Natalie Portman Was Friends With Jared Kushner (Emphasis On Was)

  • Published on Jun 15, 2018
  • 'Eating Animals' producer Natalie Portman was friends with Jared Kushner in college. The operative word there is 'was.'
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Comments • 3 270

  • atstj1967
    atstj1967 Day ago

    I stopped eating meat about 8 months ago, for this very reason. Everyone chooses this lifestyle for their own reasons, and I chose this one.

  • moose boy
    moose boy Day ago

    The level of income on farming drives one insane, cost of land, utilities, equipment, animals, buildings, there’s NO PROFIT, you can’t sustain a livelihood, farming. Banks have made the decision that corporate farming is more profitable today for investing.

  • Joakim Andersson
    Joakim Andersson 6 days ago

    "consumer demands" lol.

  • Annabelle Spencer
    Annabelle Spencer 6 days ago

    Who's Jared kushner?

    • Ivanna Siller
      Ivanna Siller Day ago

      Annabelle Spencer Donald Trump’s son in law

  • eroc
    eroc 8 days ago

    Plants are living things too.

  • networkdeath1
    networkdeath1 9 days ago +3

    Kushner was her friend, but she threw him under the bus because of politics, and to get a laugh from this gaggle of useful idiots. All class, that Natalie.

  • KennethUdayRaj
    KennethUdayRaj 9 days ago +2

    Get a life, idiots! You don't have to take names and concentrate on taking a dig at somebody that doesn't share your political view. That's a phobia you all have... to be precise, the US film industry and sissies like Colbert have. You're phobic of a different point of view and you tag them to the supremacists and racists. What a propaganda show! One of many propaganda tools.

  • Ines NiñaHereje
    Ines NiñaHereje 10 days ago

    She makes an effort to look like an older woman since she became a mother I mean The way she dresses up,the gestures She was so fresh before pregnancy and now She makes an effort to look diferentes She's lovely and I now motherhood Changes almost everything...but..

  • creature
    creature 10 days ago

    I'm a bag of hammers

  • winehousedrunk
    winehousedrunk 10 days ago

    As great an actress as a person.

  • deese stone
    deese stone 10 days ago


  • icwiz
    icwiz 10 days ago

    Cow Farts are Carbon neutral.

  • Humza Khan
    Humza Khan 12 days ago

    I'm in love with this woman

  • LiamThomas
    LiamThomas 12 days ago

    I hate how cold she was! Warm the temp up in there!

  • Svetlana K.
    Svetlana K. 14 days ago

    doubt she wore shoes made not from leather :-)

  • Cons and Piracy Theorums

    Obi one force choked amidsla because he had s crush on annikan and blame for him not to pick it up on his gay Tendencies and clues and wouldn't go out with him to Palm Springs and he always blamed on my dollar for that

  • Greta Holst
    Greta Holst 18 days ago


  • Wfijvddjj Klngfdgh
    Wfijvddjj Klngfdgh 18 days ago

    I would love to give her some meat

  • Van Inn
    Van Inn 21 day ago

    More Hollywood hate for trump
    But but they supported quietly Weinstein for decades

  • T Eye
    T Eye 23 days ago

    It doesn’t matter how kindly an animal is raised if it’s ultimately going to get a slice to the throat to become a product that humans absolutely do not need to survive. End all animal farming by going vegan. Consumers can demand vegan products. There’s no right way to do the wrong thing. Why stop at humanely killing farm animals if that’s the case. How about humane rape? Humane domestic violence? Humane murder?

  • unifieddynasty
    unifieddynasty 25 days ago

    The funny thing is that the Trumps and Kushners were New York Democrats until just a few years ago. Had Trump not run in 2016, they would have very likely been Hillary supporters, like much of Wall Street.

  • love this
    love this 26 days ago

    If only animal consciousness/awareness would/could conduce humans to treat one another with (more) respect at large (more sincerely I mean). What a treat, Natalie and host Stephen. Thank you from my heart.

  • botchi1
    botchi1 26 days ago

    She's a diamond.

  • Madzie 2000
    Madzie 2000 27 days ago


  • Sorbet Elf
    Sorbet Elf 27 days ago

    I wouldn’t eat made in America meat either and I am an unashamed omnivore.

  • Claudia Maher
    Claudia Maher 28 days ago

    I heard by way of her personal assistant, they she's a complete snob and diva. Oh well, lots of people aren't what they SEEM in public versus in private!!

  • Francois Suissae
    Francois Suissae 29 days ago

    I like her but she is talking & I call bullshit that her 99% of farms are factory farming the meat we eat fact check she needs to do that fact checking better because I know many farms of beef which are looked after & cared for by farmers & also
    Free range eggs + sustainably caught fish, pesticide free fruit & vege, & clean up waterways& plastics from our seas the list goes on she just needs 2 watch her fact checks but she has a good message ol natalie

  • Jim Bertido
    Jim Bertido Month ago +2

    She clearly banged Kushner. Not like he became evil, he always was a slimy, greasy, businessman

  • Goahead
    Goahead Month ago +4

    If you raise animals proper way, the price of meats would skyrocket and lands even more polluted.
    But that's a good thing. Higher prices would make less demand for meats, like cigarettes, plus healthier Americans.
    A win win situation!

    • nat pierz
      nat pierz 9 days ago

      there is no such thing as human slaughter. anything will change that. animals don't want to die.

  • Robert Davis
    Robert Davis Month ago +1

    All I can say is she's a classy lady.

  • Pelfio Guta
    Pelfio Guta Month ago

    with natalie saying it, now kushner has a better script

  • najbrzi28
    najbrzi28 Month ago +3

    We love you Natalie Portman ❤❤❤😊

  • Matthew Creigh
    Matthew Creigh Month ago

    Factory farming is truly disgusting

  • TiNy ScIeNcE
    TiNy ScIeNcE Month ago

    Oooh that's why she is so thin... She is vegan... So almost no fat & animal protein! But animals are meant to eat! It's the nature's law! They reproduce much more than humans so even if we eat them, they are not extinguished! But if all human would leave eating animals then Man oh Man! The earth will be so fullll of them that we humans won't be having places to stay LOL... Its true... I like Natalie so I'm not judging her. I just stated the fact 😂

  • Scott BikeDawg
    Scott BikeDawg Month ago

    She seems so nervous....

  • MeTube
    MeTube Month ago

    Such a lovely person. I would love to see Natalie and Jean Reno re-united one day.

  • * *
    * * Month ago

    Is it just me or does she seem slightly offput by Stephen toward the end? I don't think she enjoyed the "you gonna eat dirt, you're screwed" jokes. Seems like she's sick of that sort of commentary and genuinely is frustrated with how ignorant people are about factory farming.

  • mohamad sarfi
    mohamad sarfi Month ago

    It's good that you really care about animals but FYI millions of people are being treated inhumanely out there in the middle east and Africa and you'd better change your priorities.

  • Joslin Webster
    Joslin Webster Month ago

    Eggs are not dairy.

  • Cowworshiper PissDrinkingHindus

    Goddamn she's old!

  • Ddd Kkk
    Ddd Kkk Month ago

    These jooz stick together ,even the ones that eat and sacrifice babies. She s not down on the zionist baby eaters unlike this fake dude interviewing her. He believes that he is better than the goy. Who wouldn,t when the majority of watchers get their news from jooz like him.

  • Zalgo 420bonerfartzlol

    I think everyone's guts would thank them if we all took a day or 2 a week and completely avoided meat.

  • Andres Franco
    Andres Franco Month ago

    she ia so beautiful my god

  • Brody Hill
    Brody Hill Month ago

    She can't act.

  • Elisa E
    Elisa E Month ago

    raised in a "humane way" for a little bit.... but these ANIMALS ALL get killed mass murder after... #GOVEGAN

  • M S
    M S Month ago

    I respect the food chain and the reality is we have evolved to eat meat. That intelligence that we have you are talking about is because our ancestors ate meat. Meat was able to fuel our large brains. I understand that there are ways to eat meat without being cruel like hunting or fishing the food yourself, but it's ignorant to assume that meat was not an important part of our diet and evolution.

  • Bianca Hotca
    Bianca Hotca Month ago

    They let people like her into Harvard because she is a celebrity. Not that she's very smart. Same with children of politician or heads of state, something like that. There's a lot of politics there. A lot of who gets in. A black or hispanic, minority will get into such places as Harvard over a white person just because of their color. This conv was so fake and over the top. She seems extremely snobby.

  • Laura Powell
    Laura Powell Month ago +1

    Natalie Portman is definitely a pretty woman but being a 100 percent vegan is not a healthy diet. She is clearly underweight and it has aged her.

    • Sunflower&Mouse
      Sunflower&Mouse 2 days ago

      That's not true at all.

    • D M
      D M 25 days ago

      ?¿ Aged her ? She look like 30

  • Lofts Sympatico
    Lofts Sympatico Month ago +4

    What a delicious human being. She could be president.... or something. She in the W.House would beat the average IQ there by 40%. Bravo for your stand on organics and vegetarians.
    It makes sense. I'm down to mostly no red meat (feel better) and with refinement, no meat altogether. At one point my bro, and both parents and I were combined- over 300 years old. :-)

  • Dan Ryan
    Dan Ryan Month ago

    Steven Colbert is a 4 eyed liberal physco.NOT FUNNY AT ALL

  • Ahlam Soliman
    Ahlam Soliman Month ago

    All respact for you Natalie Portman to be ance

  • ben chang
    ben chang Month ago

    I think the majority of consumers would prefer organic natural and humane products, the issue is availability and price. Not everyone has money to shop at Wholefoods. Love u Natalie. Keep up the good work.

  • N B
    N B Month ago

    She's so distasteful these days. I use to love her now she just jump in the "let's bash all men" train. Always watch out for people who are willing to talk bad about you publicly.

  • Isaac Ben David
    Isaac Ben David Month ago

    I totally get not judging others for what they eat. I'm a pescatarian and I always tell people to eat what
    You'd like. I think you should try and make healthier choices for yourself based on how animals are raised and how vegetables are grown. But it's really up to you. It's always going to be a problem with low-income families who are spending less money on a value meal than vegetables. That is whom those factory farmers are targeting

  • Forrest Lincoln
    Forrest Lincoln Month ago

    Marvelous interview, loved the honesty, esp in regard to Kushner and Israeli mistreatment of Palestinians with full backing of the USA.

  • j pugh
    j pugh Month ago

    i come from a family of farmers they are greedy lot

  • raul Busters
    raul Busters Month ago

    oh come one...someone please give her a piece of meat...she is skinny...!!!

  • Lrds Lzd
    Lrds Lzd Month ago

    I want to go Vegan.

  • maori mendoza
    maori mendoza Month ago

    This interview is so important

  • Prolific Studio
    Prolific Studio Month ago

    My words are the same as hers in my regular, not celebrity famous role model in Hollywood. But I'm not her, and people fight back with humor, non-sense and stupidity to excuse the bad habit. We are killing ourselves eating DEAD animals. But in her position and status you are blown away from the fact, cause she's famous. Thats why you feel appeal to her words. Another excuse to not change the subject. Do or don't but stop the excuses in front of society. To be seen as a víctim of the matter. Stop the BS.

  • Prolific Studio
    Prolific Studio Month ago

    I love the fact the audience went almost dead, when they started the animal topic...listen people...listen. This is important.

  • Jenny May
    Jenny May Month ago

    30seconds On Jared (only thing in the title, nothing about meat) and 10min on eating meat

  • Han Real Tech
    Han Real Tech Month ago

    Kushner did not do well in school. Yes, welcome to the Trump club then.

  • luhole
    luhole Month ago

    I love this woman. Thank youuuu for doing what you do for the world and all it’s creatures, Natalie.

  • CD Smith
    CD Smith Month ago

    5:12 *Cow Farts* --- I can solve the problem of Greenhouse gases caused by cow farts in one fell swoop; and it's simple. If the livestock industry would start adding _Beano_ to the feed it would eliminate the problem almost entirely.
    Cheers. And, you're welcome.

  • Danny B
    Danny B Month ago

    This woman is a nutjob.

  • Nina SeventySeven
    Nina SeventySeven Month ago

    She's sweet

  • minh do
    minh do Month ago

    I love her laugh

  • Rikko5500
    Rikko5500 Month ago

    Both are ignorant of the truth.

  • Preston Irvin
    Preston Irvin Month ago +1

    Both of you are absolute non factors

  • You Tuber
    You Tuber Month ago

    I am surprised with their humility.....I feel proud just doing my routine job right. I would be more arrogant if I were famous, giving interviews. Don't get me wrong....I would do many good things but I would be preachy and would not like being disagreed with.

  • Ind Pol Com
    Ind Pol Com Month ago +1

    Both Zionists are hand in glove !

  • TiMalice2009
    TiMalice2009 Month ago

    She looks older than she could possibly be. #vegandiet

  • Karen Fairholm
    Karen Fairholm Month ago +4

    Eating animals uses way more plants than just eating plants.

  • Maria Sosa
    Maria Sosa Month ago

    I freaking love this woman....

  • Lempwei Roiie
    Lempwei Roiie Month ago

    Carrots have feelings... they even could make love too...

  • hilmir
    hilmir Month ago

    When she realised she reached the end of the interview, she was so relieved.

  • Iris Ioannou
    Iris Ioannou Month ago

    Thank you Natalie!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jorge Barros
    Jorge Barros Month ago

    Free country? Since when?

  • Tim c
    Tim c Month ago

    If carrots had feeling......Colbert got her for a moment.

  • Perry Robles
    Perry Robles Month ago

    I’m a carnivore...
    And as a parent of cats, I applaud your efforts.

    Animals can be much, much more loving, accepting and trustworthy than humans.
    You probably already know that.

  • TheyTake MyCalls
    TheyTake MyCalls Month ago

    Kinda true though, how good of a friend could you be, if you stop being friends because of their politics.

  • Callmeishmel Melville

    There is a difference between corporate farms and family farms. 90% of farms and ranches are family owned however 90% of farming and ranchable lands are corporate owned.

  • Reel500
    Reel500 Month ago

    Can a vegan eat animal crackers?

  • Rich Das
    Rich Das Month ago

    So what we need is clear labeling.

  • Lemon Politics
    Lemon Politics Month ago

    I eat free range and organic only; it is a lifestyle choice I am able to make.

  • not ok
    not ok Month ago

    Natalie’s laugh at the carrot “joke” is me when posed with the same question. Because it’s easier to laugh than to explain every time! I feel you Natalie!!

  • Yarp Kibbelz
    Yarp Kibbelz Month ago

    She was friends with Jared Kushner but then she found out he's part of the zionist cabal who secretly controls all of America's finances and policies. The real 9/11 terrorists. As much as I agree with being inhumane with animals, she would get my vote if she would drop some knowledge about WTC7 on live tv. You won't get anywhere with the masses without 9/11 truth. From there we can solve the secondary problems. Metaphorically we are all in a bus, there are some people complaining its too hot, or the music is too loud, but meanwhile the bus is headed for a cliff. 9/11 truth & end the fucking Federal Reserve. Its not complicated.

  • nighitazhar
    nighitazhar Month ago

    totally agree with her treat all living things with respect!!! treat your Poultry fish cow's etc with decency no hormones and you will probably get a happier animal!! right to life which we all deserve!!! STOP polluting the land sea air yourselves!!! reducing toxicity of everything should be our top priority so we as consumers should demand clean wholesome organic pure foods and products!!! we all should go green!!!

  • Hugh Tahoob
    Hugh Tahoob Month ago

    *Natalie should be used to men leaving her for the Dark Side.....*

    Up top fellow Star Wars fans up top ✋✋✋✋✋

  • Youtube User
    Youtube User Month ago

    She reminds me so much of Wynona Ryder. Both amazing, talented and beautiful.

  • shamel singh
    shamel singh 2 months ago


  • Ireallyreally Hategoogle

    Don't worry, capitalism will destroy everything in its path and humans will pay the price as always.

    • MagicMachineGun
      MagicMachineGun Month ago

      Atleast it's more eco friendly than the Soviet Empires activities

    • Yarp Kibbelz
      Yarp Kibbelz Month ago

      So will any other system. If humans destroy themselves, it will be because an inherent flaw in humans. Another failed species.

  • The Adjuster
    The Adjuster 2 months ago

    Natalie should do a sequel of the professional with all the traing leon gave her and a movie to clean a corrupt something

  • Super123Mishy
    Super123Mishy 2 months ago

    Bad interview. She's terrible without a script.

  • Enbarr11
    Enbarr11 2 months ago

    Natalie already played an uneducated type in Where The Heart Is with James Frain.

  • RhyseV
    RhyseV 2 months ago

    she is a fucking goddess

  • Louisa Rezgui
    Louisa Rezgui 2 months ago

    I love her! ❤️

  • Generalsaurkraut
    Generalsaurkraut 2 months ago +2

    Hah it’s funny because liberals are too intolerant to have non agreeing friends. We should be proud of our bigotry.

  • Gauri Korde
    Gauri Korde 2 months ago

    Wow she's gorgeous