Jaden Newman vs Zia Cooke In Greatest Queen Of The Court Game EVER! All These Girls Got BEEF!!

  • Published on Jun 13, 2019
    Takeover DUNK SHOW ►► ovrt.me/2I6gZhs
    Jada Williams is NEXT UP ►► ovrt.me/2IDVILa
    It's time for Overtime's QUEEN OF THE COURT! You know OT had an insane event in NYC where we brought out the best female and male players in the country to square off.
    Here's one of our vids where we have the girls playing an insane game of QUEEN OF THE COURT. We need to know who the best 1-1 female player in the country is.
    Of course there's our girl Jaden Newman, but she's the younger player there. We also have top players like Rickea Jackson, Faith Masonius, Jordyn Oliver and Lauren Hansen. But only ONE PLAYER can get the CROWN.
    Zia Cooke was ready to go at it. She came to The Takeover ready to prove something and omg she did. Zia got hurt halfway through the event but toughed it out and captured the crown.
    This event was crazy and all the girls showed out so SHOUTOUT TO THEM and congrats to Zia! We got a lot more coming soon.
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  • Overtime
    Overtime  Month ago +151

    Check out The Takeover DUNK SHOW ►► ovrt.me/2I6gZhs

    • Stratman Cooke III
      Stratman Cooke III 17 days ago

      I have to be honest I disagree with the last statement about overtime "selling your soul". I think what the problem is, is that social media is kinda like "clicked up" so the overtime audience doesn't know that Zia Cooke is a star in her own right and has had a strong following herself for quite some time. Though Jaden is a social media mega star, Zia definitely has her own following, (with over 10 million views on 1 video and 250k total followers). We ALL know in women's basketball females are not treated fairly. So actually it was a brilliant marketing strategy and idea to combine both talents (the most athletic point guard in the world with the most recognized on social media) to build a platform that women can get recognition and support. Thank you overtime it was an amazing experience and event.

    • BallAllDay_824
      BallAllDay_824 Month ago

      How could I get in to this, I can ball too ✌😁

    • Stratman Cooke III
      Stratman Cooke III Month ago

      I would like to sincerely thank Zack, Alex, Larry, Chloe, Nerdy and the rest of overtime for the opportunity and coverage of Zia Cooke. You guy's event was Straight Fire. And we truly appreciate the hospitality and platform. This is helping Women's basketball.

    • Calvin Scott
      Calvin Scott Month ago

      Check out Ally Stedman

    • Myrella Guerra-Oliveira
      Myrella Guerra-Oliveira Month ago

      When are y’all going to post the boys and the 5v5??

  • Joe Jackson x Ike turner Tax time pimp

    Zia coming to my city SC

  • Joe Jackson x Ike turner Tax time pimp

    Jaden need to get better defensively she’s terrible

  • joe salas
    joe salas Day ago

    Who homegirl at the end of the video tho

  • Lord Voldemort
    Lord Voldemort 2 days ago

    Jaden is Kevin Knox’s left hand, Deandre Jordan’s shooting, mugsy bogues height, and boogies athleticism combined into one player

  • mavkor
    mavkor 2 days ago

    Zia be hand checking too much tho

  • Geo Amez
    Geo Amez 2 days ago

    Zia was big time fouling against that white girl tho lol

  • Iversonwings
    Iversonwings 2 days ago

    This is such a joke

  • Byus
    Byus 3 days ago

    Bruh the actually game must have been hot trash with all this excessive effects and presentation 😂😂 just show this 1 v 1’s Jesus Christ

  • AnotherSKYWALKR
    AnotherSKYWALKR 3 days ago

    Jordyn should’ve got a chance to answer. It’s the championship round!

  • TG Clout Gaming and more

    Who better like for zia comment for jaden

  • Jose Torres
    Jose Torres 5 days ago

    You know Julian was trying to compete in this...

  • B_Winning
    B_Winning 5 days ago

    I'm just here for the Jaden Newman roast comments. Now wheres my popcorn. Oh! Here it is. 🍿😂😂

  • Cynt Stancil
    Cynt Stancil 5 days ago

    Zia can 🏀. She gonna be a problem x 10 when Dawn Staley gets her hands on her sheesh.

  • eastern2western
    eastern2western 5 days ago

    Before kids dream about the NBA, they should look at their parents first.

  • rayesimone jones
    rayesimone jones 5 days ago

    Jaden or Julian was not ready.. how is their confidence so high when neither of them are even up to par with their competition

  • Shan M
    Shan M 5 days ago

    1v1 Doesn't Prove Nothin.

  • Legend 29
    Legend 29 7 days ago

    Jaden and Julian suck

  • Chicago-Nat1ve
    Chicago-Nat1ve 7 days ago

    Ounce again team prodigy suck

  • pennylovah2001
    pennylovah2001 9 days ago

    how the hell does jaden get n these...she sucks compares to the others

  • Angel Rodriguez
    Angel Rodriguez 10 days ago +1

    Bro these be so much more fire if you guys showed full possessions. I felt the same way about the guys

  • Myrella Guerra-Oliveira
    Myrella Guerra-Oliveira 10 days ago +1

    Um excuse me where is jade Williams!? 🤔 i don’t get why Jaden Newman was invited than , y’all should’ve replaced her with jada . It don’t make sense 🤦🏽‍♀️ jaden is trash 🗑

  • Jae2Goat
    Jae2Goat 12 days ago

    I’m scrolling through the comments looking for a comment saying that zia Cooke half spin was weak asf but all I see is Jaden Newman’s defense is ass😂😭

  • Quintin Montes
    Quintin Montes 12 days ago

    Jaden to fat way to slow has no moves

  • sebeon -
    sebeon - 14 days ago

    Wth was that outro

  • Devin Mariani
    Devin Mariani 16 days ago


  • Dramacidal
    Dramacidal 16 days ago

    Dumbest rules in bball

  • Josh Jackson
    Josh Jackson 17 days ago

    They lucky hailey vanlith wasn’t in there

  • Kevian Price
    Kevian Price 17 days ago

    Yeah I'm a fan of Zia Nokap

  • Ian
    Ian 17 days ago

    Fuck was that outro

  • sara lou
    sara lou 17 days ago

    why they gotta do Jayden like that 😂 that’s jus wrong my guy she don’t belong there

  • Do it
    Do it 17 days ago

    so you have to put jaden on the title to get more views . okay okay. hhaha

  • Bob Boby
    Bob Boby 17 days ago

    Hailey van lith is way better than these girls 💯🏀🔥

  • Blink
    Blink 18 days ago

    Maybe Jaden isn't the best but she is the most beautiful and thicc among them all

  • 23 system
    23 system 18 days ago

    I am sorry the weak I will buss all of them I am the Queen of the court JERICA WATSON GOOGLE ME! 23system

  • MystFNMobile YT
    MystFNMobile YT 18 days ago

    Fortnite Default MEMETAGE! tvclip.biz/video/d_fQ4DJllqo/video.html

  • bong hits
    bong hits 18 days ago

    Yall need to chill Jaden play with 3 ball

  • LOUX 0318
    LOUX 0318 18 days ago

    Jaden Newman sucks so bad lmaooo

  • Idk
    Idk 18 days ago

    When Jaden came on I legit paused for 5 mins just to laugh

  • Algernon TheAbsurd
    Algernon TheAbsurd 18 days ago

    None of them play defense 😂

  • Tom Wall-
    Tom Wall- 18 days ago

    5:30 dirty defense....

  • king reef
    king reef 18 days ago

    I don’t get how in the semifinals you get more than one chance to win, but in the finals u only get one chance, and it’s basically whoever get ball first is going to win.

  • Melanie Choy
    Melanie Choy 18 days ago

    She the real deal

  • Lorenzo Reyes
    Lorenzo Reyes 18 days ago

    Layup central ....lol

  • Troll Man
    Troll Man 18 days ago

    This shit as entertaining as golf

  • Tyrell
    Tyrell 19 days ago +1

    This is why you can’t market some of the ladies in the WNBA.... they all act the same. Be unique be a ball player on the court not all dam day my God.

  • Anthony Holocene
    Anthony Holocene 19 days ago

    Girls basketball, what a joke lmfao

    • DownSouthMusik INC
      DownSouthMusik INC 17 days ago

      Thats there are some women who are legit built like men. .the game is needed for those male built girls..except jada she's def a snack for u lil guys

  • The Anoying Troll
    The Anoying Troll 19 days ago

    Lmao who watches WNBA 😂😂😂

  • King Doodie
    King Doodie 19 days ago

    A lot of Lesbian tension in this video

  • Duke Diesel
    Duke Diesel 19 days ago

    Basically nun of em got post defense

    • TheJpolk100
      TheJpolk100 19 days ago

      So we just gonna ignore how Zia Cooke stopped big ass Sarah in the post two different times 😐

  • Duke Diesel
    Duke Diesel 19 days ago

    Voices deep ash

  • Lucius Tan
    Lucius Tan 19 days ago

    sarah was hella trash plus shes so rough like for what brah everyone cooking yo ass minimum effort get out

  • Tone_Setter_Brown
    Tone_Setter_Brown 19 days ago

    Those top 3 was Scrappy , Zia earned that shit 👏🏿👏🏿

  • Tucan 313
    Tucan 313 19 days ago

    damn everybody giving Newman ass the buckets

  • Joshua Samuels
    Joshua Samuels 19 days ago

    Cringe video... culture vultures

  • Kelvin Gillett
    Kelvin Gillett 19 days ago

    These young ladies play harder than the guys for real real .

  • Born Gamer
    Born Gamer 19 days ago

    The used jaden name like she was gonna be chiefin niggas up man she was the one gettin cooked

  • BooM_Flows
    BooM_Flows 19 days ago

    Fkn Newman’s suck 😂😂😂

  • Stebbie J
    Stebbie J 19 days ago

    No damn room on the court. Get the fuck off

  • Diego Vazquez
    Diego Vazquez 19 days ago

    The format of these videos is garbage

  • LeBeutiful Jackalyn
    LeBeutiful Jackalyn 19 days ago

    5:02 ok did she just hurt her balls?

  • coreywordsmith
    coreywordsmith 19 days ago

    None of these girls can hang with Zia Cooke #Toledo 💪🏀

  • UnkindGaming
    UnkindGaming 19 days ago

    I thought guys couldn’t play against girls

  • 2TZ Tv
    2TZ Tv 19 days ago

    Jaden Newman isn’t all that good. Just like her brother she overrated

  • Devin garza
    Devin garza 19 days ago

    Newmans got clapped on all these

  • Theweirdps4 !
    Theweirdps4 ! 19 days ago

    The Newman's not even good😭

  • Jacob Bergeron
    Jacob Bergeron 19 days ago

    Jaden Newman built bad

  • justhated._q
    justhated._q 19 days ago

    Rickea Jackson use to go to depsa and me her and my sister used to always hangout

  • 33 All the way
    33 All the way 19 days ago

    Retarded they needa go to 5 points

    M BIZZLE 19 days ago +1

    All offense get to college n get lock up/cooked zia cook is nasty though 🔥🤘🏽