Long Way Round - puppy & Ewan McGregor

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  • DereMemo
    DereMemo 28 days ago

    His facial hair is too blonde lol.

  • Buba Bubić
    Buba Bubić 7 months ago

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  • Bala Ronaldo
    Bala Ronaldo 7 months ago

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  • Ruby Abc
    Ruby Abc Year ago +4

    I want to be the puppy!😍

  • Dani Bd
    Dani Bd Year ago +2


  • Leelz247
    Leelz247 2 years ago +7

    I want to be the puppy in this scenario...

  • GroovyGamerGirl
    GroovyGamerGirl 2 years ago +49

    Congratulations, Ewan. You just destroyed my entire reproductive system! ;)

  • MysticalPhoenix1990
    MysticalPhoenix1990 2 years ago +13

    Obi with a puppy! So cute!! 💙

  • MakiPcr
    MakiPcr 2 years ago +1

    I can see Cody out of camera rather amused at this

  • Mo Ment
    Mo Ment 2 years ago +6


  • Rusklav
    Rusklav 3 years ago +67

    The Force is strong in this puppy.

  • ikismename
    ikismename 3 years ago +2

    Is this in the original episodes or part of special features? Just watched series on Netflix in US and it looks like they heavily edited the original.

  • Claire Frank
    Claire Frank 3 years ago +16

    this vid never fails to make me feel better when im feeling down

  • Valentina Ortelli
    Valentina Ortelli 3 years ago +24

    I'm melting *.*

  • Abraham Mirza
    Abraham Mirza 3 years ago +35

    Louis CK would love this.

  • Jessy Miller
    Jessy Miller 4 years ago +11

    Ewan and a puppy dog oooh adorable <3

  • abritishsoul
    abritishsoul 4 years ago +35

    this may be the most adorable thing on earth actually

    • GroovyGamerGirl
      GroovyGamerGirl 2 years ago +1

      +abritishsoul Definitely! I can think of only one thing that would be cuter than this...and that would be Ewan playing with and cooing over a human baby! :)

  • The Real G.O.D., nigga
    The Real G.O.D., nigga 4 years ago +7

    You know how much value is in this one video when you realise the cameraman filmed it, and the editors of the programme decided to keep it in.
    We have all fallen sideways for this man.

  • trinstar71
    trinstar71 4 years ago +2

    I'm so in love with this man.

  • Kaileigh Dilks
    Kaileigh Dilks 4 years ago +1

    I'm about to PLAY DEAD!!!!!!

  • Rane A.
    Rane A. 4 years ago +3

    Was this an extra?? I don't remember seeing this on Long Way Round. I would have remembered this. It's burned into my brain forever. Sweet Jesus, I love this man.

  • kazzywaz67
    kazzywaz67 4 years ago +2

    I died from blood loss when my ovaries fuckin exploded

  • KilljoyKidPL
    KilljoyKidPL 4 years ago +2

    Look at that cutie! And there's the dog, too.

  • teawithcomics
    teawithcomics 4 years ago


  • Nunekhiia
    Nunekhiia 4 years ago

    I melted on the chair, help.

  • eirianerisdar E
    eirianerisdar E 4 years ago

    So Obi DOES melt for pathetic life forms...

  • Sempi10
    Sempi10 4 years ago

    I just turned gay...

  • hitsujiandcake
    hitsujiandcake 4 years ago


  • Sara Mosier
    Sara Mosier 4 years ago +1

    I seriously watch this when I need my heart to swell, love this guy

  • RedBelle Mage
    RedBelle Mage 4 years ago +1

    9/10 puppies agree to the deliciousness of Ewan McGregor

  • LiloAngel22
    LiloAngel22 4 years ago

    Oh Mylanta! There are no words to describe this video! He is soooooo adorable and sweet! The puppy to cute! Together....oh my....

  • Snix Rivera
    Snix Rivera 4 years ago

    That video it's the graphic definition of the word ''Cute'' I'm here probably dying because he's so freaking damn sweet!

  • Melanie Dockery
    Melanie Dockery 4 years ago


  • Nicole Pichardo
    Nicole Pichardo 4 years ago

    O M G :'D

  • ArravisDrugiir
    ArravisDrugiir 4 years ago +1

    My boston terrier Cyllan used to do that all the time to my beard when she was a puppy. I miss her... rest in peace honey.

  • a6d7r9i8
    a6d7r9i8 4 years ago

    i wish i was that dog.

  • vulcanicspice
    vulcanicspice 5 years ago

    This video is just way too much to deal with as a human being.

  • YvyCriminal
    YvyCriminal 5 years ago +1

    This was too lovely :3

  • Elisabeth H.
    Elisabeth H. 5 years ago

    cosita linda

  • Caileigh
    Caileigh 5 years ago +2

    ok who's the ONE heartless bastard that disliked this i mean HOW

  • Mariana Duarte
    Mariana Duarte 5 years ago


  • dean loveridge
    dean loveridge 5 years ago

    i think it sounded like who's my lovely or little puppy dog

  • soymatadora
    soymatadora 5 years ago

    Jesus christ almighty.

  • taborszernagy
    taborszernagy 5 years ago

    "it's a funny feeling actually"

  • MaestraWashu
    MaestraWashu 5 years ago


  • 30vera08
    30vera08 5 years ago

    What does Ewan say at 0:20 ?

  • Anna Guariento
    Anna Guariento 5 years ago

    a cute puppy and even cuter ewan mcgregor.
    my heart is dancing.

  • kamster518
    kamster518 5 years ago


  • Ashley S
    Ashley S 5 years ago

    aww so cute hehe :P

  • GirlFromNippon
    GirlFromNippon 5 years ago

    Aww...CUTE...well, both of them ! Now, I'm going to melt into mushy goo right here and now...

  • Mallory H
    Mallory H 5 years ago

    I've never wanted to be a puppy so much in my life.

  • jess Miller
    jess Miller 5 years ago

    ewan and a puppy, your argument is invalid

  • 14imke
    14imke 5 years ago

    someone has to make a 10 hour loop of this

  • jarvais56
    jarvais56 5 years ago

    i can't even...no...i just...what...my heart...and brain...EWAN I LOVE YOU SO MUCH.

  • soymatadora
    soymatadora 5 years ago

    omg my ovaries!

  • Lizzie Bottrill
    Lizzie Bottrill 5 years ago


  • ooozeGonnaSubscribe
    ooozeGonnaSubscribe 5 years ago

    lucky puppy..it will never actually realize who he just touched :/

  • Ewanicorn99
    Ewanicorn99 5 years ago

    "that was my face. yes, i got a face under all that hair." so adorable!!<3i love it how he's baby talking the dog.:)))

  • EmmaMorley90
    EmmaMorley90 6 years ago

    defentely, I want to be that puppy!

  • MerjaJ
    MerjaJ 6 years ago

    @Sparkkelimonsteri Same here

  • Manissha Srinanthini
    Manissha Srinanthini 6 years ago

    The perfect man <3

  • HaNnAhBhAm
    HaNnAhBhAm 6 years ago

    Okay may be a really stupid question but does anyone know what type of dog that is? So goddamn adorable!

  • Michelle H
    Michelle H 6 years ago +1

    every guy in the world needs to take a couple lessons on how to be like ewan.

  • JustAKidInTheHall
    JustAKidInTheHall 6 years ago

    Oh god. I think I died of cuteness. I mean Ewan, of course :D

  • Alma Reyna
    Alma Reyna 6 years ago

    Awwwww <3