Jojo Siwa Most Embarassing Moments Ever

  • Published on Dec 22, 2018
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    Jojo Siwa’s career started with Abby Lee Miller - from “Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition” to “Dance Moms,” Jojo became known as the sassy ball of energy that always says what’s on her mind. This, of course, landed her in a lot of trouble and earned her several embarrassing moments. But it’s not just “Dance Moms” - after Jojo left the show and started her vlogs, people began to take notice. From trying to decode her intros to finding out the truth about her height and making fun of her hair, Jojo hasn’t had it easy. But her biggest controversy is actually so shocking, we’re pretty sure you won’t believe it when you hear about it! These are Jojo Siwa’s most embarrassing moments ever!
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Comments • 12 749

  • Alaina Murray
    Alaina Murray 2 hours ago

    This girl is a spoilt ugh I don't like her.

  • Tracy Smith
    Tracy Smith 3 hours ago

    She is really pretty and seems sweet but if she’d just act her age and not wear practically custom fit justice clothes💀 she’s not far from being an adult like fr how long is she gonna keep it up

  • Cost anzo
    Cost anzo 9 hours ago

    Jojo is donnie thornberry irl

  • Clarke Ehrencron
    Clarke Ehrencron 9 hours ago


  • Keon Wetack
    Keon Wetack 12 hours ago

    T gay

    King DEATHBOT 16 hours ago

    Jojo is a 7 year old trapped in a 16 year old body

  • N B
    N B 17 hours ago

    Oh my gosh gogo 😯😦😧😮😲

  • Panda Baby
    Panda Baby 21 hour ago

    I fucking hate jojo siwa.

  • Help me reach 100 subs with no videos

    i like bullying her

  • Noman Sadiq
    Noman Sadiq Day ago

    Jojo's intro is eyo you guys good morning to every single siwanator who is out there in this entire little baby world how's it going today good so glad to hear that

  • Denden Baad
    Denden Baad Day ago

    i like jojo but not that much

  • IcyGamer
    IcyGamer 2 days ago

    She is too old to be acting like this. When she gets into the real world and realizes this shit ain't cute anymore, no one likes her, and she'll never get a job, she'll crumble and become some depressed prostitute on the BLVD. I blame the mother. Who let's their child act like this at 15? When I was 10 I was expected to know taxes, the basics of driving, cooking, clothes washing, etc. The mother is failing here and this isn't something people should laugh at; this girl's gonna have it rough when she turns 18 and loses this 8 year old look and suddenly Target isn't sponsoring her anymore and Dance Moms won't even take her back in their 100th season of bull shit.
    Fyi, I'm younger than her, this isn't bullying, this is the truth.
    Other Fyi; I'm 13.

    • S M
      S M Day ago

      IcyGamer Stfu kid you're 13 and you play minecraft, you'd never survive in the real world, let alone have any social skills in real life

  • Joshua Dell
    Joshua Dell 2 days ago

    She's a big spoiled brat

  • Kylee Mcdonald
    Kylee Mcdonald 3 days ago

    Why am I watching this rn

  • Sexy Taco
    Sexy Taco 3 days ago

    She would be embarrassed when she sees that dick

  • Ye Thwe
    Ye Thwe 3 days ago

    i know her introooooo

  • olivia harston
    olivia harston 3 days ago

    I wonder how JoJo and Colleen Ballinger are related

  • Eden Mccrystal
    Eden Mccrystal 3 days ago

    I remember that video

  • Estefany
    Estefany 3 days ago

    i was cringe as hell when i was young

  • courtney june
    courtney june 3 days ago

    They literally don’t even show anything, just explain what the fuck

  • Lina BTSBP
    Lina BTSBP 3 days ago

    She gets hated on for literally breathing.Let the poor child live her life smh.

  • Faith Clovis
    Faith Clovis 3 days ago +3

    I don’t think we should be criticizing people like this. After all, we all have our flaws. Plus! She’s quite young too. She’s still learning.

  • braxton guthrie
    braxton guthrie 3 days ago

    whats really embarrassing is making fun of 15 year old girl cause she having fun make weird youtube videos. Probably cause she had a lot of press put on her a kid. TVclip is becoming just as sad as facebook. i honestly figure since social media has been a thing basically since 2005 over 10 years ago that shit would have turned out better and now shitty videos like this one.

  • Ava Mchale
    Ava Mchale 3 days ago

    Jojo siwa has no embarrassing moments

  • Mizu _03
    Mizu _03 4 days ago

    And that’s why you shouldn’t let kids get famous

    Cuz when they grow up, you already have ruined their life’s :)

  • Aubrey's Diary
    Aubrey's Diary 4 days ago

    She is act Like A Kid

  • Andie Rincon
    Andie Rincon 4 days ago

    Ok literally I’ve never seen JoJo with her hair down like for reals 5:11

  • Tractors 101
    Tractors 101 4 days ago

    Also, obviously JoJo says this in her intro: ahvjejjskfh sjfhs fhrjehf djfjejff ejgahejfj...

  • Galactic Wolfy
    Galactic Wolfy 4 days ago

    I decoded her intro it's...


  • Tsukki :3
    Tsukki :3 4 days ago

    Where are my JoJo's bizarre adventure fans?

  • Madelyn Mccluskey
    Madelyn Mccluskey 5 days ago

    I think she stinks like poop.

  • jaemaesmom
    jaemaesmom 5 days ago +4

    And people say Eminem is the rap god.


  • Hazel Reed
    Hazel Reed 5 days ago +3

    i have something to say about jojo siwa

    dat hairline tho

  • madi easton
    madi easton 5 days ago

    Wow this video is really making fun of a child

  • Downright Clueless
    Downright Clueless 5 days ago

    Tap is my favorite...

  • CrizpeeBiskwit Heyo
    CrizpeeBiskwit Heyo 5 days ago +1

    Her hairline is worse than my dads....................

    And he’s bald oof

  • Mona Hammonds
    Mona Hammonds 5 days ago

    i do not like her

  • Marin Thurman
    Marin Thurman 5 days ago

    I hate Jojo because she acts like she is the center of attention but she isn’t. She also acts like she is a kid she need to grow up she is a freakin teenager.

  • Can'tMiss Everblack
    Can'tMiss Everblack 5 days ago

    Shes just a kid. Give her a break

  • Can'tMiss Everblack
    Can'tMiss Everblack 5 days ago

    Love jojo

  • Fariha Mohamed Hilmy

    This is pure embarrassment! Jojo has got to learn how to grow up 😒

  • WorldWideHandsome
    WorldWideHandsome 6 days ago

    *omg Jojo is so bratty*

  • A Moufou
    A Moufou 6 days ago

    Wait WTF is that.. who said its a good idea to make such a cringy show...

  • Ava The Potato
    Ava The Potato 6 days ago

    Jojo was always cringy and will always be

  • Hiya
    Hiya 6 days ago +1


  • Maha Shah
    Maha Shah 7 days ago

    The worst part is that she is still famous. Someone please tell me what talent she has on the basis of which she is famous?

  • animal_ lover290509
    animal_ lover290509 7 days ago +1

    that’s mean to do about Jojo

  • Unknown _
    Unknown _ 7 days ago

    I wish someone would go and tell jojo to go onto a tv show and to were her hair down

  • Sadie Blue
    Sadie Blue 7 days ago

    This poor kid is being ruined. Her hair has even receaded from wearing those tight ponytails with bows. Let her be a normal teenager!!!! Quit making her dress and act 8. It will mess her up in the long run. How many Disney stars turn into troubled young adults because they were not allowed to act their age. The same will happen to jojo.

  • Kitcat_gamer 101
    Kitcat_gamer 101 8 days ago +1

    I speak Jojo Siwa's language.
    Her intro:
    Want me to translate? press read more!

    "Hi guys its jojo im such a brat and am ruining my hairline. My hairline is worst than an average grandpas and i am incredibly tall for my age so that makes me a bratty bald giant."

  • Spa rabbit's Universe

    She seriously messed up, and very spoiled

  • Kelly Fraser
    Kelly Fraser 8 days ago +1

    Don’t worry jojo I love tou

  • Jaidyn Rivera
    Jaidyn Rivera 8 days ago

    In Jojo's, she says: HEY EVERYONE WELCOME BACK TO MY TVclip CHANNEL TODAY! And then says what she's doing it took me less than a minute

  • Cleo n’ Carly
    Cleo n’ Carly 8 days ago +1

    What’s JoJos natural hair colour

  • calligraphy artist
    calligraphy artist 8 days ago


  • Jenny H
    Jenny H 9 days ago

    Its embarrassing that the title is spelled wrong

  • Anonymous User
    Anonymous User 9 days ago +1

    Nice hair horseteeth

  • qwe rty
    qwe rty 9 days ago +1

    Hey everyone it's Jojo! Welcome back to my channel!!-she says

  • Emsships EMS
    Emsships EMS 9 days ago +1

    This was kind of mean to jojo

  • Kimberly Simmons
    Kimberly Simmons 10 days ago

    Jojo your awesome

  • E D
    E D 10 days ago


  • Preety Passion Hub
    Preety Passion Hub 10 days ago

    People r talking about hairline ... dey forget even draw her eyebrows 😄😄dey jus do eyemakeup alone minus eyebrows 😁😁

  • H. Sarolta
    H. Sarolta 10 days ago

    Team Danielle

  • Janhavi Munde
    Janhavi Munde 10 days ago +3

    Are you seriously criticizing a teenage girl over her decisions? How desperate and low do you have to do that kind of cruel stuff!? I've never been more disappointed

  • Love진드기
    Love진드기 10 days ago

    I can’t understand what she’s saying:3

  • Dhyana Doshi
    Dhyana Doshi 10 days ago

    Jojo wont have hair in some years

  • Dhyana Doshi
    Dhyana Doshi 10 days ago

    I don't like jojo

  • Sassy Sisters
    Sassy Sisters 11 days ago

    On dance mom's all people do is make drama

  • Slime allthetime
    Slime allthetime 11 days ago +2

    Imagine what jojo will look like when she is like sixty!!!!!!

  • Slime allthetime
    Slime allthetime 11 days ago +2

    Jojo needs to act her age. She is just asking for haters by her crazy child-like features The brain naturally changes when you grow older. That apparently did not happen to her. She might be kind and sweet, but should keep that and move over to other levels of things.

  • Kate Wood
    Kate Wood 11 days ago

    the most embarrassing thing is her whole career

  • Fernanda Gonzalez
    Fernanda Gonzalez 11 days ago

    Jojo siwa is a spoiled little brat

  • Anood Saeed
    Anood Saeed 11 days ago

    This is not even ur business

  • Anood Saeed
    Anood Saeed 11 days ago

    U r so rude

  • ooh me salad
    ooh me salad 11 days ago +2

    Geez! 8 ads in one vid?!

  • korv kiosk
    korv kiosk 11 days ago

    jojos intro says: hi everyone it's jojo welcome back to my youtube channel! it's true i swear!

  • L Krecek
    L Krecek 11 days ago

    All the pink gives me a headache

  • Kasie Robbins
    Kasie Robbins 12 days ago

    I have jojo

  • Jessica Lee
    Jessica Lee 12 days ago +9

    I have to questions:
    1)Why was this recommended to me
    2)Why are people freaking out about people making jokes about jojo?
    I mean, people are making jokes because they think it's funny, and who says you have to too? Plus people can have opinions! You commenting on it won't change it, and it definitely doesn't help to insult.

  • Chuckie Moore
    Chuckie Moore 12 days ago

    I hate when people compare people based off age groups when the two people are nothing alike. That's just crazy to me

  • Roland Tapp
    Roland Tapp 12 days ago

    she the most anoying kid ever

  • Kye Gardner
    Kye Gardner 12 days ago

    Bullying Kendall shut up Kendall was being a brat and I would think the same tbf

  • Kye Gardner
    Kye Gardner 12 days ago

    What has she done wrong

  • Thanose •v•
    Thanose •v• 13 days ago +1

    *Thanos snapped her hair line to dust*

  • Brave Ika
    Brave Ika 13 days ago

    She is hyperactive and act mean and soooo annoying. I luv Maddie more. Let just make more of dis vids coz we want revenge.

  • Rosie Hugs
    Rosie Hugs 13 days ago +1

    When she's 18 she should marry one of the Paul brothers.

  • big chungus
    big chungus 13 days ago

    i can’t be love this, ppl hate on jojo siwa for not acting her age while ppl hate on danielle cohn for acting older than she is
    (not defending any of them btw)

  • Layla Dorsey
    Layla Dorsey 13 days ago


  • Emily Walker
    Emily Walker 13 days ago

    If you work for JcPenney you know this little bitch is the most annoying thing ever. The bows make me want to kill myself.

  • wolf girl898
    wolf girl898 13 days ago

    What's wrong with talking a mile a minute I talk like that all the time?

  • Mia C
    Mia C 13 days ago

    I thought she was 10

  • Hailey Radle
    Hailey Radle 13 days ago

    Kendall was being dramatic tho

  • b.a .fam13
    b.a .fam13 13 days ago +1

    I love JoJo she is my idol and idk why people are so rude to her. I love her so much and people need to stop being rude❤️❤️😒

    • BTS Lover G
      BTS Lover G 6 days ago

      Yes thanks for understanding. People are just so negative these days especially to Jojo.

  • Phuc Pham
    Phuc Pham 13 days ago

    I want to be like you 😎😎😎😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Phuc Pham
    Phuc Pham 13 days ago

    I love jojo

  • Puppy Tho
    Puppy Tho 13 days ago

    Dance moms are a long time ago, stop hating on her because of it, I'm not a jojo fan but that's messed up

  • datninja
    datninja 13 days ago

    she is a kid chill out

  • Maryam Ammar
    Maryam Ammar 13 days ago

    JoJo she is such a child I mean I'm 12 and I will NEVER EVER wear like her style and her fans buy her bows to wear it and the kids are getting bullied at school or anywhere else

  • misfitsly2.0 1
    misfitsly2.0 1 13 days ago

    She has has hair like donald trump