Ed Sheeran - Take Me Back To London (Sir Spyro Remix) [feat. Stormzy, Jaykae & Aitch]

  • Published on Aug 23, 2019
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  • Mark Scanal
    Mark Scanal Hour ago

    lithuanians love you m.tvclip.biz/video/EzrCnd7SsQI/video.html&feature=share&noapp=1&client=mv-google

  • Random User
    Random User 2 hours ago +1

    American Rap Music: I Rap so fast you cant understand a word

    English Rap Music:
    We dont Rap fast but youll still wont understand a thing😂

  • slybunda
    slybunda 2 hours ago +1

    sounds like dizzee rascal

  • maximilliaan 04
    maximilliaan 04 2 hours ago


  • Esther Muriuki
    Esther Muriuki 2 hours ago

    Always my favorite, love you

  • Sabri 33
    Sabri 33 4 hours ago

    Daaamn, look at Lukaku dropping them’ bars in this video

  • Hongseok Choi
    Hongseok Choi 4 hours ago

    Rolls-Royce Cullinan? WOW

  • Abu Taleb
    Abu Taleb 6 hours ago +1

    i want to make a video with you in bangladesh.because i have 2 month holiday............😢😢

  • jason hughes
    jason hughes 6 hours ago

    Wtf is this sh*t???

  • Ángel Martínez
    Ángel Martínez 7 hours ago

    30,030 comentarios

  • Jopaser pranks
    Jopaser pranks 8 hours ago

    If u ask me, the last two past parts are not needed , with ed and Stormzy, that's all I need

  • George T
    George T 8 hours ago

    He sounds sooo much like timberlake on the chorus

  • Muhammad Shafiq
    Muhammad Shafiq 9 hours ago

    best song ever i keep on listening to this

  • David Skywalker
    David Skywalker 11 hours ago +1

    This is🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Scott Vaughan
    Scott Vaughan 15 hours ago

    Well we are in Britain so,and I fink it’s alright uno

  • neil roberts
    neil roberts 15 hours ago

    miss u

  • Knotsogodly
    Knotsogodly 16 hours ago

    When your older brother buys you clothes

  • Matías Gisbert
    Matías Gisbert 16 hours ago

    *⚠️Comentarios Semanal⚠️*

  • Kuhn x ClassicZ
    Kuhn x ClassicZ 17 hours ago

    Who is here from fake Ed sheeran

  • Bubu Ngoh
    Bubu Ngoh 17 hours ago

    Real rappers are now in Europe and Africa... America is losing the crown coz of mumble rap

  • owsufcx
    owsufcx 18 hours ago

    solid units lmao

  • AlphaTOA
    AlphaTOA 19 hours ago

    The original mix is nothing on this masterpiece

  • Frozen Leaves
    Frozen Leaves 21 hour ago +1


  • Jamal Reynolds
    Jamal Reynolds 21 hour ago

    Who else came here for jaykae and aitch?🔥💪🏽

  • Harley reacts
    Harley reacts 21 hour ago

    i love this song probs fav

  • craig Pattinson
    craig Pattinson 21 hour ago

    so fuck off back to London!!

  • Muffin
    Muffin 22 hours ago

    I was born in London so this is my song 😂

    Day 1: it’s fine I guess
    Day 2: to be honest this is actually kind off good
    Day 3: omg I’m loving this
    Day 4: I can’t stop listening to this
    Day 5: I’m addicted...
    Day 6: take me back to london!
    Day 7: I’m going to London *packs things*
    That’s true by the way 😂

    I’m in London right now!

  • Dreyd
    Dreyd 22 hours ago

    Hello rap

  • Kai Walker
    Kai Walker 23 hours ago

    I love this man this is is nice I love this Sharon stormzy nice stormzy is Nice 🎾😂🎾🎳🎯😋😊🙂nice

  • Charlie C
    Charlie C 23 hours ago +1

    Proud to be British😂😂😂

  • Jernej
    Jernej 23 hours ago

    This song suck! Losers

  • Qassaf Mahmood
    Qassaf Mahmood Day ago +1

    Stormzy my brudda

  • Nicola Srour
    Nicola Srour Day ago +1

    Go Ed down with the boys x

  • Nenad Nedovic
    Nenad Nedovic Day ago

    What a fresh track.loving stornsy

  • Dowden Andrew
    Dowden Andrew Day ago

    British rappers are the equivalent of American soccer commentators

  • Jennifer_plaz
    Jennifer_plaz Day ago +2

    This is what happens when ed Sheeran makes a music Video with Rappers😂😂

  • Hung Nguyễn Van

    Nge nhạc cua ah thật la hay

  • Charles Xavier
    Charles Xavier Day ago

    Watch with 2x Speed...and enjoy...😁

  • Busaba Jin
    Busaba Jin Day ago

    All England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
    Singer : England
    Rap : England
    Name song : Take me back to London

  • Love Rubyxxx
    Love Rubyxxx Day ago +1


  • neil roberts
    neil roberts Day ago

    a x

    DWIZZIFRY Day ago

    love when u get bad but that's not who we are, right?

  • Coconut. Blue British Shorthair

    Make sure you vote on the 12th of December, whoever you are voting for, make sure you DO vote. Do not leave our future in the hands of the old politicians!!!

  • Belaluddin874
    Belaluddin874 Day ago

    The only problem I have with this is why has Ed not brought Devlin on this. He would have smashed it.

    • Veronica M
      Veronica M Day ago

      maybe Devlin didn't want to be featured artist on it? Ed promoted Devlin's last album on his social media

  • Fhb Yay
    Fhb Yay Day ago


  • s123aamm
    s123aamm Day ago +1

    Lyrics for song

    Jet-plane headed up to the sky
    Spread wings in the clouds, gettin' high
    We ain't hit a rave in a while
    So take me back to London
    Yo (woo)
    I do deals, but I never get twanged (twanged)
    News that ain't ever been planned (planned)
    Know goons that were never in gangs (gangs)
    Where I'm from trap shit, get banged (what?)
    Where I'm from trap shit, let a 12 gauge drip
    Yeah, it's sick how it fits in my hand (hand)
    I don't mix with the glitz and the glam (glam)
    All these stupid pricks on the 'Gram
    I don't do online beef, or neeky grime beef
    I'm way too G'd up, to beef with grime neeks
    I bought an AP to help me timekeep
    My shooter ride deep, he moves when I speak
    My shooter ride (ride), he shoot a guy (guy)
    Leave you wet like you scuba dived
    You were younger then and now we're unified
    South London boys, get you crucified, I'm gone
    It's that time
    Big Mike and Teddy are on grime
    I wanna try new things, they just want me to sing
    Because nobody thinks I write rhymes
    And now I'm back in the bits with my guy
    Give me a packet of crisps with my pint
    I hit my friends up, go straight to the pub
    'Cause I haven't been home in time, yes, I
    But that's my fault (oh)
    Grossed half a billi' on the Divide Tour (oh)
    Yes, I ain't kidding, what would I lie for? (Oh)
    But now I'm back on the track with Big Michael (whoa)
    He said, "Teddy, never get off your high horse
    And never let 'em take your crown"
    I've been away for a while, traveled a billion miles
    But I'm heading back to London town right now
    Jet plane headed up to the sky (to the sky)
    Spread wings in the clouds, getting high (woo, woo)
    We ain't hit a rave in a while (in a what?)
    So take me back to London
    Bass high, middle night, ceilin' low (ceilin' low)
    Sweat brow drippin' down, when in Rome (when in Rome)
    No town does it quite like my home (they don't)
    So take me back to London
    Yo (woo!)
    When I squeeze off this little pen of mine
    Done the remix, now I got Ed on grime
    And this ain't like any top ten of mine
    I arrived at Wembley ahead of time
    And that's stadiums, man are aliens
    I drink supermalt and Vibranium
    I got an RM11, titanium
    And I rock a 5970 daily
    But I want soul, I want flows
    Don't need tags rippin' off my clothes
    Don't need pricks blowin' up my phone
    And Ted said, "That's just the way things go"
    It's just the way things go, amazin' flows
    Grime or rap, man, I gave 'em both
    Took this sound that was made in Bow
    Went global, man, now the case is closed
    2015 in a Baddingham pub
    I told Stormz, two years, youu'll be wrapping it up
    And you'll go through tears with the people you love
    But when you get to the top, man, it's never enough
    'Cause you can win BRITS (it don't stop)
    And you can do Glasto' (headline slot)
    But when you're miles away and you're feeling alone
    Gotta remember that there ain't no place like home
    Jet plane headed up to the sky (to the sky)
    Spread wings in the clouds, gettin' high (getting high)
    We ain't hit a rave in a while (in a what?)
    So take me back to London
    Bass high, middle night, ceilin' low (ceilin' low)
    Sweat brow drippin' down, when in Rome (when in Rome)
    No town does it quite like my home (like my home)
    So take me back to London
    So take me back to London

  • Mania28
    Mania28 Day ago

    I bet Ed’s exclusive neighbours are like who’s this ginger chav living next door.

  • Mark Budge
    Mark Budge Day ago


  • N.D Playz
    N.D Playz Day ago


  • Ashleigh Jade
    Ashleigh Jade Day ago

    best things are stormzy and aitch no cap

  • Sheila Gardner
    Sheila Gardner Day ago

    Rich boy sad and you music is shite

  • Sheila Gardner
    Sheila Gardner Day ago

    Think about lads that are really really real

  • Sheila Gardner
    Sheila Gardner Day ago

    You wouldn’t know anything about living !

  • Sheila Gardner
    Sheila Gardner Day ago

    Sad getting on real rappers ,

  • Sheila Gardner
    Sheila Gardner Day ago

    Do not not like you Ginge you are nothing

    • Veronica M
      Veronica M Day ago

      Gingerphobic, why even mention Ed's hair colour like a slur?

  • Jjjjosh 2 Chanel
    Jjjjosh 2 Chanel 2 days ago

    I love you ed sheerean

  • John Fitzgerald
    John Fitzgerald 2 days ago

    For si-sii
    But I'm
    ya nigga
    But I'm
    Pop myself

  • Saya
    Saya 2 days ago


  • harman1967
    harman1967 2 days ago

    More like 'Take me back to London ( to get stabbed )'
    What a load of gangsta shit.

  • Women Avoiding Men
    Women Avoiding Men 2 days ago +3

    *So many salty Americans disliked this*