Inside China’s luxury hotel boom | CNBC Reports

  • Published on Dec 12, 2019
  • From Shanghai to Beijing, China’s luxury travel market is booming. As disposable income in China continues to rise in tandem with its growing middle class, the country has seen an increase in five-star accommodations catering to the affluent traveler, domestic and foreign alike. CNBC’s Uptin Saiidi explores some of the latest designs and experiences on offer.
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Comments • 820

  • Kohta Ito
    Kohta Ito 3 days ago

    “The notion of not creating hotels, but truly creating big family residences”
    Woh!!!! I wanna corporate this idea into Japan!!!

  • Ary S
    Ary S 5 days ago

    If American People want to be rich, first thing first.... get a proper education on school, at your house, and attitude.

  • Nguyen Tu
    Nguyen Tu 6 days ago

    "Very well educated"
    *wearing shorts, baseball cap and spreading legs wide while eating.

  • Gary Huang
    Gary Huang 7 days ago

    Obviously appeals to those with gov corruption money. Gotta spend it quick before you get put in the slammer.

  • 0pTicaL823
    0pTicaL823 7 days ago

    Chinese tourists: Why are Americans so poor and can hardly afford to go on vacation?
    Americans: Because our government spends all our money on military bases around the world and bombing other countries instead of making the livelihood of the average American better

  • World of Wisdom
    World of Wisdom 8 days ago +2

    Chinese are becoming experts at wasting and squandering money: CONGRATS!

  • Sam G
    Sam G 9 days ago

    The Chinese young people really knows how to enjoy life

  • mukund p
    mukund p 10 days ago

    I want the emotion of the bedroom, but travel alone. Do you have a hotel for that? Yes...I am a millennial

  • 畢業都兩年了
    畢業都兩年了 16 days ago

    The reason why I watch this channel is that there are a lot less negative reports about China on this channel. Especially false reports.

  • Logan Garcia
    Logan Garcia 22 days ago +2

    I love when he said: I'm rich and you're not
    *That was so hot* 😍

  • Cody Shi
    Cody Shi 23 days ago +1

    Oh wow

  • Badal Das
    Badal Das 24 days ago

    China does work very fast but China problems is in hotel service it's bad.

  • Mohammad Alnagdawi مطور تطبيقات

    I don't understand why someone could pay all this money to sleep one night in well designed room

  • stavroula ch
    stavroula ch 26 days ago

    Can you visit bighit entertainment New building in South Korea?

  • Alex Xu
    Alex Xu 26 days ago +1

    Meanwhile in some parts of the west: China is a communist dictatorship, human rights abuse ect..

  • Zorro Ze
    Zorro Ze 29 days ago +1

    I stay at hostels

  • Fantasy Sehun
    Fantasy Sehun 29 days ago

    With $20,000 you can rent monthly a most luxurious home with a big courtyard and swimming pool in Pakistan.
    You can even buy a double story house (a middle class) with $20,000 in Pakistan

  • Nhouking Tieng
    Nhouking Tieng Month ago

    The ridiculous of stupidity.

  • Andrew Andora
    Andrew Andora Month ago

    Mao must be rolling in his mausoleum.

  • arturo zons
    arturo zons Month ago


  • Justin
    Justin Month ago +1

    China's 5 star hotels are not '5-stars'. More like 3 stars in Western countries LOL

  • elsamso
    elsamso Month ago

    No one is and will be paying 100k per night

  • Nico W
    Nico W Month ago

    this is what Mao had in mind

  • DangerDave
    DangerDave Month ago +2

    You Shanghai, I shang low

  • terry brad
    terry brad Month ago

    I’ve stayed at the Saint Regis in Frisco amazing 15k a night Customer service out of this world

  • Pearl Victoria
    Pearl Victoria Month ago

    I wonder why I'm watching this video, knowing perfectly well that these hotels are going to get roasted in the comments 🤣🤣🤣

  • Néstor Abreu Jiménez

    People who love luxury are the perfect can charge them what you want if you telk then this is extremely exclusive. And then Cash cow fueled by an empty lifestyle.

  • Pineapple infant
    Pineapple infant Month ago

    What's wrong with the videography. Come on get a gimble, its pain to watch, but good content.
    what a shame

  • Steven
    Steven Month ago

    the whole luxury spending and age difference between US and China is a cultural thing. In China, your parents money are your money because most of them are from the single child policy, and culture has a deep root in this. It's a different story for the US. exception are there but generally this is true for most people.

  • Adrian M
    Adrian M Month ago


  • Praveen George
    Praveen George Month ago

    Is this an advertisement made for and paid by Marriott international ? Because it features different brands under Marriott's umbrella.

    • Praveen George
      Praveen George 8 days ago

      @uptin St. Regis became a Marriott owned brand through acquisition of Starwood hotels group.

    • uptin
      uptin 12 days ago

      No. Not rosewood. Not St Regis. They are competitors.

  • mplewp
    mplewp Month ago

    i dont see these hotels being profitable long term . At some point the cocaine use will catch up to them
    also members only mostly means Assholes only hotel. filled with fakeness.

  • Ebola
    Ebola Month ago

    do you sleep better though?

  • Xavier Papa
    Xavier Papa Month ago

    I think a Country's economic strength is best defined by its middle class or by the class of which the majority of people fall into. I believe it's more important to focus on the number of people not living in poverty or have had upward mobility per capita in any country.

  • Mike Lee
    Mike Lee Month ago


    THATASIAN GUY Month ago +1

    XRP gonna make me visit here more than once.

  • Iam Sam
    Iam Sam Month ago

    This totally against normal Chinese philosophy. These hotels only cater to a fraction of "top tier" consumer in China. The vast majority of Chinese do not enjoy this level of excess or opulence.

  • Jann Lee
    Jann Lee Month ago

    Taipei is not part of China just saying!

  • platymel
    platymel Month ago +1

    China’s luxury hotel boom: “from the Bvlgari hotel in Shanghai, to the Rosewood in Hong Kong” pickin at the scab eh

  • Dudeabides
    Dudeabides Month ago +2

    none of these even come close to barneys apartment.

  • weetikissa
    weetikissa Month ago

    Nice, capitalism for the commie elites!

    • Mehedi Bari
      Mehedi Bari Month ago

      weetikissa the problem here is communism doesn’t work.

  • ino g
    ino g Month ago +1

    Hotel is very stylish, whereas Chinese people look pretty sloppy...

  • zeldera
    zeldera Month ago

    luxury is a state of mind

  • he he
    he he Month ago

    We are still a developing country.

  • Mustafa Baris
    Mustafa Baris Month ago +2

    Here I am watching this video in my 24 USD a night room in Hong Kong ...I guess I saved a lot of money tonight ..! 😂😂

    • Praveen George
      Praveen George 8 days ago

      @Derek Ash HaHa

    • Derek Ash
      Derek Ash Month ago +1

      Yeah, but when you woke up the next morning, I bet you didn't feel the emotional experience of breakfast.

  • Dan Y
    Dan Y Month ago +4

    "they are very well educated" then shows guy with leg spread and flip flops. Lol

  • eddles777
    eddles777 Month ago

    Lol this video going to piss off HK locals

  • RAY TAIWAN飽飽台灣

    Taipei? LMAO
    What an Ass kisser CNBC is

  • Terrence Linder
    Terrence Linder Month ago

    $100.000 a night? Only sheiks and kings can afford that!

  • Denver Donate
    Denver Donate Month ago +1

    Where does China find time to open luxury hotels when they're busy harvesting organs from the Falun Gong while they're alive, running the concentration camps for the Uygur, and beating down students in Hong Kong? The CCP is one of the (but probably number one) worst human rights offenders in the world and I don't care if they have luxury hotels. I hope Trump keeps the pressure on China...because nothing good ever comes out of the CCP. Nothing. It's tyranny at its finest.

    • Tim CHan
      Tim CHan 16 days ago

      it only means you are brainwashed by western propaganda. Going cray cray is probably the only way out for you for When reality on the ground contradicts your perceived reality

  • Simón Tang
    Simón Tang Month ago

    why is taipei in the graphic as a chinese city? CNBC might be afraid of china cancelling them. just saying

  • Yuan
    Yuan Month ago

    Don’t worry, booming luxury hotel? That’s a sign China is collapsing soon! The collapse of China since 1989.

  • louis wilkin
    louis wilkin Month ago

    Is Hong Kong part of China?

    • he he
      he he Month ago

      Btw, can you feel my confident? Lmao.

    • he he
      he he Month ago

      Could be not if you can win PLA . If you can not , then yes.

  • Jorel Boston
    Jorel Boston Month ago +3

    5 star hotel...still gotta use a vpn to get on social media 😂😂😂🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Niranjan Bhat
    Niranjan Bhat Month ago +2

    They forgot Shenzen. Not mentioned in the video. It is bigger than Bejing & Hongkong in total GDP as well as per capita.

    • he he
      he he Month ago

      Shenzhen is just regular city in Guangdong province. So we don't count Shenzhen as single market. It is in stats in Guangdong province. Shanghai is a special administration city same level as province. And Beijing, Tianjin , Chongqing, are the rest of other 3 special city.

  • Samuel M . Waithaka

    One could easily say marriott international is the "AMAZON" or "APPLE" in the hotel industry

  • Bestmenhaiti1804 H
    Bestmenhaiti1804 H Month ago

    Woow impressive, well to me according to SECRETMEN CLOTHINGS. All of them were fabulous, I've been to kowloon Hong kong, metro park, wasn't expensive like those ones but, it was my favorite, best services, beautiful views, for low class minority like myself. The best.

  • MDT -
    MDT - Month ago +1

    The experience of breakfast??gotta be kiddin me

  • Travel Richie
    Travel Richie Month ago

    I like the HK one.

  • Alan Deutsch
    Alan Deutsch Month ago

    i like how hong kong is included as part of china