YouTube Really Recommends Family Guy

  • Published on Jun 14, 2018
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Comments • 979

  • Gus Johnson
    Gus Johnson  3 months ago +1373

    much like tubetube recommends family guy clips, i would highly recommend this cool new twitter account i found @Gusbuckets

    • Jason Day
      Jason Day 20 days ago

      Gus I have that same briefcase

    • Joshua Ingobo
      Joshua Ingobo Month ago

      Gus Johnson TVclip always recommend random videos that we do or don’t want to watch because it’s either interesting or just nonsense.

    • iSal
      iSal 3 months ago

      Gus Johnson dawg you really need to consider doing a scotty kilmer parody cuz with those glasses you look uncanny

    • Ballin Like Stalin
      Ballin Like Stalin 3 months ago

      Gus Johnson I jack off to your videos and usually finish at the 30 second mark

    • x x
      x x 3 months ago

      Dislike. How salty can someone be.

  • whatagreatname aye
    whatagreatname aye 2 days ago

    Scotty Kilmer over here haha haha end me

  • theoneandonly
    theoneandonly 4 days ago

    Why can’t they recommend American Dad instead

  • theoneandonly
    theoneandonly 4 days ago

    Does the same for me... damn...

  • Sugar m18
    Sugar m18 9 days ago +1

    “Are you blind?”
    “Only to the consumer!”
    The most accurate description of TVclip ever

  • Mac Ter
    Mac Ter 15 days ago

    We got some Johnny Johnny 24-7 live streams in here too

  • Some Random Human
    Some Random Human 16 days ago

    1:16 Damn i can compre him to hall monitor helen from brandon rogers and him and i will still can’t tell the difference

  • StealthyBird
    StealthyBird 20 days ago

    Full HQ

  • WrongGaspump
    WrongGaspump 20 days ago

    I'm afraid that liking this video may make the TVclip algorithm recommend even more Family Guy.

  • BakerOnTnT
    BakerOnTnT 22 days ago

    2 family guy recommended vids in my recommended

  • Rich Crim
    Rich Crim 22 days ago

    Don't forget family guy videos that have the title "she has a secret" and similar shit.

  • Justin Vlogs
    Justin Vlogs 22 days ago

    I laughed so hard at this I hurt myself.

  • ShellShock794
    ShellShock794 23 days ago

    It took two months but I'm pretty sure that channel got shut down. I don't see it anymore

  • Tyler Miller
    Tyler Miller 25 days ago +1

    Kinda ironic that TVclip recommended 3 family guy clips to this video

  • Sudden
    Sudden 25 days ago

    "meg doesn't have a shirt in this one, OOOOOOOOHHH"

  • Wolven Throne
    Wolven Throne 25 days ago

    0:32 I rewatched this moment like twelve times just for the look in his eyes after the glasses fell

  • chrisl0081234
    chrisl0081234 27 days ago

    You should do a parody of Scotty Kilmer. I know you aren’t a car guy but your TVclip recommends guy reminds me of Scotty kilmer. And the best part of parodying Scotty kilmer, you do NOT need to know anything about cars. Just answer every question with Toyota Celica good everything else bad.

  • Palaxy
    Palaxy 28 days ago


  • The last waterbender
    The last waterbender 28 days ago

    Just fo youuuuu

  • Zap Actionsdower
    Zap Actionsdower 28 days ago

    'why are you wearing those glasses, are you blind?!' "ONLY TO THE CONSUM'A!" the truth is all too real in this video!

  • CLUE
    CLUE 28 days ago

    forgot to mention showing full movies out of order in 60 fps

  • O Kleem
    O Kleem Month ago

    Are you blind?


  • Trevor Junt
    Trevor Junt Month ago

    Literally have a Family Guy recommendation under this video.

  • Squirrel & Wesson
    Squirrel & Wesson Month ago

    I'd go for some Spongebob lol

  • RyanKin
    RyanKin Month ago

    Please do more of these

  • TotallyNotGio
    TotallyNotGio Month ago


  • Vertical Sombrero
    Vertical Sombrero Month ago

    Why DID they push family guy so hard for that time? That was weird lol

  • peachy
    peachy Month ago

    sam hyde in the recommended gus is a bro

  • Tony Gunk
    Tony Gunk Month ago

    I wish me and my brother made videos

  • A Rodriguez
    A Rodriguez Month ago

    Fairly Oddparents too

  • ThatFinalDomino
    ThatFinalDomino Month ago

    Family Guy is pretty cool, but not as great as aspirin.

  • According to all known laws of aviation

    My WebM compilation #5
    Forgotten vines that end depression compilation
    CUTE animals funny cats that make you Laugh
    LoFi hippity hop 24/7 relax/chill beats LIVE
    Just a portion of the wonderful content youtube recommends

  • Andrew Johnson
    Andrew Johnson Month ago

    Sooooooooooooooo friggin acurate

  • AceGec3D
    AceGec3D Month ago

    Is that Scotty Kilmer?

  • Filip Rank
    Filip Rank Month ago

    Family guy , not even once

  • Sean Hollander
    Sean Hollander Month ago

    ironic... youtube could recommend this video about youtube recommending family guy videos, but it could not stop itself from recommending more family guy videos

  • Dustinjr1993
    Dustinjr1993 Month ago

    I see more of those fucking 4 minute clips of family guy, so annoying

  • S.R.
    S.R. Month ago

    And u wonder y it’s demonetized

  • always luvedtobeluved

    I don't like garbage I like turtles

  • Captain Capellini
    Captain Capellini Month ago

    Who remembers when it was the "Kid tries to buy a condom" video that came up on your suggested videos for months on end

  • The Armadilliest One

    I just now got these off of my recommended...

  • LaMortaGaming
    LaMortaGaming Month ago

    0:39 priceless

  • Nate Ayers
    Nate Ayers Month ago

    I didn’t know Scotty Kilmer was all of TVclip.

  • Benjamin Caulfield
    Benjamin Caulfield Month ago

    The fuck you just say about Spongebob

  • Goat
    Goat Month ago

    so i wasnt the only one

  • Tyler Simmons
    Tyler Simmons Month ago

    The autoplay video after this one was a Family Guy Funny Moments video.

  • Vera Lucille
    Vera Lucille Month ago

    This is amazing lol

  • Homework Radio
    Homework Radio Month ago

    "Full HQ"

  • Blazrrr -
    Blazrrr - Month ago

    I fuckin knew that spongebob was coming at the end!

  • K kore
    K kore Month ago

    You looked like Scotty Kilmer at the begining.

  • Anima
    Anima Month ago

    this is your best video

  • RemTreeFiddy
    RemTreeFiddy Month ago

    quality upload

  • LongingEngine06
    LongingEngine06 Month ago

    no one talks about the peppa pig uploads...

  • ShadeUnderTheSoul
    ShadeUnderTheSoul Month ago

    Peeeeetah! Why does Stewie sound like a bot flyyyy?

  • paulmaartin
    paulmaartin Month ago

    If you are a patrician you get king of the hill

  • fat biscuit boi
    fat biscuit boi Month ago

    full HQQQQQQQ 😂😂

  • maxmetalknight
    maxmetalknight Month ago

    My god, I had to watch a creepypasta video, just so that creepy and disturbing video recommendations would finally move family guy videos away. Good to hear I'm not the only one...

  • Tyler Griffin
    Tyler Griffin Month ago

    1:19 is my favorite, I love the dude holding the camera just cracking up under pressure

  • yoshendo
    yoshendo Month ago

    TVclip: stop reviewing content under fair use becuase you used a 2 second clip of a 30 year old movie
    Also youtube: FAMILY GUY LIVE STREAM 24/7 HQ

  • Flahoo ?
    Flahoo ? Month ago

    You click one family guy clip, and it is over for recommended.

  • AJ Patterson
    AJ Patterson Month ago

    FEEMELY GUY 24/7

  • earth is not a donut

    im a gay fish

  • Keagan Clark
    Keagan Clark Month ago

    You collect cassette tapes??

  • Strontiummuffin
    Strontiummuffin Month ago

    "are you blind"
    "only to the consumer"
    I did a spat up my drink because its too fucking true.


    Ill stick to my King Of The Hill live streams

  • Altima NEO
    Altima NEO Month ago

    It keeps recommending me family guy clips, justice league clips and 24/7 live streams of rick and morty

  • Maax Dee
    Maax Dee Month ago

    You know when you find someone so funny that you have to re-work your entire sense of humor..... yeah.....

  • Reinhart Arts
    Reinhart Arts Month ago

    They recommend some really “family friendly content”. Nice one YT

  • Harrison Ressler
    Harrison Ressler Month ago

    I should be this guy (aka TVclip) for halloween

  • OntheFront
    OntheFront Month ago +1

    what I hate is the most is that peppa pig stream

  • Gringus Bingus
    Gringus Bingus Month ago

    Meg doesnt have a shirt OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  • Zudexa
    Zudexa Month ago

    Honestly I really have been enjoying the family guy streams. Even though they're shit quality and mostly just clips it helps me get to bed when I don't have hulu.

  • ZyxthePest
    ZyxthePest Month ago

    Nightmare fuel

  • ZAP
    ZAP Month ago

    I watch one family guy video AND THERES 12 IN MY RECOMINDATION

  • Masonly
    Masonly Month ago

    Gus looks like he’s about to drop some hot automotive advice

  • Tyler
    Tyler Month ago

    I've Never been recommended family Guy by TVclip. Groom Adventures of Billy and Mandy, and Ed Edd and Eddy are the only shows I've ever seen recommended. It's based on your specific taste and selection of TVclip comment dudes...

  • Mitty
    Mitty Month ago


  • SNIperofDARKness02
    SNIperofDARKness02 Month ago

    It's true.

  • Bring Me More Booze

    this is what really killed xxxtentacion

  • Keaton Smith
    Keaton Smith Month ago


  • Martin der Tolle
    Martin der Tolle Month ago

    I recommend family guy

  • A Mentally Challenged Medic-

    There are so many cartoon livestreams these days, it's hard not to see one

    but, at least, there was one about Billy and Mandy, so i'm not complaining

  • Marlamaine
    Marlamaine Month ago

    “Are you blind?”
    “Only to the consumer!”

  • river runner
    river runner Month ago


  • Files
    Files Month ago


  • SG pro
    SG pro Month ago

    It keeps recommending me human recreation videos

  • FantarCro
    FantarCro Month ago

    It keeps you glued to the screen because you keep watching family guy and American dad clips

  • Infame de Patates
    Infame de Patates Month ago

    true PATRICIANS only watch futurama 24/7 livestreams

  • DrewskiTheLegend
    DrewskiTheLegend Month ago

    Oh it’s not just me then. I really don’t like Family Guy and I constantly tell them I don’t want to watch it, but it always recommends it to me.

  • Cory Mck
    Cory Mck Month ago +1

    Can't relate

  • Swagons
    Swagons Month ago


  • Jayfive276
    Jayfive276 Month ago

    But how do these fuckers upload clips from Family Guy without copyright bots getting them?

  • Evan Pearson
    Evan Pearson Month ago

    He just looks like Scotty Kilmer

  • ahrdgi
    ahrdgi Month ago

    Scotty Kilmer?

  • slenderface123
    slenderface123 Month ago

    It would be funnier if it was true.

    Oh wait.

  • Darkreaper800
    Darkreaper800 Month ago

    OMG I thought I was the only person with this problem, no matter how many videos you say your not interested in, family Guy videos just keep popping back up, I actively have to make sure my feed is not bombarded by that crap

  • laok
    laok Month ago

    i look away from Family Guy to see how bad it is im part of the problem

  • Mitch McCann
    Mitch McCann Month ago

    I had that cassette briefcase

  • Philip Hanhurst
    Philip Hanhurst Month ago

    I'm contacting Seth Macfarlane. They need to make a Family Guy version of this.

  • RamblinRob
    RamblinRob Month ago

    My suggestions in a nutshell.