YouTube Really Recommends Family Guy

  • Published on Jun 14, 2018
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Comments • 798

  • Gus Johnson
    Gus Johnson  Month ago +995

    much like tubetube recommends family guy clips, i would highly recommend this cool new twitter account i found @Gusbuckets

    • iSal
      iSal Month ago

      Gus Johnson dawg you really need to consider doing a scotty kilmer parody cuz with those glasses you look uncanny

    • Ballin Like Stalin
      Ballin Like Stalin Month ago

      Gus Johnson I jack off to your videos and usually finish at the 30 second mark

    • x x
      x x Month ago

      Dislike. How salty can someone be.

    • Macin'
      Macin' Month ago +1

      Gus Johnson you look like scotty kilmer

    • G-dude of awesomeness
      G-dude of awesomeness Month ago

      tubetube is my city

  • FlintSparked
    FlintSparked 3 days ago

    It seems today
    That all you see
    Is endless recommendations
    Of Family Guy for free

  • Ben Aaron
    Ben Aaron 6 days ago

    You always know, YT

  • Corey Pierson
    Corey Pierson 6 days ago

    “Are you blind?”
    “Only to the consumer.”
    Fuckin gold

  • Owen
    Owen 7 days ago

    "are you blind"
    "only to the consumer"

  • Neurotic Sos
    Neurotic Sos 8 days ago

    how the fuck do the glasses fall at the perfect moments

  • lysohurtsme
    lysohurtsme 8 days ago +1

    Why does this have to be so accurate? :(

  • Veri Tas
    Veri Tas 11 days ago

    Is that scotty kilmer

  • HumanSquishy
    HumanSquishy 11 days ago

    I can't get enough of this. I've watched it so many goddamn times and always laugh.

  • This Dude
    This Dude 13 days ago

    Gus Johnson is my spirit animal.

  • Free Tacos
    Free Tacos 14 days ago

    Brickleberry, ed edd n eddy, and billy & mandy streams keep appearing on my recommendations.

  • Athena Miller
    Athena Miller 14 days ago


  • FractalBoy
    FractalBoy 16 days ago

    Is that a goddamn cassette tape suitcase?!

  • Slimey_ Burger
    Slimey_ Burger 17 days ago

    "What are those glassses?Are you blind?"

  • CurrHam
    CurrHam 17 days ago +1

    I thought it was just me getting recommended this

  • Jarjarvideos
    Jarjarvideos 19 days ago

    "Only to the consumer!"

  • Pete Mulvey
    Pete Mulvey 19 days ago

    was that scotty kilmer in the begining?

  • WunderArch01
    WunderArch01 20 days ago


  • will thompson
    will thompson 21 day ago

    *The Botfly goes* "Our dog Brian Griffin is dead"

  • That'sWhatSheSaid
    That'sWhatSheSaid 24 days ago

    Mom: Do you want anything to eat?
    Me: No
    Mom: You sure you don't want something to eat 24/7?

  • A Bugatti Chiron
    A Bugatti Chiron 24 days ago

    Why is my recommended section full of Baldi's Basics and memes I seen millions of times

  • Braga
    Braga 24 days ago

    Gus Johnson Videos Portrayed by Spongebob

  • Michael Rivera
    Michael Rivera 26 days ago

    I watch one family Guy vid and now my recommended feed is full of it

  • Allen Simpson
    Allen Simpson 26 days ago

    This one really hit home, Gus.

  • S'more what?
    S'more what? 26 days ago

    My man Gus looks like Scotty kilmer

  • Angel 7
    Angel 7 28 days ago

    Gus you're the best man, keep it up.

  • Belen Medina
    Belen Medina 29 days ago

    This was in my recommededs

  • Eric Samson
    Eric Samson Month ago

    The irony that because I watched this video, now all of my TVclip recommendations is family guy videos

  • Thomas Heurlin
    Thomas Heurlin Month ago

    You look like Scotty Kilmer's son with those glasses

  • Alvaro Real
    Alvaro Real Month ago

    Cal Chuchesta paying the bills

  • Nifty Spigots
    Nifty Spigots Month ago


  • ZebraTorch
    ZebraTorch Month ago

    3 family guy videos were suggested to me at the end if this

  • JessePinkman420
    JessePinkman420 Month ago

    Best one yet. I can't wait till you guys blow up. You deserve way more views

  • Kaitlyn LeighAnn
    Kaitlyn LeighAnn Month ago

    I love Seth MacFarlane and all but this video is actually pretty relatable because I hate those Live Streams.
    Update: I actually get recommended spongebob and king of the hill more now a days than I do Family Guy. TVclip needs to do something about this. 😒

    • Kaitlyn LeighAnn
      Kaitlyn LeighAnn Month ago

      Ed’s Alien pretty accurate. I haven’t watched Family Guy in years but think Seth can totally right a bomb ass Drama that beats Star Trek discovery.

    • Ed’s Alien
      Ed’s Alien Month ago

      Kaitlyn LeighAnn YESSSSS!! I think the MacFarlanites can all agree the Orville is better, right?

  • matt kirwan
    matt kirwan Month ago

    Hey Gus, just a viewer here, wanted to let you know that for the past few hours I have been ferociously wasting my time watching unsatisfactory videos until I saw one of your videos, I have already been subscribed for a couple months but it’s been a while. Like a mirage your unique content and style of comedy really got me right, I was a parched farmer on a hot day, and your content was an ice cold glass of lemonade, thanks

    HIITSMEZOR Month ago

    The glasses just kill me

  • WildCard811 Time
    WildCard811 Time Month ago +1

    GUS IS TVclip LEAKED 0:36

  • Hez
    Hez Month ago

    Thought it was purely my bad terrible taste that got my feed full of family guy, guess it's youtube's fault entirely

  • Jake Juracka
    Jake Juracka Month ago

    Love the Rocky Rococo look you're going for there with those glasses Gus!

  • Ευθυμης Σπαταλας

    How did you get into my house and how did you get this footage?

  • A-aron
    A-aron Month ago

    WTF why does he look like skotty kilmer

  • Ariana Y
    Ariana Y Month ago

    kinda reminded me of Brandon Rogers in this one

  • hellyeahdude
    hellyeahdude Month ago


  • Crohns
    Crohns Month ago

    This was recommended with family guy. Thanks Gus

  • Pig Protector
    Pig Protector Month ago

    This video was recommended to me along with other Family Guy clips

  • James
    James Month ago

    We need a Gus Johnson slightly-sped-up-to-avoid-Copyright 24/7 livestream.

  • seriouslogan
    seriouslogan Month ago

    family guy has filled my feed. help

  • FrankieFry
    FrankieFry Month ago

    This is so true

  • Netrix Mazers
    Netrix Mazers Month ago

    Why does gus look like Scotty Kilmer

  • plu is trash
    plu is trash Month ago

    after watching this masterpiece there was "Meg Becomes an Extreme Alcoholic" and "Brian Becomes a Corrupt Cop" than k s

  • Rarirama
    Rarirama Month ago

    where's mariya takeuchi - plastic love in that briefcase

  • Frigggin Fraggin
    Frigggin Fraggin Month ago

    I guess he was *Not Interested* . I'll go now.

  • Paddy O'Door
    Paddy O'Door Month ago +1

    And my recommended is now family guy livestreams... Thanks gus

  • Sentient Meatbag
    Sentient Meatbag Month ago

    Gus, you know TVclip recommends things that it knows you like watch, right? Do you need to tell us something about your secret love for Family Guy, Gus?

  • BlueHawkBill
    BlueHawkBill Month ago

    Oh have you seen the New Gorillaz song?? It's really hip!
    Ok... You've seen it... but wanna see it again???
    I see, you've seen it twice and you definitely wanna watch it again. Sure, go on.
    Now I know what you're thinking, it's a single, there has to be some new music after it, and you're right, but how about you watch this single again?
    Well the album is out. WANNA WATCH HUMILITY AGAIN? YOU LOVE IT!

  • sickle slash
    sickle slash Month ago

    Holy Crap, Lois! We're in Undertale 2! Hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe

  • Thot Police
    Thot Police Month ago

    I’m watching family guy rn

  • ya boi yosif
    ya boi yosif Month ago

    *how about some MR BEAN 24/7 live streams*

  • Star Wolf
    Star Wolf Month ago

    Got family guy recommended after this video 😂

  • Chris Wasil
    Chris Wasil Month ago

    Ok I thought this was only happening to me! Why are there so many family guy clip accounts and how do they keep infesting my recommended feed?! Perfect vid! :D

  • Jeremy Peck
    Jeremy Peck Month ago

    The worst part is he probably had to click on some of these to make the video and now gets them even more

  • Kongo Bongo
    Kongo Bongo Month ago

    1:20-1:25 a break is building.

  • anjopag31
    anjopag31 Month ago

    "Okay, time to watch a little TVclip-"
    "What is this?! Who are you?"
    "IS ME, _YOO TOOB!_ "
    "I don't think you're all of TVclip; what is this? What's going o-"

  • Toaster
    Toaster Month ago +1

    Family guy is fucking horrible.

  • lesternomo
    lesternomo Month ago

    TVclip Really Recommends TVclip Really Recommends Family Guy

  • Alex
    Alex Month ago +2

    _hellow im the youtubes i know you will love this compilation of vines that cures cancer!!_
    oh. no?
    _well, what about this huge playlist of memes that you are gonna regret clicking_

    • overclockeador
      overclockeador Month ago +1

      I actually watched the "memes that stops me from ending it all" or something like that.

  • Anthony Ravelo
    Anthony Ravelo Month ago

    Happy birthday, gub.

  • The Runaway Project

    How I Found This Video:
    *scrolls through TVclip*
    *a wild Recommended Family Guy - Topic appears*
    *I frantically reach for my analog to avoid it*
    *spots this video*
    *forever sees family guy EVERG refresh now*

  • themagicalemo
    themagicalemo Month ago

    gUs yEstErDaY (the day you posted this) wAs mY sIxTEenTh biRtHdAy aNd iM haVinG aN eXisTeNTiaL cRiSiS iM jUsT anOthEr yeAr CloSeR tO dEaTH aND rEsPOnsiBiliTies thAt aRe beYonD mY conTroL hElP mE

  • Christopher Baby
    Christopher Baby Month ago

    And that mans name? Albert "Gus Johnson" Einstein.

  • Collob Collins
    Collob Collins Month ago

    (Seth McFarland's cybernetic drones): *Posts slightly edited episodes of Family Guy at 10 frames per second.* (TVclip): "Acceptable."

    (Anyone): *Play's 6 seconds of anything that isn't royalty free music* (TVclip): *Shits its pants twice and flags the video immediately.*

  • William Parker
    William Parker Month ago

    Yep... That TVclip... Unfortunately.

  • Justin Why?
    Justin Why? Month ago

    You always make my day :,)

  • jonker
    jonker Month ago

    0:55 "Like, isn't this copyrighted stuff?"
    "YUP! But I'll speed it up a little bit just fuhyou!"

  • Derrick Janzen
    Derrick Janzen Month ago

    I was waiting for him to pull out the lofi chill beats 24/7 streams

  • avigail
    avigail Month ago

    literally had a meg video on this video. fuck. can't say i didn't click on it though

  • Nathan D'Allen
    Nathan D'Allen Month ago

    Very true, Gus, Very true. TVclip recommends Family Guy...along with make-up tutorials...

  • 2%5
    2%5 Month ago

    This video did not help my recommended

  • TheNikoVille
    TheNikoVille Month ago

    I think you misspelled Lofi beats to study too

    ITS IVAN Month ago

    I got a topic- Family Guy recommendation on youtube and your video was there lmao

  • Wolfin
    Wolfin Month ago

    It's meeee, MONTIZON!

  • LockwoodE3
    LockwoodE3 Month ago

    That one killed me

  • collin collindhart
    collin collindhart Month ago

    Are you blind?

    Only to the consumer

  • 陳Connor
    陳Connor Month ago +2

    Nothing like a Family Guy video in the sidebar.

  • Reecopolis
    Reecopolis Month ago

    To rid yourself of this curse you have to hit not interested then for a reason why put because of the channel i dont like the video and i dont want recomendations from this video to every one you see

  • Max Dabski
    Max Dabski Month ago +1


  • Physical Manifestation of Cancer

    I don't think my monitor supports full-hq...

  • Xeno Dude
    Xeno Dude Month ago

    What was the briefcase

  • Joey Di Franco
    Joey Di Franco Month ago

    Up next: Brian Becomes A Corrupt Cop - Family Guy

  • Alec Frazier
    Alec Frazier Month ago

    You look a lot like Scotty Kilmer in this video.

  • Dollarluigi #LocaliseDGS1&2

    Too accurate lmao.

  • Max hamburgler
    Max hamburgler Month ago

    this is so incredibly true it hurts

  • Psychopath
    Psychopath Month ago

    "are you blind?" ... "only to the consumer! :D" - realist representation of TVclip 2K18 lul

  • Austin Molitor
    Austin Molitor Month ago

    Don't forget Kitchen Nightmare episodes.

  • #bringbackSchutzstaffel

    Dear god, what have you done...NOW THERE FAMILY GUY EVERYWHERE! HELP!

  • Ryan McArthur
    Ryan McArthur Month ago

    Anybody wanna make a "I put Spongebob music over..." out of this?

  • The Rhino
    The Rhino Month ago +1

    while watching this I reralised that family guy was first on the recommended. Nice one youtube

    • James Stuart
      James Stuart Month ago

      I like licking the assholes of mutilated tree spirits with unshaved pussy cheese, and UNWAXED SCROTAL SACS

  • Tom D
    Tom D Month ago

    Lol he looks like Scotty Kilmer

  • Jonathan Baird
    Jonathan Baird Month ago

    Great now youtube is recommending me family guy. Thanks Gus!

  • Isak C
    Isak C Month ago +1

    under this video there’s a family guy video