• Published on Jun 13, 2018
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    In this Challenge Chalice, the Reactors have to attempt to read
    guess what their teammates would prefer to do in ridiculous situations such as choose to go to Hogwarts or to have Pokemon in WOULD YOU RATHER!

    This episode features the following staff:
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    REACT  Year ago +136

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    • Nobody's Account
      Nobody's Account Year ago

      REACT I see Jordan I press like!💜

      - YOONMIN ECLIPSE - Year ago

      REACT teens react to WILLIAM SINGE!!! Plsssss

    • Ivan Sal
      Ivan Sal Year ago

      College kids react to ayo and teo please

    • John P
      John P Year ago

      Can I get a shoutout you guys are awesome

    • John P
      John P Year ago

      Loser eats a gummy ghost pepper

  • LegacyKami Z
    LegacyKami Z 11 months ago +38

    Can we all just take a moment to appreciate that all might shirt(mha fans will get this XD)

  • Abby Neda
    Abby Neda 11 months ago +15

    Punishment : Run around the studio in an unicorn suit and scream "i am a beautiful and fluffy unicorn"

  • power ranger kid 1976
    power ranger kid 1976 11 months ago +2

    Shoutouts please

  • Max master
    Max master 11 months ago +7

    Eric I warned you don't get to close to my Jordan baby stay away from her ok I know you are friends with her but not to close ok

  • mustang88490
    mustang88490 11 months ago +16

    Pokemon any day what u on bout hogwarts no I want a Pokemon

    • Kaitlin Davis
      Kaitlin Davis 11 months ago +4

      mustang88490 Sry but HOGWARTS all the way!!!!!

  • Howl What
    Howl What 11 months ago +22

    the couch is purple not blue

  • King Sisyphus
    King Sisyphus 11 months ago +8

    Jordan x eric :)

    • King Sisyphus
      King Sisyphus 11 months ago +3

      Come on, look at how they stare at each other. :)

    • Rdoes_games X1v
      Rdoes_games X1v 11 months ago +4

      King Sisyphus no eric X Tom :)

  • Mahmoud Ali
    Mahmoud Ali 11 months ago +3

    can i pls get a shout out!!!

  • dakota brantner
    dakota brantner 11 months ago +90

    love jordan and eric even though they sent each other signals the whole game 😂

    • King Sisyphus
      King Sisyphus 11 months ago +7

      No, they just like looking at each other. 😂

  • Plushy Unicorn
    Plushy Unicorn Year ago +4

    Punishment: hot sauce with melted chocolate.

  • manuel iglesias
    manuel iglesias Year ago

    Love you guys!!!!!!

  • The WhopperSandwich Show

    Brandon is so freakin funny

  • Echo Less
    Echo Less Year ago +11


  • Fandom Chan
    Fandom Chan Year ago +17

    Did nobody notice Eric’s All Might shirt

  • SuicideBunny6
    SuicideBunny6 Year ago +42

    Aw Jordan is so lovely as always!

  • madelen larsen
    madelen larsen Year ago +1

    React to the TNT boys ☺️

  • Susan Snyder
    Susan Snyder Year ago

    Teens React: Travi$ Scott

  • Graycen Murray
    Graycen Murray Year ago +4

    PUNISHMENT: Eat frog Legs covered in super hot sauce

  • Gracie_yates _
    Gracie_yates _ Year ago

    Love you guys!!!

  • RetrovoltGaming
    RetrovoltGaming Year ago

    Shoutout pls

  • Christoffer
    Christoffer Year ago

    Dionte the CHAMP!

  • Sara milton
    Sara milton Year ago


  • SRP2304 Powell
    SRP2304 Powell Year ago +6

    Punishment: brush your teeth with wasabi

  • Kaboom K.
    Kaboom K. Year ago +6

    Punishment drink chocolate milk with pepper mustard and ketchup.
    By the way I love ❤️ you guys

  • Dragonbone101
    Dragonbone101 Year ago +2


  • Elizabeth Ruiz
    Elizabeth Ruiz Year ago +2

    punishment: drink a shot of habanero sauce

  • Elite Alan Games
    Elite Alan Games Year ago +2

    World Cup!

  • King Sisyphus
    King Sisyphus Year ago +4

    Jordan x eric

  • Joanna Chorafa
    Joanna Chorafa Year ago +1

    Beautiful channel! I love you!

  • noora o
    noora o Year ago +2

    I dare you for punishment eat tooth paste with wasabi and lemonade then mix it together and eat it

  • KendallDaPug
    KendallDaPug Year ago +6

    POKÉMON OVER HOGWARTS although I would rather have it be professor Sycamore than professor Oak because I like froakie 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Ian Dude
    Ian Dude Year ago +2

    shout uot plz

  • Jose M
    Jose M Year ago +5

    Generations react to Aaliyah

  • Jeremiah Keys
    Jeremiah Keys Year ago +3

    Make Brandon drink a whole cup

  • Your mom Soy Sauce
    Your mom Soy Sauce Year ago +3

    Tell Eric I really like his shirt

  • Pao
    Pao Year ago +3

    Try react at MOMOLAND Bboom Bboom music video

  • JWik
    JWik Year ago +2

    I have a punishment make them eat surströming or pour the liquid on them

  • Max King
    Max King Year ago +3

    Eric with the my hero academia shirt

  • Cerpiper GamesnGacha
    Cerpiper GamesnGacha Year ago +105

    I see Harry Potter, i click

  • Johnny Lopez
    Johnny Lopez Year ago +3

    Adults react to bohemian rhapsody trailer

  • Peaches
    Peaches Year ago +2

    Teens react to TLC

  • Kristen Ruiz
    Kristen Ruiz Year ago +1

    one of then have a my heor acadimy shirt

  • Dreggen Army
    Dreggen Army Year ago

    Eat garlic then brush your teeth with something really minty (or just straight up eat garlic and mayo)

  • PalkeAAPL
    PalkeAAPL Year ago

    PUNISHMENT: Drink a shot of Listerine and then a shot of something hot Alex's choice. :D :D :D

  • Singing Amateur
    Singing Amateur Year ago


  • jelena
    jelena Year ago +9


  • Laney
    Laney Year ago +1

    Elders react to Linkin Park’s hits!

  • Dark_Fire91
    Dark_Fire91 Year ago


  • Abrianna Harvey
    Abrianna Harvey Year ago +1

    I love Alex's My Hero Academia hat 😂😂😂

  • Lili Gyopár
    Lili Gyopár Year ago +2

    2:53 points are wrong...? Love FBE thou

  • D PM
    D PM Year ago +253

    Why does he always say "Blue couch"? Am I the only one seeing purple?

    • Electric Sheep
      Electric Sheep Year ago +30

      Darius PM It's white and gold

    • I'm ok
      I'm ok Year ago +9

      Darius PM wait what?! Wtf man get out of my head! Throughout the video i saw blue but right after u point it out i saw purple.. And I'm stuck with seeing purple😂🔫

  • hola
    hola Year ago +2

    Jordannn love u

  • Der Herr Der Esel

    Pleas make a dart Battle

  • eman alshiban
    eman alshiban Year ago

    can you react to Blackpink

  • Epic Fox
    Epic Fox Year ago

    5:53 are the points wrong???

  • Diego Ascencio
    Diego Ascencio Year ago

    It was funny. Brandon you just need to open yourself up

  • akaiyukihana
    akaiyukihana Year ago +3

    Hogwarts ftw

  • Daniel V
    Daniel V Year ago +1


  • xXHeroesftwXx
    xXHeroesftwXx Year ago +1

    12 inches ahahahahahahahahah! to anyone who gets it

  • Ninety Twos
    Ninety Twos Year ago

    Me no like this set up/challenge chalice. ☹️

  • Heather Mawn
    Heather Mawn Year ago +3

    Brandon is so dramatic and I love it!!!

  • rainydreaming
    rainydreaming Year ago +3

    Brandon is my favorite one there. He's so flipping funny..

  • Kevin
    Kevin Year ago +1

    Am I the only one who thinks your challenge videos are too dim?

  • SiSiminibubblegum
    SiSiminibubblegum Year ago +1

    Well This was Intense ill stay tuned for another vid oh yh can I get a shoutout I have my notifications

  • Anime King
    Anime King Year ago +2


  • Bonis Lee
    Bonis Lee Year ago +1

    ADULTS React to: Albanian Pop music
    1. Adrian Bujupi & Xhensila - Cika Cika
    2. Noizy feat. Raf Camora - Toto
    3. Butrint Imeri - Ma Chérie

  • Kavaskon the Beta
    Kavaskon the Beta Year ago +1

    I’d rather have New Game + dude that would be awesome

  • Lulii M
    Lulii M Year ago

    Yaayyy Sophie !!!

  • hisross
    hisross Year ago


  • Ellie Boo
    Ellie Boo Year ago

    It says they have a discord....I CANNOT FINDS IT REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  • Izuriul
    Izuriul Year ago +3

    BTW, I just want to say... That couch is not blue lol

  • The Laroias
    The Laroias Year ago

    Love your vids

  • Briana Chavez
    Briana Chavez Year ago

    Shoutout To Briana Please 🙂

  • Ville Johansson
    Ville Johansson Year ago +1

    Can I have some insane lemonade? I need it for a thing

  • Alex Yee
    Alex Yee Year ago +3

    Um, did anyone notice it went from 1-1 after the cell phone/internet one to 3-2 for the Pokemon/Harry Potter one???

  • Stephanie Katorski

    Multiple saves for sure

  • Adriana Sparkles
    Adriana Sparkles Year ago +1

    Why is Jordan in this? She just seemed out of place, just ridiculously irrelevant. She wasn’t entertaining at all. No offense. Brandon is my favorite. He’s hilarious

    • Jack dull
      Jack dull 11 months ago

      Because she's popular and guys like her.

    • Stefan Pieper
      Stefan Pieper Year ago

      because guys like her

  • Beep
    Beep Year ago

    OMG Do more !

  • Ian Hooie
    Ian Hooie Year ago

    Brandon’s reaction to the punishment would be me

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    Ashlyn Ellsworth Year ago

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    JacobT2be Year ago

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  • [ML] - тωιиѕтαя

    Wait if u dont have a phone wath is the use of internet?

  • Brennan Corbett
    Brennan Corbett Year ago

    could i have a shout out and keep up the good work love these sort of vids

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    Sonic Fangirl2003 Year ago +2

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    Shout out please😸:-) :-) and next challenge punishment should go eat a whole Carolina Reaper than take white out of an 🍎

  • MO Exotics
    MO Exotics Year ago

    The punishment should be to stick toothpicks under their toenails and kick a wall.

  • Betina Tan
    Betina Tan Year ago +5

    Don’t press read more

    Told you to not do it

    Make you stay more interesting

    Here’s some Purple Hearts

    Almost there

    Congrats you made it alive!

  • Jill Danielewski
    Jill Danielewski Year ago

    Can I get a Shoutout? Love you...

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    Joe Green Year ago +1

    Teens/college kids react to adult tv shows from the 70’s & 80’s. (Cheers, Three’s Company, Archie Bunker’s Place, etc. )

  • miranda a
    miranda a Year ago +3

    eric and jordan sent each other a signal for the harry potter/pokemon question!! watch their eyes