    cup 4 sprinkle Hour ago

    I saw papyrus

  • Fredrik Nordholm
    Fredrik Nordholm Hour ago

    Was it just me who saw papayrus

  • Christina Haney
    Christina Haney 2 hours ago

    I spotted papyrus

  • Adeline N
    Adeline N 2 hours ago

    Hi jaiden i was wondering if you watched my animation of you? if so please tell me!! keep it up on the videos ٩(๑❛ᴗ❛๑)۶

  • KJRtv
    KJRtv 2 hours ago

    Just making some eye contact

  • Imperfectly_Tamarah
    Imperfectly_Tamarah 2 hours ago

    Jaiden Animations Oml this is yo potato ovah here and all I have to say is watch this video before I get my zapato and- [Use google translate if you need to understand this]
    -y con mi zapato te golpearé y agarraré a Ari y lo entrenaré en 5 segundos para usar una sandalia y juntos te pegaremos y te atacaremos con un saco de patatas. : 3 ~Tamarah The Potato

  • Chiya Amin
    Chiya Amin 2 hours ago

    3:01 am I the only one who thought about mulan

  • Diamond breaker boi
    Diamond breaker boi 2 hours ago

    2:43 PAPYRUS

  • Everybody 48
    Everybody 48 2 hours ago

    2:48- yeah my friend was talking about how she’s Italian and well she doesn’t have an accent but with the pasta thing but she told me how she literally has a whole drawer of just pasta in her kitchen like just how

  • I’m a sock and I know it


  • Nikitos 99
    Nikitos 99 2 hours ago

    This very good
    I am Russian

  • The right cat 1098
    The right cat 1098 2 hours ago +1


  • Juyel Integrity
    Juyel Integrity 2 hours ago

    Did you watch sr pelo ever. he’s a funny animator ...but a bit dark.....yeah....

  • Radu Gaming
    Radu Gaming 2 hours ago

    Somebody Rocher nu shhhhhhhpaghet :))

  • xxX stella AnimationsXxx

    2:43 do u see what I see

  • Lazy Foxiak
    Lazy Foxiak 2 hours ago +1

    2:46 PAPYRUS in tjhe boxes i love your easter eggs Jaiden :3

  • Annabelle Brandos
    Annabelle Brandos 2 hours ago

    Jaiden happy almost your birthday I dont know how I remembered this

  • Pro master of pancakes

    Oh God Not Pap- Nyeh Heh Heh Heh Heh Heh Heh Heh Heh Heh Heh Heh Heh Heh Heh Heh Heh Heh Heh Heh Heh Heh Heh Heh Heh Heh Heh Heh Heh Heh Heh Heh Heh Heh Heh Heh Heh Heh Heh

  • Ethan McLaughen
    Ethan McLaughen 2 hours ago

    There was a girl drowning behind me in a pool and I helped her not drown
    Btw I just saw your face reveal and you look great and you shouldn’t be so hard on yourself that video has helped my brother in the past so thanks for that video
    Your great!

  • lacuna poltergeist
    lacuna poltergeist 2 hours ago

    Your mom is weird

  • Ross Redmond
    Ross Redmond 3 hours ago

    You should make stickers on quidd,Timtom does

  • Kari Gonzalez
    Kari Gonzalez 3 hours ago

    I've almost drowned before to

  • Lemon Zest
    Lemon Zest 3 hours ago

    lemonade with no lemon

  • KAFKA Kostas
    KAFKA Kostas 3 hours ago +1

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  • Jadon Ooi
    Jadon Ooi 3 hours ago

    That is an interesting story.

  • that one homestuck fan

    Your mom’s friend is EXTRA cute

  • Wolfiepus Nightcore
    Wolfiepus Nightcore 3 hours ago


    I thought I was the only one.....

  • Nathanael Mooney
    Nathanael Mooney 3 hours ago

    Thop it, get thome help.

  • Subscribe Me For No Reason

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  • Cole Mattison
    Cole Mattison 3 hours ago

    2:43 Do I see Papyrus in the background?

  • Maxwell The Cat
    Maxwell The Cat 3 hours ago

    2:40 WHO TOUCH MY SPAGHETTI!!?!?!?!??!?!?

    • Maxwell The Cat
      Maxwell The Cat 3 hours ago

      Btw Jaiden I Live in California So My Glad To Meet You Someday.

  • Mrs. Gibson
    Mrs. Gibson 3 hours ago

    Person:Hi Jaid- Jaiden:Ah...Sorry LOSER I I got a take
    Me:wow, u stare at me to much

  • Muffin Animatez
    Muffin Animatez 3 hours ago

    Mario isnt Italian.
    Hes Mexican....

  • Airnicco
    Airnicco 3 hours ago

    You really improved with your animation, and when you and James getting married?

  • birbs are cool
    birbs are cool 4 hours ago

    Before you ask, they're green

  • RyanTheLemon YT
    RyanTheLemon YT 4 hours ago

    The thing about the mat happened to me but with an inflatable rubber boat thing that was really light. MAN I AM WEAK.

  • NintendoPlushWorld
    NintendoPlushWorld 4 hours ago

    P a t h t a w I t h n o t h a u t h e

  • Burger Acid
    Burger Acid 4 hours ago +1

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  • YoshiThe Wolf
    YoshiThe Wolf 4 hours ago

    My GOD 0:37 look at this soooo mem

  • Bubblegum12342 Gum
    Bubblegum12342 Gum 4 hours ago +1

    ASIAN POwer lol

  • painter13 123432
    painter13 123432 4 hours ago

    0:38 family or famry

  • Jack Frost
    Jack Frost 4 hours ago


  • Jack Frost
    Jack Frost 4 hours ago

    *music* *LIZA SAYING YEAH*

  • Allen OWL
    Allen OWL 4 hours ago

    "It's getting really hot in this closet."

    So when are you "coming out of the closet", Jaiden? *wink* *wink*

  • Celina Nieves
    Celina Nieves 4 hours ago

    California????? Oooh, I live there.

  • Jette Stenstrup Lund
    Jette Stenstrup Lund 4 hours ago +1


  • *Anime Cat*
    *Anime Cat* 4 hours ago +1

    I like starring at people also *stares threw screen*

  • jose espina
    jose espina 5 hours ago

    p-p-please stop staring at us jaiden

  • Pythonbytes T
    Pythonbytes T 5 hours ago

    Nice Undertale Reference

  • Adevta
    Adevta 5 hours ago


  • CrystalKitty 974
    CrystalKitty 974 5 hours ago

    btw my family recently got a bird(my brothers idea) he is rlly enjoying his bird ....he named it Apollo

  • Волна Плывет

    I love you Jaiden =3 You sooooooooo cool!!!

  • Волна Плывет

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    This amaz
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  • Treysean Stamper
    Treysean Stamper 5 hours ago

    2:39 it's a me mario

  • Tionna_H❤
    Tionna_H❤ 5 hours ago +2

    *pasta with no sauce*

  • Grace Daglish
    Grace Daglish 5 hours ago

    Such great stories! This is so fun to watch!

  • Akula The Sharkwolf
    Akula The Sharkwolf 5 hours ago

    2:43 I saw Papyrus lmao

  • Daily Dark Side
    Daily Dark Side 5 hours ago

    Jaiden: Your going to die.
    Me: !!!!!!!
    Jaiden: Wait! It's ok.... Just stop it.

  • tezis jazz
    tezis jazz 5 hours ago

    thank you from the whole Russian audience:-D

  • Gaming room 2007
    Gaming room 2007 5 hours ago

    is it James your boyfriend

  • Christopher Eng
    Christopher Eng 5 hours ago

    I got an Ari at least a month ago and it just flew downstairs and hurt herself but she’s ok

    AMIT ROY CHOWDHURY 5 hours ago

    2:43 papyrus!!!!!! 😲😲😲

  • Trevor Tolbert
    Trevor Tolbert 5 hours ago

    Jaiden can you please not joke about cancer, cancer took one of my loved ones lives

  • Sydnie Lps vlogs
    Sydnie Lps vlogs 5 hours ago

    BTW I'm in California

  • Sydnie Lps vlogs
    Sydnie Lps vlogs 6 hours ago

    I saw that tiny papyrus in the spaghetti

  • Penelope Istre
    Penelope Istre 6 hours ago

    hey did you see papyrus in the background when an avalanche of spaghetti came rolling down???

  • Kara Darkness Plays XD
    Kara Darkness Plays XD 6 hours ago +1

    2:43 Papyrus?!?! What are you doing there shouldn’t you be in undertale... oh I know why are there are there for the spaghetti

  • Heather Hilliar
    Heather Hilliar 6 hours ago

    I not like liqurish either😌😞😂

  • Undyne ULTRA
    Undyne ULTRA 6 hours ago +1

    2:41 spaghet person
    2:43 papyrus
    2:48 a maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrriiiiiiiiiiiiooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    AUTUMN COOK 6 hours ago

    Hey jaiden I love your videos you inspire me to do drawing more and now I can draw pop out of the page look and I’m really young I’m only 10 and I can do amazing art so thanks❤️