10 McDonald's Secrets They Wish You Never Knew About

  • Published on Jan 18, 2019
  • This is a list of the Top 10 McDonalds Secrets They Wish You Never Knew About!
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    McDonald’s is one of the world’s most popular fast food chain restaurants. The famous recognizable golden arches have 36,000 locations in more than 100 countries! From their popular Big Macs to their world-famous crispy and salty fries, connoisseurs may think they know everything there is to know. But this corporation has their own dirty little secrets. McDonald’s is constantly reacting to consumer concerns and have since made changes to many of their products, but there are some things you might want to know before you go pick up your next McMeal. So let’s uncover the top 10 McDonald’s hidden secrets.
    McDonald's is an American fast food company, founded in 1940 as a restaurant operated by Richard and Maurice McDonald, in San Bernardino, California, United States.
    For delicious food, visit McDonald's today! View a wide selection of meals, snacks, drinks, and more. If you enjoyed this McDonald's list of the Top 10 McDonald’s Secrets you didn't know. Then comment: #McDonalds #FastFood #Secrets
    0:40 Faster Fast Food At The McDonald’s Drive-Thru
    2:03 The McRib Isn’t Really Ribs…
    3:23 Your McDonald’s Drink May Contain Fecal Matter
    4:30 McDonald’s Staff Are Underpaid And Being Replaced
    6:08 McDonald’s Produces A Lot Of Food Waste
    7:10 The Main McDonald’s Ingredients Are Not So Tasty
    9:00 The McDonald’s Food Does Not Decompose
    10:02 The “Healthy” Mcd’s Menu Isn’T Really Healthy
    11:39 A McCafe Shake Is A Questionable Sugar Bomb
    13:01 McDonald’s Is The Largest Toy Distributor In The World
    - McDonald’s gives priority to those in the drive-thru lane.
    - There are actually no ribs in this McRib sandwich! False advertising? We’d say! The fake ribs are a pork mixture that is pressed into the rib-like shaped mold.
    - In 2017 the BBC consumer show watchdog performed a series of random tests on 3 fast food chains all over the UK for fecal coliform. What they found wasn’t exactly what you want to hear. 3 out of 10 McDonald’s drinks tested positive for fecal contamination in their ice!
    - McDonald’s staff wages can barely allow them to pay for rent, food and have something left over.
    - Each day thousands of McDonald’s burgers are thrown out. About every 10 minutes hundreds of burgers are thrown out. Also french fries have been flagged as a problematic item due to excessive waste as well.
    - McD’s food is fully loaded with chemicals and additives.
    - McDonald’s use of many chemicals, high levels of preservatives, and fats, your meal is likely to look the same for years to come, that is if you chose to save it.
    - Want to watch your calories, sugar, and salt intake when eating at McDonald’s? Then take it from us and go for the burger. The burgers have less fat and calories than the salads!
    - A small 12oz vanilla McCafe shake has 59 grams of sugars! And if you were to grab a large 22oz you’re looking at 99 GRAMS OF SUGAR. But wait, if you like the strawberry flavored shake, a large has even more sugar than the vanilla with 115 grams.
    - The largest toy distributor in the world is none other than McDonald’s!
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    • sapz man
      sapz man Month ago

      Oh you stupid cunts no want to bones in the fucking In the burger

    • Tyree Freeman
      Tyree Freeman 3 months ago

      Umm cause u need no hs Diploma to work there.

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      Janet Lai 6 months ago

      PhillLsx Ga. zz

  • Robin Allen
    Robin Allen 2 days ago +2

    Ugh! My son works at McDonald’s and gets a free meal every day. He’s always sick. I’ve tried to tell him this is why.

    • Flown Max
      Flown Max 2 days ago

      Be careful, he will die young if this continues for a couple of years.

  • johnny carson
    johnny carson 6 days ago

    Thanks for the Information but i am still going to eat McDonald Why? because Healthy foods have dangerous bug spray chemicals and more. Honestly everything we eat has bugs, poop and dangerous chemicals just like our drinking water. No where is safe but people are hard to kill so i will keep eating unhealthy because eating healthy foods also have dirty secrets and are not really healthy if done for a long time will give you health problems too. so i Say no to vegan food they give you strokes but are healthier . Meat eaters get heart disease but are happier. choose your poison. be happier or be healthier. nobody going to be healthier if it does not make them feel happy. hmm hot dogs taste so good. hmm green broccoli taste like water yeah healthy water!

  • goober reviews
    goober reviews 6 days ago

    I guess if your homeless you're hungry go dig through a dumpster at McDonald's you'll have a picnic 😂

  • Bub Jackson
    Bub Jackson 12 days ago

    That’s a lie. We get our chicken nuggets from Tyson

  • Mark
    Mark 13 days ago

    Go swipe your own house and drinks and and see how much cleaner it is than McDonalds

    • BabbleTop
      BabbleTop  13 days ago

      Ok. Did you like the video?

  • jebusm86
    jebusm86 16 days ago

    Eventually McDonald's will be completely automated. No human interaction at all.

  • Bashar Mohmad
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  • Bashar Mohmad
    Bashar Mohmad 24 days ago

    I ate aribian chicken from macdonald f it

  • Zak
    Zak 25 days ago

    You want higher wages you can start by greeting people with a smile and a "Hi How are you" I don't feel bad about it. You don't cook food, machines do it, You don't serve anything fresh, 7 minuet limit for fries?!?! come on if you really cared about serving quality food you should have them no more than a minuet.

  • M. E.
    M. E. Month ago

    Does it count if i use a bobby car in the drive through

    • M. E.
      M. E. Month ago

      @BabbleTop yeah it was a good way to pass my time😂

    • M. E.
      M. E. Month ago

      @BabbleTop yeah it was a good way to pass my time😂

    • BabbleTop
      BabbleTop  Month ago

      I guess. Did you like the video?

  • Digital School
    Digital School Month ago

    Don't let this distract you from the fact that Mr Krabs sold SpongeBob's soul for 62 cents

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      Ok. Did you like the video Gallery Mania - Free Videos To Use? 😄

  • Kitty Kat
    Kitty Kat Month ago

    I’m commenting this before I watch the video.
    But ima still eat mc Donald’s after this....
    Edit: still gonna eat mc Donald’s
    Edit edit: I just got mc Donald’s

    • BabbleTop
      BabbleTop  Month ago

      LOL Kitty Kat 😂😜 Did you like the video?

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      LOL! 😂 Did you like the video?

  • Redi Aldo
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    U just hatin Foo

  • G0ofBall Playz
    G0ofBall Playz 2 months ago

    I dont eat the food tho i only get the toy

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      LOL 😜😜 What was your favorite part of the video?!?

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    • G0ofBall Playz
      G0ofBall Playz Month ago

      @BabbleTop Yup i knew all along and i told my friends at school and they still eat it

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    EYY O ROYY 2 months ago +1

    I did it on a bike they didnt say anything

  • Rizzla s
    Rizzla s 2 months ago

    sheeet the voice of this woman is hurting my ears. no matter how you lower the volume, it sounds like shes shouting

    • BabbleTop
      BabbleTop  Month ago

      Sorry for that. We'll do better next time 😊

    GERTH 2 months ago

    Simpsons all over these clips... always nailing it

    • BabbleTop
      BabbleTop  2 months ago

      Did you like the video Gerth Dave? 😄

  • TRT Jolin
    TRT Jolin 2 months ago

    I quit eating fast food over a year ago and videos like this make it so easy to never eat it ever again

  • Javon Jackson
    Javon Jackson 2 months ago

    I dont even eat from them ways 📱

  • xo sterf xo F
    xo sterf xo F 2 months ago

    Ok let me get this straight mc Donalds drink has poop in it.. that is not ok everything seems a little weird but I'm fine with it but once i hear the word poop in the drink I'm done drinking at mc Donalds

    Jack ALLIBAND 2 months ago

    half of it it a lie...

  • Agera R
    Agera R 2 months ago

    Are they purposely making GARBAGE food? Like its not that hard at least don’t have shit in your fucking drinks

    HASAN SHANIB 3 months ago

    I took my order many times from thrive through, and they served me will )))

  • Troy Müller
    Troy Müller 3 months ago

    Ignorance is bliss

  • Billisvou :3
    Billisvou :3 3 months ago +1

    i hate mac donals

  • Nick Dyrbye
    Nick Dyrbye 3 months ago

    In Denmark you get paid good on McDonalds 💪🏽🇩🇰

  • lunch box tooth pick
    lunch box tooth pick 3 months ago

    McDonald's pay in my town pays more than u make doning landscaping ....#arizona in the house

  • Lamont Haney
    Lamont Haney 3 months ago

    McDonald's food makes me sick I rather go to Whataburger

  • Melissa Rasmussen
    Melissa Rasmussen 3 months ago

    WHAT THE FUCKKKK😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😥😤😠😈

  • Melissa Rasmussen
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  • DeputyJandura PoliceGaming

    The eggs part is a LIE! They take all their eggs right from the egg container, and they put mill in them and cool them! Ive seen it on live videos 3 times!

  • Humitoo Juancho
    Humitoo Juancho 3 months ago

    So how many stupid people believe what they see on TVclip?😂.
    Just eat and enjoy life. You gonna die soon, I work on Mc Donald’s and this is all fake hahaha. This girl is a Mc Donald hater

  • Relaced
    Relaced 3 months ago

    I like the fact that you guys are trying to bring McDonald's down by saying most bullshit things..
    "kids don't realise advertisement"
    "poop in ice (that was just a bad employee)"
    "MC Donald's don't decompose"
    I can send you a picture of McDonald's food decomposing with allot of maggots. Once you check the trashcan in the back you'll see

    • BabbleTop
      BabbleTop  3 months ago

      Thanks for your feedback Relaced! 😄

  • Relaced
    Relaced 3 months ago

    It does decompose
    Believe me I work there and saw it myself

    • BabbleTop
      BabbleTop  3 months ago

      Ok. Did you like the video Relaced? 😄

  • dogs rule
    dogs rule 3 months ago

    But I drink those stuff:(

  • p H
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    Free Tommy we want tommy out free Tommy Robinson

  • Xxdemoneye78xX
    Xxdemoneye78xX 3 months ago +2

    5:50 pause and look at the prices

  • Agnieszka Palasz
    Agnieszka Palasz 3 months ago

    Oh no! they add citric acid to their scrabbled eggs?!?! We shouldn't stand here while they are making us eat the same thing that is in a lot of fruits. I don't know why i watch these videos, they are so misleading.

  • Meh Weii
    Meh Weii 3 months ago

    McDonalds can shove thier shove thier prices up thier @#$% to.....if you know how much they rip you off

  • ms.sammantha lee
    ms.sammantha lee 3 months ago

    i will never step foot into mac d`s ever again.......

  • Ŧ Ɍ Ⱥ Ȼ Ɇ Ɍ Ł Ø S Ŧ Ƀ Ø Ɨ

    i don't use ice LOL.

  • Alexia Walton
    Alexia Walton 3 months ago

    The ice cream machine cleans itself at 4 am every night but most of the day time staff don’t know that
    it breaks for “no reason” because it’s not made to be making so much ice cream so it over heats and the ice cream comes out to soft to sell

  • unknown person
    unknown person 4 months ago


  • Sophia Elliott
    Sophia Elliott 4 months ago +1

    I think I'm gonna skip Mc Donald's now

  • Chris0652
    Chris0652 4 months ago

    Never eating fries

  • Von Clohk
    Von Clohk 4 months ago

    As an artist /musician I've always wanted to do the "McDonalds vinyl record. It would be an experiment of sorts. 7" vinyl record format. Front cover art: Ronald swinging a big bat against a cows head. VERY animated and detailed with brains everywhere etc).. Back cover: Ronald smiling and waving but have it be more creepy than happy. Yeah, you get the picture. Music: one side would be noisy art rock while the other side would be a very "likeable" pop song. They would be secretly placed on tables in various stores all over the USA (possible the world). Just a few per store. Also place them in the last remaining 'hip' record stores in USA like Amoeba Music (CA), A-1 record shop (NYC), Sound Garden (Baltimore), WAX TRAX (Denver), and a few others. Now I need a millionaire vegan/vegetarian to drop out of the sky to finance the project.

  • Bacon Danglers
    Bacon Danglers 4 months ago

    The drive thru one is a lie, they serve the drive thru first because they keep records on the customers they serve in drive thru and the numbers off the drive thru are vastly more important than the in store customers. Which is why they prioritise the drive thru, makes the store look better.

  • just a weeb
    just a weeb 4 months ago +1

    12:24 what the....

  • Spooks
    Spooks 4 months ago +1

    C L I C K B A I T E D

  • Alukard TheDeathknight
    Alukard TheDeathknight 4 months ago

    McDonald's or cook myself
    Unless it a lazy day McDonald's wins
    If i want time and good food cook my food it is

  • S ali
    S ali 4 months ago

    So what is FDA doing about this ?

  • Ryan Russell
    Ryan Russell 4 months ago

    Guess what? Don’t care. Gunna go get me a Big Mac tomorrow. You made me hangry.

  • Taylia Brewer
    Taylia Brewer 4 months ago

    The only stores with kiosks are ones that have a huge influx of customers and to increase speed of orders. Not to replace us.

  • Porsche 987
    Porsche 987 4 months ago

    That’s disgusting... I quit going there years ago. A watered down drink, cold fries, and a sorry excuse for a burger.. for almost $10 .. suck my dick Ronald McDonald!.. 🖕🏼

  • BenjiHalfWelsh LikeaLion
    BenjiHalfWelsh LikeaLion 4 months ago +2

    People need to stop going to these places, get off their stupid inconsiderate fat lazy asses and make their children healthy homemade food

  • Kaden K
    Kaden K 4 months ago

    There is so much wrong with this video for example the drive through doesn’t get priority. The order in which food is made is the order in which they are ordered. So if someone orders in the drive through and someone else orders in the lobby then it’s whoever orders the first item that’s made in the kitchen. Then the people in the kitchen make that order first. The kiosks at the McDonald’s isn’t taking jobs away the McDonald’s managers are just placing the crew somewhere else in the store where they can be more effective and useful. There is nothing they can do about the food waste and it costs the store money it’s not like they are getting refunded for it and they aren’t going to give the homeless people free food that’s an hour old so stop complaining about that.

  • Chad Davis
    Chad Davis 4 months ago

    Any fast food is a fast track to your grave