A FRONTIER AIRLINES Review - (including Stretch seats! 😍)

  • Published on Oct 9, 2018
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    Date of Travel: JUNE 2018
    Airline: Frontier Airlines
    Livery: Frontier standard with Cactus decals
    Route: MCO-ATL
    Aircraft: Airbus A321
    Registration: Unknown
    Flight Number: N715FR
    Miles: 403
    Airborne time: 1h11m
    Notes: Fourteenth of 25 legs, round the world
    Cost to book: 105 USD one way including Perks bundle

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Comments • 666

  • Wingin’ It! Paul Lucas

    Here we are again... Frontier! Next up, a couple of United trips which were interesting, to say the least. Make sure you tune in for those... especially the premium transcontinental flight in Business 😬

    • kirby vanduzer
      kirby vanduzer 6 months ago

      One question to avoid the bag check fee at the gate how will I know my bag is too big I have a four wheel bag but it's not very big but it is a little wide is there a way to find out bag size before the trip or is it better to go up to the counter and ask them if the bag is too big or the right size I definitely need to know I might fly this airline to go see my dad if I get enough PTO hours and if my boss approves my time off I'm very curious and definitely need to know

    • J M
      J M 9 months ago

      Good Deal on Frontier ✈

    • David Endara
      David Endara Year ago +1

      I enjoy your videos. I enjoy objectivity in your reports. I am eager to see a report on Air Baltic route from Riga to Abu Dhabi which is the longest route in the A220 at this moment. I'd like to see how this plane performs in a 6 hour flight, in a two class configuration. Is the passenger experience better than the one than of the A320 or the 737. Is this plane a real game changer? Is it really that flexible to be considered a substitute for the A320 in low demand medium haul routes?

    • Michael Bowman
      Michael Bowman Year ago

      I saw your Insta reports on the United trips. I think United got clobbered

    • SethC12
      SethC12 Year ago +1

      Another great video, becoming a real fan since just subscribing!

  • dan lavertue
    dan lavertue 14 days ago

    Frontier airlines in Boston ma,
    Omg that was a rock the people working the counter had no idea what they were doing plus they gave away our seats and told us we'll have to pay for another flight can you say f***k that so ya never again frontier airlines never again

  • It’sPeterPAL
    It’sPeterPAL 17 days ago +1

    1:05 Exactly 21 years later...

  • Passthe Potato
    Passthe Potato 22 days ago

    Am I the only one who realized the worker's death was on 9/11, but in 1980?

  • ThePlasticBowl
    ThePlasticBowl 24 days ago

    So this is a long review but here's my experience this past Wednesday.

    I had a flight from Baltimore to Denver to Ontario (CA). I left Baltimore around 11 AM and got to Denver around 1 to 2-ish. I had a 6 hour layover and was set to takeoff around 8:40 PM. We boarded the plan and for some reason just sat their for like 20 minutes. We were all wondering what was going on and then suddenly we started to smell a horrible smell which to me smelled like gasoline. They told everyone to get off the plane while they "fixed" the problem. We were taken back to the gate and got off the plane and waited for about 30 minutes. We were about to re-board the plane when suddenly one of the flight attendants was seen being escorted off the plane in a wheelchair nearly unconscious. We were told she had passed out from the fumes. We ended up having to wait another 30 minutes for a another flight attendant to arrive to replace her.

    So for some reason once we were ready to re-board they made everyone turn in their boarding passes so they could re-print them yet they were the EXACT same boarding passes, nothing on them changed. This process took another 15-20 minutes. So we get back on the plane finally and again we're sitting on the plane not moving for about 20 minutes when suddenly the pilot gets on the speaker and says the plane still has an issue and instructs everyone to exit the plane. At this point of course everyone is furious and over it. We all stand up to exit and then the pilot say "No please take your seats, we're gonna try to fix the problem." but at this point everyone wants to get off but they close the doors on us. So basically they locked us in broken plane and wouldn't let us leave. We take our seats and sit their for 10 minutes just to be told they can't fix and tell us to exit the plane again but then they tell us what we were smelling after the first time we had boarded was actually the plane smoking from the back. HOW DID THEY LET US GET BACK ON A SMOKING PLANE? But wait not done.

    So we get off the plane and they instruct everyone to go to customer service. So a giant angry mob is rushing to customer service and when we get their a fight breaks out, that security has to break up so chaos ensues for a bit. Once that's over another Frontier flight had just landed and so they say they're going to clean the plane and ready it for takeoff so we can get on that one. We wait another 20 minutes or so for them to get it ready and then have to re-print the EXACT same boarding passes again, which adds another 10 or so minutes and then we finally get back on the plane. Once on board again we're sitting there not moving until the pilot comes on the speaker and tells us we can't take off because the planes main computer failed and we have to wait for a mechanic to come fix it. At this point nobody even reacts we're just that over it. So we wait for the mechanic to come fix it and he leaves but we're still not moving. We sit their for a full hour I am not kidding The pilot then again comes on and says well the main computer is fixed however because a repair was made on the plane a report of the repair has to be sent to confirm the repair but the computer used to send that report just went down too and now we have to wait on another mechanic to fix the computer so we can send a report that the last mechanic fixed the other computer....I cannot make this up. All in all I was supposed to leave Denver at 8:40 PM and arrive in Ontario at 10 PM, I instead enduring this nightmare ended up leaving Denver at 2:36 AM the next morning.and arrived in Ontario at 4:30 AM spending a total of about 14-15 hours in the airport and actually spent more on the ground inside the plane waiting for 2 mechanics than I spent in the air once we finally took off 5 hours late. Like.....how does this happen?

  • Ryan Smith
    Ryan Smith 25 days ago +1

    Well folks, we finally did it. Pancakes are the highpoint for American air travel. Haha

  • Gerald Guerrero
    Gerald Guerrero 26 days ago

    I have a question for frontier do you have to pay for your bags or is that only if your bags are to big.

  • Karen G
    Karen G Month ago

    I wanted to book a flight with frontier the flight started at $49 but by the time it got to book it it came up to over $400!?!? This happened several times with different routes all domestic flights. I have yet to see a flight at the price advertised. Small carry on and just basic flight.

  • Malik Lincoln
    Malik Lincoln Month ago

    Why tf are you reviewing an airplane💀

  • Will Scott
    Will Scott Month ago

    I use a personal item size backpack to avoid any carry-on/checked baggage fee. I'm a light packer anyway.

  • *
    * Month ago

    This is the down fall of real Airline service in America ... this is just as bad as Allegiant Air (AKA , SCARE AIR) and if you think you are going to get out of that aluminum cigar tube in an accident , think again, you are crammed in year after year ,closer and closer like sardines , it’s a joke. If you can , fly a real Airline and fly first class if you want a higher chance of survivability by getting out first

  • Angela Gendreau
    Angela Gendreau Month ago

    Flying Frontier on September 11. Fingers crossed all goes well.

  • Brandon Black
    Brandon Black Month ago

    I also was impressed by Frontier Airline. It's the Greyhound in the sky. If you want to check a bag it's going to cost you fifty bucks compared to a carry-on which is free. My daughter and I flew from Detroit to Raleigh round way for $129. You cannot beat that.

    MORTAL KOMBAT Month ago

    I don’t see Waffles in this video

  • Hamster Likes Bananas

    Does frontier Airlines Allow Pets Like hamster?

  • Dylan Levy
    Dylan Levy Month ago

    I got stretch seating and it was great tell I got on my connection in Orlando and I had a normal seat..

  • David MacLachlan
    David MacLachlan Month ago

    We flew Frontier DTW to LAS connecting in DEN...was a good trip for only $139 rountrip!

  • Christopher Pericolosi

    I flew Frontier from STL to DEN a few years ago. On my return trip, i happened to be sitting the row behind the rearmost escape exit, on the 321. As im sitting there, i noticed that the flight attendant had not armed the emergency exit door. Im a former flight attendant and know when its not armed. I casually mentioned to the FA that it wasnt armed, and she might want to fix it. She was on her phone playing some game the entire time, plus when i told her this, she gave me a dirty look, and pretty much told me to shut up becausr i dudnt know what i was talking about... needless to say, about 15 minutes later, the captain announced that one of the emergency exit doors was giving a false positive (meaning it wasnt armed) and if they couldnt fix it, wed all have to get off the aircraft. Besides this, all the flight attendants were seriously rude, and the one FA who id told about the door made every effort to both ignore me, and make my trip miserable. Ill never ever fly Frontier again. When the passenger obviously is inconveniencing the crew, at the expense of MY safety, i will absolutely not fly with them. I did that job. And i NEVER made a passenger feel the way that flight attendant made me feel!!!

  • nedj10
    nedj10 Month ago

    Hope you got to at least visit "Chicken and Beer" while you were at ATL :)

  • Arrowlog Productions

    You should review the Brightline in Florida

  • William Alford
    William Alford 2 months ago

    Paul, I've not seen you do anything in Cuba. If you wouldn't mind, please head down there and do a Cubana Airlines flight from Havana to Santiago de Cuba and then take the Cuban railroad back to Havana. I'm planning this itinerary for January but I need someone to test it out for me. I hear they've just got 80 new rail cars from China last month. First class with AC and economy cars with ceiling fans. Thank you!

  • bleedgreen eagles
    bleedgreen eagles 2 months ago

    Dont fly first class or the first rows on frontier then tell me how the flight was....frontier spirit the worst airlines

  • Timothy Walpert
    Timothy Walpert 2 months ago

    I love Frontier. They are the only airline that flies directly into Branson, MO. This allows me a inexpensive flight up to see my aging parents. Thank you Frontier! Please keep flying into Branson!

  • NoCoAviation
    NoCoAviation 2 months ago

    MCO: Micky’s Corporate Office

  • largol33t1
    largol33t1 2 months ago

    You should have tried to fly Frontier to their main hub Denver International Airport. It's fun seeing all the animal fins moving around. Frontier has a pretty big fleet for such a small airline. Aviation enthusiasts sometimes like stop and take pics of the tails when the planes are lined up at the gates.

  • Jasbir Singh
    Jasbir Singh 2 months ago

    No good, if the flight is not full, the flight will be canceled. Third time experience.

  • Stel key
    Stel key 2 months ago +2

    Hey. I know you said frontier is great and all... but I flew frontier to Orlando once. My flight was uncomfortable and they crew seemed tired and annoyed with everyone minus two of the workers. They told us which baggage claim we were at, which changed 2 times, and when I got my bag the wheels had been broken. I had to buy a new bag.

  • Johann Brummer
    Johann Brummer 2 months ago

    Scenic flight over the south pole? Please tell me about the cameras you use, especially the small one(on the chocolate tripod!)

  • chroma
    chroma 2 months ago

    Frontier broke my heart when they stopped offering complementary hot chocolate chip cookies on their flights. It just wasn't the same ever again after that. They saved $.50 per airfare, but shot themselves in the head with that one.

  • Sean Brosnan
    Sean Brosnan 2 months ago

    The Stroopwaffles were the one thing i was hoping up for on a united flight lmao.

  • coashddjj2
    coashddjj2 2 months ago

    I only fly Frontier. I've never found cheaper fares. However, I hate their non-stretch seats in the back. The seats are so close together, it felt like my knees were up under my chin. I happily pay extra to sit up front and ease my claustrophobia.

  • J Tay
    J Tay 2 months ago

    Great Review!

  • The Lugoff Gamecock
    The Lugoff Gamecock 2 months ago

    The lady in front of Paul while he's boarding, she's carrying an H-E-B bag. My fellow Texans know about H-E-B!

  • Kaiser Rahman
    Kaiser Rahman 2 months ago

    You definitely love to eat! I like that.

  • Zaphod Whiskers
    Zaphod Whiskers 2 months ago

    The very FIRST flight i ever went on was Frontier from Gjt - Den (Stapleton) in '69!! Back then they were the ONLY airline flying out of Gjt (western Colo)!! Junction to Denver and back..... that flight started my lifelong love of flying and planes!! I was 2......

  • Mrs. Fluffy
    Mrs. Fluffy 2 months ago

    Thanks for sharing love.

  • Jay Nam
    Jay Nam 3 months ago

    This really helps thank you!

  • The Kurt's Place Channel

    Very nice video. Thanks for posting and have a nice day too.

  • Benjamin Estrada
    Benjamin Estrada 3 months ago

    HEB bag at 4:22 like if you live in texas

  • Evan Gaming
    Evan Gaming 3 months ago +1

    I ride southwest which is the best but don’t ride spirit because they suck.Guess what..After 5 hours on the plane the decide to cancel it after it was delayed for 2 hours!

  • Matthew Brown
    Matthew Brown 3 months ago

    I have flown on budget airlines a few times. I skip the meals & usually just drink water as I have eaten earlier. You pay for what you get these days :(

  • Jayden cooper
    Jayden cooper 3 months ago +1

    Thats weird because I flew cactus the coyote from philadelphia to orlando just recently on a layover. Then I flew the wolverine on the tail from orlando to San antonio

  • Liz Chapman
    Liz Chapman 3 months ago

    They have that pancake machine at Sofitel Heathrow’s restaurant.

  • jose antonio lago
    jose antonio lago 3 months ago

    Disgusting airline.

  • mitchell hobbs
    mitchell hobbs 3 months ago

    ~ thanks for the brief on the construction worker's plaque ~ O~

  • mitchell hobbs
    mitchell hobbs 3 months ago


  • Jason Burke-Sella
    Jason Burke-Sella 3 months ago

    Frontier is absolutely the worst possible airline to choose in and/or out of Tampa. I'm truly amazed they are still in operation!

  • Mariana Tardio
    Mariana Tardio 3 months ago +5

    I love traveling I’m going to Florida tomorrow on frontier!!

    • Angel Gutierrez
      Angel Gutierrez 3 months ago

      Oh snap :0

    • Tr3ywa9 69
      Tr3ywa9 69 3 months ago

      Mariana Tardio yeah but anyways how was ur flight

    • Mariana Tardio
      Mariana Tardio 3 months ago +1

      Tr3ywa9 69 angel gutierrez idk what there talking about

    • Mariana Tardio
      Mariana Tardio 3 months ago +1

      Angel Gutierrez why would u say that🤷🏻‍♀️😡

    • Mariana Tardio
      Mariana Tardio 3 months ago +1

      Angel Gutierrez no

  • Quackers
    Quackers 3 months ago

    5hats soo weird I couldn’t have been on the same flight as you. And gone down the same hallway.

    SNG NINJA 3 months ago

    On my way! To Orlando with this airline

  • Jim Malocsay
    Jim Malocsay 3 months ago

    Is there a tray table in the 1st row of stretch seating?

  • Another NPC
    Another NPC 3 months ago

    LOL ! An all-American airliner.. and what's the snack ? Stroopwafels ! Now that is hilarious ! If I'm ever on the wrong side of the Atlantic and missing home, I might just use them to get my next destination.

  • rd3ster
    rd3ster 3 months ago

    In the 1950s the Frontier Airlines 2-propeller DC-3 flight from Alamosa, Colorado to Denver tended to encounter violent updrafts or headwinds over the Rockies. The sturdy DC3s were tossed about so much that they earned the affectionate sobriquet of "The Vomit Comet".

  • rveeing
    rveeing 3 months ago


  • George Arias
    George Arias 3 months ago +1

    This is how an airline review has to be made. Excellent job!!

  • Dan in Japan
    Dan in Japan 4 months ago

    Hi Paul! Just curious. How long do you spend at your destinations before jetting off again?

  • Miles Campbell
    Miles Campbell 4 months ago

    What is the song called at 6:50

  • TheTechNerd
    TheTechNerd 4 months ago +1

    Hey Paul! can you fly in and out of TPA?

  • Alexa Smith
    Alexa Smith 4 months ago

    How much is 1 checked bag on frontier ?

    • americanbobtail1
      americanbobtail1 2 months ago

      Depends when you purchase it. It will always be cheaper to buy tickets directly on Frontier's website and make both the seat and bag selections when you buy the tickets. I'm 6'2" and the stretch seating is well worth it and the last time I booked Frontier, I did select "The Perks" option.

  • Brian Rorabaugh
    Brian Rorabaugh 4 months ago