Mark Thomas - Selfie (Official Music Video)

  • Published on Jun 20, 2016
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    Directed By:
    YNIQ & Jordan
    Music video by Mark Thomas performing Selfie. (C) 2016 Tha Lights Global
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  • Simply Rylie
    Simply Rylie 11 hours ago

    Umm this is hurting me 😂😂

  • Jesus
    Jesus 20 hours ago +1


  • Lyrics Side
    Lyrics Side 22 hours ago +1

    This kid be nice in 2016
    This kid be smoking in 2019

  • Tom Coles
    Tom Coles 2 days ago

    “Put it up real sexy” isn’t he 10

  • Emily unicorns
    Emily unicorns 3 days ago

    Just put a shirt on

  • hGa
    hGa 3 days ago

    Why did this g4y saw my İnstagram story?

  • Victoria E
    Victoria E 6 days ago


  • HiP3R SniP3R
    HiP3R SniP3R 7 days ago

    Came out 3 and a half years ago time flies

  • tristan ro
    tristan ro 8 days ago

    This is the embodiment of everyth ohhh ng that is wrong with this generation

  • lil illuminati
    lil illuminati 10 days ago

    I still hate looking at the kids face holy fuck

  • Kelly Santana
    Kelly Santana 11 days ago

    nov 2k19?

    HAFIYWAQI 13 days ago

    Fucking cringe video ever

  • Samoa L
    Samoa L 13 days ago +1

    November 2019? Anyone!?!!?! 😎

  • Jasmine R
    Jasmine R 14 days ago +1

    who here in 2019?--->

  • Kloie Ayau
    Kloie Ayau 14 days ago

    Ok what makes boys think that if you grab a girls chin it makes us go wild well the answer is HELL NO

  • Dark-X -Blood
    Dark-X -Blood 16 days ago

    Idk why all the comments are like cyber bullying him ?? 😅 The song is pretty nice tho

  • Diispy F
    Diispy F 17 days ago

    This song makes all the comments look cringe

  • marysia kkk
    marysia kkk 20 days ago +2

    2019? Only me? ♥️

  • DIY With Leah
    DIY With Leah 21 day ago +2

    Who’s watching this in November 2019?

  • Bloxy Vibes Xx
    Bloxy Vibes Xx 26 days ago +1

    *Mate, he’s like 12*

  • Jenny
    Jenny 27 days ago +1


  • baby Milo
    baby Milo 27 days ago +1

    nov 2019 ?

  • johnny Yeet
    johnny Yeet 29 days ago +1


  • Ethan Masters
    Ethan Masters 29 days ago +1


  • Sunny Sylliboy
    Sunny Sylliboy Month ago +1

    suck a long dick

  • Sunny Sylliboy
    Sunny Sylliboy Month ago +1

    thi is fucking cringy

  • Sunny Sylliboy
    Sunny Sylliboy Month ago +1

    i want strap my self to a bed with a bulet proof vest on shoot my self in the head

  • Queen Truth
    Queen Truth Month ago +2

    2019? No just me💀

  • Gennie Garcia
    Gennie Garcia Month ago +1


  • Caleb Marriott
    Caleb Marriott Month ago +1


  • Iamaturtle20
    Iamaturtle20 Month ago +1

    *I hate everyone in the comments, He's only young and trying his best and all you are doing is hating **#Ihateyouall*

  • A&E besties
    A&E besties Month ago +1


  • Darrien Dotting
    Darrien Dotting Month ago +1

    Yea ok imma go
    No offence

  • Darrien Dotting
    Darrien Dotting Month ago +2

    CHRINGGGGG for the beginning he wasn't saying the words he was saying something else

  • Selena Estrada
    Selena Estrada Month ago +6


    Anyone no just me okay...

  • Isabella Addley
    Isabella Addley Month ago +1


  • this is Oj
    this is Oj Month ago +1

    This is worse then SWEATSHIRT

    MILEN FC Month ago +1

    Good song

  • Mia
    Mia Month ago +2

    why am i here💀

  • Tash Wooten
    Tash Wooten Month ago

    omg there's sooo many dislikes! ngl but i like this song😂 ♡

  • Bonnie-Mai Smith
    Bonnie-Mai Smith Month ago

    wtaf i was singing this today in my high school class

  • Mona Spencer
    Mona Spencer Month ago

    this is............ STUPID!!!!!

  • Shanti Karima
    Shanti Karima Month ago +1

    This used to be my fav song and I would get freaky💀💀💀

    ROSELYN KARINA Month ago

    I'm only here to dislike and I saw daz games watch this

  • XoXo
    XoXo Month ago

    Lmfao wat a tune

  • Lorena Mendoza
    Lorena Mendoza 2 months ago


  • Adrianna Maese
    Adrianna Maese 2 months ago +3

    who’s listenin in 2019💀

    • Layla Loves
      Layla Loves Month ago

      Adrianna Maese he glew up jeeesseee

  • sims lover123
    sims lover123 2 months ago


  • lorenzbirlem
    lorenzbirlem 2 months ago

    boy this is funny now😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    CYRE GAMING 2 months ago

    Im everywere

    CYRE GAMING 2 months ago

    Hey thomas suck

  • Queen Truth
    Queen Truth 2 months ago +19

    2019? Just me okay😳😂

  • Young Savage
    Young Savage 2 months ago

    He ugly as f

  • Young Savage
    Young Savage 2 months ago

    And the free ice cream

  • Young Savage
    Young Savage 2 months ago

    She looking like she just there for the money

  • Young Savage
    Young Savage 2 months ago

    Nooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!! Nnooooooo

  • Lupita perez
    Lupita perez 2 months ago +2

    this is the girl i wanted to fight in 2016 👋🏼💀

  • Quinyboy12345
    Quinyboy12345 2 months ago


  • Lil Xanyz
    Lil Xanyz 2 months ago

    Who also forgot about this kid

  • UNseriously
    UNseriously 2 months ago

    When I see this I wanna be a richkid too but N E V E R B E C O M E and have to help myself!!