Natalie Portman Was Friends With Jared Kushner (Emphasis On Was)

  • Published on Jun 15, 2018
  • 'Eating Animals' producer Natalie Portman was friends with Jared Kushner in college. The operative word there is 'was.'
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Comments • 3 239

  • Gary Woolton
    Gary Woolton Day ago

    Hmmm, after Brexit and our trade with the US, we have so much to look forward to with that description of food from the US

  • Raphael Naidoo
    Raphael Naidoo Day ago +1

    I found this interaction a little strange.......

  • Justin Shim
    Justin Shim Day ago

    I've been to the famous Hong Kong live poultry market, where they will behead the chicken right in front of you. If you are squeamish and/or don't like thinking about the fact that the meat on your plate was alive once, it's *definitely* not the place for you. I grew up occasionally going to a working farm to buy fresh sausage and stuff, so I was ok with it.

  • J. Lahtinen
    J. Lahtinen 3 days ago

    I'm just too weak to abandon meat completely. :(
    I'm really hoping that they perfect laboratory grown meat, i.e. meat that's never been part of a live animal, as soon as possible. I'd be willing to pay more for such meat.

  • GiacoC
    GiacoC 5 days ago +1

    Vegans produce much more CO2 from eating "grass" than normal meateaters....
    so polution argument is kind :)
    Yes that is true....vegans who fight for animals and polution....polutes atmosphere more than standart human in that way
    Just recycle, fight for better condition for dairy...and don't be edgy assholes people.
    Not eating meat and shoving it on everyone you are better doesn't change anything...only makes more negative energy on this planet

  • Cockeyed Optimista
    Cockeyed Optimista 5 days ago +1

    It's so elitist, though. The food consumption stuff. She's somewhat annoying.

  • Ampleforth James
    Ampleforth James 7 days ago +1

    Clown lipstick

  • Ampleforth James
    Ampleforth James 7 days ago +5

    They actually do let dummies into Harvard.

  • Luke James
    Luke James 7 days ago

    I'm trying really hard to keep my eyes up 00

  • Togo Burrows
    Togo Burrows 8 days ago

    Happy Birthday Natalie 2019
    you are awesome

  • Audrey Smith
    Audrey Smith 9 days ago +1

    I don't understand why people fawn over Natalie Portman for her grace and intelligence. I don't know what you guys were watching, but she came across as intellectually dishonest. Last days of a free country? She went to Harvard. How does she not know this is a country of checks and balances? Enough with the fear mongering.

  • James Wisrik
    James Wisrik 9 days ago

    turkey will be $1000, steak $2000, chicken $500 a lb.

  • Vance Gilbert
    Vance Gilbert 9 days ago

    Natalie Portman makes a huge true statement. Corporate farming must stop and become sustainable, we need the chickens that are boxed to to be used to eat bugs we don't want, in a range that is designed to hold bugs for chickens.
    The best place to hold beetles (which is the base family for all roaches), is to keep them in an underbrush type of setting, instead of attempting to wipe them out with pesticides; let "roaches" or beetles do their job, which is to eat rotting old fruits and vegetables while they help us with compost leaves, twigs, branches and leaves, while providing healthy food for poultry. All you need is a computer smart enough to recognize a specific bug by it's genetics (smell, sight and waste collection) and put it in a situation where it drives a part of the ecology previously, almost exclusively owned by the wetlands, but can be adapted to protected greenhouse environments; we could use mechanical "birds" that would be drones, trained in agriculture, with cages on them snapping shut harmlessly around a bug and relocating them to do a job in compost, but "crop raiders", such as locusts could be identified early, and in the case of locusts, actually prevented.
    Locusts are an evolutionary adaptation to survive famine, by bugs becoming cannibalistic, and eating literally everything in it's path; If a grasshopper is prevented from eating a corpse of it's own kind to survive, then an outbreak of a plague of pestilence can be prevented; Either food can be supplied to prevent cannibalism, or predators of that type of bug could be used by letting birds into the greenhouse where they can become food for birds instead.
    We have to learn to harvest even the smallest workers, such as beetles and roaches for our future. A cow may no longer be used solely for food, in a future where there could be meat substitutes grown in labs that are far healthier, lacking all of the acids and hormones released during a death; but besides that, cows and other herbivores do have a vitally important part to our ecology. We need them for the carnivores in our ecology; lions, panthers, and tigers, omnivores like bears and chimps and gorillas (etc), and then there are the scavengers - like lobsters and crabs; all of these creatures need to have sustainable habitats constructed for themselves right along side society.
    We all depend on their work in rendering their food into byproducts we can use and sustain ourselves medically, and evolutionarily speaking, we need all the creatures we HAVE in our ecosystems, they have a job that is vital or they wouldn't be filling that niche.

  • valentino georgievski
    valentino georgievski 10 days ago +4

    She is very charming!
    Got that balanced energy shining!

  • MarcoGrabolos
    MarcoGrabolos 11 days ago


  • Spoon Face
    Spoon Face 11 days ago +1

    She has nerve. At least JK didn’t get impregnated by his married director then say it was the choreographer’s just to position himself as Hollywood’s sweetheart and win that coveted Oscar. But, to each their own 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Spoon Face
    Spoon Face 11 days ago +1

    Aren’t they both Jewish?

  • Fat Boy
    Fat Boy 12 days ago +3

    That's why hunting killing and catching your own meat..Is the only healthy and human way to live.If your going top eat meat.

  • Trent Davis
    Trent Davis 14 days ago

    The kushners creates 1.4k accounts to dislike this video

  • Rüdiger LMJN
    Rüdiger LMJN 15 days ago


  • yew 2oob
    yew 2oob 17 days ago +1

    So this is how democracy thunderous applause.

  • E J
    E J 17 days ago +1

    U don't have to b smart to go to libtard Harvard anymore. lmao.



  • Leonardo Duda
    Leonardo Duda 17 days ago +1

    It's a free country.
    Last say of .... Maybe.
    She knows !!

  • Charlie Angel
    Charlie Angel 17 days ago

    She dated Jared Kushner and Moby

  • Ewok Thisway
    Ewok Thisway 18 days ago

    So Moby was "creepy" but she didn't mind being friend with Jared fucking Kusher ?

  • LilHersh
    LilHersh 18 days ago +1

    is stephen colbert supposed to be a comedian?

  • Righteous Evil
    Righteous Evil 18 days ago +1

    She played a dumb slut in Where the heart is.

  • Paula Jensen
    Paula Jensen 20 days ago

    Didn't know I could Love her more but she did it, she raised her own bar. Beautiful on the inside as well as the outside. What a nice change from what we have to see on TV now in this era of tRump.

  • Dan Africk
    Dan Africk 21 day ago +2

    I respect Natalie Portman a lot, but it's a shame to see her demonize an old acquaintance she was friendly with as 'a monster', just because she disagrees with his politics. Did he ever do anything wrong to her personally? (she'd probably mention it if he had). Perhaps she feels pressured to throw him under the bus just so that no one comes after her for guilt by association..

    • Dan Africk
      Dan Africk 18 days ago +1

      ​@cameron bennett But the problem is that it's far too easy to conclude that someone is a 'terrible person' just because they have a different viewpoint. It's not that the issues are in any way trivial, it's that people can have passionate beliefs about what is right that are vastly different.

      Take abortion- people on both sides have extremely strong and widely divergent views, obviously the issue is very consequential in how it affects people's lives. But although many people refuse to acknowledge this, people on both sides are generally motivated by compassion- either for the women affected, or what one side views as unborn children that are being killed.
      Now I don't want to get into an abortion debate AT ALL, the point is, neither side is 'evil'. Even if you think one side is profoundly wrong, even if you think their policies are evil and have horrible consequences, that doesn't mean the people themselves are 'terrible people'. They are motivated by what they think is right. They're may never be a consensus or compromise on abortion, or gun control, or a hundred other issues, but I think we would all be much better off if we could recognize that someone can disagree with us, or be wrong, without necessarily being a bad person.
      I don't know Jared Kushner, or know much about him. I don't deny the possibility that he might be a bad person. But I think it's plain to see that nearly anyone associated with President Trump, who doesn't go out of their way to shun him profusely, is pretty much automatically seen as guilty by association by many of Tump's detractors. I'm not a fan of guilt by association, or guilty until proven innocent, and I'm not willing to assume that anyone is a bad person just because they are associated with someone I don't like. And especially if someone has treated me with respect, and never wronged me, it would take a lot for me to give in to mob mentality and throw them under the bus.. And I could be wrong, but that seems like what is happening here.

    • cameron bennett
      cameron bennett 18 days ago +1

      But that's the thing about politics. It affects just about everyone, even in small basic ways. The food we eat is dictated by laws (and not just meat). It's easy to be a terrible person and say it's a "political view," but if someone holds a political view that interferes with your humanity, then it can (and often time should) be hard to get past. In the first few hundred years of America, whether or not black people had the same rights as white people was considered "politics."

  • Dan Schulte
    Dan Schulte 24 days ago

    Kushner is an untalented, unsensational, mediocre criminal.

  • aldrick banks
    aldrick banks 24 days ago +4

    Her pronounciation sounds very comfortable

  • Val Restaino
    Val Restaino 25 days ago +1

    of course they're friends, they're Zionist Jew-wish. picture them laughing and joking about killing children in the Gaza strip.

  • Projeckt BEOA
    Projeckt BEOA 25 days ago +1

    One rich coddled kid who bought their way into college, calling out another coddled rich kid who bought their way into college, because why? How strong and heroic!

  • Bob Pratt
    Bob Pratt 25 days ago +1

    This guy is such a dud. People actually pay this guy for his ignorant political lost get over it and should feel bad for making a living from ppl that really earn a living or provide a positive contribution. If you hate your country just leave.

  • J A
    J A 25 days ago +1

    Can’t watch the clip. Too heart breaking but I’m 100% with her. Vegetarian working on becoming better. Respect

  • Paco Vasda
    Paco Vasda 26 days ago

    Natalie appears to feel equally well exfoliated of Jared however his indiscriminate dead skin comparison being applied to everyone that disagrees with his political view is quite a bad negative trait that I would think anyone would feel better to no longer be around them.

  • Mohamed Aly
    Mohamed Aly 26 days ago

    you just gave the biggest spoiler of the avengers endgame
    I haven't seen it yet!

  • Vincent Costello
    Vincent Costello 27 days ago

    Intelligent, & classy...I see her as a doctor 🌻 ...why acting? 🎭 ...I remember her 1st movie...she did stand out 👸

  • edua172
    edua172 28 days ago

    But factory meat is cheaper

  • Real Idiot
    Real Idiot 28 days ago


  • Mahmoud Abdu
    Mahmoud Abdu 29 days ago

    I am really surprised about vegetarian people. Eating plant protein lacks important nutrients required for building, repairing, and maintaining the body's structures. For example, animal protein can contain high levels of heme iron and vitamin B-12, while some plant-based foods lack these nutrients. Animal protein also helps repair and build up the muscles which can not be obtained from plant proteins. This means that if you eat only plant protein, your diet will not contain the balanced nutrients your body requires.

  • Spoon Face
    Spoon Face Month ago

    Elitist. What she should really talk about is how she had an affair with her married director (Darren Aronofsky) and had his baby, then pinned it on her dance choreographer (who was also in a long term relationship) so she wouldn’t damage her reputation and maintain her chances of winning the Oscar for Black Swan. Pure trash. *shame*

  • Anna Kamolane
    Anna Kamolane Month ago +5

    Hey Kushner, were you part of the college admission scandal?

  • melissa thompson
    melissa thompson Month ago

    I'm with her on factory farming. I'd like to see people boycotting factory farming of all kinds (your tofu has RoundUp in it...) and being resources for people on public assistance; my father's family grew up on beans and cornbread and potatoes as their entire menu and his health suffered from it, and he was lucky. Now kids are growing up on donated Spaghetti-Os and juice boxes, (and beans and potatoes) and they're even unhealthier....

  • Karen Hardy
    Karen Hardy Month ago

    This is the most unbelievably dumb conversation I’ve ever heard.

  • katerpiddah
    katerpiddah Month ago

    Natalie! Don't deny your smarts, woman. Be proud (even I know how hard it can be).

  • TheMrBennito
    TheMrBennito Month ago +7

    "what will I say about it on TV?" and then she basically didn't expand. Class.

  • Maina Fridman
    Maina Fridman Month ago

    Jared vwife ismuch prettier.

  • Maina Fridman
    Maina Fridman Month ago

    She does not look stupid but I know that looks are deceptive.

  • The Outsider
    The Outsider Month ago

    Her character in the Black Swan wasn't 'smart' I guess thats it and that one kid she played along time ago.

  • Archie Medes
    Archie Medes Month ago

    If she was only "friendly" with Kushner, how would she know if he was a good student? I was friends with a lot of people but have no idea if they were good students or bad.

  • Maxine Balkisson
    Maxine Balkisson Month ago

    Thanos' point exactly

  • Stuart Burgess
    Stuart Burgess Month ago

    She is really awkward in this setting. What a beautiful woman and probably, she is too analytical for superficial discussions.

  • Brian Brewster
    Brian Brewster Month ago

    While I applaud Ms. Portman's attitude about this outrageously immoral subject of factory farming, it would be almost impossible for farmers to go back to the old ways of free range farming techniques due to prohbitive costs passed onto the consumer.

  • Maria FERNANDA Sias

    Of course he never met her she died giving birth to him and leía 😒

  • Tracy Pfau
    Tracy Pfau Month ago

    I give you tons of credit for bringing attention to factory farming. Thank you. So appreciate you fame for that.

  • Jim's Garden
    Jim's Garden Month ago

    Factory Farms are the only way to feed a growing population. We desperately need to stop the growth. There are more people in California and the Western United States than the land can sustain. People are now told to stop wasting water and to conserve, but vineyards, orchards, and corn belt producers are emptying the aquifers. The borders need to be closed because we cannot sustain the population we have. Within ten years time expect wide scale famine in United States. The people seeking election and power do not care about the starving masses as evidenced by the open boarder policy/sanctuary city goals. We have not gotten corn into the ground this year due to floods and rains in the mid west. We have lost countless head of beef due to drowning, and the grain was lost due to flooding. Close the boarder before your children are starving. The only other option is what governments have always done to cull the heard. "WAR". The powers that be need to reduce the US Population and they are not afraid of WMD being used on the 99% while they hide in their retreats in NZ.

  • Juan Jose Cervantes


  • Greg Dahlen
    Greg Dahlen Month ago

    I eat animal products cuz I think people's pleasure comes over animals'

  • sivadmg
    sivadmg Month ago

    If Natalie Portman wants more farmers to be humane she should give them some of her millions.

  • albarino gold
    albarino gold Month ago

    I thank God everyday that there are so many good Jews out there like Natalie Portman. IN 1901, 1/2 of ALL Americans lived and grew their food on their own farms!! BUT how could the Jewish bankers profit and control the people IF they grew their own food??? "CONTROL THE ENERGY CONTROL THE NATIONS, CONTROL THE FOOD, CONTROL THE PEOPLE" My favorite, uber controlling Jew HENRY KISSINGER. Again, I thank God everyday that there are so many good Jews out there like Natalie Portman!

  • Hamilton Jet Sport Association

    Very touchy-feely, Yet Colbert would be one of the most disrespectful TV Hosts on at present. Having an opinion is one thing, Colbert takes it to the next level when he constantly bashes Trump.I hope he eats one of those Japanese fish, that's deadly poisonous, he may rethink what sort of a Human Being he is whilst he takes his last breath.

  • Johan El
    Johan El Month ago

    What a boastful woman! inside and outside

  • Peter Parker
    Peter Parker Month ago

    Vegan is like hindhu passover, not a lifestyle, we have canine teeth for a reason.

  • Are we not entertained?

    Farming practises will only change when super intelligent aliens come to Earth to farm the lesser life forms. Suddenly, being treated well will become important.

  • Ellen Spear
    Ellen Spear Month ago

    Do we worry about killing microbes when we boil water, clean surfaces, take a shower, cook and eat?

  • Bela W
    Bela W Month ago

    What she doesn’t understand is that she is actually killing more animals than someone who eats animals. She also takes away more animal homes because she’s not eating animals. What we need to do is get back to humane and sustainable ways, so as she says, we need to ask for a better way.

  • Robert Dickinson
    Robert Dickinson Month ago

    Carrots have "peelings" not

  • Gau
    Gau Month ago

    Honestly I don't think she's smart

  • Peter Arete
    Peter Arete Month ago

    Just got to add this to the cultural zeitgeist- and hope it spreads. Methane and air pollution from cows- its from BURPS, not farts. It'd be funnier if it was farts, but its not. They have 4 stomachs and constantly regurgitate the cud, to keep chewing it, which results in a lot of air in the stomach.

  • DarthCuber
    DarthCuber Month ago +1

    She's got at least 100kg makeup on her face yuck

  • Liberty Defenders
    Liberty Defenders Month ago

    haha just like Kushner she is a Zionist supremacist who cares about Israel first. Never let these people tell you they are on the right or left, when it comes to their people they are on side.

  • Conny Huthsteiner
    Conny Huthsteiner Month ago +4

    Plants have feelings, but many bear their fruit gladly, dropping it if it is not picked for consumption. Vegetables are easily re-grown from seed without mating or family unit. They do not have the consciousness level of any animal species. So, Natalie should not be worried about the impact on a radish!

    • William Froh
      William Froh Month ago

      I don't eat wheat because wheat has feelings, intelligence and family.

  • Dan
    Dan Month ago

    I just do not understand people who are vegan. Your body is built to be eat meat. Why do you like to go the opposite direction!!

    • Kai Zedt
      Kai Zedt Month ago

      The meat offered to you in the supermarket is filth that makes you sick. Your body is not built to eat sick, factory farming meat full of multiresistant bacteria.

  • RickJason
    RickJason Month ago

    I don’t get Why they are giving an actress an award. She makes movies. You have Israelis curing diseases. Making life saving medical devices. They give this award to her because she was in Star Wars?

  • bzacon
    bzacon Month ago

    The fishing industry is terrible to fish. It's significantly less humane than factory farmed chickens and turkeys, which are pretty bad. I refuse to eat any animal that comes from the water.

  • Diogenes Ataraxia
    Diogenes Ataraxia Month ago

    I'd hit it.

  • Jamie McDermott
    Jamie McDermott Month ago

    So if we treat our animals better before we eat them then that's okay? Only in Hollywood would this make sense.

  • michael
    michael Month ago

    Jeez, he's a piece of work that Colbert guy ...I like Natalie Portman though, she's gorgeous! What's more, she Can Be kind of arch and mean, when she feels like it, but it does seem to go against her more obvious nature...

  • Dahlia the reader
    Dahlia the reader Month ago +10

    She’s such a beautiful, smart and confident person ❤️

  • Rekha Chez
    Rekha Chez Month ago

    Not as smart as Jennifer Lawrence, are smart ones always dull ?

  • Hannah G
    Hannah G Month ago +3

    2:08 "you wanna just play sb dumb?"
    She did, a movie called "Where the heart is".

  • fix24311
    fix24311 Month ago +1

    I like her already. She doesn't enforce and impose her vegan belief to others. She just wants to promote more humane animals breeding and consumption

  • Jupp Soetebier
    Jupp Soetebier Month ago +1

    There's someone who doesn't care what Hollywood thinks anymore. It's so refreshing. Thank you George Lucas for the Star Wars $$$$ and the freedom that goes with it.

  • TG R.
    TG R. Month ago

    I wish that I could stop eating meat/flesh

  • kabelo
    kabelo Month ago +21

    This is so funny now given the college admissions scandal

  • re hash
    re hash Month ago

    Honourable woman.

  • Douglas Shane
    Douglas Shane Month ago

    I, too, love Ms. Portman - through her films. She did, at first, seem uncomfortable being pushed to put down Kushner. That was the "Lady." But ultimately this sequence just panders to the anti-Trump & Company forces, of which I am one - but I don't care to wallow in those feelings or applaud every time some celebrity denigrates the opposition. (That's why I gave up watching CNN & MSNBC; I don't need to be told, endlessly, how bad the opposition is.)

  • tali lkr
    tali lkr 2 months ago

    this is why donald got elected

  • matthew arnold
    matthew arnold 2 months ago +2

    Jared Kushner is a monster because he is affiliated with a man that was elected by the country she lives in. The delusion of the left amazes me.

  • Stuey Griffith
    Stuey Griffith 2 months ago

    poor Natalie... she seems so lost in the lights of Hollywood. She and Stephen makes sense!!!

    She always seems like she needs a father-figure in her... life! IN HER LIFE!!!


  • John Cooper
    John Cooper 2 months ago

    WOW she is so smart

  • West Austin
    West Austin 2 months ago

    The worst kind of villifying of public servants. Reminds me of the Nazi regime under Hitler. Kushner seems to be a reasonable man involved in trying to bring peace to the middle east. Colbert is actually the monster for continuing to lash out at people he merely has policy differences against. Trump. Derangement. Syndrome. writ large.

  • MaximMate
    MaximMate 2 months ago

    It’s weird - even tho I have now been to uni and know that eating meat has never been a natural human thing and it’s impact on global warming - I still don’t feel impacted enough to stop eating meat - am I just weak or are most of y’all like me?

  • Anastasia Sibirtseva
    Anastasia Sibirtseva 2 months ago

    1:52 - the most contagious laugh!

  • Bad Santa
    Bad Santa 2 months ago +1

    So smart, so talented, so pretty, has high morals and ethical standards. Is a woman.......cue the Internet hatred machine.

  • herewegokids7
    herewegokids7 2 months ago

    Bigger than aborting fully formed babies?

  • herewegokids7
    herewegokids7 2 months ago

    Bigger than aborting fully formed babies?

  • Shivan Anirudhra
    Shivan Anirudhra 2 months ago

    Who wouldn't be friends with Jared.. He was the prince of New York haha