Florence Pugh accidentally dyes her hair blue

  • Published on Oct 22, 2019
  • Florence Pugh accidentally dyes her hair blue
    Insta story 10/21/19

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  • aikighost
    aikighost 3 days ago

    Admitit its just an attempt to look like Billie Eilish :)

  • J's Watch
    J's Watch 5 days ago

    Silly? I believe u look great in your blue hair I mean it reminds me of eternal sunshine of the spotless mind.

  • projetgaia1
    projetgaia1 8 days ago

    Is this your official youtube channel...if yes I'm in !

  • Dilen Music
    Dilen Music 9 days ago

    Фло, ам-няма 😉

  • Jorge Ordorica
    Jorge Ordorica 10 days ago +1

    And that is how you make your own Billie Eillish.

  • xavier
    xavier 11 days ago +1


  • Noodleneck Bean
    Noodleneck Bean 12 days ago +1

    Giving me aquamarine vibes

  • fetus deletus
    fetus deletus 12 days ago +2

    roses are red
    i got recommended this too
    the title

  • tyrone loki
    tyrone loki 12 days ago +2

    gods this girl is naturally beautiful, and that voice....ooooof

  • W.B S.
    W.B S. 13 days ago +14

    I love how you can have one of the most successful movies of the year and still do things we all do. She's so cute

  • JTC TV
    JTC TV 13 days ago +120

    florence pugh stories is a whole new genre of comedy

  • Giancarlo Almazan
    Giancarlo Almazan 13 days ago +1

    Billie Eilish?

  • rainingsunshine
    rainingsunshine 13 days ago

    bride wars (2009)

  • Adolfo Pena
    Adolfo Pena 13 days ago

    Is she into anime now?

  • Hoori Rujub
    Hoori Rujub 13 days ago +18

    The hair is like Kate Hudson in bride wars😂 she took it well though

  • Meghan Lyle
    Meghan Lyle 14 days ago

    Very seussian

  • Gabriella Veloz
    Gabriella Veloz 14 days ago

    surfer barbie vibes

  • Siena Brown
    Siena Brown 14 days ago +8

    florence blue

  • rosa vicus
    rosa vicus 15 days ago +10

    i love her even more now

  • Alex Crawford
    Alex Crawford 15 days ago +5

    That TVclip algorithm’s at it again!

  • Ammyt
    Ammyt 15 days ago +5

    Now that's a calm reaction

    • Jennifer Brigitte
      Jennifer Brigitte 12 days ago +1

      You can tell she's reeling, and the anger settled in.

  • P
    P 16 days ago

    Why does she have the voice of a 70 year old black woman

  • Yan ll
    Yan ll 16 days ago +3

    You know When your hair is so dead It will pick up anything you will out on
    Édit* When My hair was platine*im French, It turn White and Purple that happen a When It’s too clear And you wanna use the shampoo too much

  • Alexa N
    Alexa N 17 days ago +5

    I say we dress the blue shampoo in a bear suit and burn it

  • Robin
    Robin 17 days ago

    Doesnt look bad at all. At least it didn't fall out, then I'd be worried...but even after that I'm sure you'd look good.

  • lonetruthseeker
    lonetruthseeker 17 days ago

    That's pretty grunge

  • Brooke Hollister
    Brooke Hollister 17 days ago +47

    at least we know she's only shampooing her roots!! proper hair care >>>>>

    BTS ARMY IS SHIT 17 days ago +20

    I love when actresses share something funny while not tryna be all diva perfect.

  • Ramon Tragedy
    Ramon Tragedy 18 days ago +12

    She took that well.

  • Kirsten Casado
    Kirsten Casado 18 days ago +153

    Giving me Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind vibes

  • D M
    D M 18 days ago

    Oh dear

  • Diasmc Coelho
    Diasmc Coelho 18 days ago +4

    She is hilarious! 😂

  • Amirah LaForcarde
    Amirah LaForcarde 18 days ago +1

    Lagoona Blue ?

  • Oriana
    Oriana 19 days ago +17

    Yellow + blue = green
    She sould use a purple one

  • Gilbert Garces
    Gilbert Garces 19 days ago +3

    ABSOLUTELY positively ADORBES!!!😍🤗😂

  • Michelle Mostovlanski
    Michelle Mostovlanski 19 days ago +457

    Reminds me of anne of the green gables when she accidentally dyed her hair green 😅

  • blofeld39
    blofeld39 20 days ago

    The perils of washing up in Zach Braff's shower...

  • RedAmalgam
    RedAmalgam 20 days ago +284

    She needed to get the purple shampoo....

    • Ariana S
      Ariana S 14 days ago

      RedAmalgam you’re welcome! 😊

    • RedAmalgam
      RedAmalgam 14 days ago +1

      @Ariana S oh wow!!! Thank you so much!!!! 💕💕💕💕

    • Ariana S
      Ariana S 14 days ago +3

      Hi, actually the purple shampoo is best for icy/cool or platinum blondes. The blue shampoo is recommended for brunettes or warmer hair with highlights or lightened parts to tone down the brassy/orange color. Purple cancels out yellow and blue cancels out orange (color theory and complimentary colors)
      One thing to check is if the shampoo is “pigmented color-depositing”. Those will almost definitely turn your color purple or blue.
      The longer you leave them on, the lighter your hair and the more porous (damaged) your hair is all play a role in the outcome. *porosity is the ability for the hair to absorb and keep in the moisture or chemicals/products! So great healthy hair has low porosity, but overly processed (bleached) hair is high.
      Always test products if you are unsure or concerned how they will react with your hair, skin, or nails.
      The product can be used both wet or dry but for different purposes! Dry for very light hair that’s yellowed over time and needs intense toning. Wet as a daily shampoo to keep up with the light toning. Just be careful with dry to fully work the product through or you could end up with blotchy hair. Also, if you style with lots of products, sweat a lot or have buildup on your scalp, use a clarifying shampoo to start with a “clean slate”.
      It will only tint or stain the hair temporarily if left on more than 20-30 minutes / depending on the porosity of your hair. But yes, you can add in a normal shampoo or conditioner to dilute the purple tint. Just some more cosmetology coloring tips❤️

    • valeyard
      valeyard 17 days ago +1

      @RedAmalgam godspeed to you on those nights when you are bored are those days when a boy drives you so crazy you need to change identities 💁🏻‍♀️
      and if it goes badly, may it grow back/out quickly 🤦🏻‍♀️💕✌️

    • RedAmalgam
      RedAmalgam 18 days ago +1

      @valeyard thanks for the tips!!!

  • Melissa Berg
    Melissa Berg 20 days ago +226

    *leaf raking intensifies*

  • Hannah Davey
    Hannah Davey 23 days ago +775

    Why is this in my recommended? 😂

  • Rosencrantz
    Rosencrantz 23 days ago +119

    so you had an Anne of green gables hair dye situation..... lol

  • James Ferrans
    James Ferrans 26 days ago +19


  • a buncha witches at the stripclub

    dude what the fuck i did the exact same shit but my hair is a light brown; i ended up leaving it in a bit too long one shower and bang i had green/blue balayage. the worst.

  • ThePark 627
    ThePark 627 Month ago +6

    Beautiful. Looks good on her as does the blonde

  • Mike Riley
    Mike Riley Month ago +4

    How have I just found out about her Instagram page? This puts me in a better mood.

  • Jeswin Thomas
    Jeswin Thomas Month ago +1


  • Thomas Baron
    Thomas Baron Month ago +4

    I love you Florence Pugh!

  • KoasterKing 205
    KoasterKing 205 Month ago +29

    She's just adorable!

  • Andrew Flood
    Andrew Flood Month ago +32


  • swevicki
    swevicki Month ago +153

    God l love her stories!😂😂😂

  • Paulo Andre
    Paulo Andre 2 months ago +8

    It was very good! God bless you in your projects !! 👏👏👏💪