I Hate Fireworks. I'm Sorry.


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  • Ksuccessful
    Ksuccessful 14 hours ago

    I hate them to.

  • Anthony McGroarty
    Anthony McGroarty 20 hours ago

    I’m the same I hate fireworks

  • Roman Knights
    Roman Knights Day ago

    I hate fireworks as well

  • Glow With Sierra

    I don't like fireworks either, only because I have mini panic attacks around loud noises💀

  • Tiny Pup
    Tiny Pup Day ago

    I hate fireworks too because a firework rocket shoot then it came close to me and HIT MY FINGER. Ohh, not only just a finger IT WAS ON MY DOMINANT HAND. That’s why i hate fireworks. A traumatic experience.

  • BoxCat
    BoxCat Day ago

    I'm actually interested in fireworks,my Uncle Souppot loves them especially. Though there's very special ones I want to see that shape into animals which scurry around or dance until it's last release of a spark. Which sounds rad to me.

  • The Strange Ballerina

    Some people shoot the fireworks until 2:00 IN THE MORNING

  • Electricity ANW & More

    I don’t like fireworks either it’s boring for me too

  • Captain A
    Captain A Day ago

    It's alex clark is my best cartoon ni youtube

  • Callum Cliff
    Callum Cliff Day ago +1

    I feel the same fireworks are boring it needs some thing new like when it explodes there could be a picture of a dragon

  • Monroe Robbins
    Monroe Robbins 2 days ago

    (Especially since I don’t like fireworks cause I’m afraid of fire, crowds and overstimulation, soooo... maybe my opinion is a little biased, here.)

  • Monroe Robbins
    Monroe Robbins 2 days ago

    When it comes to disliking things (especially with large crowds and loud noises), I always say ‘it’s fine.’ Cause, what is wrong with disliking fireworks? I mean, no big deal. Better than... hating trees cause they produce oxygen.

  • Devonne Ward
    Devonne Ward 2 days ago

    *my brother said I'm the only one I hate fireworks to*

  • bendy hayden
    bendy hayden 2 days ago


  • Sloth Master
    Sloth Master 2 days ago

    I hate roller coasters

  • Manvir singh
    Manvir singh 3 days ago

    Wait MA fire works you know that there boring R.I.P for me the MA community is going to kill me

  • Jammy Heart swirl
    Jammy Heart swirl 3 days ago

    I hate fireworks too I’m kinda scared of them and it super boring

  • Aman Chase
    Aman Chase 3 days ago

    Yeah I know it’s sound like ,u hear guns shooting up in the air.

  • Polly M
    Polly M 5 days ago

    I dont like fire wprks either....
    I just hate the noise and its kinda boring... AND THEY WONT LET ME SLEEP!!!!!!

  • Infinity blade Rivera

    I HATE fireworks one time my little brother got burned beacause of fireworks😒🤭🤕


    I mean yah they are cool but the thing is... They are 1. Annoying
    2. Pollution 3.LOUD
    4., Dogs get annoying
    5. Dangerous


  • Gavin Tobin
    Gavin Tobin 5 days ago

    They are sometimes cool

  • soup 215
    soup 215 6 days ago

    Naruto shirt

  • swordbrine
    swordbrine 6 days ago

    Fire works are ilegal so it doesn't matter XD

  • Mateo Millan
    Mateo Millan 6 days ago

    Are fireworks the reason your hair is so cool and spiky.

    H.M.H.S BRITTANIC 6 days ago

    (- - )

  • gazelle k
    gazelle k 7 days ago

    Fireworks have been illegal in my state up until the last couple years but I remember every 4th of July my redneck family would ride up to Alabama or Tennessee and buy them and we’d have a huge fireworks show with our family and the last time I saw them was this year on the 4th of July in Jacksonville, Florida on a beautiful bridge over the water and it lasted forever and was amazing.

  • Thecoldlegendd
    Thecoldlegendd 7 days ago

    2:21 a newly hidden leaf ninja has been born

  • Gradin Schutte
    Gradin Schutte 7 days ago


  • Sonya
    Sonya 7 days ago

    I don't like fireworks either, because the first time I launched one it almost set my house on fire, is that why they're called "fireworks"

  • Roaring Thunder115
    Roaring Thunder115 8 days ago

    Ostrich Thug Life.

  • Roaring Thunder115
    Roaring Thunder115 8 days ago

    Some neighbors I have just do fireworks when IT IS NOT EVEN CLOSE TO A HOLIDAY! It’s so annoying when I try to sleep. I like fireworks BUT THOSE PEOPLE ARE CRAZY!

  • Senpai
    Senpai 8 days ago

    Don’t worry Alex i hate fireworks to! c:

  • AdiKotes119 The kriticist

    Yo chill
    Cunts like fireworks not humans

  • AK power
    AK power 9 days ago

    I also get bored after a minute or so of foreworks

  • victori ous
    victori ous 10 days ago

    The therapist sounds like sandy cheeks

  • The Galaxy 4
    The Galaxy 4 11 days ago

    It's ok I hate them to i just pretend

  • gamer bros 1234 lets go

    Everybody has different thoughts so don't feel bad

  • Light Rames
    Light Rames 11 days ago

    There ok but i dont like them

  • Bear Rader
    Bear Rader 13 days ago

    I like fireworks well enough BUT the best place to see fireworks is at Walt Disney World!

  • Dog Lady333
    Dog Lady333 13 days ago +1

    You better be sorry
    Edit: I’m not trying to hate on you btw

  • 2432carlos
    2432carlos 13 days ago

    Wait my brith is on July 5 and July 4 so you dont celebrate Amaricas brith day

  • dominick the gamer kid

    I hate firework too

  • Maggie McLellan
    Maggie McLellan 13 days ago

    I don't like fire works either

  • Ryland Fowler
    Ryland Fowler 14 days ago

    Im ostracized because im hated.

  • yz1164421
    yz1164421 14 days ago

    I don’t like fireball works

  • Henry Wassell
    Henry Wassell 14 days ago

    That’s okay

  • theGhosthunter07 Cisneros

    I almost died by a firework to it was funny what scary

  • Damian Enriquez
    Damian Enriquez 15 days ago

    I Don’t like fireworks too

  • Marc Duplessis
    Marc Duplessis 15 days ago

    I also hate Fireworks

  • Kody Henry
    Kody Henry 16 days ago


  • Bishop Damon
    Bishop Damon 16 days ago

    Don't like them either.

  • AllusiveRG
    AllusiveRG 16 days ago

    K don't like them

    • AllusiveRG
      AllusiveRG 16 days ago

      I just don't like the sound

  • CTop2 Lofton
    CTop2 Lofton 16 days ago

    I middle like and dislike fire works.i like them cause there cool but I dislike them cause there load

  • mountainman1172
    mountainman1172 16 days ago

    What if you are being left out by an ostrich...

  • amadplayz174
    amadplayz174 16 days ago

    This was on my birthaday just realised

  • The Animator Bubbles
    The Animator Bubbles 16 days ago +2

    What about the “or are you just ... stupid?” Line?

  • Lynn Suzuki
    Lynn Suzuki 17 days ago

    Me to

  • Mr. Midnight
    Mr. Midnight 17 days ago

    I hate fireworks too!!

  • mario party master #1
    mario party master #1 17 days ago +1

    Wow!!!!!! I don't like fireworks at all to 🎆🎇😨🙀😱 because I'm afraid of them.

  • Abbodi TS
    Abbodi TS 18 days ago

    It’s fin

  • Maria Acabal
    Maria Acabal 18 days ago

    Why why

  • Typically Crazydude
    Typically Crazydude 18 days ago


  • toys today
    toys today 18 days ago

    I hate fire works to they give me anxiety and they just scare me.

  • tshea23
    tshea23 18 days ago

    I hate fire works 😬🤗😳😑😞

  • Mark Dominguez
    Mark Dominguez 18 days ago

    Suck a kock fire works are awsome

  • Natalie Bedford
    Natalie Bedford 18 days ago

    I hate fireworks too!!!!

  • K 790
    K 790 18 days ago

    fierworks are legel all over my contry

  • Mohammed Fahad
    Mohammed Fahad 19 days ago

    I don’t like fireworks booooooooooo fireworks

  • underverse react sans the skele

    I hate fireworks too

  • Epic Wolf
    Epic Wolf 19 days ago


    Its ok.... I hate them too....

  • Prof. Dinky Crinkleboom

    Do we need to know..

  • The Slashing Scizor
    The Slashing Scizor 19 days ago

    One of the sparks from a firework at a show fell inches from my head.

  • Trinity Ard
    Trinity Ard 19 days ago +1

    Like and hate what you want it's ur choice

  • Trinity Ard
    Trinity Ard 19 days ago +1

    I love your vids

  • Unicorn Life
    Unicorn Life 20 days ago

    I don't like french frys (please don't hate on me!)

  • RB8X
    RB8X 20 days ago

    AMERICA USED TO BE FREEE XD it made my day

  • kirby warrior
    kirby warrior 20 days ago

    Ok people don't like things other than things Do

  • Landon
    Landon 21 day ago

    can you be a real person and act normal and stop faking that happy personality

  • Sophia Animations
    Sophia Animations 21 day ago +1

    I saw that leaf village sigh from Naruto don't think I didn't

  • El Jefe 316
    El Jefe 316 21 day ago

    do it

  • Alida Drenthen
    Alida Drenthen 22 days ago

    It's ok you don't like fireworks

  • Ondine Thomas
    Ondine Thomas 22 days ago

    I hate fireworks there soooooooo loud

  • easm1021
    easm1021 22 days ago +1

    Ostrich’s are beating him in the beginning @.@

  • BossBros TheNube
    BossBros TheNube 22 days ago

    I also dont like fire works

  • Margot Phelps
    Margot Phelps 22 days ago

    My mom is in New Hampshire and she’s coming back tomorrow!

  • Chris Janvier
    Chris Janvier 23 days ago

    thats why you dont like

  • little.skittle
    little.skittle 23 days ago

    LOL the emus

  • Joe Greenwell
    Joe Greenwell 23 days ago

    I dont like fire works they are freaky

  • Kelsy Vargas
    Kelsy Vargas 23 days ago +10

    I just came from Michelle’s video

    THE TNT MINECART 24 days ago

    come to india man

  • Aaron Johnson
    Aaron Johnson 24 days ago

    im one of those ppl who actually loves fireworks : )
    look alex, i know what you may be thinking that it is kinda ridiculous
    but fireworks are a proud staple of this country
    sure it may scare a pet momentarily
    and its ok if you dont like fireworks
    but, the point i am trying to get across here, is that, fireworks , especially for both the fourth of july and new years
    is fun to listen to during those times ,especially if they are through television
    also i like the performance of the guest voice, michelle khare in this cartoon, she kinda has this tara strong like quality that is rather interesting that it would be fun for us, the viewers, for her to be in more of these cartoons

  • John Rojas
    John Rojas 24 days ago +1

    Same Alex cuz it is loud

  • Julia’s Flute
    Julia’s Flute 24 days ago

    Me too

  • join the fist
    join the fist 25 days ago

    I don't like fireworks either

  • Sam Clifton
    Sam Clifton 25 days ago

    *sees title*
    Me too man

  • carlos huerta
    carlos huerta 25 days ago

    You think that's bad! I don't like...

    Ice Cream

  • prince and pals
    prince and pals 25 days ago +1


  • Everardo Salcedo
    Everardo Salcedo 25 days ago

    There to boring

  • Sandro Zamora
    Sandro Zamora 25 days ago

    As a kid I was afraid of fireworks......