I Hate Fireworks. I'm Sorry.


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  • musical cup
    musical cup 6 minutes ago

    I do not like fireworks either.
    Once when i went to see them a chunk of a firework fell in my eye, IT BURNED SOOO BAD @-@

  • AnEmptyUniverse
    AnEmptyUniverse 48 minutes ago

    I feel like people are lying when they say they hate them too just to agree with other people.

    CHEEKI BREEKI 56 minutes ago

    I prefer bombs and AKs myself.

  • Karsynn nicole
    Karsynn nicole Hour ago

    I don’t like fire works either😂

  • -_egg_- -_roll_-
    -_egg_- -_roll_- 2 hours ago


  • Nightcore _123
    Nightcore _123 3 hours ago

    Haha I have 3 boards of 64 mortor tubes that I shoot of all at once it's awesome and it's ok if you don't like fireworks

  • Addison Klein
    Addison Klein 3 hours ago

    The Odd 1s out is better! You voice sounds like kermet the frog!

  • kitty panda
    kitty panda 3 hours ago

    ur not alone

  • Socks
    Socks 3 hours ago

    he has a point for saying Oh its cool the first 10 seconds.
    and then it sucks from then on

  • Jake Underwood
    Jake Underwood 3 hours ago

    *errrgh I hate ostriches*
    I went to the zoo once and one bit at my finger.

    CREKJDOWWN 4 hours ago

    Bruh im same too

  • Parker Allen
    Parker Allen 4 hours ago

    😢My brith day is on 4 of July so firer works is haw we selobrate

  • DJ FireIce
    DJ FireIce 5 hours ago

    I'm so glad someone has a fear of fireworks like I do

  • Presswolf_draws 28
    Presswolf_draws 28 6 hours ago

    A hidden leaf shirt!

  • mason heywood
    mason heywood 8 hours ago

    I hate fireworks also I'm not the only one!!!

  • Carleyloveful
    Carleyloveful 9 hours ago


  • xXsofia foxbloodXx
    xXsofia foxbloodXx 9 hours ago

    i also hate em

  • Mrs.Bea from Jewish redneck prepper

    You're the only one who hates fireworks I hate them too

  • Yeah, sure
    Yeah, sure 9 hours ago

    I dont like them because they are too loud... And in my country anyone older than 18 can purchase them and use them anywhere they want... So...

  • _Random ness_
    _Random ness_ 10 hours ago

    *I tryed to avoided going to the beach on fourth of July because I dident Want to see fireworks* *I don't like fireworks either*

  • Blue V Red
    Blue V Red 10 hours ago

    I also hate fireworks

  • Kianna Lewis
    Kianna Lewis 10 hours ago

    I hate fireworks too🙄 4th of July sucks😒

  • cockatoo asmr
    cockatoo asmr 10 hours ago

    hate them too...

  • Animal Spirit
    Animal Spirit 10 hours ago

    Hey, you Know you Can do Fireworks your own in Germany btw: (and the highway doesn't have Speedlimends)

  • SGEGrayson
    SGEGrayson 11 hours ago

    wow i still like u alex

  • Artsy Artist
    Artsy Artist 11 hours ago

    Me too...
    *they scare me because there loud*

  • Waddle's gaming and more

    I hate fireworks as well

  • Sonomabeast
    Sonomabeast 12 hours ago

    I remember when the used fireworks caught fire that was interesting to watch as he tried to stop on the flames

  • The Unicorn Goes Meow
    The Unicorn Goes Meow 12 hours ago

    I literally hate fireworks too

  • rain Art
    rain Art 12 hours ago

    At least you can watch them without risking a change of having a seizure and during Fourth of July I got a terrible headache from just watching them for a minute.

  • Safe Benjamin
    Safe Benjamin 13 hours ago

    I completely understand because they are so BORING

  • omar abuhasan 68234512
    omar abuhasan 68234512 13 hours ago

    Alex is right its boring to watch fireworks

  • Lina Valute
    Lina Valute 13 hours ago +1

    well i maybe like fireworks but ther SOO LOUD

  • Sexy Boi
    Sexy Boi 15 hours ago +1

    U right

  • tocool doggo
    tocool doggo 16 hours ago

    Your not the only one brother...

  • Pippa Barrass
    Pippa Barrass 16 hours ago

    Ummm I hate fire works as well alex

  • over flow
    over flow 16 hours ago


  • troll master21
    troll master21 17 hours ago

    I have asthma so every time we light of fire work's I almost have a asthma attack .

  • beamerball666
    beamerball666 17 hours ago

    I hate fire works too I get as a country but it's way too over the top

  • StarCandy LightingRod
    StarCandy LightingRod 17 hours ago

    Alex:I Dont Like Fireworks
    Me:*Grabs Sword*
    My Twin:Put It Down
    My Twin:No Buts
    Me:*Puts Sword Down*

  • Lukenite
    Lukenite 17 hours ago

    I hate them too. I agree with all of this.

  • crazybird
    crazybird 18 hours ago +1

    I stare at my screen saver for hours

  • Mr Azrielic
    Mr Azrielic 19 hours ago

    Iam scared/hate fireworks too

  • JustLiamPlayz
    JustLiamPlayz 20 hours ago


    DRAGON SLAYER 21 hour ago

    I stare at my wallpaper for days on end

  • Amir Jackson
    Amir Jackson 21 hour ago

    You should watch Fairytale

  • Mark Connor
    Mark Connor 21 hour ago

    I dislike fireworks since in my city the smoke blinds people

  • Piano Player
    Piano Player 22 hours ago

    And I thought I was the only one.(Mainly cuz they were loud for why I hate ‘em)

  • Mint But
    Mint But 23 hours ago

    I don’t like fireworks ever

  • Nathan Nelson
    Nathan Nelson Day ago

    I got hit by a firework in back it hurt like a mother f........to be continued

  • Cameron Dunham
    Cameron Dunham Day ago

    Dude! Do you EVERY finish your stories? And by stories I only mean the babysitter story...

  • Hi Bye
    Hi Bye Day ago

    NO U

  • Ninja Artiest
    Ninja Artiest Day ago

    I live in Brockton

  • merea bell
    merea bell Day ago

    Come to Louisiana I can buy fireworks and I'm 15 we even shoot bottle rocked at each Other as a game

  • Hamburger Vulture

    I don’t really like fire works either, granted one time they attempted to give me and my relatives an unwanted
    SPOOK when it tipped over and nearly hit all of us. By the way, it was one of those fire works that shoot off one every few seconds.

  • Marcus Joly
    Marcus Joly Day ago

    Dead by ostrich.
    Sounds fantasic.

  • Maddie's world
    Maddie's world Day ago



    Lol true I agree with u

  • Epic Boy
    Epic Boy Day ago


  • Sharolette Pendergrass

    Im gonna throw sparklers at you.😠

  • Dream _note
    Dream _note Day ago

    It's cool that you don't like fire works, I don't like them either (╥ω╥`)

  • Evil Kid
    Evil Kid Day ago

    Dont worry i dont like fire works either because it brings back memories

  • Kevin Tran
    Kevin Tran Day ago


  • Kevin Tran
    Kevin Tran Day ago

    I have never had tost

  • Tuff Cookie
    Tuff Cookie Day ago

    i dont like them etheir

  • Mystical Gameing123

    “Play ball!, SPORTS WORDS!!”

  • Nate and Nat Wiley

    I hate fireworks.relatible

  • Aaron Schoneberger


  • sailor moon fan
    sailor moon fan Day ago

    My sister hates fire works

  • Mabcask ramnej
    Mabcask ramnej Day ago

    America used to be free 🇱🇷🇱🇷

  • Christube 111
    Christube 111 Day ago

    I also hate fireworks and also...I am afraid of ostriches

  • Holly Wispy
    Holly Wispy Day ago

    Me too.......

  • Everything Studios
    Everything Studios 2 days ago

    I saw one of the voices in this video

  • Z Dragon 108
    Z Dragon 108 2 days ago +1

    he ain't slick I see that leaf on his shirt you're not from the leaf Village

  • Skunkclasher
    Skunkclasher 2 days ago

    Go to Wyoming, then you'll like fireworks

  • Titanimus 101
    Titanimus 101 2 days ago

    Weird, I never almost died due to a piece of toast either.

  • AusTinTGR
    AusTinTGR 2 days ago


  • Nai Saetern
    Nai Saetern 2 days ago

    I got hit by a firework when I was 3

  • TimeTwister
    TimeTwister 2 days ago

    Seriously I'm on the same boat Because SOME PEOPLE launched fireworks 10 FREAKIN DAYS AFTER THE FOURTH OF JULY and I heard them!

  • Weird Human
    Weird Human 2 days ago

    *My mind*:The rapist...!?

  • kaylee garcia
    kaylee garcia 2 days ago

    I don’t like fireworks either

  • Hugo Nufio
    Hugo Nufio 2 days ago

    I hate firework

  • Aiden2k18Animes
    Aiden2k18Animes 2 days ago +3


  • Zuck
    Zuck 2 days ago


  • Bobby Ho
    Bobby Ho 2 days ago

    Nice naruto shirt kid!

  • Russian Tank Commander

    You might get deported for saying that

  • Maisy Fleming
    Maisy Fleming 2 days ago

    michelle did good as the therapist

  • Night Dust
    Night Dust 2 days ago

    I hate watching them but I like lighting them

  • Mystical mimikyu Mimikyu

    Fireworks boom boom boom yaaaaaah😸😸😸

  • DAONUT guitar
    DAONUT guitar 2 days ago


  • Zach Aldrich
    Zach Aldrich 2 days ago


  • Tracy Xie
    Tracy Xie 2 days ago

    Ummm, New Hampshire isn’t dangerous

  • AnimationSpirit
    AnimationSpirit 2 days ago +1

    Somebody understands me! Finally

  • Brooke Allison
    Brooke Allison 2 days ago

    I don't like them either.

  • sefyboy.
    sefyboy. 2 days ago

    lol i almost died eating toast bc i choked on it accidentally

  • Aceix
    Aceix 2 days ago

    When it said “Therapist” I thought it said “The Rapist”. I was like wtf Alex... jesus

  • James Giron
    James Giron 2 days ago

    Fireworks are annoying and boring


    I hate fireworks too

  • Olivia Cruz
    Olivia Cruz 2 days ago

    The Therapist sounded like Megan Mccarthy

  • I can't draw
    I can't draw 2 days ago

    i hate fireworks