iPhone: A Taller Change (Parody)

  • Published on Sep 19, 2012
  • Proving that size does matter. The feature upgrade you won't be able to miss!
    Video Production by Cinesaurus [www.cinesaurus.com]
    Director/Writer: Alexander JL Theoharis [ Satire]
    Producer: Danielle Sparks [ DannySparky]
    Visual Effects provided by: Cinesaurus [cinesaurus.com]: David Hudson [ DubHud], Steven Hudson [ Cinesaurus], David Zimmermann [ davidzimm]
    Director of Photography/Editor: David Zimmermann of Cinesaurus
    Talking Heads (in order of appearance):
    Forest Gibson [ forestgibson], Alexander JL Theoharis, Christopher Parker [ ChrstphrPrkr]
    Model Actors (in order of appearance):
    Liz Leo [ itsnotproper],
    Bobak Ferdowsi [ tweetsoutloud],
    Tara Theoharis [ geekyhostess], Cedric Harris, David Zimmermann, Steven Hudson, David Hudson, Kevin Lane, Satabdi Chakrabarti, Danielle Sparks
    Prop Design: Liz Leo, Satabdi Chakrabarti
    Gaffer: David Hudson
    Marketing Support: Tara Theoharis, Forest Gibson, David Zimmerman, David Hudson, Steven Hudson
    Channel Producers: Alexander JL Theoharis, David Hudson, David Zimmermann, Tara Theoharis

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  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 32 894

  • Twopixelss
    Twopixelss 2 hours ago

    can you play fortnite with it?

  • Lavia5
    Lavia5 3 hours ago

    why this video is in my recomended list?

  • Youtube Youtube
    Youtube Youtube 5 hours ago

    Who’s watching this 7 years later ??Like

  • Abiy Gaming
    Abiy Gaming 8 hours ago

    i dont trust you

  • SoomyBoomy
    SoomyBoomy 9 hours ago

    5: Taller
    10/X:M More cameras
    11: Spiderphone, Spiderphone, does whatever...

  • Rhema Nsumbo
    Rhema Nsumbo 9 hours ago


  • Rhema Nsumbo
    Rhema Nsumbo 9 hours ago

    2019 ????

  • Sabrina Ting
    Sabrina Ting 11 hours ago


  • Mellisa Garnet
    Mellisa Garnet 12 hours ago

    If only they knew

  • Yeet Poki
    Yeet Poki 13 hours ago


  • Anh Nguyen
    Anh Nguyen 15 hours ago

    This is a change we need

  • Ashton S.
    Ashton S. 15 hours ago +1

    Note 10: 7 inches
    iPhone 5: 14 ft?

  • Flip Setup
    Flip Setup 16 hours ago

    Who’s watching in 2020 (it’s not even 2020 for me yet)

  • Doge Robut
    Doge Robut 18 hours ago

    Is dis real?

  • Rekhan
    Rekhan 19 hours ago

    Imagine being drunk enough to make that

  • Huong Pham
    Huong Pham 19 hours ago

    Guess what
    We got more cameras instead

  • Mx0
    Mx0 20 hours ago

    Tbh u would cope it be honest

  • Commit ForkKnife
    Commit ForkKnife 21 hour ago

    I was wondering why the 5 why not 12 and i saw it was made in 2012..


  • PierceMsp
    PierceMsp 22 hours ago +2

    2012: Taller iPhone
    2019: three eyes
    2030: EyePhone

  • Andrew Ramirez
    Andrew Ramirez Day ago

    Fricken scam

  • Money Sniper
    Money Sniper Day ago +1

    Big cap 😂😂😂🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Yash Chauhan
    Yash Chauhan Day ago


  • Aayush jain
    Aayush jain Day ago

    Fake people making this video

  • Ruby Rock
    Ruby Rock Day ago +1

    And the iPhone turns out so small😂😂

  • Mia
    Mia Day ago +1

    7 years later

  • وئام زماني

    HA HA HA is that iPhone 5 ಡ ͜ ʖ ಡ

  • Un4m3d Swiftie
    Un4m3d Swiftie Day ago +1

    *Who’s watching this on an IPhone 5*

  • Thaddi_daddy
    Thaddi_daddy Day ago

    the guitar part was kinda fresh

  • GingerZX098
    GingerZX098 Day ago

    I know the time that i watch this i thought this was true lol

  • Rania Paruk
    Rania Paruk Day ago


    This is just a joke people. And I have an iPhone 5s.

  • Skelet Nation
    Skelet Nation Day ago

    that thing brake in halp in my hand D:

  • Cartoon Network Fan Creations

    How is the most liked comment from 2019,not 2012?

  • Dat One Boi
    Dat One Boi Day ago

    IPhone 5: im taller than you
    IPhone 11: I can see more than you
    IPhone 69: I am you. Plus im nice

  • Calin Aurel Sas
    Calin Aurel Sas Day ago


  • Rufusss
    Rufusss Day ago

    HeY *mEn* , ThIs *Is* NoT *tHaT* bAd!

  • unknown player
    unknown player 2 days ago


  • I. Don’t. Existtttttttt

    But it’s like actually sort of a good idea

  • ismet guster
    ismet guster 2 days ago

    i mean reallllllllll

  • ismet guster
    ismet guster 2 days ago

    is this iphone eveeeeeen real?!?!

  • TheReal MilkyWay!
    TheReal MilkyWay! 2 days ago +2

    What happens if we play geometry dash on it?

  • 佑-Suke-
    佑-Suke- 2 days ago

    I don’t want it...

  • Sunflower xx
    Sunflower xx 2 days ago

    back then, with the iPhone 5 being around, i used to believe that this would actually be the iPhone 10 and that i promise myself i'd save up for it to get it and was very excited. fast forward to when iPhone X was released, my old teacher (who retired a while back), came back to teach for science and when she saw me she went "oh by the way, the iPhone 10 has been released, you used to tell me how much u wanted to save up for it and now that its released, are you getting it?" and thats when memories flashed back xD (i forgot about this tv controller looking iPhone).

  • Battle For MAMRP2
    Battle For MAMRP2 2 days ago +1


  • M_marta.a
    M_marta.a 2 days ago +4

    Video 7 years ago : *exists*

    My recommendations: "hErE wHaTcH ThIs -

  • miasworld1865 gaming


  • Cardinals 73
    Cardinals 73 2 days ago +2

    TVclip be like In 2012
    Nah this ain’t good enough for suggestions


  • Floofy Fox Animations

    Tallest thing to happen to iphone since iphone
    *puts iphone in pocket*

    *walks away having troubke walking*

  • WOLF X2
    WOLF X2 2 days ago +2

    Why is it so lonnnnnnnnggg that what she said 😏

  • Chef Jaylin
    Chef Jaylin 2 days ago

    It’s crazy Becuz now the iPhone 11 is out now

  • Uningel Aras
    Uningel Aras 2 days ago

    My fingers hurt from scrolling down to find an old comment🙇

  • Uningel Aras
    Uningel Aras 2 days ago +1

    This is dumb

  • TheKidDarKnight
    TheKidDarKnight 3 days ago

    Body time?

  • Ellizo
    Ellizo 3 days ago +1

    What would happen if it smashed?

  • H- anA
    H- anA 3 days ago

    Dumbest phone ever

  • Mannymans gym
    Mannymans gym 3 days ago +1

    What the!!!!!!!???????

  • Wild 007
    Wild 007 3 days ago +1

    alll you need to do now is make it foldable/collapsible and WHALA a new inovattive product that isnt a joke!

  • atlas simulator
    atlas simulator 3 days ago +3

    The strange thing is i actually had a dream about this exising before i saw this video

  • lunar star
    lunar star 3 days ago +4

    2019? And apple is not that big is small so...

  • Jimin’s Kookies
    Jimin’s Kookies 3 days ago +5

    7 years ago
    Lying about iPhone 5
    2019 :no one even still wants to buy iPhone 5

  • Kendra Schneider
    Kendra Schneider 3 days ago

    Is this real???