6 Times Gordon Ramsay Actually LIKED THE FOOD! | Kitchen Nightmares COMPILATION

  • Published on May 6, 2017
    It’s a well known fact that Gordon Ramsay isn’t usually a fan of the cuisine on offer at the Kitchen Nightmares restaurants. However, over the many, many shows there have been a FEW examples of brilliantly cooked and seasoned food. We spent several years trawling through the episodes with a fine tooth-comb and eventually found them. Enjoy.
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  • Kitchen Nightmares
    Kitchen Nightmares  2 years ago +16374

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  • Nicolai Husby
    Nicolai Husby 19 minutes ago

    “6 times Gordon Ramsey liked the food”
    Other videos: 10000 times Gordon Ramsey hated the food

  • omar shoman
    omar shoman 44 minutes ago

    Making food for him must be the most stressful thing ever

  • Evie Visser
    Evie Visser 52 minutes ago

    Love love love the last lady ❤️❤️

  • Kameron McReynolds
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  • Ghjcj Ccjcjc
    Ghjcj Ccjcjc 2 hours ago

    Finally some good fucking food I started busting out laughing

  • Light Yagami
    Light Yagami 2 hours ago +1

    0:56 BADUM!!!!

  • Enziety
    Enziety 2 hours ago

    3:01 I’d feel bad for saying the desert was bad. She’s looked so scared of what his opinion would be (If it was bad)

  • Paul Perez
    Paul Perez 2 hours ago


  • Sina HS
    Sina HS 3 hours ago

    عامویی پاش بیا ایران یه قورمه سبزی بدمت پشمات بریزه

  • Ab Cd
    Ab Cd 3 hours ago

    You dont onow shit avout burgers dude gp back to science dr. Otto Octavius

  • Emerald 919
    Emerald 919 4 hours ago

    "What is that strong taste that I'm tasting?"
    Yeah, I've heard defeat can taste pretty strong

  • Marko
    Marko 5 hours ago

    6 lies scientists still believe

  • V3 Teeny
    V3 Teeny 5 hours ago

    We found where the “delicious, finally some good fucking food.” Meme came from!!

  • Saealkaabii SaeIsHere
    Saealkaabii SaeIsHere 5 hours ago


  • Phet Pham
    Phet Pham 6 hours ago

    2:02 when you’re trying to choke down that food your aunt made you

  • USA
    USA 6 hours ago

    Nothing better Impressing an "honest" seasoned pro!!!!!!

  • smithologist
    smithologist 7 hours ago

    That lady at the end made my day, she is so happy!

  • Matej Ribnikar
    Matej Ribnikar 7 hours ago

    "I could take a picture of this plate" had me dying

  • Paulo Duhart
    Paulo Duhart 8 hours ago +1

    their so T E N D E R

  • MD Gaming
    MD Gaming 8 hours ago +4

    Top 10 scariest anime moment

  • Miguel Rafael Landicho

    i like momma cherii's food my mouth is watering

  • Miguel Rafael Landicho

    black people is good at cooking

  • Physics Mathematician
    Physics Mathematician 12 hours ago

    (Fake cough) "What is that strong taste that I'm tasting?" 😂😂😂

  • SourKingYT
    SourKingYT 13 hours ago

    2:00 bruh that cough is more fake than my life 😂😂😂😂

  • kuronja123 lolmana
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  • Kitty Cat
    Kitty Cat 13 hours ago

    Why does he like desserts more

  • one two many
    one two many 13 hours ago

    Finally. Som good frikin food.

  • Hey, stob it!
    Hey, stob it! 15 hours ago

    *Yall know its good when Gordon takes another bite*

  • Mr_ ImMinseok
    Mr_ ImMinseok 15 hours ago +1

    Lady: *cries in kill me lord*
    _i hope he likes it_

  • Armani Webb
    Armani Webb 16 hours ago

    Chef: So Ramsey was it terrible or great?
    Ramsey: Yes

  • Comfy Sloth-Hugz
    Comfy Sloth-Hugz 16 hours ago

    Gordon:Gets SPECIAL BURGER “Delicious”
    Me:Gets Crappy Sandwitch “OmG ThIs Is ThE BeST ThINg I HaVe HaD iN a YeAr”

  • Prohyas Warrior
    Prohyas Warrior 16 hours ago

    *lego set contains small parts*
    1-3 year olds: "finally some good fucking food"

  • Circuits
    Circuits 18 hours ago

    Gordon:Eats A lot of food
    *Fit and heathy*
    Me:Eats a lot of food
    *Fat as hell*

  • fluffy water
    fluffy water 18 hours ago

    and i oop-

  • Draven Ocklost
    Draven Ocklost 19 hours ago

    That last part
    "Reminds me of my mom"
    Probably on of the greatest compliment, the only thing that can be greater than that (usually) is if it reminds someone of their grandparent

  • brunzmeflugen
    brunzmeflugen 20 hours ago

    That momma cherri moment almost makes me cry. What a lovely woman

  • kgunitkeese17
    kgunitkeese17 21 hour ago

    These 6 moments is when we all learn a valuable lesson in how to cook food: cook it with love and passion. The times Gordon likes it is because the cooks are showing dedication in what they're making. Mama Mary for the red velvet cake is a wonderful, cute, beautiful and tender example.

  • Cutes sleep
    Cutes sleep 21 hour ago



  • VirgilTheMob
    VirgilTheMob 22 hours ago

    I love it when these "medium rare" elitists finally understand the point of not cooking meat too much is to keep it juicy not make it look red.

  • Kinect Sand
    Kinect Sand 22 hours ago +4

    Gordon gives out more kisses then my parents give to me

  • I'm your child
    I'm your child 23 hours ago

    Mama Cherry served like all of it was good food! You can tell that they put love into that food

  • MemeCraft For Life


  • Riko Saikawa
    Riko Saikawa Day ago

    I make the best zucchini bread. I put love and lolis in it

  • MrCandyfloss
    MrCandyfloss Day ago +1

    2:59 ;)

  • Jeff Dranetz
    Jeff Dranetz Day ago

    The English version of the show seemed more about good chefs who were bad business operators. Yes, there were bad cooks, but not hopelessly bad. With the US shows, it was more sensational. Many of these restaurants were lost causes before Gordon walked in the door. The last show with the woman in the US flag bandana, was actually an English episode. She operated in Brighton, England.

  • Lumunite
    Lumunite Day ago

    Suck on this burger jim and Allan 😂

  • Lumunite
    Lumunite Day ago

    I am a medium rare girl 😂

  • xxbroxx
    xxbroxx Day ago +1

    Lady:**fake coughs** "what is that strong taste I'm tasting"

  • Fodelta the Fox
    Fodelta the Fox Day ago

    3:00 finally some good fu**ing food

  • IIPixel
    IIPixel Day ago +1

    Cant go wrong with dessert!

  • Josh Gerber
    Josh Gerber Day ago

    That velvet cake looks delicious

  • Moist Tortillas
    Moist Tortillas Day ago

    Did He Just Say "You Make Love To That Carrot Cake"?

  • mariyah t
    mariyah t Day ago

    Top 10 cursed videos online

  • LitVines -
    LitVines - Day ago

    2:01 his reaction was funny.

  • Question Mark
    Question Mark Day ago

    Me: *Looks at thumbnail*
    Also Me:Wait that's illegal

  • Donkey loves Shrek

    6 out of few thousand dishes.
    Not surprised

  • Dr.Strange Glove

    "It's not as medium rare as it should be"

  • Eddie's Adventures

    Gordon Ramsey should go to Cinco Lounge in Grantham, the burgers there have never been topped

  • Shagerith Vids
    Shagerith Vids Day ago +1

    2:04 that cough was so fuckin fake

  • Robodubby
    Robodubby Day ago

    she gave the fakest cough i ever saw....BITCH just put it on her tounge and it suddenly makes her cough she pisses me off soo much...bitch might be her last meal before she....(you can finish it however you want)

  • AndreFromRBLX
    AndreFromRBLX Day ago

    Gordon: Thank You, It's Bloody Delicious!
    Lady: Thank You
    Gordon: **Keeps Talking**
    Lady: Thank You
    Gordon: **Still Talking**
    Lady: No, No, No,
    Gordon: *STOP OFF*

  • Islam Rana
    Islam Rana Day ago

    So some people can do it.

  • Dexter Mallari
    Dexter Mallari Day ago

    "What is that strong taste I'm tasting?"
    Uhmmm your breathe ?

  • GAMING WITH julius

    That hard taste is my ass

  • Young Potato
    Young Potato Day ago

    Lady: "hey"
    Gordon: *BLODDY HELL*

  • Micah Chambers
    Micah Chambers Day ago

    She’s a hater 😹

  • Mama Mo
    Mama Mo Day ago

    I feel bad for the cameraman/woman just looking at Gordon eating

  • james Pitt
    james Pitt Day ago

    Chef- "Well I'm getting divorced, so it's the cake or..."
    Gordon- "I'll go for the cake."
    One of the best underhanded burns I've ever heard.

  • Unseen Plague
    Unseen Plague Day ago

    Mary ham does not approve

  • Just Bored
    Just Bored Day ago

    Hello my name is neeeeemmmoooo

  • FairyTail Love
    FairyTail Love Day ago

    Can i get a kiss from gordon? Hayyss my dream husband hahaha

  • Animalsarestuffed 08

    480k Likes BRUH THIS IS AMAZING!!!!

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    thank you, thank you. N-no no no thank you. 5:13

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  • Cassandra Gandia

    0:23 what was that fist bump

  • Alex TLion
    Alex TLion Day ago +19

    Gordon: i ate 14.601.000 food
    Me: How much did you like?
    Gordon: *6*

  • Benji
    Benji Day ago

    Who eats fucking burgers with a fork

  • KO OrangeJuice
    KO OrangeJuice 2 days ago

    3rd one I remember because I remember the two chefs had beef with each other and the lady was a drama queen. And the bad chef did absolutely terrible.

  • Gacha Aries
    Gacha Aries 2 days ago

    Gordon hates the food- 1 hour
    Gordon loves the food- 6 minutes and 2 seconds

  • judy
    judy 2 days ago

    wait. that's illegal.

  • Willy Wonka
    Willy Wonka 2 days ago +3

    2:57 MEME ALERT!!!

  • Jan Jansen
    Jan Jansen 2 days ago

    Almost 😭..so good !

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  • Wee Cheese Gaming
    Wee Cheese Gaming 2 days ago +1

    That taste that your tasting is a good burger

  • Jacob Schiller
    Jacob Schiller 2 days ago

    That Burger Kitchen shit was fuckin' funny. When that bitch started pretending the food wasn't worth shit, I just lost it!

  • Peter Obara
    Peter Obara 2 days ago

    5:46 she got you

  • Acrolein
    Acrolein 2 days ago

    Hes a paid actor

  • Niahluvsmakeup
    Niahluvsmakeup 2 days ago +1

    I love when he kissed mother may😍💖 so sweet

  • Dylan Lani
    Dylan Lani 2 days ago

    LOL at blackberrys you can see a whole in the wall behind gordon when he first sits down, then as he eats it they put a record disc over the hole in the wall😂

    QWERTY QWERTZ 2 days ago

    #Acting 101

  • lol
    lol 2 days ago

    The lower part of Gordon's face looks like Robin Williams.

  • Aye
    Aye 2 days ago

    Gordon is a bit like Eminem. Everyone makes him out to be a potty mouthed twat, but he’s actually a good guy.

  • Khair Nashif
    Khair Nashif 2 days ago

    Old lady :I aM MeDIUm RArE GiRl

  • Karelys Alvarez
    Karelys Alvarez 2 days ago

    3:05 aw lmao

    KRISHNAs RANDOM VIDEOS 2 days ago +4

    You know when someone is hard to please with the food..
    If you have to make an compliation

  • MegaLilgene
    MegaLilgene 2 days ago

    You know why there’s no top 10 is cause there’s only been 6😂

  • Amy Corns
    Amy Corns 2 days ago

    No way I was just watching another video thinking I wonder if he ever liked the food!

  • HyouMix !
    HyouMix ! 2 days ago

    Old hag think she's slick coughing like that lmao...

  • chris not pratt
    chris not pratt 2 days ago

    Mumma always comes thru