Super Smash Bros ALL New Character Trailers


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  • eli bella
    eli bella 16 hours ago

    Howard the alien meme, is dat y’all?

  • Ponjinge
    Ponjinge 2 days ago

    All I can hear is Okkusenman!!!!!!!!

  • ChaoticShark
    ChaoticShark 5 days ago

    I regret living now

  • Con Kaan
    Con Kaan 7 days ago

    There’s no fucking Waluigi

  • Nin10Dii
    Nin10Dii 10 days ago

    Smash Ultimate

  • SuperBloxTube
    SuperBloxTube 16 days ago

    Oh, Rainbow Road!

  • Dominik pac-boy
    Dominik pac-boy 21 day ago

    Yay pac joined

  • Arcadio 238
    Arcadio 238 24 days ago

    So no fucking sans

  • Masahiro Sakurai
    Masahiro Sakurai 27 days ago

    R.I.P Mr.Iwata

  • Killercrab 2007
    Killercrab 2007 Month ago

    Ash’s finishing move. Catches enemy in poke ball, stomps poke ball until blood and organs come out.

  • Adri Prasetya
    Adri Prasetya Month ago

    A rainbow road stage would be neet

  • celeste{professeur victime de lust}


  • Xevent Xeid
    Xevent Xeid Month ago

    Al fin un grupo de buenos personajes :D

  • Megan Meisner
    Megan Meisner Month ago


    xX-ATLAS CORP-Xx Month ago

    hear me out, but why nintendo makes all the character seems overpower?
    any idea/opinion. let me know, im curious

  • WeebishTrub
    WeebishTrub Month ago

    3:21 ouch.

  • Foxy Skittles
    Foxy Skittles Month ago

    At first I thought the Wii fit trainer was a joke but

  • 100 Subs Without Videos

    4:26 MegaMan just yeeted the fuck out of luna

  • SPCashburn 925
    SPCashburn 925 Month ago

    When little Mac punched The person (I forgot its name) a advertisement appeared

  • Heisenberg le cancéreux


  • cuphead fan dude
    cuphead fan dude Month ago +1

    greninja final smash should be mega ash greninja

  • 8elementallords
    8elementallords Month ago

    This isn't actually all of the character intro trailers, excluding the DLC which I'm assuming naturally don't count as they only came out after the game was released, you missed the reveal trailer for Robin and it's *close* to all the reveal trailers, but it isn't actually of them... :/

  • Glitter 500
    Glitter 500 Month ago

    Kirby doing the tree pose is amazing

  • Angel Lawless
    Angel Lawless Month ago

    wii fit trainer was fucking hilarious

  • alex luck
    alex luck Month ago

    They : Comeback!

    Pacmam : Nope

  • alex luck
    alex luck Month ago

    Peach : I need To Run!

    Those Anime Girl : ASPAFWEM
    Me: Nope

  • PutrIsCool
    PutrIsCool Month ago

    These trailers are the reason I'm excited for Smash 5

  • lalobarrera99
    lalobarrera99 Month ago

    wi fit trainer is full bullshit.... >.>

  • Call Of Duty Fan
    Call Of Duty Fan Month ago

    In 2018 smash 5 bout to *_COME OUT_* for switch

  • Panagiotis Totikos
    Panagiotis Totikos Month ago

    Aww Kirby doin' Gymnastics 😍😍😍

  • Retro Electro
    Retro Electro Month ago

    Kirby and Luma tho

  • Carlos Turcios
    Carlos Turcios Month ago

    Link Fucking would’ve destroyed Pit

  • car. crash.karaoke
    car. crash.karaoke 2 months ago

    My fav is little mac

  • James Official
    James Official 2 months ago

    This needs to be on Android

  • Kaijian Law
    Kaijian Law 2 months ago

    Come on, what have i seen on SWITCH, megaman!!?
    its really find no reason not to buy the smash XD

  • Mundofake
    Mundofake 2 months ago


  • Ahmed Alshammary
    Ahmed Alshammary 2 months ago

    want this gameeee

  • Jose Gonzalez
    Jose Gonzalez 2 months ago

    You guys need to buy naruto to add him

  • nayfoxbeta 32
    nayfoxbeta 32 2 months ago

    Por que todos se van contra mario :(

  • charlie ankrett
    charlie ankrett 3 months ago

    Greninja is overpowerd and my favourite of the smash bros game

  • Tom Games
    Tom Games 3 months ago

    Like si quieres ala fiera deidad

  • 12051330
    12051330 3 months ago


  • Elias Villatoro
    Elias Villatoro 3 months ago

    mega man!!!!!!!!!!

    JEEPZERO 3 months ago

    Am i the only one who hates villager

  • ShAdOwMaN
    ShAdOwMaN 3 months ago


  • Jan May Torio
    Jan May Torio 3 months ago

    Wiifit reminds of someone.... WAIT

    Is slender man's yoga trainer is wiifit trainer!?

  • josben111
    josben111 3 months ago

    When Packman appeared I was so excited!

  • Anti Rex 3000
    Anti Rex 3000 3 months ago

    I Wish I Was In The Game That I’ll Be So Cool

  • Raul Ramos
    Raul Ramos 3 months ago

    Nintendo the one who made this game i got a idea of how to make a waluigi scene and a super smash bros waluigi amiibo

  • game destroyer
    game destroyer 3 months ago

    Man i loved pit and palutena's trailer

  • Paradox56
    Paradox56 3 months ago


  • Pptatu Yped
    Pptatu Yped 3 months ago

    Where is lonk >:v

  • Chris Sanches
    Chris Sanches 3 months ago

    wheres cat marioooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo the black and white one he we look good

  • Typical Teenager
    Typical Teenager 3 months ago

    6:58 Top 10 anime battles

  • EvilDevil
    EvilDevil 3 months ago

    the mario charizard batlle it looked like mario had a flame rasengan

  • EvilDevil
    EvilDevil 3 months ago

    most of the new characters are in the game super smash flash

  • Edward Elric
    Edward Elric 3 months ago


  • Beautiful Walrus
    Beautiful Walrus 3 months ago

    Motherfuckin' Charizard 😂

  • i like jojo i am a man
    i like jojo i am a man 3 months ago

    *fam we want marx for smash bros*

  • Hops
    Hops 3 months ago

    And Crash Bandicoot???

  • Wispy Spirits
    Wispy Spirits 3 months ago


  • Tidiest Flyer
    Tidiest Flyer 3 months ago

    Its too clean

  • Catlucas o menino gato
    Catlucas o menino gato 3 months ago

    We NEED to invite crash bandicoot in this fight

  • Anonymuusi
    Anonymuusi 4 months ago

    When is little mac gonna go big mac

  • Xboxone videos
    Xboxone videos 4 months ago

    I hope they don’t add so many fire emblem Characters on the one coming out for the switch

  • Victor Hazbun
    Victor Hazbun 4 months ago

    And Nintendo Switch???

  • James Benoist
    James Benoist 4 months ago

    That was the day reggie fucking died

    KAROOM IS FTW 4 months ago

    Wtf the wii fit trainer 😁😂😂😂 i died

  • Damian Lopez
    Damian Lopez 4 months ago +1

    Let’s get fired up Fell the burn

  • King-Momo
    King-Momo 4 months ago

    you guys should make the game FORTNITE on nintendo switch

  • Caden Leder
    Caden Leder 4 months ago

    Oh my goodness, that fight between Link and Pit

  • Viic
    Viic 4 months ago

    Bomberman has like 79 games, how long will it take them to add him?

  • Anargya Atha
    Anargya Atha 4 months ago

    I'm that noctis or sora from KH should be in Smash.

  • LolM8s_It'sMarius! :3
    LolM8s_It'sMarius! :3 4 months ago +2

    Roses Are Red, Violets are Blue, I like turtles, and you should too.
    Mario: Per favore no.

  • Yatniel Playz
    Yatniel Playz 4 months ago

    In part 11:25 when anime takes over Nintendo

  • DarkSide
    DarkSide 4 months ago

    Yoo that fight with charizard tho

    But fr I'm lit af now that greninja is here

  • dey pater
    dey pater 4 months ago

    2:24 Pikachu traviezo que vez ahí??

  • Armin T.
    Armin T. 4 months ago

    ssb4 has so many good new faces, I hope they have them all in 5 to

  • Jello Cake
    Jello Cake 4 months ago

    Toby fox send Nintendo a letter I want to see some undertale characters

  • Tristan 14
    Tristan 14 4 months ago

    Who's here after the Smash 5 trailer

  • Star Doctor The General of Time

    Yea but can we get Kid Goku

  • laura ryan
    laura ryan 4 months ago


  • Alter nity
    Alter nity 4 months ago


  • iamveryratchet
    iamveryratchet 4 months ago

    where is pepsiman at?

  • Fernando Alonso
    Fernando Alonso 4 months ago


  • yaboiTallMan
    yaboiTallMan 4 months ago

    Mac’s hard-sketch comic book art style and Doc’s voice acting is the coolest shit

  • Foxirus R.
    Foxirus R. 4 months ago

    You killed him reggie. The second his Mii flew off the screen, His life was forfeit.

  • Indian Gamer
    Indian Gamer 4 months ago

    They got the first fucking wii fit trainer. Sign me up

  • Street.Sweepaz Ent713
    Street.Sweepaz Ent713 4 months ago


  • Devstar
    Devstar 4 months ago

    Little Mac don't play

  • Talexps tig
    Talexps tig 4 months ago

    #9.59 lol

  • Alan Williams
    Alan Williams 4 months ago

    master chief for like

  • Pengo Penguin
    Pengo Penguin 4 months ago


  • 소필
    소필 4 months ago

    좋아요 누르고 싶지만 싫어요 1천번째를 버릴순 없지

  • Zoey Fen
    Zoey Fen 4 months ago

    2D animation Link looked awesome

  • Zoey Fen
    Zoey Fen 4 months ago

    The Original Nintendo vs Nintendo of America was pretty cool

  • kingj serrano
    kingj serrano 4 months ago

    Omg they brought it back out even better with new characters

  • kingj serrano
    kingj serrano 4 months ago

    I hope this is not bullshit Megan man is in it

  • Douglas Reynolds
    Douglas Reynolds 4 months ago