Don't Even Try To Out Stupid Donald Trump

  • Published on Jul 26, 2018
  • Trump and the EU's tariff reciprocation is as much a trade war as a competition of 'anything you can do, I can do dumber.'
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Comments • 5 972

  • gary grammat
    gary grammat Day ago

    Remember him offering a cheque to Trump's campain? He was sure Trump will lose. So who is stupid?
    Many of you continue to watch his show and believe his opinion. So, who is stupid?

  • Kav Pk
    Kav Pk 2 days ago

    orange man bad now laugh

  • Dante Howlstice
    Dante Howlstice 6 days ago +1

    Imagine losing to someone as dumb as Trump... oh wait.

  • Vox Quod
    Vox Quod 8 days ago

    Democrats are senseless, faithless, feckless, heartless, ruthless and repugnant. Vote Red! The Dems are dead! KAG 2020! 🇺🇸

  • Tabor Talk
    Tabor Talk 9 days ago

    His dumb base

  • Linda Tils
    Linda Tils 10 days ago

    Someone please make him stop talking

  • Evangelina Hovsepyan
    Evangelina Hovsepyan 11 days ago

    I hate Obama!

  • Lin Hun
    Lin Hun 13 days ago

    It's true what they say, you can't fix stupid! Trump's entire career has been bad decisions, bad behavior, treating people deplorably and losing money. Did you really think he would be any different in political office?

  • calvin clark
    calvin clark 16 days ago

    Well were doing great now. we won.

  • elvar g
    elvar g 19 days ago

    The top moron will be elected again. He really is annoying stupid. Difficult to listen to him unless feeling the need to turn him off, puke or both.

  • adammead32
    adammead32 20 days ago

    you sound like a joke

  • bigwolf 22346
    bigwolf 22346 21 day ago

    Yes orange man bad

  • Terrance Frederick
    Terrance Frederick 24 days ago

    It's like a comedy show 😀😁😂🤣😃😄😅😆😂🤣😂

  • G OA
    G OA 25 days ago

    How the he'll does this Pravda pimp still have a show.. Oh, that's right the cia funds this network... Nevermind... Idiots continue watching this clown..

  • Megan
    Megan 27 days ago

    All americans are stupid though. You are the laughing stock of the world. Bunch of idiots😂

  • Johanna Dracona
    Johanna Dracona 29 days ago

    The united sleahths

  • West Coast Treasures

    Nuckle head, great when he stands up to status quo and fair practices with other countries to start with, but just keep the mouth shut, you know the old addage better to be thought of as stupid then to speak and erase all doubt

  • Silent Rage
    Silent Rage Month ago

    OMG! I can't believe how dumb the president of the US really is.........

  • Raven
    Raven Month ago

    And here in my country talking politics means death

  • Laughter Talks
    Laughter Talks Month ago

    Jail for trump!

  • We The People
    We The People Month ago

    Operation Paperclip
    Operation Paperclip: Nazis in America.
    How did the CIA begin?? How the CIA, NSA, FBI, control America.
    Operation Paperclip: to bring Nazis to America (1945 to 1959) that may be useful in Weapons , Rockets, and how their Intelligence Service worked. Over 1,600 Nazis were brought to America. Their SS ,SA, Gestapo were the forerunners of today’s CIA, NSA and FBI. They taught America well on how to Control Government, through spying, and surveillance, and eavesdropping on government leaders, they were the Shadow Government.
    President Harry Truman forbade the agency from recruiting any Nazi members or active Nazi supporters. Nevertheless, officials within the JIOA and Office of Strategic Services (OSS)-the forerunner to the CIA-bypassed this directive by eliminating or whitewashing incriminating evidence of possible war crimes from the scientists’ records, believing their intelligence to be crucial to the country’s postwar efforts.
    This is how the CIA, NSA, FBI all got started, the blueprint was obtained from the Nazis, and the future of Americas Deep State was set.
    Trump is an outsider, they can’t control him. Like JFK who promised to smash the CIA into a million pieces, Trump has promised to drain the Swamp. Like they murdered JFK, they will have to Eliminate Trump, he is not a Deep State player, he doesn’t play by their rules.
    Like Rome and Hitlers Third Reich, the American Republic will fall into total destruction from within.
    How long will it take, they either eliminate Trump before the 2020 Election or they are doomed. The system is too big to be eliminated totally, America will fail within the next 10 to 15 years. Unless the Deep State and Shadow Government are eliminated, the Constitution is a piece of paper in Name Only.

  • Robert Fantazo
    Robert Fantazo Month ago

    Trump 2020

  • Ray Pellerin
    Ray Pellerin Month ago +1

    James Buchanon family no longer responsible for the worst president ever.

  • Susan Fanning
    Susan Fanning Month ago


  • BC
    BC Month ago


  • anndeefam
    anndeefam Month ago +2

    the band members are to young to know how to properly administer a "rim-shot".

  • Steve Cole
    Steve Cole Month ago

    Stupid is as a stupid does...

  • Bill Wilson
    Bill Wilson Month ago



  • Curtis Jones
    Curtis Jones Month ago

    ALL liberals are too stupid to cut trumps toenails. Or pick his nose. 😁😇

  • Nathan Thompson
    Nathan Thompson Month ago

    Rent free!

  • Nevigo
    Nevigo Month ago +1

    "We can also do stupid" Hahahaha!

  • Lovely bit Of bugle

    More stupidER than chance 🤪🇺🇸

  • craig roark
    craig roark Month ago

    Stephen Colbert, when you talk not only do you show your stained teeth yet your ignorance as well.

  • OldManWilkins
    OldManWilkins Month ago +1

    I came home tired then I saw this and I laughed so much I 'm not tired anymore lol.

  • Karen O connor
    Karen O connor Month ago

    Go on my people at least we ain't as stupid to bring in a president with no brains .and when you just decided fuck it we will pick out some fruit from a bag and what ever comes out shall be our president and you lot picked an 🍊 tangerine they are nice but sometimes u get the sour ones and u lot got the worst of the worst ubgot one that's gone off hahaha and no thank god I'm not English either their all scum. Again for borris Johnston haha ya big child..

  • jean myers
    jean myers Month ago

    Love Piers Morgan comment, from UK 2019

  • Andrew Kinamore
    Andrew Kinamore Month ago

    He does Trumps voice pretty well but since when does he sound French?

  • Eric Woods
    Eric Woods Month ago

    Stephen Colbert has become such a tool in the last few years. He renders himself virtually unwatchable unless you get pleasure from cringing hard. Nothing he said was funny just now and his childish antics don't help his comedy one bit.

    • Ravi Bloom
      Ravi Bloom Month ago

      Eric Woods Says the guy, who I assume, supports Donald Trump’s childish antics.

    GOLDEN BUDDHA Month ago

    Steven...I smudged myself. I just changed my diaper...but I got my $$$ worth on this load.

  • Steven
    Steven Month ago

    Trump would like to pretend someone else started the trade war.

  • divine angelvoice
    divine angelvoice Month ago

    Stephen Colbert you have the dumbest show because your jokes are only for people with IQ under 70. I guess your public are Demonrats and liberals.

    • Ravi Bloom
      Ravi Bloom Month ago

      divine angelvoice I enjoy it when people like you contradict themselves in a sentence based on calling others unintelligent.

  • Matt Thompson
    Matt Thompson Month ago

    Trump sure made little Steven look stupid. Trump will never be president? Four more years Lil Steve.

  • Hawk Yoho
    Hawk Yoho Month ago +1


  • Be Thou My Vision
    Be Thou My Vision Month ago

    Who needs to try when we’ve got people like you who need not exert any effort doing it for us? Ya Pro-baby-killing fake “Catholic”. I wouldn’t present for holy communion if I were you.

  • Steve Cole
    Steve Cole Month ago +5

    The real question is when is America going to grow a spine and put him behind bars ..

    • Alan Walker
      Alan Walker Month ago +1

      Too many small minded republicans we gotta outlive the boomers 1st

  • David Allen
    David Allen Month ago

    I have always believed that the average US citizen was an intelligent person...Until now..!! Why are you letting this absolute idiot bring your country down ?? The USA is fast becoming the laughing stock of the whole world !! This total moron needs chased out of office ASAP..

  • themetal
    themetal Month ago +1

    Donny Dumb Nuts is even dumber now. His dementia is progressing rapidly. His letter to the Turkish president was 4th grade level. This ignorant orange pile of s**t is the dumbest living thing to enter the Whitehouse. And that includes past Whitehouse pets.

  • Gordon Anderson
    Gordon Anderson Month ago

    WAIT...what if ...this guy could join the Eu and USA in one big union!
    The no way Britain would want to get out of it!
    We wouldn't have to remove our many nuke warheads over there, just leave them in the ground.
    NO Turkey...s.

  • Gordon Anderson
    Gordon Anderson Month ago

    Why...that would be impossible if it is true.

  • Milo66
    Milo66 Month ago

    Not enough words to describe the Massive stupid Tump;;;;;

  • KingLegg iNc
    KingLegg iNc Month ago

    jokes on you he just abandon the curds he is still in the lead of speacial kids wooooo lets go tiny bus Trump!

  • Karen Shaub
    Karen Shaub Month ago +1


  • Firstname Lastname
    Firstname Lastname Month ago

    "Chillax Brosef" xD

  • Winston
    Winston Month ago


  • Redwan Dennaoui
    Redwan Dennaoui Month ago

    Trump is living proof that a village somewhere in the world is missing an idiot,

  • Ögedei Lee
    Ögedei Lee 2 months ago

    All you snowflakes and libtards are gonna cry for another 4 years Lol.

  • Mike Lopez
    Mike Lopez 2 months ago +5

    Salkafar: Ha ha ha... "Morons Are Governing America" too funny!!! I love it!!!

  • Rudra Mazumder
    Rudra Mazumder 2 months ago

    How do you dislike this

  • Ron Wooters
    Ron Wooters 2 months ago

    Trump's still your president isn't he you pathetic little man!!🖕🖕

  • missrollsjoyce
    missrollsjoyce 2 months ago

    NPC sense of humour