DnD Story: My players LOSE the final fight!

  • Published on Jan 21, 2019
  • This Dungeons and Dragons story comes from my campaign with Malikar where they failed in the final fight. They went on an epic quest to reforge the Mourneblade and use it to slay him. Along the way, they encountered a swashbuckling goblin, a forgotten glaive- Barathorne, and a. . . mobile suit gundam wing. . . Enjoy!
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  • Sportaflop Supreme
    Sportaflop Supreme 43 minutes ago

    Master Oogway was a tortoise, you filthy casual.

  • Dawn Wriver
    Dawn Wriver 8 hours ago

    The hero blade "hello"
    The morneblade "f you"

  • Enrico Fontanive
    Enrico Fontanive 22 hours ago


  • Ponyo V.
    Ponyo V. 3 days ago

    I'm so happy to see the production crew doing this too? :) This is awesome!

  • PhazonOmega
    PhazonOmega 3 days ago

    "Ice AND Fire? Where'd you get it from?"
    I just went to TCGPlayer and bought it. Though, some people prefer Card Kingdom.

  • Xz_LLolMaster_zX_YT
    Xz_LLolMaster_zX_YT 4 days ago

    Wait what book is this

  • Donnell Carter
    Donnell Carter 5 days ago +1

    Rumor says the fighter is still there, waiting for the antidote...

  • Warren Ward
    Warren Ward 5 days ago

    Im renaming malakar. He's now zasalamel, and he has a golden glass eye and fights with a giant scythe.

  • Gold Star
    Gold Star 5 days ago

    The word of the day from puffin Forest is

  • The Dolphin Police
    The Dolphin Police 6 days ago

    If the goal was to stop Malikar from destroying the world, then it sounds like they succeeded, Malikar dead or alive.

  • the pink Deadpool lll

    Thanos blade

  • Jinter Max
    Jinter Max 6 days ago

    what happened to the fighter at last?

  • Mi4Slayer
    Mi4Slayer 7 days ago

    Wow... I guess the failed ending was much more interesting tho.

  • Marcus Adams
    Marcus Adams 7 days ago

    That was an awesome ending to the campaign though!

  • Tom is playing12
    Tom is playing12 7 days ago

    If you ask me the multiverse ending was batter than them just beating malakar

  • Waluigi Is A God
    Waluigi Is A God 8 days ago

    I'm putting that sword of warning in my game

  • T-Jay Winkworth
    T-Jay Winkworth 8 days ago

    Stop stop

  • Scott Madison
    Scott Madison 8 days ago

    Mourneblade? Soul Stealer? Crib note from Elrick of melniborne much?

  • Roderik M
    Roderik M 9 days ago

    that warning sword was hilarious

  • Master Gamer873
    Master Gamer873 10 days ago +5

    I’m sad you say he’s a turtle when Oogway is so obviously a tortoise.

  • CrinitusVulpes
    CrinitusVulpes 11 days ago

    Plantera oh boy can't wait to fight.

  • Kendrick Hamlin
    Kendrick Hamlin 11 days ago

    I’m going to use malikar as a villain for an early story arc for my home brewed campaign

  • Eric Johannson
    Eric Johannson 11 days ago

    So, basically, Malikar only has a high IQ some of the time? And is capable of tremendous stupidity when the occasion appears to call for it [by the DM - for dramatic purposes]?

  • Samuel Gonzalez
    Samuel Gonzalez 13 days ago

    The Monk is always the only survivor in these situations hahaha

  • Cupcake Crusade
    Cupcake Crusade 13 days ago

    i know this is super old but thinking about it, would be cool if the monk attacked the villain even more even though he sacrifice himself for the greater good

  • Majestic Sideburns
    Majestic Sideburns 13 days ago

    You know I just realized Malikar is like an evil avatar

  • Peter Clive
    Peter Clive 13 days ago

    your players are jerks if they wanted to win they should not have left the fighter

  • firedr1 games
    firedr1 games 14 days ago

    Rip fighter

  • Spencer Lee
    Spencer Lee 15 days ago

    That's actually a better ending to the campaign than the one that was originally expected. Kinda cool.

  • Ghostwriter
    Ghostwriter 19 days ago

    2:46 is... is this why they're the Turtle "Friends"?

  • spaceLem
    spaceLem 20 days ago

    That sounds like a pretty great campaign!

  • matje103
    matje103 21 day ago

    What party leaves a party member behind to engage in the FINAL battle of the campaign?? What happened lol.

  • Blawly Stary
    Blawly Stary 22 days ago

    They didnt lose the campaign because one of the players couldnt make it. The lost because they didnt give the medicine to the fighter and they didnt have him on the fight.

  • ceres090
    ceres090 23 days ago

    3:57 I was actually rewarded a defective Whip of Warning in my 24 hour Extra Life game this weekend. We all had a good laugh about it.

  • ka powertag
    ka powertag 25 days ago

    Well, when you were designing last fight it’s kinda logical that’s it have to be unfair. Because we’re talking about Big Bad Evil Guy, he sure should have been prepared for your party and make it as unbalanced as possible

  • the_soup_man
    the_soup_man 25 days ago +1

    In my current campaign I'm running a tortle monk named oogway

  • Squidiot Stories
    Squidiot Stories 25 days ago +1

    Is it just me or is the glaive secretly Abserd in disguise.

  • Brandon Holthuysen
    Brandon Holthuysen 27 days ago

    Completely unfounded fan theory: I like to think Abserd was the first incarnation of Malikar, starting off as chaotic neutral- and or stupid- and progressively becoming more and more evil every time- blah blah plot

  • Joker
    Joker 28 days ago

    i honestly thought he would call it the Ashbringer

  • Troy Bachelor
    Troy Bachelor 28 days ago

    Malikars backstory inspired by Ishamael from WoT?

  • Nic Archer
    Nic Archer Month ago

    Dr Evil?

  • MrMarzius
    MrMarzius Month ago

    Why is the title german but the video english?

  • Shadow Jaff
    Shadow Jaff Month ago

    The PCs won... except for the paralyzed fighter, who died of thirst three days later.

  • O Carp
    O Carp Month ago

    This should be a movie I would definitely watch it

  • Francisco Cascalho
    Francisco Cascalho Month ago

    And they left the fighter paralised at the gates ... I wonder what succeeded: Would he be there for countless generations to come or just starve to death?

  • el inquisidor perseverante

    lol, that fight was so funny! Haha, F for the party as they didn't stopped the evil Malikar.

  • Staples
    Staples Month ago

    Could have used a few more warnings...

  • RpgBlaster
    RpgBlaster Month ago

    14:12 ? Nani ? he did failed to kill the bad guy

  • RpgBlaster
    RpgBlaster Month ago

    DM:Im evil !

  • Hgmidd
    Hgmidd Month ago +5

    "29th level jerk."

    That right there's some vicious mockery...

  • A kid on the internet

    I warned yooooooouuuuuuuuu

  • Rockabye Ruby
    Rockabye Ruby Month ago

    I really want that glaive for my Shelyn champion

  • Kman Scano
    Kman Scano Month ago

    You fool! You have fallen into.. My great deception! This comment will now be used.... for the forces.. Of EVIL!

  • Erik Hermansen
    Erik Hermansen Month ago

    If you're going to fail, fail upward...

  • David Johnson
    David Johnson Month ago

    Dang, that ending is way better then the stuff they make on TV these days...not referring Game of Thrones or anything...cough*

  • Embershade Innkeeper

    You messed up as a DM. The PC only missed by one. Should have called in favor the players unless you wanted to end the campaign.

  • Jonathon Dohe
    Jonathon Dohe Month ago

    I actually wouldn't be mad if this is how my campaign went, bittersweet endings are the best.

  • Princess Narii
    Princess Narii Month ago

    Oke i wonder what kind of mind set this group of people have?
    YES lets go in to the LAST MAYOR BOSS FIGHT!!!
    With 1 member down!!!

  • yep2yel
    yep2yel Month ago

    Honestly, that's actually a great ending. You feel bad for the pc's, especially the monk, but know that it worked out in the end, but they don't know it. It's really a great accidental good/bad ending.

  • Rider541
    Rider541 Month ago

    Jesus the spear bit ruined this video