• Published on Jul 25, 2018
  • Welcome to Disturbing Breakdowns, a series where we breakdown or recap and explain some of the most disturbed, disgusting, and horrific films ever released. Today we breakdown Hard Candy, a film about the justice served against a pedophile from an unlikely opponent. If you want to see what happens including the messed up parts, stay tuned for the breakdown!
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  • SpookyRice
    SpookyRice  Year ago +1168

    So yall telling me this got 1k views in 2 hours? I literally dont know what to say.

    • Wilson The Coconut
      Wilson The Coconut 5 days ago

      160K and is now verified. You’ve come far.

    • MrScotty2Hotty666
      MrScotty2Hotty666 12 days ago

      Any chance u could do a review of flowers in the attic or song for a raggy boy

    • RAM COLD
      RAM COLD 24 days ago

      please do vhs movie

    • Sylvia-Novella Underwood
      Sylvia-Novella Underwood 2 months ago

      Cuz that was disturbing

    • Laura Marie
      Laura Marie 2 months ago

      Thank you for doing a breakdown on this honestly it's frigin brilliant film so underrated

  • That guy me
    That guy me 20 hours ago

    Rachel in the dark room. - Nathan Prescott

  • Trippy Hippie
    Trippy Hippie 2 days ago

    I caught that Life Is Strange reference and the fact that he somewhat looks like him...

  • Sunglass Shinpan
    Sunglass Shinpan 2 days ago +1

    News tip for you ppl: pedophiles DON'T like 14 year olds!

  • Joseph Stalin
    Joseph Stalin 3 days ago

    Dam real boy from salad fingers looking *thick*

  • Zane Nyt
    Zane Nyt 4 days ago

    I don’t get the mark jefferson reference but my p.e teacher is named that

  • surfmotor
    surfmotor 5 days ago +1

    Afroman makes most of these movies legit. Because for real some of them are boring but colt 45 brings them to life

  • Uhime
    Uhime 8 days ago


  • MIG BM
    MIG BM 12 days ago

    Great movie man!

  • Koolmani Productions
    Koolmani Productions 14 days ago

    Hailey looks like dj from monster house, and she reminds me of him, too.

  • Pickles make me happy
    Pickles make me happy 17 days ago

    I tought the film was okay but I strongly disliked both of the characters, Jeff for obvious reasons and Hayley because she seemed really arrogant and also because I don't support physical or mental torture at all even if it's done to a child molester.

    • ProAnal 6988
      ProAnal 6988 12 days ago +1

      If you take into account what a kind of "person" he is and what is implied she previously went through, her arrogance is absolutely justified. Her attitude made the movie a little better to handle, made me go "haha yeah, fuck you"

  • Irish J
    Irish J 17 days ago

    Spook...you crazy man....I didnt know that pedo-pervs had a tax bracket...lol...its the real rich ones that are really into that shit...great vids, I've watched them all and now going back for 2nds....out..

  • Marcus Aurelius
    Marcus Aurelius 18 days ago

    In short, it's about a psycho who tortures a pedo.

  • saver menu cheeseburger are McDonalds

    She did what was necessary 😌💅🏾

    • ProAnal 6988
      ProAnal 6988 12 days ago +1

      Hell yeah. And the ending is so powerful.

  • Silentninja 55
    Silentninja 55 19 days ago

    Life is strange but without the powers and shit

  • Jacob Jewell
    Jacob Jewell 21 day ago

    So she did or didn't cut his nutts off?

  • Dyia Ampley
    Dyia Ampley 23 days ago

    Come on Patrick Wilson... you’re better than this dude.

  • Sioray
    Sioray 27 days ago

    Ellen Page😍

  • F ormula
    F ormula 27 days ago

    Haley is probably the most interesting horror protagonist i've seen in a while. A sociopath that still experiences teenage temper tantrums and still feels human, but is still half the horror of the film.

  • Ocæn Sön
    Ocæn Sön 29 days ago

    Life is strange reference

  • jason boyd
    jason boyd Month ago

    I just watched this movie again last night. Loved it then and now. Partially because I love Ellen Page. ❤️❤️❤️ And she played her part in this movie to perfection! @EllenPage

  • Kunisake
    Kunisake Month ago

    Ellen Page is the real MVP

  • Nat Valero
    Nat Valero Month ago

    I used to show this movie to all my guy friends and watched their reaction 😈😂

  • C.R.A.Z.
    C.R.A.Z. Month ago

    This shit was GOOD!

  • Garbage Titan
    Garbage Titan Month ago

    Bruh she was too complicated. Should’ve just poisoned his drink from the beginning.

  • Night Reaper
    Night Reaper Month ago

    His voice made me giggle so ugly lol

  • Stuart Morris
    Stuart Morris Month ago

    Hard Candy...I Love it 100% all of it...Eillen Page Awesome...I have 3 copies of it...

  • Narwhal Gaming
    Narwhal Gaming Month ago

    It pronounced Pee-Doh

  • Artie Rupinen
    Artie Rupinen Month ago +1

    Eh, after seeing so many movies with the greater of two evils winning, I think this and I Saw The Devil are a bit more optimistic about evil. After all, it's not a tragedy if somebody wins in my book.

  • bastardjustice
    bastardjustice Month ago

    Patrick Wilson is one A class actor. Awesome. Ellen Page is still a badass. A cute little badass girl.

  • Gambit
    Gambit Month ago

    This. Movie. Is. Gold.

  • KeiAr
    KeiAr Month ago

    This movie made me physically ill. Like I get the message but it was too much for me

  • Otis Driftwoodd
    Otis Driftwoodd Month ago

    Hahaha you funny as h-ll rice😎👍

  • Doffy donquixote
    Doffy donquixote Month ago

    The pedophile is cute tho....nice build

  • Hope and pray.
    Hope and pray. Month ago

    I don't feel sorry for the creep.

  • Peth K
    Peth K Month ago

    I can't help but feel for the guy... He needed help not torture...

  • Rohit kumar
    Rohit kumar Month ago

    That's not disturbing at all but satisfying

  • icecreamsandmich cherry

    This movie had my emotions conflicted like one moment you remember he’s a pedophile but in the next moment you like damn this girl is fucked up why would she do that and then you remember oh yeah fuck him he deserves it

  • ᛗᚨᛋᛟᚾ ᚲᚱᚢᛗᛈ

    Life is strange was a wonderful game

  • Adrian Jem
    Adrian Jem Month ago

    Lmao mark Jefferson from life is strange

  • Yella Dart
    Yella Dart Month ago +3

    Ellen Page was about 18 when the movie was made, but I think Hayley is supposed to be 14.

  • Sarge Scum
    Sarge Scum Month ago

    His name was JEFFFF

  • El Inconsecuente
    El Inconsecuente 2 months ago


  • Witch UE
    Witch UE 2 months ago +1

    This channel is so underrated!

  • Giggles
    Giggles 2 months ago

    You had a crush on that weird looking tomboy ???????? I know am thinking about how the hell you look 🤔🤔🤔👨🏻‍🦰

  • Jacob Shannon
    Jacob Shannon 2 months ago

    Man this basically life is strange the movie

  • Kawaii Kawaii
    Kawaii Kawaii 2 months ago


  • Robert R
    Robert R 2 months ago

    Thats AWESOME

  • Colt T
    Colt T 2 months ago +1

    Life is strange

  • ZakkyBhoy
    ZakkyBhoy 2 months ago

    Oh my god the pedo is the guy from the smurfs

  • OpticNinja
    OpticNinja 2 months ago

    Nite-Owl really fell off after Rorschach died

  • Harrvz
    Harrvz 2 months ago

    Cool concept for a film

  • Lynda With a Y
    Lynda With a Y 2 months ago

    First thing I thought was mark Jefferson ngl oof

  • Cold Zero
    Cold Zero 2 months ago +1

    He is bad he is sick there is no help for him yes that is true give him the needle and give her the shock chair cause she is just a monster as he is

  • Laura Marie
    Laura Marie 2 months ago

    This is my fave film if only this shit happened in real life pedos would probably think twice before trying it on with a kid revenge is so so sweet

  • carmen • carnation
    carmen • carnation 2 months ago

    Was that a Last of Us reference at 08:31 ???

  • Tanishqua Singh
    Tanishqua Singh 2 months ago


  • Caleb TheSchmuck
    Caleb TheSchmuck 2 months ago

    Yeah but why though

  • Ryan Hey
    Ryan Hey 2 months ago

    No you didn't just call him stupid head smelly butt!!!!!! The insults are flying around here 😂

  • The Unholy Messiah
    The Unholy Messiah 2 months ago

    I didn't know Captain America was a child molester.