Super Smash Bros ALL New Character Trailers


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  • Elias Villatoro
    Elias Villatoro 16 hours ago

    mega man!!!!!!!!!!

    JEEPZERO 16 hours ago

    Am i the only one who hates villager

  • ShAdOwMaN
    ShAdOwMaN 2 days ago


  • Jan May Torio
    Jan May Torio 3 days ago

    Wiifit reminds of someone.... WAIT

    Is slender man's yoga trainer is wiifit trainer!?

  • josben111
    josben111 5 days ago

    When Packman appeared I was so excited!

  • Anti Rex 3000
    Anti Rex 3000 6 days ago

    I Wish I Was In The Game That I’ll Be So Cool

  • Raul Ramos
    Raul Ramos 6 days ago

    Nintendo the one who made this game i got a idea of how to make a waluigi scene and a super smash bros waluigi amiibo

  • game destroyer
    game destroyer 8 days ago

    Man i loved pit and palutena's trailer

  • Paradox56
    Paradox56 9 days ago


  • Pptatu Yped
    Pptatu Yped 9 days ago

    Where is lonk >:v

  • Chris Sanches
    Chris Sanches 10 days ago

    wheres cat marioooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo the black and white one he we look good

  • Life Vlogs
    Life Vlogs 13 days ago

    6:58 Top 10 anime battles

  • EvilDevil
    EvilDevil 13 days ago

    the mario charizard batlle it looked like mario had a flame rasengan

  • EvilDevil
    EvilDevil 13 days ago

    most of the new characters are in the game super smash flash

  • Beautiful Walrus
    Beautiful Walrus 15 days ago

    Motherfuckin' Charizard 😂

  • i like jojo i am a man

    *fam we want marx for smash bros*

  • JJ Medina
    JJ Medina 20 days ago

    And Crash Bandicoot???

  • Wispy Spirits
    Wispy Spirits 21 day ago


  • Tidiest Flyer
    Tidiest Flyer 26 days ago

    Its too clean

  • Catlucas o menino gato

    We NEED to invite crash bandicoot in this fight

  • Anonymuusi
    Anonymuusi 28 days ago

    When is little mac gonna go big mac

  • Xboxone videos
    Xboxone videos 29 days ago

    I hope they don’t add so many fire emblem Characters on the one coming out for the switch

  • Victor Hazbun
    Victor Hazbun Month ago

    And Nintendo Switch???

  • James Benoist
    James Benoist Month ago

    That was the day reggie fucking died

    KAROOM IS FTW Month ago

    Wtf the wii fit trainer 😁😂😂😂 i died

  • Damian Lopez
    Damian Lopez Month ago +1

    Let’s get fired up Fell the burn

  • King-Momo
    King-Momo Month ago

    you guys should make the game FORTNITE on nintendo switch

  • Caden Leder
    Caden Leder Month ago

    Oh my goodness, that fight between Link and Pit

  • Viic
    Viic Month ago

    Bomberman has like 79 games, how long will it take them to add him?

  • Anargya Atha
    Anargya Atha Month ago

    I'm that noctis or sora from KH should be in Smash.

  • LolM8s_It'sMarius! :3
    LolM8s_It'sMarius! :3 Month ago +1

    Roses Are Red, Violets are Blue, I like turtles, and you should too.
    Mario: Per favore no.

  • Yatniel Playz
    Yatniel Playz Month ago

    In part 11:25 when anime takes over Nintendo

  • DarkSide
    DarkSide Month ago

    Yoo that fight with charizard tho

    But fr I'm lit af now that greninja is here

  • dey pater
    dey pater Month ago

    2:24 Pikachu traviezo que vez ahí??

  • Armin T.
    Armin T. Month ago

    ssb4 has so many good new faces, I hope they have them all in 5 to

  • Alton Wray
    Alton Wray Month ago

    Toby fox send Nintendo a letter I want to see some undertale characters

  • TA Games
    TA Games Month ago

    Who's here after the Smash 5 trailer

  • Star Doctor The General of Time

    Yea but can we get Kid Goku

  • laura ryan
    laura ryan Month ago


  • Alternity eh
    Alternity eh Month ago


  • iamveryratchet
    iamveryratchet Month ago

    where is pepsiman at?

  • Viet Loo
    Viet Loo Month ago


  • yaboiTallMan
    yaboiTallMan Month ago

    Mac’s hard-sketch comic book art style and Doc’s voice acting is the coolest shit

  • Foxirus R.
    Foxirus R. Month ago

    You killed him reggie. The second his Mii flew off the screen, His life was forfeit.

  • Indian Gamer
    Indian Gamer Month ago

    They got the first fucking wii fit trainer. Sign me up

  • Street.Sweepaz Ent713


  • Devstar
    Devstar Month ago

    Little Mac don't play

  • Talexps tig
    Talexps tig Month ago

    #9.59 lol

  • Alan Williams
    Alan Williams Month ago

    master chief for like

  • Pengo Penguin
    Pengo Penguin Month ago


  • 소필
    소필 Month ago

    좋아요 누르고 싶지만 싫어요 1천번째를 버릴순 없지

  • Zoey Fen
    Zoey Fen Month ago

    2D animation Link looked awesome

  • Zoey Fen
    Zoey Fen Month ago

    The Original Nintendo vs Nintendo of America was pretty cool

  • kingj serrano
    kingj serrano Month ago

    Omg they brought it back out even better with new characters

  • kingj serrano
    kingj serrano Month ago

    I hope this is not bullshit Megan man is in it

  • Douglas Reynolds
    Douglas Reynolds Month ago


  • Rita Maria Mendes da Silva


  • Honorary121
    Honorary121 Month ago

    Love no matter how hard they try they couldn’t make mega man any cooler looking and he still sucks

  • Abnoxiousz
    Abnoxiousz Month ago +1

    Punching mac is OP!!

  • Mat Themaniac
    Mat Themaniac Month ago

    0:21 *B E G O N E* ...

  • Guillaume Galienne
    Guillaume Galienne Month ago

    3:49 that violent reference to Kirby's dream land game over screen T_T

  • Maxim Reshitko
    Maxim Reshitko Month ago +1


  • Pointlel
    Pointlel Month ago

    Wii Fit Trainer?

  • joshua crowe
    joshua crowe Month ago +1

    Ungandan knuckles

    Knows da wae in

  • Hurricane Irma
    Hurricane Irma Month ago +3

    I want to play as a penis

  • The Channel With Legos

    Little Mac's was the best

  • ERIC 5000
    ERIC 5000 Month ago


  • baefairy the gamer
    baefairy the gamer Month ago

    11:25 I can't watch. IT'S TOO EPIC FOR MY EYES 😭

  • LMGamer 36
    LMGamer 36 Month ago +1

    Like if you want inkling

  • Jaime Pacheco
    Jaime Pacheco Month ago

    They need to put sora from kingdom Hearts in smash or at least put squirtle or blastoise in smash.

  • DuncanGDA
    DuncanGDA Month ago

    Why did i not see Meta Knight in any of these... My one guarantee is that if they do not have Meta Knight I will probably still get the game but i will not be happy. I could never not get this game.

  • Jack Weeb
    Jack Weeb Month ago

    i really want this game but i don't have money to buy a Nintendo 3DS :c

  • Kid Gamer
    Kid Gamer Month ago

    3:48 when you see something weird af

  • Raindo Waste
    Raindo Waste Month ago

    The fitness wii one was funny

  • DanRomo 09
    DanRomo 09 Month ago

    0:55 mega faggot

  • ZAE.3
    ZAE.3 Month ago

    That new challenger approaching screen.....still makes me happy to this day

  • shlumpslush doll
    shlumpslush doll Month ago +5

    sora for smash

  • Ta Moiki
    Ta Moiki Month ago

    No goku :((

  • Diana Akbari
    Diana Akbari Month ago

    That villager like flamingo/albertstuff yt photo

  • Erica Ceccato
    Erica Ceccato Month ago

    Urgentissimo non trovo giusto che perché la Android i giochi della Nintendo siano tutti disponibili invece per l’iPhone o l’iPad non sono nessuno disponibili invece Creare l’app per l’iPhone e l’iPad e dopo mettere via on-line che si gioca tutti assieme. Non mi sembra affatto giusto che per uno è disponibile invece l’altro no e fare questa differenza è molto grave Invece di crearne altri Nintendo con me Nintendo switch perché non creare l’app per l’iPhone ma per quando lo è disponibile non trovo affatto giusto questa differenza ma ci sarà l’app da giocare con il fidjet
    Per tutti i giochi della Nintendo

  • Str33m6
    Str33m6 Month ago

    Monika deletes the competition

  • Greenest Hue
    Greenest Hue Month ago

    Can we get marshmello as a playable character?

  • dog jam
    dog jam Month ago +2


  • graffiti dsc1
    graffiti dsc1 Month ago

    Im cryn ... whereee is bombermannnn prerfect char for special effects

  • Jman Garcia
    Jman Garcia Month ago

    1:21 CHILLS

  • hayden hauser
    hayden hauser Month ago

    The Megaman one made me bust a fat nut when I first saw the trailer

    Max GEILING Month ago

    Mega lucario arives i Hope for this

  • Alex C.
    Alex C. Month ago +1

    Here after the smash 5 announcement

  • The Yung Boi
    The Yung Boi Month ago

    Little Mac will beat KSI, Joe Weller, FousyTube, Everybody in that TVclip fighting industry

  • RJ Stacey
    RJ Stacey Month ago

    SUPER SMASH BROS I'm getting a switch

  • FiddlyBiscuits
    FiddlyBiscuits Month ago

    Wonder how Smash Switch will do it

  • Miguel Pena
    Miguel Pena Month ago

    You are missing Shulk for some reason. I'm pretty sure he's a new character and he had a trailer. Edit: Nevermind, these are just the trailers revealed at the time.

  • Tate Hackett
    Tate Hackett Month ago

    Little Mac is basically just captain falcon but boxer form

    DO YOU KNOW DA WAE Month ago

    whoa this animation is awesome

  • blademaster ,
    blademaster , Month ago

    2018 🤔

  • Mucho Taco
    Mucho Taco Month ago

    Wii characters really 😬

  • Grace Mc Nally
    Grace Mc Nally Month ago

    Where is Aang 😤

    J MAN THE GERMAN Month ago

    9:16 Reggie Joins the battle xD

  • Orange Fox
    Orange Fox Month ago

    When you think this is smash 5

  • The Random
    The Random Month ago

    Nintendo switch Super smash brosssss COMING