David Giving People Cars For 15 Minutes

  • Published on Sep 28, 2018
  • David surprising his friends and family with cars for 15 minutes straight!! Like the video if you enjoyed and don't forget to subscribe for more!!

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  • JustIckyTheGorilla
    JustIckyTheGorilla 19 hours ago +1

    I thought Liza was getting the bentley

  • Project Konstantine
    Project Konstantine 3 days ago

    shoes with a remote control

    .......these are nice shoes

  • Heber Prieto
    Heber Prieto 3 days ago

    My dad would act the same almost the same accent just my dads Mexican

  • Dahyna Duriettz
    Dahyna Duriettz 4 days ago

    Purple 💜

  • lexabitxh_ •
    lexabitxh_ • 5 days ago


  • Poot da dweeb
    Poot da dweeb 5 days ago +1

    Liza: Hey Jonah! 😚
    David: *silently killing himself* 😭

  • Matt Toad
    Matt Toad 6 days ago

    It wasn’t 15 minutes

  • Sabba Sarishvili
    Sabba Sarishvili 11 days ago +1

    Seeing Jason's happy tears is the highlight of my shitty week,!

  • ralph longmore
    ralph longmore 18 days ago

    made me late for work watching this wish I was blessed with a friend like you brother

  • ralph longmore
    ralph longmore 18 days ago

    your awesome brother

  • Questionable Choices Inc.

    Why would you give them a Mercedes if they can’t even afford a car? How are they gonna afford to maintain it.

  • a person with trust issues

    4:17 when he couldn’t talk I lost it 😂😂😂

  • Cesar Huerta The Vegan Skater

    Bro your Dad is very cool!!!

  • Cesar Huerta The Vegan Skater

    yooo Mom said why would you buy him a car!?
    Well i broke his hips lmao!!!!!

  • Filip Ponikiewicz
    Filip Ponikiewicz 27 days ago

    What’s the song in 3:40 ? 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • 10,000 Subscribers With No Video ?

    You can have the Mercedes

    *but I'm getting that blue STI*

  • Piano na Prática - Oficial

    How the fuck you do that? You're stupidly rich?

  • Ladislav
    Ladislav Month ago +1

    when you don't know value of the money. Welcome to the world of annoying youtubers!

  • Efrain Rivas
    Efrain Rivas Month ago

    ( Jasón no u need a house ) 🤣🤣🤣

  • Lucas Lincoln
    Lucas Lincoln Month ago

    These people won't even be able to pay the insurance on their new cars lmao

  • Reverse Dviez
    Reverse Dviez Month ago +1


  • Timmy Henley’s MoM: *Sabrina*

    My birthday just passed ..Drop on by with my birthday present..🤣🤣🤣✌️

  • KIDE zmaj
    KIDE zmaj Month ago

    08:27 that blue subie brooo ufff

  • Matilde Diaz
    Matilde Diaz Month ago


  • Jambo YT
    Jambo YT Month ago

    7:39 I'd take the subie in the background 😍

  • Matt Bessette
    Matt Bessette Month ago

    He said “I’m freaking the fuck out” 😂😂😂

  • Jay Marc
    Jay Marc Month ago +1

    *ahem* the video is only 14:54 seconds long, but the video title claims it to be 15 minutes long, thus' having this video obligated of reporting for misleading.

    jk. I was smiling throughout the while video 😁

  • TheAubis
    TheAubis Month ago

    Dude with seseme t-shirt priceless reaction

  • shannon lines
    shannon lines Month ago

    Who is the guy he got money to burn sorry if I don't no what does he do for a living

  • _____
    _____ Month ago

    Say deceased bum

  • angry brit
    angry brit Month ago

    Gold digger written allover that girl I'd finish any girl who said I'm dating him so his car is mine 🙄

    • HHannah
      HHannah Month ago

      She’s probably richer than him I-

  • Nenad Nedovic
    Nenad Nedovic Month ago

    His dad haha

  • Ari Btw
    Ari Btw Month ago

    David being a good friend

  • Iguana Marijuana
    Iguana Marijuana Month ago

    11:45 LOL "You're about to be executed." 13:21 "Plenty of room for a casket"

  • James Moore
    James Moore Month ago

    Why does arron look like a red ant

  • Mathias Lajmiri
    Mathias Lajmiri Month ago

    E46 M3

  • Dan montenegro
    Dan montenegro Month ago

    David’s dad dressed like Steve Erwin

  • Kendall Jen
    Kendall Jen Month ago

    Selling replays 0:17

  • Mochi Bean
    Mochi Bean Month ago

    I love his dad so much

  • Sara Baker
    Sara Baker Month ago

    I don’t get given a smile these days 🤗

  • Demetria Florence
    Demetria Florence Month ago

    1like = 50 subscribers 💯

  • Sabahudin Huremovic

    I wish I can get something like that. I like seeing people getting cars.

  • Ğaçha Shādøw
    Ğaçha Shādøw 2 months ago

    How the f*ck did jonah think a box felt like a baby bear

  • Joshua Harrover
    Joshua Harrover 2 months ago +4

    First of all, congratulations, and question: how can you afford these cars for these people. Are you telling me that a vlog is lucrative enough to afford multiple cars, including teslas?

  • Cameron Damon
    Cameron Damon 2 months ago

    Jonah has a fantastic taste in cars

  • DanteOfMJisBack
    DanteOfMJisBack 2 months ago

    Nothing like a new car to cheer up one's day!

  • Raid3r
    Raid3r 2 months ago

    Thumbnail had me dying

  • Violet Benson - Too Tired To Be Crazy

    wtf I cried watching this

  • Maile Naomi Riddarskjold
    Maile Naomi Riddarskjold 2 months ago +1

    Jason’s mom is so sweet thoooo 😭😭😭

  • Rari
    Rari 2 months ago

    Need this video lol

  • thomas dolan
    thomas dolan 2 months ago

    Your finally going to get laid lol holy shit, basketball shoes.....with remote control, these are really good shoes lmao

  • smokingkilos13
    smokingkilos13 2 months ago

    I never seen Jonah drive that car

  • Dragon Chap
    Dragon Chap 2 months ago

    does anyone know what car david bought natalie? like the name?

  • Atom Kown
    Atom Kown 2 months ago

    Why tf does he buy so many card

  • carlos pecho
    carlos pecho 2 months ago

    david id a genious he bought her a car before he asked her to marry her i bet it was all part of his master plan lmfao

  • carlos pecho
    carlos pecho 2 months ago +2

    dad's probably thinking .....best nut eva!!!!!!!

  • carlos pecho
    carlos pecho 2 months ago

    he is so honest "i broke his hip" lmfao

  • John 671
    John 671 2 months ago

    everyone in las angeles get off the free way

  • Faze Coco
    Faze Coco 2 months ago

    David really be giving them cars like me beast giving money away

  • Ashley S
    Ashley S 2 months ago

    Yerr jokennn