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  • Rosanna Pansino
    Rosanna Pansino  6 months ago +1155

    I hope you enjoy today's new video! What movie are you most excited to see this year? 😊💕

  • Amiyah Steele
    Amiyah Steele Hour ago

    And the movie

  • Amiyah Steele
    Amiyah Steele Hour ago

    I love you

  • june lacerna
    june lacerna 11 days ago +1


  • Jade Thiel-Maiz
    Jade Thiel-Maiz 11 days ago


  • Aden Lambarena
    Aden Lambarena 11 days ago

    Row you should make a house with a clocke with in it's walls themed cake

  • Amari' Danner
    Amari' Danner 13 days ago

    Can you make Valentine's day cake

  • Dragon Knight
    Dragon Knight 13 days ago

    Great cake, looks delicious. Good cosplay, you actually look like Lara Croft.

  • Rizwana Rehman
    Rizwana Rehman 13 days ago

    dora themed cake

  • mario tomic
    mario tomic 14 days ago

    Instagram cake

  • sheikh11975
    sheikh11975 15 days ago

    can you please show how to make frosting for cake cupcakes etc. thankyou

  • Sean Abijay
    Sean Abijay 18 days ago

    Xoxoxo be my darling

  • Mad Musician
    Mad Musician 20 days ago

    Deep breaths into the matter as if you're passive smoking LOL

  • CoolKids
    CoolKids 20 days ago

    Spongebob squarepants themed!!!!

  • BxItterWolf
    BxItterWolf 22 days ago

    I had a tomb raider ad before this

  • Roxana Toledo
    Roxana Toledo 22 days ago

    What do you do to the cake when your done with it??

  • Savannah Barry
    Savannah Barry 22 days ago

    Please make something Black Panther themed

  • D K
    D K 23 days ago

    Tomb raider is what she says but what I see is Moana necklace and temple run temple but who cares everybody loves Rosanna

  • Simryn Shah
    Simryn Shah 23 days ago +1

    make a minecraft person

  • Princess LR
    Princess LR 24 days ago

    can you do something from the greatest showman?

  • Flareon king
    Flareon king 24 days ago

    Now SpongeBob is homeless

    but it was worth it

  • Sean Abijay
    Sean Abijay 24 days ago

    Will you marry me Rosanna Pansino

  • Sean Abijay
    Sean Abijay 24 days ago

    Be my wife forever

  • Peach O Puppy
    Peach O Puppy 26 days ago

    Who else her just watches her videos but never makes the treats? 😂😂😋

  • Andreea Butaru
    Andreea Butaru 26 days ago

    How can this woman be 30 😍

  • Tanuj Mathur
    Tanuj Mathur 26 days ago

    Can you make a jumanji cake please

  • BandM Gaming
    BandM Gaming 28 days ago

    How does she make those

  • Caliboo Baby
    Caliboo Baby 29 days ago

    Tomb raider is the best

  • puppeyloveygirl
    puppeyloveygirl 29 days ago

    Unlike Ro, I don’t like pineapple, but I still the cake would taste amazing 😋

  • Habeebah Akaloo
    Habeebah Akaloo Month ago


  • Weirdo Club
    Weirdo Club Month ago

    I love this movie

    ALEXA LABAO Month ago

    I have this game

  • Itz Mel
    Itz Mel Month ago +1

    The Bermuda Triangle is very weird and paranormal I would never go there... :0

  • Athena rose Marcelino

    Bts pleaae

  • SUGBMixez
    SUGBMixez Month ago

    I love dessertified mesoamerican architecture

  • Zedrick Quejado
    Zedrick Quejado Month ago

    I have a tomb rider movie

  • Berkley Schwarz
    Berkley Schwarz Month ago

    I ♥️♥️♥️U!!!!!!

  • Avery Boldt
    Avery Boldt Month ago

    Can you make something egg free? I am highly allergic to eggs.

  • euklid gjini
    euklid gjini Month ago

    yeahhhhhhhhh bbbbbbb

  • Roselyn Avila
    Roselyn Avila Month ago

    Can u make a battle bus cake from Fortnite or something related to Fortnite

  • Frosty
    Frosty Month ago

    You should make a fortnite cake

  • Badvil Is good!
    Badvil Is good! Month ago

    I love ur desserts I watch them every day

  • João Paulo
    João Paulo Month ago

    ta parecendo um bolo de bosta

    UNICORN SQUAD Month ago

    What do you do when you're done with the cake

  • Isabella El dorado
    Isabella El dorado Month ago

    So do we eat the straws?

  • Laura Moron
    Laura Moron Month ago

    You should go on the netflix show ; Sugar Rush

  • Torie Johnson-Pratt

    Fnaf 6 with Markiplier

  • Shariah Dudley
    Shariah Dudley Month ago

    I got a question do you ever get tired?

  • Marwa Alyaffai
    Marwa Alyaffai Month ago

    Moana cake plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!

  • rainbow city boggs
    rainbow city boggs Month ago

    I want that for my bday

  • joshua Evangelista
    joshua Evangelista Month ago

    Could u make a fairy tale cake plz🤤❤️

  • Graham Clifford
    Graham Clifford Month ago

    That is amazing Rosanne

  • Sophia Garcia
    Sophia Garcia Month ago

    You should be on cake war

  • TVWatch S
    TVWatch S Month ago

    Do a really big pine apple cake with real pineapple in it

  • TVWatch S
    TVWatch S Month ago

    PINEAPPLE SQUAD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • John Noguera
    John Noguera Month ago

    dinasor cace🐊

  • John Noguera
    John Noguera Month ago

    dinasor cace🐊

  • John Noguera
    John Noguera Month ago

    dinasor cace🐊

  • Christie Griskevich

    Can you do a jumanji themed cake

  • SaveMeMoon
    SaveMeMoon Month ago

    I get that this cake if more about the design, but that is literally just a lot of sponge and buttercream... In my country that would barely be justified as a cake.

  • Isabella Smith
    Isabella Smith Month ago +1

    This was made six days before my birthday

  • Isabella Smith
    Isabella Smith Month ago +1


  • Juanita Valenzuela
    Juanita Valenzuela Month ago +1

    Make a black panther cake

  • Juanita Valenzuela
    Juanita Valenzuela Month ago

    Make a Joker and Harley Quinn themed wedding cake

  • Juanita Valenzuela
    Juanita Valenzuela Month ago

    Make a joker themed cake with Harley Quinn and Joker at the top of the cake getting married

  • Fun with Kaavya Fun with me

    What is a need of putting a straw

    • marlander X
      marlander X Month ago

      Fun with Kaavya Fun with me it works as a support beam

  • Devan-Ji Nez
    Devan-Ji Nez 2 months ago

    Never noticed this came out on my Birthday 🔥

  • Tania Audia-Espinoza (2019)

    To your cakes look so good I wish I could have some of your baked goodies

  • Chris Laroe1
    Chris Laroe1 2 months ago

    love your vids

  • Bismark Velasquez
    Bismark Velasquez 2 months ago

    Make a black panther cake

  • Charize Ann Adolfo
    Charize Ann Adolfo 2 months ago

    how about disney princess cake please

  • Izzy’s World
    Izzy’s World 2 months ago +1

    Ro could you please make something escape the night themed? Love you so much and pineapple cake looks delicious

  • Kayden Baque
    Kayden Baque 2 months ago


  • Krysten Herbert
    Krysten Herbert 2 months ago +2

    hotel trensavania 3

  • Cookie crumbles
    Cookie crumbles 2 months ago

    I'm with Chinazo Machie, do self portrate cake

  • Emilyn Finch
    Emilyn Finch 2 months ago

    Brownie skyscraper with rice crispy treat antenna

  • Jaiden Bricco
    Jaiden Bricco 2 months ago

    I love your cooking and I even like cooking too!

  • Mythic Windy
    Mythic Windy 2 months ago

    I love pineapple cakes

  • Just sippen Some tea
    Just sippen Some tea 2 months ago

    I’m hungry now.

  • Pokemon Lover
    Pokemon Lover 2 months ago +1

    Can u make Liza koshy eyebrow cookies

  • Circe Berkel
    Circe Berkel 2 months ago

    Is it just me or does anyone else eat something chocolatey while watching baking shows, or nerdy nummies?😂😂😂

  • Anthony Rivera
    Anthony Rivera 2 months ago

    So cool

  • Guada G
    Guada G 2 months ago

    I haven't watched her in ALOTTT of years and she became a even better baker😊she was already good but I think she got better💜

  • Anivea’s World
    Anivea’s World 2 months ago

    You should make a slime cake

  • Junien Kintin
    Junien Kintin 2 months ago

    (This a pardoy of a spongebob line) CAKE CAKE CAKEEE!!!

  • Junien Kintin
    Junien Kintin 2 months ago

    Boy to i like cake

  • Piper Lynch
    Piper Lynch 2 months ago

    Why did you SpongeBob‘s house

  • Joe Ibrahim
    Joe Ibrahim 2 months ago

    You should go in nailed it

  • Whaley Walters
    Whaley Walters 2 months ago

    I just watched tomb raider

  • Zyan Tullao
    Zyan Tullao 2 months ago

    can you do a fortnite themed cake or a rules of survival themed cake
    BTW love you so much

  • Dakota Therrien
    Dakota Therrien 2 months ago

    what do you do with all this cake? do you eat them.

  • Dotti Linderman
    Dotti Linderman 2 months ago

    Yarrow make something from greatest showman

  • Marisa Farula
    Marisa Farula 2 months ago

    In escape the night u are ur own survivor

  • Creedence Wood
    Creedence Wood 2 months ago

    Wrestling themed

  • kids hadlock
    kids hadlock 2 months ago

    A red panda it is my favorite animal

  • Kalinda Crook
    Kalinda Crook 2 months ago

    Can you do a Fortnite cake like if you won’t a Fortnite cake too 👍🏼❤️

  • Some one
    Some one 2 months ago

    Happy 10 million ro

  • Fun with Crystal
    Fun with Crystal 2 months ago

    Please do something wreck it Ralph themed BTW i tried this yummmmmm

  • Mishael Anjum
    Mishael Anjum 2 months ago

    Wreck it Ralph 2

  • Jessica Dickerson
    Jessica Dickerson 2 months ago +1

    Make a flower cake