Jojo Siwa Most Embarassing Moments Ever


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  • da dude is rude
    da dude is rude 35 minutes ago

    *I cringe every second of this video*

  • - E l i M A G -
    - E l i M A G - 58 minutes ago

    I feel like this video was a little unnecessary. I mean, no one is perfect. Obviously she can’t take everything y’know? Have you ran out of ideas or something? This kinda pisses me off, how you take time out of your day, to find flaws in someone. And in the program/series, it’s MEANT to be competitive and dramatic. Let’s find some cringe in you?.. Videos like this. Please stop! Maybe you should think twice before upload something like this.

  • lol try me
    lol try me 2 hours ago +1

    Wait I don't know why people are saying they don't like her? I' not against it because I have no idea can someone explain?

  • K. Noel Nunya
    K. Noel Nunya 6 hours ago

    Yeah, yeah, yeah! Let us hate on a teenager! Meanwhile: Your morals flew out the window, you disregard the impact of her feelings, but let's just judge her because she's famous and forget she's human!?🤔

  • Cecily Knutson
    Cecily Knutson 7 hours ago

    hey guys good morning to every single siwanater out there in this intier little big world hows your day good great

  • Cecily Knutson
    Cecily Knutson 7 hours ago

    dose any one else nw what jojo says in her intro

  • Novaka !?
    Novaka !? 7 hours ago

    Really? Your an adult. Not a child. Your just low.

  • Jasmine Kashnii
    Jasmine Kashnii 8 hours ago

    Jojo is mad ugly. I’m sorry but I’m brutally honest

  • Ava Hassell
    Ava Hassell 9 hours ago

    I can decode

  • Delilah Torres
    Delilah Torres 10 hours ago

    I don't like JoJo she acts 4 she is older then me and I'm more mature than her and most of all she is a spoiled brat!

  • Jessiegamr Arias
    Jessiegamr Arias 10 hours ago

    I hate JoJo siwa she is so annoying

  • BonBonkumquat
    BonBonkumquat 10 hours ago +1

    I never really expected a channel like this to hate on a 15yr old girl, you gotta chill

  • Sadie Scott
    Sadie Scott 10 hours ago +1

    Does anyone think that Holly looks like the first lady😄

  • Jozie Feliciano
    Jozie Feliciano 10 hours ago

    Fuck your chicken strips

  • Got em
    Got em 11 hours ago

    Jojo siwa's hairline left the chat
    Jojo siwa hairline comments have entered the chat
    Some random 11 year old named "got em" has entered the chat for no freaking reason

  • Pavonis Gangster
    Pavonis Gangster 13 hours ago

    I don’t know

    I said I don’t know

  • Kamryn Green
    Kamryn Green 14 hours ago

    She looks:13
    Acts like:1
    And she's dang:15
    Oh and plz don't think I copied 🙂

  • Brylee Barnard
    Brylee Barnard 14 hours ago

    Older older older 😂😂😂

  • rhywnn
    rhywnn 14 hours ago

    Is this a shocker? We dress her like an adult? Ask her to live her life as a tv reality star and give us drama. Then when a child put on a platform misses the boat and acts in a way we do not like we look down on this? What child at some point does not do something like this? How can we judge her with all the drama going on about her? I really feel sorry for these kids. I wish they drop the drama, have all the adults act properly and let the kids be kids and shine. Love to see them dress per age and wear less makeup. I love to see them with less stress and more joy.

  • tonya Haile
    tonya Haile 15 hours ago

    I. Love. Jojo. Siwa 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  • jinnica johnson
    jinnica johnson 15 hours ago

    Don't press read more if you like Abby

    Abby is a mean jerk that wants everything and if she dose not get it she will through a 2 year old fit and takes it all out on JoJo when she as the chance JoJo is just following her dreams and if no one likes that maybe you should try it to and see what good things you just did I am not trying to be mean sorry

  • Lunar Fox
    Lunar Fox 15 hours ago

    Age says 15
    Looks says 7
    Boys say no

  • Grace Grace
    Grace Grace 15 hours ago

    You know your life is sad when your a middle aged woman making a video about a 15 year old girl and all her wrong doings

  • Fortini Skyla
    Fortini Skyla 15 hours ago

    can i get a rip in the chat

  • The Sisters Club
    The Sisters Club 17 hours ago

    Why would you guys make these kind of videos? It’s so rude to the person who it’s about. 😐

  • Aoibhe Ahearne
    Aoibhe Ahearne 18 hours ago

    She may have some rude moments but doesn't mean I'm going to hate on her cos she is 14 and likes to bow's gees y do u hate for that like what is wrong with that

  • Gacha Ry
    Gacha Ry 19 hours ago

    Jojo has a fat nose lolololol

  • Michele Attzs
    Michele Attzs 19 hours ago

    Jojo is a very nice girl

  • Haz Haz
    Haz Haz 19 hours ago

    How to troll someone...

    Read More

  • Sheldon MItchell
    Sheldon MItchell 19 hours ago +1

    You guys are making fun of a hairline that does not exist

    ARIA GOLD FAMILY 19 hours ago

    That’s mean of you too post mean stuff about JoJo

  • playboy638
    playboy638 19 hours ago

    She does to have a video out with her explaining what she says in her intro!!!!!

  • Mamamia Leah
    Mamamia Leah 21 hour ago

    Danielle’s whole career is drama and opinions and hate, jojo says something in a nice way and she gets shitted on

  • Roarey Cash
    Roarey Cash 22 hours ago

    I think she is super annoying

    The hairline tho, it has left the chat and so has JoJo

  • Karina GachaTuber

    She will be baldina or possibly Baldi BUT i love her so much i am her fan #jojosiwa4life

  • Vorge Sarmiento
    Vorge Sarmiento Day ago

    That little cunt

  • SM Kawaii Gal
    SM Kawaii Gal Day ago


  • Nyanah Farley
    Nyanah Farley Day ago

    bE POsITiVe ANd dOnt LEt thOsE HaTErs GeT THeRe WaY

  • Nyanah Farley
    Nyanah Farley Day ago

    I can decode it


  • • Satori •
    • Satori • Day ago

    Jojo siwa looked like a pig in dance moms lmao

  • I'm Lili Plays
    I'm Lili Plays Day ago +1

    Dude if someone doesnt like her just dont watch her videos or videos about her. Plus shut up shes a kid!!!😡😡😡

  • QuintonUniverse
    QuintonUniverse Day ago

    Definition of jojo siwa
    15 year old girl that acts like she's three and threw her hairline into the garbage and thinks she's funny and a good role model but in reality she is just another 15 year old famous teen that has come and will soon go as well as all the others did (dont even get me started on her eighthead)

  • megan leuderalbert

    Dude, she’s so annoying

  • J M
    J M Day ago


  • Star Tetrahedron

    Honestly, she was no more rude than the other kids on the show. Aside from Nia, Chloe, Paige and some of the random walk-ons. They've ALL said shitty things and acted like brats. The difference is that JoJo just didn't give a F and usually said stuff right out in the open instead of behind peoples backs. I don't necessarily care much for how loud she is, but at least she's honest and confident which is more than you can say about most people. I think it's pretty ridiculous for a grown adult to dedicate an entire video to pick on a kid, though. She's got feelings, you know.

  • Annabeth Chase
    Annabeth Chase Day ago

    umm jojo has addressed her intro in a video with colleen and rachel

  • Arcey the •wolf• :D

    No hairline has joined the chat.
    Hairline has left the chat.

  • bri_kitty_cat
    bri_kitty_cat Day ago

    When she "lied" About her Dad it was a prank this is why you don't take things too serious 😑

    now dont try to come for me
    because of my comment I'm just telling how it is 🙄

  • Slime Time
    Slime Time Day ago

    She can pour juice on her head but not shampoo. Lol

  • Gumballina Animations

    Now she’s 16!!!... AND driving wow jojo

  • Willow Pasley
    Willow Pasley Day ago

    I hate jojo

  • Ella Stauffer
    Ella Stauffer Day ago

    literally? chill out she's a person.

  • Jennifer Shannon

    She only has 2 subs

  • Jennifer Shannon

    Subscribe to sugar sweet

  • Jered Lathrop
    Jered Lathrop Day ago

    i dont like jojo

  • Just Gaming
    Just Gaming Day ago

    I always hated jojo

  • Lemonpepper
    Lemonpepper Day ago

    Mm look at that McDonald’s sign

  • anaceli Blanco
    anaceli Blanco Day ago

    Thats why i don't like jojo siwa

  • Randomness Vines

    Who came bc they saw jojo crying

  • hgk Hanson
    hgk Hanson Day ago

    Jojo siwa I like you forever

  • Callie Russell
    Callie Russell Day ago

    I think that Jojo siwa is the most obnoxious human being on the planet

  • sweet lover heart

    Good bitch love her

  • Kylie J
    Kylie J Day ago

    People need to stop riding her ass. If she wants to act like she’s 5 then let her.

  • Ella
    Ella Day ago

    Why does her hair actually not look that bad at 5:00

  • unacorn sparcle
    unacorn sparcle Day ago

    Oh no she didn't Jojo what

  • Amara Kim Loves Jhope And Jungkook


    Is: 15
    Looks: 10


  • Clessa Hill
    Clessa Hill Day ago

    for one dance moms is so fake the shows are fake everything is fake about that show they all said it them selves they had lines all of it was not real so people need to stop hating on her about it

  • VLuves You
    VLuves You Day ago

    Everything she does is embarrassing

  • Sxpreme Nae
    Sxpreme Nae Day ago +2

    If you don't have no haters you ain't poping.✨ PERIOD.❗

  • Långstrump gang

    Bro she's just a kid

  • Pinkdoughnut Productions

    For everyone saying “she’s so childish her style is like a baby” and stuff like that just stop! It’s her own style and she has her own traits. Also I think it’s just rude that a fully grown adult is making fun of a child I mean fame has really effected her and that’s her parents fault not hers it’s horrible that this channel is encouraging so much hate against a child even if she has some faults.

  • Marie Ayala
    Marie Ayala Day ago

    jojo is horrible she sucks

  • Bigeyes Vlogs
    Bigeyes Vlogs Day ago

    I bet her mum and dad are deaf by now

  • Katy Perry Lover

    Jojo is incredible. Stop being mean to her

  • Sombrero Cat
    Sombrero Cat Day ago +2

    if Jojo is 5’9 and can rock a tutu. Does that mean my dad who’s 5’10 can too... everything is possible

  • Moon_Wolf127
    Moon_Wolf127 Day ago

    Can you make an intro for me please I know you don’t know my character just try to make it look like my pic

  • truthparanormal
    truthparanormal Day ago

    I never hear of her anyway what trashy shows people watch girls acting very self center these days no wonder you can't keep a man


    SHES 15??! Oh, I thought she was 9...WHOOPS!!!


    I don’t know why she’s famous, in my mind she’s famous for being unreal, rude, drama queen, and I have to say it, spoiled. Drop the mic.

  • Pleb Life
    Pleb Life Day ago

    She came back like a boomerang but left her hairline behind🙃

  • Karideplov
    Karideplov Day ago

    The hair comment us dumb. I would only wear my hair in super tight ponytails (similar to John but without the bow) from kindergarten until 4th grade and I continued wearing ponytails but slightly loser and in the back instead of the side until 8th grade. I would sleep with my hair in ponytails too. I didn’t start wearing my hair down until high school. I had A LOT of hair. Here I am, years and years later and no receding hairline and I still have lots of hair (less than before but nowhere near being bald).

  • FBI
    FBI Day ago

    The Things profile picture looks like the T-Series logo.

  • Oliver Moss-Jones

    Jojo can say nothing her hairline doesn’t exist

  • Abygail Mondragon
    Abygail Mondragon 2 days ago

    Hey McDonald's called they said they want the McDonald's logo back

  • Grace EKHOLM
    Grace EKHOLM 2 days ago +3

    Why does JoJo kill her hairline? Why does JoJo act so childish? Why does JoJo talk so fast? One word: marketing
    (I'm not tryna hate)

  • Riley Guerrero
    Riley Guerrero 2 days ago

    Press Read More

    Don't let anyone Juge you You are beautiful or handsome😍😍😍😘😘😘😻😻😻

  • Hi I'm Didi
    Hi I'm Didi 2 days ago

    So adults are bullying children now? Oh ok

  • Victoria L
    Victoria L 2 days ago

    Too much talking, not enough actual video of this obnoxious meme

  • Shelby Valade
    Shelby Valade 2 days ago


  • your local avocado
    your local avocado 2 days ago


  • vibezwit.j
    vibezwit.j 2 days ago

    how i get here though-

  • ArianaGrandeVevo Me
    ArianaGrandeVevo Me 2 days ago

    Go live in a lake. Jojo is awesome and Danielle is a spoilt LITTLE brat I mean I'm 6'11 and 12 and she is 15 and like 6'2

  • bri bri
    bri bri 2 days ago

    Haha drag her we hate her

  • It's ya girl Kayla
    It's ya girl Kayla 2 days ago

    *Hair line has left the chat*

  • Alicia Mickelsen
    Alicia Mickelsen 2 days ago

    I think jojo´s intro bshdbfybdhfhbchjvhcbhkvohhbcjvdbv

  • Ital Yawdy
    Ital Yawdy 2 days ago

    She's a dum ass

  • JayJay Jones
    JayJay Jones 2 days ago


  • Angelina Jimenez
    Angelina Jimenez 2 days ago


  • Baker Girl
    Baker Girl 2 days ago

    It’s “hey everyone it’s jojo and good morning to every single siwanator on this entire little baby world. How is everyone doing today great so glad to hear that.