TESLA Model 3 TRUE Cost of Ownership Compared with a Honda Civic & BMW 3 Series

  • Published on Nov 17, 2017
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    The Tesla Model 3 is upon us, and it’s already being heralded by many as the most important car in decades.
    Cost Calculator: geni.us/Model3CostCalc
    But whether you’re one of the nearly half a million people who have already given Tesla a $1000 deposit, or someone who is wondering if it just makes financial sense, this video is for you.
    At $35,000 dollars, the Model 3 is the most affordable Tesla to date. And with its 220 mile range, 126 MPGe, and 0-60 time of 5.5 seconds, it’s proving to be quite the little EV that could.
    Very enticing indeed.
    But the primary question remains: What is the TRUE Cost of Owning a Tesla Model Three?
    While the question is simple, the answer is not.
    The devil is always in the details, and so we will take a look at a couple of other popular gas powered cars for comparison, and look at Total Cost of Ownership over 5 years.
    We will also explain the ugly truth about MPGe, and tell you what we think is a better measurement.
    And if you’re counting on the $7,500 Federal Tax Credit, we’ll talk about why you may not even qualify for it.
    Lastly, we will provide you with some cost calculators to help you reach an educated conclusion, based on your specific situation, because where you live & how you drive, really does affect your bottom line.
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Comments • 6 911

  • yai kham
    yai kham 4 hours ago

    carity vs prius prime ?

  • Carl Holland
    Carl Holland Day ago

    if u have enuf money to consider buying a tesla, u aren't worried about the cheapest new car to own. if u ARE worried about the cheapest new car to own, research toyota hybrids

  • Carl Holland
    Carl Holland Day ago

    my prius c gets 70mpg city and 60mpg highway, has 185-65 14 tires, has brake regen and only uses the gas engine 1/3 of city miles. considering a tesla is almost twice as much to buy, insure, plate, and replace tires on it is only cheaper to own a tesla if u charge it with solar panels or drive it for a million miles (assuming the battery lasts that long). want the most affordable new car? 22k corolla. want awd? 25k prius

  • Kadrian Jackson
    Kadrian Jackson 2 days ago +3

    BMW no maintenance for 2 years is laughable

  • Brian Greene
    Brian Greene 2 days ago

    I GOT BORED WHEN ALL I HEARD WAS “ we will “. Just do it.

  • Phoenix love
    Phoenix love 3 days ago

    Remember also to incorporate the cost to the environment, the actual reason the company started and the TRUE reason we should be purchasing one. To sustain clean air and help the environment create sustainability.

    • Nagy Andras
      Nagy Andras Day ago

      aye, mining lithium like crazy, and restarting them coal mines to fuel this piece of shit. then taking the weight in consideration, you gona need a lot of road reconstruction when you got a lot of battery powered shitpumps out there. i like the electric motors, but the battery solution is silly as fuck.

  • Colin Macdonald
    Colin Macdonald 3 days ago +1

    My Renault Megane cost about £35/week to run or $2500/year. That's with European gas prices about three times US prices. It wouldn't do 60 in 5s but would go 500miles between charges, it'll charge up in 60s and I can charge up in 1000 of different places.
    That said you'd be stupid to buy a 330i instead of a Tesla. On the other hand.... Do 35K Tesla's exist?

  • Name 1 Name 2
    Name 1 Name 2 3 days ago +1

    Looking at resale prices on the Internet...Tesla cars depreciate faster than any car made ....and are among the most expensive to insure. Also what is the cost to replace the battery after 8 years? Some claim that the replacement cost is over $25,000.....that would make it a HUGELY expensive car to operate over the long term, which may explain their scary depreciation rate.

  • Brian Prendota
    Brian Prendota 3 days ago

    One problem not being considered on older Teslas is how much work is being done under warrantee at no cost vs if you had to pay for the parts and trying to get the parts. Also the wait time from Tesla. There are no aftermarket parts. You pay what ever they want. If your car is going to break, hope it does under warrantee

  • Alexander Spenser
    Alexander Spenser 4 days ago

    I watched this long ago when I was a skeptic. Since I am a believer in depreciation I wondered how T3 or any Tesla compares to the Volt and more specifically the ELR. The ELR has the look, that to me will last longer than a Tesla and not a fan of most Teslas interiors. Chevy had many design studies that GM freveiled away on the Cruze that should have been applied to the advanced electric vehicle technology

  • Michael Mcculley
    Michael Mcculley 5 days ago

    How long before the batteries in the Tesla need to be changed, that has to be expensive.

  • George
    George 6 days ago +4

    Sounds like a promotional video funded by Honda! lol

  • Todd Eosso
    Todd Eosso 6 days ago

    Love the car but you listed why Tesla will be bankrupt. Without incentives which phase out you wouldn't pay more to buy a Tesla.

  • Stefan Dragos
    Stefan Dragos 6 days ago

    You should compare with a new Toyota Prius... in any model you want (hibrid or electric ⚡️)..you’ll get the most miles/gallon in every way.

  • Jeff Pence
    Jeff Pence 7 days ago +8

    $475 maintenance for Model 3 is so not true. Not even close. Especially just driving 15k miles. A charger capable of charging up to 30 miles per hour comes free with the Model 3 with a 14-50 adapter. I just has an electrician install my 14-50 outlet for $460 including parts. The $500 charger you can purchase from Tesla only gives you up to 44 miles per hour.

  • kevin Rotge
    kevin Rotge 8 days ago

    Why is it they all ways forget to talk about no long trip in you model 3? Most states don't have recharging places. Do they expect you to fly everywhere and most people can only afford one car. for me that is the best part is the (spirited) driving in long 3 to 4day road trips along back county roads avoiding all big city.

  • Tomias Thexder
    Tomias Thexder 9 days ago

    Bwahahaha, figures aren't even close to reality. Insurance costs alone make the Tesla not in the realm of a Civic. Dead batteries and what about overall build quality issues. Tesla is for lefty inner city yuppies that think buying an electric car makes them green and gives them warm fuzzy feelings that they're helping the environment whilst they sip their latte's from a throw away cups in their Hilfiger jackets made in Bangladesh in sweat factories before they leave their centrally heated/cooled homes after getting out of their electric heated beds....being green is a sales pitch for fools.

  • Never Mind
    Never Mind 9 days ago +2

    True Cost of owning any electric global warming crap from hell : Inconvenience : period
    Cost of Dead Batteries , Long Distance Travel, Extremely Expensive Maintenance, Extremely Expensive Parts, No Room for fun and last but not least "Socialism Ideology from hell"......

  • xxSourWingxx
    xxSourWingxx 10 days ago +1

    or just buy a 94 celica

  • YouTubeMade’ B
    YouTubeMade’ B 10 days ago +12

    This is kind of ridiculous. I’d like to see a breakdown of what maintenance exactly the Tesla needed, when THERE IS NO KEY FOB

  • David Smith
    David Smith 11 days ago

    Can I get your TCO calcuator???

  • W N
    W N 12 days ago +3

    Maintenance cost annually for the Tesla 3 is nonsense. So is the Civic. Nothing reminiscing of reality.

  • Steve Grayson
    Steve Grayson 13 days ago +2

    So basically, as has been true for YEARS ... don't buy a NEW car Ever. BOOM!!! mic drop!!!

  • Guy Van Brussel
    Guy Van Brussel 13 days ago +1

    Model 3 doesn't have a transmission ??? It still has a gear reduction though !

  • gene mayne
    gene mayne 16 days ago


  • gene mayne
    gene mayne 16 days ago


  • Robyn Lee
    Robyn Lee 16 days ago

    factor in when it is time to replace the battery pack! it will wipe out any savings made!

    • Elizabeth Zampogna
      Elizabeth Zampogna 15 days ago

      8 year warranty on battery, Guarantee for long range Model 3 is 120,000. I have read that expected life span could even be 300,000-500,000. No more gas stations ($4.30 gallon in California). No more oil, transmission fluid changes, no smog checks, no catalytic converter replacements, timing belts....I plug my car in when I get home set it to charge at 11pm @ 0.12KW not bad. This Mountain woman that commutes 88 miles roundtrip is very happy with her Model 3.

  • Chris Kibb
    Chris Kibb 16 days ago

    Need update

  • Gary Towne
    Gary Towne 16 days ago

    Too optimistic on Tesla purchase price, maintenance, and depreciation. You made wild ass guesses that don't work out in the real world.

    • ailouros24
      ailouros24 15 days ago

      too optimistic? if anything he added to the maintenance price.

  • B J
    B J 16 days ago

    IMO, if you're capable of buying a $40K car (like a 3 Series) like the Model 3, you're probably wanting to get a really NICE version of it. My bro-in-law just bought the Model 3 (in April 2019) and selected the middle-of-the-road package (2nd of 3 tiers). It was upgraded to get better range (310-320 miles/charge - comparable to some gas-powered sedans), two motors for more power (4.2 sec 0 to 60 vs. 5.5 sec at the base level), and added the navigation + partial self-driving packages.
    Out the door, it was roughly $59,000 - and will end up being $51,500 after the tax credit. That's about the cost of the base Model 3 AND a nice, used $16,500 Honda Civic combined.
    While it is a great car (I've driven his), the $35K model just isn't a good real world comparison. And even at $35K, it's still an expensive vehicle - no matter how you carve up the price tag.
    You're still buying the Model 3 as an early adopter, to be part of the green crowd, and/or can pay the premium up front to own a Tesla.

  • DaPunchyDude YT
    DaPunchyDude YT 17 days ago +7

    2:46 ok i will install a supercharger at my home

    • DaPunchyDude YT
      DaPunchyDude YT 3 days ago +1

      Scott Luther my MX is fine with 11kw tho

    • DaPunchyDude YT
      DaPunchyDude YT 3 days ago +1

      Scott Luther ever heard of sarcasm?

    • Scott Luther
      Scott Luther 4 days ago

      You can't! You will only be able to use Level 1 or Level 2 charging at home! A Supercharger is considered Level 3!

  • tuhanpham
    tuhanpham 17 days ago

    How many Tesla model 3 cost 35k out there?

    • Dwyane Bennion
      Dwyane Bennion 14 days ago

      tuhanpham if you don’t add customization, where I live it’s 31k after incentives. They really do come under 40k. This is the future

  • Suteera Tak
    Suteera Tak 17 days ago

    Insurance wouldn’t be similar among these 3 right? I also suspect that Tesla would cost more in term of services than the video suggested. Also, more time to wait for the Tesla service.

  • Makexchange
    Makexchange 17 days ago +46

    $475 For Tesla Key fob Battery and Wiperblade replacements?! The model 3 has NO KEYFOB... Only a card. It costs a whopping $5 to replace. So... are the wiperblades $235 each? Something ain't right.

  • Michael C
    Michael C 18 days ago

    No, it is not “all just energy”. The use of ICE has a backend cost never factored in, that is the long term environmental cost. And, you forgot to factor in those of us who utilize energy by way of roof top PV panels.

  • Gene Lee
    Gene Lee 20 days ago

    35K before tax credit still not available, and 7500 tax credit no longer available. Civic is the winner.

    • Chris B. Marquez
      Chris B. Marquez 19 days ago

      Gene Lee with state and federal it $6250 depending on state. California is $3750 plus $2500 Federal.

  • Yacahuma X
    Yacahuma X 20 days ago

    You dont need a 1500 charger. Just a dryer hookup. Not even $300. There is no universe where I will prefer a civic to a Model 3. Electric cars have just to many benefits. Charger at home, quiet, fast, smooth ride and acceleration due a a single gear,m less maintenance,etc. Pair that with a solar installation and you are making money while driving.

  • Remrie Arrie
    Remrie Arrie 22 days ago

    Not looking so hot against a Hyundai Elantra at $20k fully loaded. At 5 years there is almost no maintenance on the car beyond fluids and filters. Anything that requires an inspection on is all DIY capable (tires, pads/shoes, belt, etc.) I opted to get my Elantra over a Prius or Ioniq because of the cost savings associated with DIY repairs. And I am no mechanic.

  • Paul
    Paul 22 days ago

    I wish you spoke in metric , imperial is archaic & really really dumb.

  • Ed Gomez
    Ed Gomez 22 days ago +1

    How about the Ford fusion hybrid energy

  • Gil Yee
    Gil Yee 22 days ago +1

    My model X 75D is almost 3 years old and so far I have paid 0 in maintenance. Just sayin...

  • John Woodell
    John Woodell 23 days ago +1

    The tax credit gets cut in half.

  • CS
    CS 23 days ago +5

    IN 10 YEars you will be replacing your battery pack for 10k and the civic well it won

    • Andrew DeWitt
      Andrew DeWitt 20 days ago

      @KamakaziOzzie I wish phone lithium ion batteries lasted more than 2 years.

    • KamakaziOzzie
      KamakaziOzzie 21 day ago

      Don't believe thats accurate. Like any battery chemistry, Li-ion will lose some capacity, but not to the point of replacement in that time period. I have 2 customers that still have their Roadsters with original battery packs after 15+ years

  • Frank Parsons
    Frank Parsons 23 days ago

    Lame. Try a Chevy Bolt. Zero maintenance. Add solar panels to your house, free fuel. Run this out to 10 years. Lame.

    • KamakaziOzzie
      KamakaziOzzie 21 day ago

      There's always the Nissan Leaf if driving a cardboard box on training wheels is the in thing

  • CivicsR2Cool
    CivicsR2Cool 23 days ago

    Higher cost of insurance for the Tesla ruins this entire video and probably intentionally left out

  • mark mitchell
    mark mitchell 24 days ago

    You don’t account for the price of a new battery cell that only last between 6 & 8 years wear as the combustion engine Can last at least twice that if not more

    • Roger Garner
      Roger Garner 23 days ago

      No need, batteries last a lot longer than 6-8 years. Plenty of data out there for 2012 Model S cars (aka 7 years old) showing they still have 80-90% of their original range left.

  • Chris Ascencio
    Chris Ascencio 25 days ago

    That’s for touring edition on the civic and then the insurance wasn’t counted for. Get the 18K civic and you have a better investment than the Tesla. Not to mention Tesla isn’t 35 Flat, so.

  • Rodrigo Cabeza
    Rodrigo Cabeza 27 days ago

    The numbers are poor. I paid $160 for the electric installation. Maintenance? $400 for wind blades ... the numbers are off the approach is ok. Tesla is cheaper to own. And if you Pay it with a loan you can offset the interest and depreciate the car, fiscally speaking the cost of ownership the first year comes down to about a thousand if you play your cards right. Second year you won’t have the tax incentive so maybe a Bit more. I’m paying ~$400 a month for a car that is WAY better than a civic, and MICH MORE fun!

  • Alek James
    Alek James 28 days ago

    “Still better than anything with an internal combustion engine”... that’s an incorrect statement
    Unless you are lucky enough to own a piece of electric car history with the first ever USA hybrid electric that paved the way for all electrics and hybrids today. The 2000-2006 5 speed manual Honda Insight that is capable of over 70 miles per gallon highway. I went from Sarasota Florida to Richmond Virginia 890 miles, on a full tank of gas. Gas tank size 10.9 gallons. Use better wording. Want the best cost of ownership. Spend $1000 on the used Insight and you’ll never look back. Carry liability only insurance and it’s $14 a month to insure at least where I live. You don’t even need to plug it in. As far as KWH goes there’s places where it’s 26 cents.

  • RC Paintball Hobby
    RC Paintball Hobby 29 days ago

    But Reyes what about the gassss

  • RC Paintball Hobby
    RC Paintball Hobby 29 days ago

    This is wrong I have my Civic almost 20 years. In 5 years zero maintainance. In Tesla you don't know when you're battery going bad and how much to replace 15k

  • Eswin Bonilla
    Eswin Bonilla Month ago

    Oh wow lmao I’ll still get a Tesla lol all you gotta do is update

  • Gorazd Leben
    Gorazd Leben Month ago

    Selling price of 5 year old Model 3 is not known yet. As it might be quite different from calculated or not, result also might be quite different or not.

  • Carlos Rubio
    Carlos Rubio Month ago

    This is a Tesla advertisement

  • Adeel Ahmad
    Adeel Ahmad Month ago

    Toyota Camry is still the best option. Its affordable and runs great.

  • Adeel Ahmad
    Adeel Ahmad Month ago

    Where is insurance?

  • Æther Realm
    Æther Realm Month ago

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    Otis Carr, John Hutchinson, Whilelm reich. Research these people
    We could have cars running on salt water and fission energy by now. BE SCEPTIC AGAINST Climate Change And people that worry about the energy transition. If people in deep state and secret agenices wanted to SAVE US FROM THIS THREAT we could do that transition tomorrow.

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    Ben Rich former head of Lockheed Martin admitted we already have the technology to travel among the stars.
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    Meditate on lasting values and evolve your DNA to achieve the light Body. one teardrop of dna contains more computing power than all computers on this planet combined

  • remmy LeBeau
    remmy LeBeau Month ago +5

    The federal tax credit for Tesla buyers was cut in half to $3,750 at the end of 2018 and will be dropped again to $1,875 starting in the second half of 2019.

  • remmy LeBeau
    remmy LeBeau Month ago

    A turbo Civic will require spark plugs to be changed earlier but a nornally aspirated Civic spark plugs will last 110k so they will not need to be changed in 5 years. You should replace the brake fluid but most people do not. Extended life antifreeze can last up to 5 years.

  • remmy LeBeau
    remmy LeBeau Month ago

    You can not get a Model 3 for $35k. You will spend over $40K for a Model 3. In 5 years, a Civic will only require oil changes every 5K or 7K, tires with mount and balance cost, brake pads and rotors, and air filters (engine air filter and cabin air filter).

    • makeshiftplayer
      makeshiftplayer 24 days ago

      Model 3 is currently 35k if you call in or go to a service location????? Tf u talking about

    • Living Electric
      Living Electric Month ago +1

      You can get a model 3 for $35k. And unlike the civic, in 5 years you will only have tire costs and mount and balance. No brakes, no rotors, no air filters, no oil changes, nothing.
      But this video put way too much price on the yearly maintenance for a model 3. Over $400 in the first year is completely wrong, mostly because there is no key fob and if there was you wouldn't need to replace the battery within the first year anyway.

  • Ryu Fitzgerald
    Ryu Fitzgerald Month ago

    You didn't mention the massive maintenance cost Teslas have past year 5 where they need a new battery. It is far cheaper to buy combustion engine parts.

    • Ying N Yang
      Ying N Yang Month ago

      Ryu Fitzgerald yeah, not. See Ben sullen data geek you tuber. He’s saying with the current degradation of Tesla batteries from actual users, should last approximately 23 years before the batteries get down to 80% capacity charge. Batteries in the 2012 model S is approximately in the $20,000 range new for a 85kWh battery. They’ve already dropped to approximately $15,000 for a 100 kWh with the giga factory and will continue to fall in prices the more cars and batteries they make. Initial cost may be cheaper, but the overall operations and way more expensive you’re after year after year

  • 2AAmerica
    2AAmerica Month ago

    Dude you are smoking if you think wipers and batteries are more expensive than oil and gas. I own a new civic and I will even admit an electric motor will out last any engine. Don’t believe me look at electric motors in oil rigs from the 1940’s still running today. This is a bogus comparison.

  • The Dark -_- Lord
    The Dark -_- Lord Month ago

    Thank you for the valuable info. You did my homework for me. Maybe not getting a tesla anymore

  • cypher dious
    cypher dious Month ago

    Sounds good to me. Only wish we could get a Tesla where we are.

  • J D
    J D Month ago

    Who spends that much on maintenance on a Honda?

    • mscolli3
      mscolli3 Month ago

      Oil change every 10k miles or so for my Civic.

  • Gary
    Gary Month ago

    One thing I have noticed with Tesla cars while working on road construction is the regenerative braking has one big drawback . The brakes lights don't come on until the last few seconds of stopping at slow speeds I have seen quite a few cars following a Tesla suddenly jump on the brakes because the car has slowed using regenerative braking no brakes lights until the last few meters. Maybe a program update to switch on the brake lights once it slows to a predetermined speed using a g-meter to determine rate of speed reduction?

  • L Jones
    L Jones Month ago

    BMW maintenance costs are still zero in the 3rd year.

  • Twansaki
    Twansaki Month ago +1

    Honda !!! Is better

    • Twansaki
      Twansaki Month ago

      24utubedude don’t get it wrong, Tesla’s are nice but they serve better as just toys like motorcycles. End of the day, toys needs batteries to operate.
      I plan to get one for a weekend show off. But to make trips or depending on it. Hell no. Honda and every other ICE are far more reliable for a REAL car. Just my opinion.

    • 24utubedude
      24utubedude Month ago

      Your smoking dope

  • Farid Babayev
    Farid Babayev Month ago

    Tesla is overpriced garbage. Compare with Toyota Prius, or upcoming Corolla Hybrid, or simply Corolla. And this time don't forget about insurance and 2 years of maintenance free of charge.

  • Craig Hocker
    Craig Hocker Month ago +1

    This is analysis is ridiculous optimistic on a Tesla model 3. That 35K is for the least range, and none of the fun software. If you want decent range, and the autopilot options (including the future upgrades) you really are talking about a 50K car by the time you are done. Then there is the whole insurance nightmare situation because Tesla won't support the secondary market.

    • kyle brod
      kyle brod Month ago

      standard range plus with autopilot is only 39k. 240 mile range. Not bad at all

  • Jansen Trichas
    Jansen Trichas Month ago

    Gas is 1.40 a Liter where I live...

  • QuizPubUK
    QuizPubUK Month ago

    Wow, you pay 0.58 euros for a litre of fuel in Texas, in Europe we pay 1.58 euros a litre.

    • Craig Hocker
      Craig Hocker Month ago

      yep, that's the price I filled up my hybrid at yesterday. Why a Tesla remains ridiculously expensive to operate in comparison.

  • Kro No
    Kro No Month ago +2

    parts for tesla are very expensive so I'm not sure if overall it's cheaper to maintanance, and tesla service is not available everywhere which might make you big problems

    • kyle brod
      kyle brod Month ago

      most people complaining about expensive tesla parts are assuming costs are the same as an out of warranty model S. Don't compare the component prices of a 100k car (on launch) to their more affordable offering.

  • Johnny Walker
    Johnny Walker Month ago +1

    if you add your Tesla to the robo taxi fleet, you'll make maybe 30k a year from your car. So you'll have a comparison between "This Tesla will cost you 35k up front, but you will make 30k a year with it, versus the BMW that costs 40k and costs another 40k to keep from breaking down".

  • Johnny Walker
    Johnny Walker Month ago

    what kind of service do you actually need on a Tesla? battery coolant? new tires?

  • drmodestoesq
    drmodestoesq Month ago

    If the next president is a Democrat it's almost a sure bet that EV cars will continue to be subsidized.

    • F
      F Month ago

      There will be no democratic next president..Trump will be crowned as king...and his family rule forever...the public hanging of Clintons will provide great entertainment.

  • ExtraFormula
    ExtraFormula Month ago +3

    Previous generation teslas cost a fortune to maintain out of warranty, no reason to think the model 3 will differ.

  • NoNonsensePC
    NoNonsensePC Month ago

    Until Tesla can give me a car that doesn't have a slew of quality control problems and the range gets 600-800miles for under $45,000, they can keep it.

  • Roast Beef Curtains

    The real question is will the Tesla still be running ten years later vs a gas vehicle

    • NoNonsensePC
      NoNonsensePC Month ago

      Not unless you have some serious cash on hand. It really hurts them that they are the only people that can work on it which means you get expensive $$$ dealership repairs.

  • Bongani David Baloyi

    Thank you so much so informative

  • Bike Scone
    Bike Scone Month ago

    Never buy a german car, EVER.

  • ruben svensson
    ruben svensson Month ago

    stupid electric tesla shit

  • Lance Dooley
    Lance Dooley Month ago +1

    Hyperinflation on the electrical grid not to mention lithium prices. Lithium is a non renewable resource just fyi. Economists speculate we will run out in 2050 while oil will not. Even after 150 years drilling we still have plenty. Also the Tesla service includes battery cell changes at the service intervals. Im a master tech in the auto field. Alot of people have no fing clue what there talking about.

    • drmodestoesq
      drmodestoesq Month ago

      Have you seen those Bolivian lithium salt lakes? They stretch from horizon to horizon. There are millions of tonnes of lithium in them.

  • Shabazza84
    Shabazza84 Month ago +1

    What about insurance and taxes?
    Where do the manintenance cost for the Model 3 come from? Seems pretty higih.
    It doesn't need oil change and no emissions check.
    Just some smaller work once a year. And winshield wipers don't cost 100 bucks each...
    Brakes should hold longer than any of the other 2 cars.
    And maintenance cost for all 3 brands can vary wildly
    Honda is way cheaper than BMW.
    So I guess everyone should do their own calculation and then decide.

  • yogibearstie
    yogibearstie Month ago

    The charger is a one time cost which you don’t need to buy for subsequent cars, and if your garage has an open dryer plug, 240v, you don’t need it or if you live outside of North America all your plugs are 240v.

  • juggy666
    juggy666 Month ago

    The music... Meh

  • Loudmouth Libertarian

    Completely forgot to mention the 10-hour recharge time of the Tesla at home on a standard wall circuit vs. a 5-minute refuel time on both gasoline cars. Even on level 3 chargers it's still 90 minutes vs 5 minutes for gasoline.
    The Tesla is only cheaper if your time is worth NOTHING to you. (In which case there are a LOT of jobs I have for you that pay $0 per hour!) Tesla sales aren't driven by them being superior cars (they're NOT), but solely based on eco-guilt and virtue-signaling.

  • tradeelmundo
    tradeelmundo Month ago

    I don't think anyone believes that the Model 3 will only be worth 15k in 2022. Not to mention the $500 in key fob batteries and wiper blades.. what the hell kind of comparison is that and what other nonsense did you base the tesla maintenance on?

  • Gary Mankiewicz
    Gary Mankiewicz Month ago

    ANd the battery last forever???

  • Satan
    Satan Month ago

    2:30 You messed up: Teslas APPRECIATE, not depreciate. You should be calculating how much MORE the car is worth in 5 years, since it sure as hell won't be worth less!

  • goodcat1982
    goodcat1982 Month ago

    i love Tesla but comparing it to a 3.0lt BMW is not a fair comparison at all. You should've compared it to the 1.8 or 2.0l BMW

  • Gyreth Clemman
    Gyreth Clemman Month ago

    335d GT drive is more comparable

  • MrCliiiCK
    MrCliiiCK Month ago

    dude ir comparing a 330i vs the cheapest stock non-optioned tesla.. its like comparing a Audi Rs6 vs a stock non-optioned A6.. seriucly?... im sure the bwm would still be in last place but not by far from the tesla.. so plz when u do comparison do it between the cheapest stock cars, a 330i ain cheapst, you should have done the 318 if u want the cheapest 3-series, since your comparing the cheapest model 3 with no options. i assume it was a woopsie.. but if not then ur intensionally mixing to make the tesla look better by comparison.

    • Flex Luthor
      Flex Luthor Month ago

      And if u watch the entire video he explains why he compared to the 330

    • Flex Luthor
      Flex Luthor Month ago

      He already put a honda in there. Cheapest of the cheap. The bmw is in there to give a spectrum in comparison. Hes not comparing car manufactures. Hes comparing to other gas cars. Also why would it make sense to use the cheapest bmw? the tesla’s msrp is probably closer to the 330 than the318. Lastly, learn how to spell....seriously? Lol

  • Adria
    Adria Month ago

    hm this calculus seems wrong... but yeah everyting so we can keep using 20 times more energy to move around using an oil car compared with and electric and forget about the polution of an oil car... but yeah... electric market is fuked big oil boses dont like electric cars they dont make them win money... becase EVERYONE CAN USE SOLAR ENERGY TO CHARGE HIS CAR, OR WATER OR WIND... even oil burning but on huge thermic machines that improves generation of electricity... meh... keeep breathing sheet that comes out of your gasoline cars make your children breath it to and enjoy polution all together. god luck electric car youre fuked... since 50 years ago...

  • The Naikan
    The Naikan Month ago

    Using a scale based on practicality the Civic would curb stomp the Tesla. Try taking a road trip in a Tesla and you'll see what I mean.

    • The Naikan
      The Naikan Month ago

      @Angel Gutierrez You must not do many long road trips. There is no comparison between a Civic and a Tesla when it comes to practicality no matter how you try to justify it.

    • Angel Gutierrez
      Angel Gutierrez Month ago

      Yeah because in a Civic you don't have to make any stops at all for any reason. Gas tank is always full so no stopping for gas. Never need to use the restroom or never have to stop to eat. My point is that you have to make all of those stops on road trips anyway, so it is not that big of a deal to charge your car for 30 minutes to an hour while you do that.

    IL MOSTRO Month ago +52

    Lots of misinformation in the comments (as usual)... here are my facts:
    Most of the service on the Model 3 is “suggested”, not required for keeping the warranty. The important one is replacing the battery coolant fluid after 4 years. That’s the only important service and costs $850, that’s it.
    Insurance costs is another strange one... before I bought a Model 3 I made sure to get a quote from my Progressive insurance. It was within $20 of my Audi A4 at around $600 a year for a guy in his 40’s. Some people reporting hundreds of dollars per month need to switch insurance companies, that’s some sort of scam.
    The battery should last at least 200,000 miles or more easily and this has been proven out by many older Model S’s. We don’t know how much that will cost yet, but at 200,000 miles or more, you’re talking about a 10 to 20 year old car at that point. My neighbor has 120000 miles on his Model S and the original battery has only degraded to 89% capacity at this point. He’s got plenty of life left in the battery. You just have to care for the battery meaning 1) do not supercharge often, and 2) do not charge over 90% unless you really need those extra miles the next morning.

    • 64 Fanatic
      64 Fanatic 21 day ago

      @KamakaziOzzie sure, but without voiding warranty.

    • KamakaziOzzie
      KamakaziOzzie 21 day ago

      @64 Fanatic My bet is there is a TVclip video on how to do it yourself. Theres one for everything else...

    • 64 Fanatic
      64 Fanatic Month ago

      @510jesus Yeah wtf, can we not do that ourselves? Right to Repair and all that.

    • sandsalamand
      sandsalamand Month ago +2

      @510jesus I assume that includes paying someone at the dealership to do it for you. It's definitely a rip off but well within the norms of the ridiculous prices auto shops charge for maintenance.

    • 510jesus
      510jesus Month ago +2

      $850 for a basic fluid is beyond outrageous. Imagine what it would cost for something major... We're talking $8K and above

  • chase shadowrider
    chase shadowrider Month ago

    Also you have to factor in the warranty that Tesla’s have I do not own a Tesla but I’m looking into one I think that a used model s 70 with free super charging with a 50,000 mile 4 year bumper to bumper warranty they go for roughly 35k and a almost fully loaded one goes for around 40 but I also live in SoCal so super chargers are everywhere I honestly think Tesla work best if you live in the right area

  • John Sharp
    John Sharp Month ago

    This is all bogus, my 10yr. Old BMW had cost ,one battery one tire changed with alignment, one set of plugs, one wiper blades, one set of brakes.

  • Steve Vater
    Steve Vater Month ago

    It ain't 35000 dollars in UK if only it was

  • rokid bay
    rokid bay Month ago

    this is tesla ad.