Fatal car crashes in Russia winter 2016

  • Published on Mar 4, 2016
  • Fatal car crashes in Russia autumn 2016 - tvclip.biz/video/0KqD44RKRsU/video.html
    Fatal car crashes in Russia 2016. Every week add new two video compilations!
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Comments • 832

  • garry ibbetson
    garry ibbetson 7 hours ago

    one word slow down

  • Chuck Wagon
    Chuck Wagon 7 days ago +1

    Русские безрассудны и напрасно ставят жизни других людей в опасности.

  • I
    I 9 days ago

    I smiled each time they crashed :)

  • vjollila96
    vjollila96 10 days ago

    Idiot drivers and bad weather dosnt really end well

  • ronald ellis
    ronald ellis 12 days ago

    hope that after all these crashes there'll fewer idiots on the roads...

  • Eyepice
    Eyepice 12 days ago

    You would think that these russians knew how to drive in these conditions, but no

  • klavss76
    klavss76 15 days ago

    From the Russian Driving manual: "On ice roads, double your speed (specially by night), drive in the lane with oncoming traffic; in case of problem with the ice accelerate a lot and move the steering carelessly, NEVER NEVER brake, remember: better dead than slow"

  • Monir Baraka
    Monir Baraka 16 days ago


  • Cristian V
    Cristian V 17 days ago

    the Russians should be banned from driving

  • Wolfgang Bauer
    Wolfgang Bauer 23 days ago

    Bekommt man Probleme wen man dort zur Sicherheit mit einem Panzer einreist ? 😲

  • Nonmi Hiseddeo
    Nonmi Hiseddeo 23 days ago

    In Russia, they have 4 seasons: Almost Winter, Winter, Still Winter, and Accident Scene.

  • truckeemick
    truckeemick 27 days ago

    gees you ruskis make me laugh. unreal. this is real good realistic entertainment of the comedy type.

  • Monkey king
    Monkey king Month ago


  • z lariviere20
    z lariviere20 Month ago

    this is what happens when you don't get your recommended daily amount of vodka....

  • wolf
    wolf Month ago

    vodka and black ice don't mix,,,,,,,,

  • TheJer1963
    TheJer1963 Month ago

    Russian porn, we want Russian porn.

  • Mark Solarz
    Mark Solarz Month ago

    Icy roads,no shoulder,poor visibility.........and usually a long wait for help! Winter driving is cautious driving,no passing...take your time,and let the idiots pass you! You maybe rewarded with a fella in the ditch just down the road!

  • Dale Trotman
    Dale Trotman Month ago

    If this is indicative of the intelligence of drivers in Russia, where do they find intelligent people for their military?

  • trashpakker
    trashpakker 2 months ago

    "Stupid"...no...no, that's taking from the stupid people. "Morons"..well maybe on a caveman level. I think someone said suicidal....that's got to be it. The car came to these people to fast.

  • MiłosnyKanibal1337
    MiłosnyKanibal1337 2 months ago


  • SlightlyBetterAt MemesThanYou

    I guess they did too much cheeki breeki

  • Servando
    Servando 2 months ago

    Russian insurance company: ok we need 1000 workers to handle everything we'll meet here tomorrow just don't die in a car crash or we'll only have 10 workers

  • Bratona Thetoner
    Bratona Thetoner 2 months ago

    Lucky for airbags

  • Donald Parlett jr
    Donald Parlett jr 2 months ago

    I believe they have seen so much snow they have a death wish to get away from the drab and cold.

  • Frezi S
    Frezi S 2 months ago +1

    2:15 deja vu, i've been in this place before

    • Never Lucky m8
      Never Lucky m8 6 hours ago

      Novgorod region, The Tumen road, and Tran-Siberian road have crashes like this.

  • eindeutig zweideutig
    eindeutig zweideutig 2 months ago +1

    The best Russian is a dead Russian

  • Aan Triya
    Aan Triya 3 months ago


  • Сергей Воробьев

    Hey, americans, or any other western nation. You presume you are the smartest in the world but not clever enough to even understand that you've just watched a compilation of probably the worst accidents from millions that are recorded on dashcams everyday. Got it now? A compilation! It takes an embicile to fail to understand that this video doesn't represent the typical road situation in Russia. And remember: if you happen to think that you or your nation is better than any other then most likely it's vice-versa. Good luck on the roads.

  • Bourne Accident
    Bourne Accident 3 months ago

    If there were only two cars in all of Russia, they would eventually collide.

  • Seth
    Seth 3 months ago

    1:50 f*cking red banner u placed where we cant turn it off, and u think we'll surscribe ?

  • BONDatski007
    BONDatski007 3 months ago

    it is the best way to die being killed instantly and not enduring any suffering of a slow death in a hospital lol

  • Baby NOOB
    Baby NOOB 3 months ago

    They should manufacture vehicles with speed blocks built into engines through automobile computers that could be altered depending on the wheather and tracked via satellites. They do it with taxis in the USA and speed blocks are put in commercial vehicles.

  • UnipadSongs
    UnipadSongs 3 months ago

    4:46 😭🤤

  • Rei Caixa
    Rei Caixa 3 months ago

    In Russia you get a license if you get a gold trophy in a derby event

  • Short Grey
    Short Grey 3 months ago

    The accident with the truck bumping into the car at 4:51 is so horrible.
    You can tell by the look of the car that the shock was very violent

  • EKO Fresch
    EKO Fresch 4 months ago

    Richtig soooooo macht euch gegenseitig kaputt .

  • j smith
    j smith 4 months ago

    Faster Russians, drive faster. FASTER, all of you need to go faster!! Humanity thanks you for your efforts to cleanse the gene pool.

  • Rata 4U
    Rata 4U 4 months ago

    Average life expectancy for a russian male is in their 60's. Alcoholism and suicide are common and many use their vehicles to kill themselves and innocent lives...they don't care. Life in Russia is grim. 16 deaths on the road per 100,000.....3 to 4 times higher than in the West.

  • Muhammad Osama Almulki
    Muhammad Osama Almulki 4 months ago

    Russians. The most stupid drivers in the world. They don't think. They don't anticipate. And the Vodka !!!!!!????

  • willintong arles Gueche

    Muy bien

  • DE T
    DE T 4 months ago

    In defense of the Russians.
    1. Stalin killed anyone with half a brain.
    2. He kept the brain dead thugs to fight the germans.
    3. Most of the ones with any honor died in the war.
    4. Communism hates religion so respect for anything or anyone is out the window.
    5. They have insane intersections and invisible traffic lights.
    6. They live in Russia, they drink too much. That is a given.
    7. Before this generation most Russians didn't have cars, it's like giving a hand gun to a toddler.
    8. Their government lies to them about everything including driving fatalities.
    9. They don't require vehicle safety inspections.
    10. They have been set up to fail by their leaders. It's not funny.

  • ron m
    ron m 4 months ago

    Well..they all might not be fatalities but that one at 6:39 certainly was

  • Ralph Bernhard
    Ralph Bernhard 4 months ago

    If I step on the gas, I'll be home 5 minutes sooner....

  • elvis hards
    elvis hards 4 months ago

    Fuckin idiots driving like maniacs when road is covered in snow wtf

  • Tomato Geeks
    Tomato Geeks 4 months ago

    It amazes me how these people see a crash and continue on without stopping to help.

  • Eduardo Hellboy
    Eduardo Hellboy 4 months ago

    All drunk!

  • Eduardo Hellboy
    Eduardo Hellboy 4 months ago

    Russian drivers all idiots

  • Дмитрий Морозов

    Я не понимаю, почему в каждом из этого видел погибает кто-то??!! Да, там есть некоторые аварии, где реально можно концы отдать (ну например столкновение с фурой в лоб), но, блин, от столкновения со скоростью 60-100 км/ч с другими легковушками и небольшими грузовиками (типа газели), НИЧЕГО не будет, кроме сотрясения, ушибов, ну максимум потери сознания и реанимации. Никаких "Погиб на месте" и быть не должно!! А то как-будто все там помирают от сердечного приступа во время удара или после аварии в 19, 20, 25, 30, 40 лет и т.д. Прям все такие хрупкие у нас в России!! Я охреневаю от авторов видео!

  • L Ofaday
    L Ofaday 4 months ago

    What the fuck is that dick headed banner doing up there?

  • Joe Blow
    Joe Blow 4 months ago

    Stupid asshole people. Good grief

  • David Barnett
    David Barnett 4 months ago

    Around the 5 minute mark or so, the driver threads the wrecked carnage and keeps on truckin'. To be fair, other drivers throughout the video stopped to render aid.

  • E Dub
    E Dub 4 months ago

    everyone drives like shit on icy roads BUT amazingly, while many live close to poverty, they all have dashcams so we can have a peek in.

  • babyrazor
    babyrazor 4 months ago

    Wait! Snow is slippery!!?? Since when???? OMG who knew!

  • Jungkook's Glutius Maximus

    3:35 thats what fucking happens when the roads look like that. Tbh the roads in my country are the same in winter so I think everyday going to school is gonna be my last:)

  • John Bortolin
    John Bortolin 5 months ago

    Fuck these Russian drivers are stupid.

  • onceANexile
    onceANexile 5 months ago

    100%- 1. driving too fast.,
    2. driving under the influence.
    3. No courtesy in driving.

  • godphoenix66x
    godphoenix66x 5 months ago

    what's up with these Russian drivers?

  • Xusia Xod
    Xusia Xod 5 months ago

    Maybe these cretins should paint proper road markings on the road...might help.

  • Binky Lozz
    Binky Lozz 5 months ago

    Oh no

  • Daniel Perottoni
    Daniel Perottoni 5 months ago

    Russo é igual a apendicite: não serve pra nada e só incomoda.

  • Cynthia Eng
    Cynthia Eng 5 months ago

    Idiot passed a car at full speed at a curve

  • Zamilovanej Blázen
    Zamilovanej Blázen 5 months ago

    погиб - died......so many dead people there :(

  • anjel miguel colache
    anjel miguel colache 5 months ago

    vuenos videos

  • Nick Vaughn
    Nick Vaughn 5 months ago

    People in Russia please slow down, it's good to see you stop and help each other, but please slow down, there is no reason to be in a hurry

  • Вадим Дементьев

    За абсолютно выблядочную ссылку которую никак не убрать во время показа автору дизлайк.

  • Rick aka Shock Shockey
    Rick aka Shock Shockey 6 months ago +1

    After having marathon-watched these videos all weekend, I've figured out the (obviously TRUE) Russian "Rules of the Road".
    -If you're really sh*tfaced drunk, get on the road and drive.
    -If you've never driven before, get on the road and drive as FAST
    as you can.
    -When in any doubt at all, STOP in the middle of the road and turn
    -If you start to hydroplane or skid in rainy or snowy/icy conditions,
    JAM the brakes and spin the wheel left to right repeatedly as fast as you
    can to ensure a more spectacular and deadly crash that takes not only
    you, but at least several vehicles around you.
    -When in ANY doubt at all, in ANY situation, FLOOR the accelerator.
    -When approaching any pedestrian crossing, SPEED UP and CLOSE your eyes.
    -REMEMBER: Turning lanes are for p*ssies - ALWAYS make your turns from
    DRIVING lanes.
    -If riding a motorcycle or scooter, Goodbye!
    -If driving in a LADA, Goodbye!
    -On a perfectly beautiful, sunny day with a clear road all around you,
    just lose control and crash - it's the Russian way!

  • Kolya
    Kolya 6 months ago

    4:48 *Screams*

  • Kolya
    Kolya 6 months ago

    1:04 Blyat!

  • bionicerkin
    bionicerkin 6 months ago

    I know it's cold out there but please don't drunk drive.

  • Kolya
    Kolya 6 months ago

    3:50 Opa!

  • Christian Salami
    Christian Salami 6 months ago

    russians and their Vodka lol

  • george aaron
    george aaron 6 months ago


  • Bharath Kumar
    Bharath Kumar 6 months ago

    stupid people.the road is snow and wet. y they all of going fast and making accedent?

  • Ezix
    Ezix 6 months ago

    Notice there is no hate or racist comments like what you find in Indian car accident

  • Kari Mattila
    Kari Mattila 6 months ago

    just stupid russian stuff.

  • GM G
    GM G 6 months ago

    I recognize the winter conditions and I have lots of experience driving in winter but Russian drivers are SOOOOOO STUPID. It's incredible!

  • Kolya
    Kolya 6 months ago +1

    About 22 crappy driving Russians died in the making of this video.

  • Sid Kid
    Sid Kid 6 months ago

    Goodness some drive so fast for the icy conditions. I would be doing 20-30kph on that ice.

  • Gwilym ap Iorwerth
    Gwilym ap Iorwerth 6 months ago

    Don''t drive in Russia in the wintertime!!!!!!!!!!!

  • arviethefam
    arviethefam 6 months ago

    Last one was meth head lol

  • Geoff Shaw
    Geoff Shaw 6 months ago

    Hey,komrades-ever hear of winter tires?

  • Carletta Weldon
    Carletta Weldon 6 months ago

    Only Russians will go outside in the snow with a thin short sleeve tee shirt😨

  • Cris Espinoza
    Cris Espinoza 7 months ago

    fatal? a lot were horrendous and some probably fatal but I expected to see decapitation, limb rendering, bodies flying into trees, etc.

  • Joshua Bell
    Joshua Bell 7 months ago

    no one stops at all really to help or anything.

  • Afrim Brahimi
    Afrim Brahimi 7 months ago


  • Dirty Sludge
    Dirty Sludge 7 months ago

    Чертовски сука

    ROTAXD 7 months ago

    More typical runnians who still think both the sterring & brakes have only two positions. "Off" & On. They apparently have no idea that the lighter they press the brake pedal, the more control they keep. They also seem to start spinning the steering wheel until it hits the stops. Smh.

  • David has no friends
    David has no friends 7 months ago

    Bunch of drunk ass RUSSIANS.

  • Jman3891
    Jman3891 7 months ago

    This is pretty much Belmont ave. in chicago.

  • Far Que
    Far Que 7 months ago

    It's most likely the Vodka doing the driving........and a very LOW IQ....... bad combination.....

  • Stuart Hughes
    Stuart Hughes 7 months ago

    they ned one lane direction roads not double direction..

  • MICHAEL Rudge
    MICHAEL Rudge 7 months ago

    Cant beleieve some of these cunts didnt even stop to help...........

  • John Livingston
    John Livingston 8 months ago

    lmao love to see Darwin at work

  • raduta cristian
    raduta cristian 8 months ago

    How can peopels enjoy this videos when see others die or make crush...i see 1418 like...crayz world

    • VidGva
      VidGva 6 months ago

      Morons should die. Only one video is not good where driver died because other one hit him

  • andy1dp
    andy1dp 8 months ago

    All accidents are avoidable but these mostly selfish or just plain dumbass drivers deserve what they get - Bad news for the innocent parties involved though as usual in these incidents! Horrible for the families especially the children!

    IBM VIET NAM 8 months ago


    IBM VIET NAM 8 months ago

    viet nam

  • Cortana
    Cortana 8 months ago

    For the world cup of soccer the number of accidents will increase to thousand

  • fhhsvnggbh
    fhhsvnggbh 8 months ago

    why do so many fucktards over there drive like idiots in snow and ice

  • thunder buffalo
    thunder buffalo 8 months ago

    enjoyed these videos and thanks for the info max brown nice 1 m8